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Austrian, professional photographer.



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REINFRIED MARASS  PHOTOGRAPHER Summertime Sadness Mark Twain Series & Charity Auction Women and Cars Nikon D800 Test Funny Family Bikini : Polaroid Tanning Vogue & Reinfried Sexy Cars

 WRITER The Story Of Girafinha




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Mark Twain series Charity Art Auction

Mark Twain Out of an series done especially for the upcoming charity art auction 'Kunst fรถrdert Kinder' "Kunst fรถrdert Kinder" - Eine Initiative von Round Table 17 Bielefeld One large fine art print out of this series (a unique 1/1 edition) will be auctioned on November 11, 2012 in Germany. Location: Lenkwerk Bielefeld It will be the 11th art auction organized and hosted by 'The Round Table Bielefed' where the revenues will be forwarded to a dedicated social organisation. In 2012 the Project 'Fruchtalarm' was chosen. (

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SEA OF LIFE - Unique 1/1 Edition Fine Art Print dedicated to the 11th Art Auction "Kunst fรถrdert Kinder / Art Supports Children" by RT17 Bielefeld. (Lot #23). Revenues go to children suffering from cancer.

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Photograph Work 2 – Carousel (Lot #40) Born. The lights go on. The carousel starts to spin. Some experience it as a wheel of fortune. Screeching life. Lights, laughter and fun. Others are trapped in darkness. They stand on the sidelines. Background actors on the set of life? A few come to light to help ‌ Dedicated to this Charity Art Auction, this photograph is issued as an Unique 1/1 Edition Fine Art Print.

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Women and Cars A photographer

Cover of Auto, Motor & Sport Magazine, special edition, Germany

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Porsche 356 Speedster, Convertible, Coupe

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Nikon D800e Review, Field Test Shots,

Nikon D800e Review

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The Story Of Girafinha: Escape From Africa

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The Story Of Girafinha – Escape From Africa A lonely Sunday morning in my studio. I was watching a spider on the wall while wiping dust off the bulbs of some flash lights. Usually a job for my first 2nd female assistant. But she left me for a more famous photographer. GIRLS! No loyalty!

*knock *knock

The knocking sound from the front door did cut my summertime sadness off. There she was – Girafinha. Standing tall, but shy.

In broken English she babbled “Eh … you photographer ???”

“Yeah, I think so. At least it’s written on my door” was my answer.

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In her African accent Girafinha continued: “Well, I’d need a passport photograph. Things are getting tight down in Africa. The Rhino-Gangs are killing us because we have freckles and are different or whatsoever. I’m the last one of my family. They are after me. Time for me to cross borders”

“OK, a quite common story” I replied.

I positioned her in the center of the studio on a small chair and ordered her to cross legs. I had to climb the office table to get on eye-level with her.

*click *click

Minutes later I handled her over the small prints. Usually a job for my first 2nd female assistant. But, see above…

Girafinha walked out with a shy ‘Thanks’. I was back to my summertime sadness. The spider still was there. Mr. Jack Daniels from Tennessee helped me to make my day.

Months later I received a card from the States. San Francisco Zoo. An African giraffe pictured on the front. On the backside was noted: “Eh, photographer. It’s me, Girafinha. I made it. I’m safe now” . The card was signed with a big smiley.

The spider still was there. My first 2nd female assistant never came back. Who cares? Sometimes it makes you feel good to be a photographer.

Once more Mr. Jack Daniels was lifted out of the office table’s drawer …

On the radio there was Uriah Heep … “she came to me one morning, one lonely Sunday morning … her long neck was flowing in the midsummer wind …”

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“There exists an unwritten contract, a form of a codex, between the photographer and the viewer. A photograph must reflect the truth. A photographer must be credible. No lies. Raw and honest.

I take pictures by reading the available light. I never have owned a flash or similar lighting equipment. I love to work with minimal equipment, thus I can keep focused on the scenery. I have used numerous cams and lenses, but for my personal work I favor a simple Leica M Rangefinder equipped with only one lens.

I’m rarely satisfied with my work. A vast number of images are deleted again in favor of a prime one. My personal favorite photograph? – not yet done. I don’t head for the perfect image. I prefer photographs with some imperfections, mostly they are more simpatico. Perfection bores. ( …) In my opinion a camera is a mirror of a photographer’s soul, reflected in the work done. My work is signed with a heartprint. Without heart photographs would be mere images. “

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Reinfried Marass Photographer  
Reinfried Marass Photographer  

Austrian professional photographer