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Makin’ Magazines For our next assignment, you will be creating a magazine. You will be using Microsoft Publisher​ (not Word). You will also be writing an article for your magazine. You must create a magazine that does not exist. The title can be similar to a real magazine, but it cannot be the same. Your magazine can be about anything, as long as it’s school appropriate. Open publisher and start with the “blank” template. For the article, you cannot copy and paste text from the internet. You must write it in your own words and if you are using websites for reference, you must cite them. You can create one long article or several short articles. Magazine Cover get some ideas) -Magazine Title -Cover Picture/Image -2-3 other pictures -What articles are inside? -Barcode/Price -​Organized Professionally

(Look at a real magazine cover to (5 points) (5 points) (5 points) (5 points) (5 points) (25 points) COVER TOTAL = 50


Your Article -Title and name at the top -5 pictures throughout the article -At least 8 paragraphs (6-8 sentences per paragraph) -References (Cite where you get your info and pics)

(5 points) (5 points) (30 points) (10 points) ARTICLE TOTAL = 50


What can your article be about? Pretty much anything, but here are some ideas: -A news story -Fashion -Music

-Games -Movies -A different culture -A city -Food


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