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 The story is about a boy called Bastian who one

day starts to read a book and he entered in it.

 When he entered, he met an archer called

Atreyu. Then they go to visit the princess, but she was ill. When she was more ill the nothing invaded the world.

 To save the princess Bastian and Atreyu went

to find the ingredients of the medicine. The princess give ``the Auryn ´´ a chum that could give whishes.

PERSONAL OPINION  I love this film and enjoy a lot. I really

recomended it

ME  My name is Alejandro I’ m 12years old.  I´m tall and strong  I´m a happy an intelligent and a little

curiously boy.  I like films too especially animated and horror. But my favourite are fantasy films.

MADE BY Alejandro Sรกnchez Sousa

Mi film 2