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Carmen MartĂ­n Herrero

Architect and Urban Planner 4th April, 1987 Segovia (Spain) EU Citizen D.O.B. CV Portfolio Contact +34 600 555 461 (ES) +353 83 442 3025 (IE)

Professional experience Instituto Universitario de Urbanística (IUU)* +PROINTEC SL, Spain Since Jan’12

Architect and Urban planner. - Valladolid Master Plan Revision, participating in every phase of the work flow (in progress). - Research about the Historical Centre of Valladolid, especially about his urban, social and architectural evolution in the last decades. - Analysis, creation, design and elaboration of graphic information and reports for drafts and official documents.

Instituto Universitario de Urbanística (IUU)*, Spain Jan’12/Feb’12

*University Institute of Urban Studies

Architect and Urban planner. - Analysis of the Historical Centre of Valladolid, including field work in the area, related with residence and buildings, economical activity and official rehabilitation policies.


University of Valladolid´s intership programme for students working in research tasks (Second year) - Collaboration at the research project “Town planning policies applied to the Historic Centres: 1975-2009. Successes and failures. A proposal for integrated urban rehabilitation as an alternative to the conventional model of town planning”, which director is Dr. Alfonso Álvarez Mora. - Elaboration of several documents required for the evaluation of the University Institute of Urban Studies made by ACSUCYL every five years, with the aim of reviewing the works, team and investigation made. - Journal layout and editorial assistant for “Ciudades” nº14: “ Historical Centres restoration”.

Dic’09/ Jul’10

University of Valladolid´s intership programme for students working in research tasks (First year) - Co-writer with Dr. María Castrillo Romón of the report “Urban Rehabilitation in Spain” included in “Integral Urban Regeneration in Europe” elaborate by IUU for SEPES. Layout among other tasks related with this project. - Analysis of the developing of Integral Urban Rehabilitation areas. Report about the existence and situation of the sub-standard housing or shanty towns in Castilla y León region. Both included in the “Integral Rehabilitation Regional Plan” elaborated for Junta Castilla y León, tagged as “Good-Practice” by UN-HABITAT. - Journal layout and editorial assistant for “Ciudades” nº 13: “Sub-urban neighbourhoods’ rehabilitation: discussions and challenges”. - Maps digitalization of the Urban and Territorial Planning’s signature projects (2006-2009).

Carmen Martín Herrero

Palmanova Edilicia SL, Spain Aug’09 / Sep’09

Architect & Urban Planner

D.O.B.: 4th April, 1987 Segovia (Spain) EU Citizen

- Part of the team in the competition for the new urban design “La Marina” in San Sebastian de los Reyes (Madrid). - Tasks of architectural design, elaboration of graphic information, several project documents and research in the physical areas.

Residents and Consumers Asociation´s Federation, Spain Jun’09 /Jul’09

Dublin (Ireland) Valladolid (Spain)

Design of the graphic information in the “Report about the situation of the new Justice City in Valladolid. Alternatives to the future location”

University of Valladolid, Spain Sep’08/Jun’09 +353 83 442 3025 +34 600 555 461

Architectural internship programme for students.


Volunteer for the innovation experience about methodology and educational process of developing urban information with the residents of the area. The challenge was to improve the advantages in the proccess for a future urban design. Coordinator of the exhibition “The Valladolid´s East Urbanism”

Education & diplomas Architectural Superior School, University of Valladolid, Spain Oct’05/Dic’11

Master in Architecture (M.Arch) *Arquitecto Superior [Ranked 3rd Best academic record of promotion]

University of Valladolid, Spain Apr’12/May’12

Structure computer assisted calculation (CYPE). Part II: Metal and wood structures.


Structure computer assisted calculation (CYPE). Part I: Reinforced concrete structures.

Feb’11 Oct’10/Dec’10 Nov’10

VRay and Grasshopper for Rhinoceros. Design with 3D Studio Max 3D modelling and strategies of Advanced Design with Rhinoceros


Graphical design with Photoshop.


Architecture and Cinema: Urban places.


Ecological development of the constructive activity.

Geographic National Institute (IGN) Oct’13/Nov’13 Jan’12/Jul’12

Advanced Thematic Cartography. IV Edition. Thematic Cartography. VIII Edition.

University Institute of Urban Studies (IUU), Spain Dec’10/Mar’12

Continuous learning: “Vectorial desing element: Introduction to Adobe Illustrator”, “Layout and digital modelling with Adobe InDesign” & “Basis knowledge of GIS: queries, edition and analisys”.

Contemporary Art Museum Patio Herreriano Mar’08/Apr’08


Miguel Fisac: several bones. A review of his work.


Mother tongue.


FCE for University of Cambridge in 2012 and several courses at University of Valladolid and at C1 course in Dublin (August´13).

IT Knowledge Advanced user Medium user

AutoCad / 3D Studio Max / Photoshop CS5 / Rhinoceros 4.0 / V-Ray / Microsoft Office / GIS Adobe Illustrator / Adobe InDesign / Presto / CYPE

Events, congress & other May’12

Co-writer of the article “The modern technologies to the knowledge and divulgation service of Heritage: 3d model of Rapariegos tower” included in the VIII Bienal of Heritage´s Restoration and management 2012 AR&PA. Valladolid (Spain).


Co-writer of the article “Commercial spatial distribution in the historical centre of Valladolid: Evolution in a decade of changes”, included in the Urban and Management International Journeys 2012. Soria (Spain).


Participation in architectural and urban competition for students with several project selected for exhibitions and winning an award to the design and execution of a scale concrete beam.







Singular Building

Urban Design


Public Spaces & Landscape



La Marina Park

International Competition

San Sebastián de los Reyes (Spain) Latitude: 40° 33’ 13.32” Longitude: 3° 37’ 30.36”

Museum of Treason

Zamora (Spain) Latitude: 41° 29’ 57.84” Longitude: 5° 45’ 15.84”

Floor -1

Longuitudinal section

Longuitudinal section

Floor +0

Detail section

Bird Watchers’ House

Castilla y León Region (Spain)

Standar Floor & flexible experimental housing types



Detail section

Detail section

Performing Arts School

Competition for Heritage restoration (Conception´s Hospital in Burgos)

Burgos (Spain) Latitude: 42° 20’ 11.238” Longitude: -3° 42’ 4.3626”

Advanced School of Arts & Design Degree´s Final Project

Segovia (Spain) Latitude: 40° 56’ 48.04” Longitude: -4° 7’ 26.79”

Cebada Square

Urban Rehabilitation Competition

Valladolid (Spain) Latitude: 41° 38’ 59.04” Longitude: -4° 44’ 38.40”

Hamman in New Gourna “Ceramic to construct” IV Competition

Luxor (Egypt) Latitude: 25° 43’ 30.00” Longitude: 32° 37’ 15.00”

Square, Bus Stop & Coffee shop “Ceramic to construct” V Competition

Santander(Spain) Latitude: 43° 27’ 31.24” Longitude: -3° 48’ 37.48”

Napoleonic Wars’ Museum

Medina de Rioseco (Spain) Latitude: 41° 52’ 49.88” Longitude: -5° 2’ 21.69”

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