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Evaluation question three

What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why? At first I thought that that the best company to distribute our media product would be Fox Searchlight films. There are many reasons why I would chose this, the following reasons are stated below. Firstly rather than producing big-budget blockbusters, Fox Searchlight Pictures produces smaller specialized films as well as British films, in genres such as drama, comedy, horror, and science fiction and the genre of our opening film is teen horror. Some of the films that Fox Searchlight Pictures has already distributed include Cyrus, the Crazy Heart, 28 days later and Slumdog Millionaire. The storyline of our film is based on a group of teenagers that are attacked by zombies and have to find a way to survive this is similar to 28 days later as it follows a similar concept/plot. In addition to this the films that Fox Searchlight has distributed are extremely successful and one in particular Slumdog Millionaire, not only has it won an award for best picture it has also won seven others which is partly due to the distribution company. However although Fox Searchlight Pictures would be a good company to distribute our film New line cinema had a few advantages’ over Fox Searchlight Pictures. New Line Cinema started off as an independent film studio however it became a subsidiary of Time Warner in 1996, and later merged with sister studio Warner Bros in 2008. New line cinema has produced many more horror movies and teen horrors (the genre of our film) compared to Fox Searchlight Pictures although fox Searchlight Pictures is well known for distributing 28days later New Line Cinema has distributed well known horrors such as Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Friday the 13 th and Nightmare on elm street. As New line cinema is well known for distributing horrors it is more likely that out film would meet the target audience whilst drawing in other members of audience that are interested in different genres of horror. New Line cinema also gives our group the option to release the film under an

independent studio as well as huge film studios based on the location cast and budget as well as other factors. As we are a no budget British film this would be the best place to distribute our film as I envisioned our film to be recognized as a artistic, well though out teen horror rather than an American “money maker” which is released by a huge film distributer.

The Logo’s for New line Cinema and Fox Searchlight Pictures

Evaluation Question Three  

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