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Reader’s Opinion Do you thing television is a good

Dear Editor: As we know the Teachers´ evaluation system in Chile is a deception, Teachers qualify as poor, is it a surprise? For me, it is not In my daughter’s school some teachers are trying to convince the students to help them to do a perfect class, they give them a list of question that they have to make in their class, because they are going to be evaluated. The system which controls teachers in Chile is awful, simply because teachers know when they are going to be evaluated so they prepare “the” perfect class for that day. This is a big lie; they have never done it before. On the other hand there are lots of teachers who pay others, usually, university students to do their portfolio, so what is wrong? The system? The government? Who is responsible for this? With this kind of “professionals” we will never have quality education. Pablo Sepulveda.

or bad influence for children? I think television goes both ways. If you watch too much television you forget about reality and the world that surrounds you; however, there is infinity of educational TV programmers that can provide you interesting and useful information. The same applies to children. We know channels such as Discovery Kids that help children developing certain skills -according to their age- but there are some other channels that contain violent shows and could be detrimental for children. In my opinion TV has a bad influence if you abuse watching it and it also depends on what you watch. Camila Inostrosa. I would say it depends on what children watch. With sensible parental guidance and restrictions television can have a very good influence on children, as they can learn loads. They must be restricted from watching inappropriate things though. Matthew Keating.

Dear editor:

In my opinion TV is not a bad influence on children.

There are a lot of battered pets in our city, when you walk down the street you see stray, sick dogs abandoned. This problem is getting bigger in our society, and nobody does anything to get over this problem.

Parents tend to leave their own responsibility on TV, by allowing

Many countries have created laws for animals protection and each owner is in charge of his/her pet, there is no abandoned dogs, because the government created laws to protect them. Why is not Chile the case? Although there is a law related to animal protection which was sent to the parliament, people in Chile continue committing crimes against animals. Why do we help when there is a big TV show like Teletón and do not we help animals?


Claudia Contreras.

them to watch too much time. This "helps” them when they are tired or simply when they want to do something else. If parents watched TV with their kids they would know what they´re watching and would have a relaxing time in family. Children love watching TV with their parents; it shows them how much they

María José Bastias. I think it depends on how much time they spend watching TV, and if they study and do homeworks, it is not a problem to watch TV, but I think that it must not be the only activity they do, and also parents must be careful with what children are watching.

By Fernanda Muñoz RETRO



By Gonzalo Gonzalez

You need to watch these programs ‌ Teachers is a British television sitcom, originally shown on Channel 4. The series follow a group of secondary school teachers in their daily lives. Why should you watch it? As a teacher you need to be in contact with all the events that can occur at daily school; being prepared to deal with them. Bullying, violence, sex and smoking are the main themes presented in this show.

Click is a weekly BBC television show covering news and recent developments in the world of consumer technology, presented by Spencer Kelly.

Why should you watch it? It gives you the most useful and up to date technology tools, with the purpose of training you as a contemporary, didactic and improving teacher. Nowadays it is really necessary to have absolute knowledge about these functional tools.



Television: Good or Bad influence on children By Gonzalo Gonzalez

For many years this assertion has been a debatable and conflictive problem to discuss. And there are, obviously, people for and against this motion.

Why watching Television? Television can be used for entertainment as well as for education. It provides children some informative and educational programs, to learn about different cultures and how to do things. Besides it entertains them and helps giving you a routine of exercises. Moreover, on the one hand it provides you for the opportunity of family bonds; all family gathered together watching some programs or movies, on the other hand it expands intelligence and memory; many shows or movies requires you to think deeply about them.

Why not watching Television? As television provides you for a worldwide vision it brings several negative effects on children. Television causes laziness and a waste of time, because children spend too much time in front of it and become dependent of this set. Therefore, it also can cause them to gain weight and to be entirely passives when they need to develop a strong sense of self and a purpose in life. Furthermore, the most dangerous issue is that television shows too much “violence� in various programs, cartoons and movies. Hence, it incentive children to have violent behavior and to commit diverse acts of aggression like fighting with their classmates, friends and relatives; which finally leads to the idea of bullying.



By Sabrina Perez

Are they really useful? Do they affect student’s learning? These are some of the common doubts that we are going to clear up now.

ICTs in Education ICT’s (Information and Communication Technology) has become one of the most difficult teacher’s decisions at the moment of contextualizing a class. But, the truth is that more than disadvantages it has a lot of pros concerning education. It can contribute to universal access to education, equity in education, the delivery of quality learning and teaching, teachers’ professional development and more efficient education management, governance and administration. UNESCO takes a holistic and comprehensive approach to promoting ICT in education: “Access, inclusion and quality are among the main challenges they can address. The Organization’s Intersectoral Platform for ICT in education focuses on these issues through the joint work of three of its sectors: Communication & Information, Education and Science.”

By using a video, for example, the teacher is able to add not only the information he/s wants to teach, but also can help students to make a relationship between the music and the scenes in the video. Besides, teacher can keep in mind more learning strategies, such as audio-lingual, visual, auditory, kinesthetic, etc. Here are some of the benefits of ICTs in Education:

By using a video, for example, the teacher is able to add not only the

information he/s wants to teach, but

also can help students t



Today’s ELT Teacher’s life is always a circle; you constantly give and receive information, from the students, colleagues, etc. You are in an endless feedback in which ideas come up from everywhere. I am always glad to take them into consideration and figure out a new way to conduct the learning process. That’s why I made a list of the top 3 of the many important points taking place today.

1. REFLECTIVE PRACTICE AND TEACHER LEARNING. This is about teachers questioning and exploring their own practice of teaching. It is a sort of systematic curiosity about going beyond the edges of what we know and do, to find out how we could do things differently or better. Of particular interest are questions like 'Is there a discrepancy between what I say I do and what I actually do?' Action research might guide us to try to become more aware of our own beliefs and how they frame the way we teach and think about teaching. 2.



Interest in learner centred is pretty useful today. This includes attention to learner styles, self-direction, self-evaluation, multiple intelligences, affective factors in learning, etc. This can be hijacked in a number of directions, for example by methodologies that support learner centredness (LC) at one level, yet are highly directive at another; or materials that take a limiting view of LC, or socalled learner training that has been hierarchically determined.

By Sabrina Perez


Children nowadays are not the same as ten years ago. Today they are used to work with technology and teachers are allowed to provide a huge range of networking possibilities including special interest groups, support groups, discussion and chat rooms etc.



Discipline & Adolescents BY CARMEN MORENO SOBARZO Even though society agrees that discipline is the key for success, do we as teachers make all our effort to find out why do teenagers act like that? There are many resources which talk about discipline in schools, but in Chile it is quite difficult because we have different realities that are expressed in schools especially related to the economical situation of the families. Nonetheless, all teenagers have almost the same problems like ADHD (Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder), emotional problems because their parents work the whole day or because they are out of work or food disorders. As teachers we should be able to recognize what is going on with our students and focus our attention on that. Some useful tips are to make the students know about you, use detentions to help them to socialize with other students and include some important people from the neighbourhood in the school activities.



Book Review

By Gonzalo Gonzalez

Writing Academic English ‘Writing Academic English’, Third Edition by Alice Oshima and Ann Hogue. New York. Copyright 1991, 1999 by Adison Wesley Longman, 269 p. To begin with, Writing Academic English is a grammar textbook and workbook which its main aim is to develop comprehensive rhetoric and syntactical features of the English Language. Regarding to Alice Oshima and Ann Hogue, 1999 “This is pursued in order to help not only Second Language Students from intermediate to advance level, but also for native speakers of English who need to develop their basic composition skills and sentence structure mechanics”. Regarding its format, it is an enormously interesting and useful book that helps you to expand your skills in terms of writing and vocabulary. For instance it provides exercises and activities such as writing formal letters. The book gives you the necessary tools for putting into order your ideas in an appropriate academic style, with accurate use of punctuation, and the most important issue is what trains you to deal with timing when writing. Personally, I must say that it may look hard to understand, but once you are familiarized with it, you can comprehend all the contents properly. In brief, after reading it you are going to feel more comfortable using English in technical, scientific and business contexts





Although Chilean social characteristics are reflected by food and surroundings, sometimes foreigners cannot understand what people say because Chileans use slang words (used in informal registers) in their vocabulary. Most of them come from different groups of people depending on age, social status and hometown. Here there are some Chilean expressions that you should know.

Aperrado A person who fights against difficulties without complaining Bakan (BKN) Meaning fantastic, it is used to talk about people and things. Caleta (A lot of) Used to refer to an amount of something. Chato (Be) Be Fed up with something.

Despelote It is used to talk about things and it means a mess of something. Irse al chancho It is used to talk about people and it means to exaggerate. Impeque It is used to talk about things and it means perfect. Patota A group of friends.



Why Is a Healthy Weight Important? By Fernanda Muñoz Nutritionist’s Advice We interviewed a nutritionist called Marta Araneda who gave us a few tips to have a good diet for people who work 40 hours at a computer or a desk per week. Marta Araneda a nutritionist of “Consultorio Chiguayante” said that the best way of keeping fit and having good health is a healthy diet which contains vitamin and mineral. She gives some advice on how to have a healthy diet which contains vitamins and minerals: have a healthy breakfast, eat 4 fruits a day, cook with olive oil, reduce red meats, increase vegetable protein and drink 2 liters of water every day. Another important tip that people should follow, it is do any kind of exercise, for people who work a lot they can go for a walk or ride a bike during the weekends, join a dance or yoga class, work in your garden, play with your children.

The idea is to keep your body moving and exercising and to be physically active. Overweight people are more likely to have some diseases and conditions, such as diabetes, breathing problems, hypertensive and other serious health problems. Maintaining a healthy weight also makes exercise and movement easier. Exercise is also important in maintaining a healthy body and reducing the risks of some diseases. That is why maintaining a healthy weight is so important: It helps you lower your risk for developing these problems, it helps you feel good about yourself, and it gives you more energy to enjoy life. Calculate the calories your body needs according to the following equation: Woman: 655 +(9.5 x your weight in kg) + ( 1.8 x your height in cm) + (4.7 x age)



Tools for Educators

By Sabrina Perez


eing a teacher is not only to deliver contents, but also to organize them in a way that we would never be unprepared. There are many tools that can get to be really helpful to use considering the context and the course, here you have some: Dice marker: is a worksheet wizard that allows you to create dice with pictures, dice with text or printable dice with both images and text. You can make with the topic you need or want, the thing is that you need to organize it very carefully. You can try something like this:

PICTURE FOLDER: it’s a good idea to collect many pictures related to the whole lesson plan you have made in your life and be sure to laminate them. That will help you not to think where to look up when you need them and that way you save time.

COLOUR’S CASE: Some teachers underestimate this tool, but what’s true is that it can help you a lot to vary and avoid using red marker, which is almost a traumatic colour for students. Try to correct test with purple, green or pink that stimulates students to keep on studying if they got bad marks. Finally, we cannot forget our principal tool: our voice. Be sure to steady your voice before you start the class and use some singer’s techniques to make your voice stronger. Drink enough water to not to get your vocal cords damaged. You can also train your face muscles as a warm-up exercise.



By Fernanda Muñoz


If you want to have a good time and a relaxed dinner, the best place is “Fine Estampa Restaurant”, one of the best Peruvian food restaurants. Also offers a comfortable and elegant atmosphere. Visit it at Angol 298, Concepcion. It is the best combination of price and quality, you will not regret it.

One of the best activities for family in their free time is to go to Jorge Alessandri Park. It is one of the most attractive places in Coronel; here you can enjoy the fresh air and nature with your family. The park covers an area of 11 hectares and it belongs to CMPC Company. This marvelous park is located at kilometer 18 of Route 160, road that connects the city of Concepcion to the rest of the province of Arauco.

To spare your time in sport activities Concepcion offers places where you can go, like Parke Ecuador. There you can enjoy running, jogging, playing basketball, mountain biking, touring alone, with friends or children. It is the best way to liberate your mind and replenish your energy.



TENDENCES What teachers need to know about fashion

BY CARMEN MORENO SOBARZO Over time fashion has become more and more important because it seems that clothes represents who you are especially at first sight. We as teachers are role models, so we should understand that clothes are an important issue for our students. Stereotypically teachers lose their sense of fashion because we are supposed to be part of the classroom stuff, but we do not. Furthermore, something that will help you to transform your subject into a popular one is fashion. You do not need to go for expensive clothes to look fashionable, just try to learn how to combine the things that you have. Polka dots are a very good option, but also “vintage”. Finally if your profits are not as good as your boss, just try to build in the basics combining different accessories and shoes with the same clothes to create new looks. Once you begin to study the great stylists, certain trends will emerge that inspire and excite you. Go for it! Embrace the trends, but please, please look ageappropriate. We don’t, after all, want to be confused with

one of our students!



The coolest Places to Go in Chile By Gonzalo Gonzalez


ParqueAraucano Address: AvenidaPresidenteRiesco 5330, Las Condes, Santiago Phone: (56-2) 212 4376 Closest Metro Station: Manquehue This is a wonderful place to go, in order to relax and enjoy with your family and friends. Besides, it gives you the particular location to do exercises and sports. There is a plenty of space to take your children to play around. And if you have pets like dogs you can go for a walk the entire park. The environment is special for romantic dates. Furthermore, in front of this park is located the Large Parque Arauco shopping Mall with its boulevard where you can spend your time go shopping, eating, having fun, etc. Viña del Mar Valparaiso, Chile. Phone:56-32 2269332 - 56-32 2269331

It’s an amazing and gorgeous city which has museums, some palaces and parks. Besides, there are many beaches to enjoy with your family and friends. The most well-known is called “Reñaca”. If you visit this city during summer you will find the opportunity of enjoying the most significant musical festival of Chile in Latin America: “Festival de Viña del mar”.

Desierto de Atacama Atacama, Chile. Phone: 56 (58) 313289 It’s located in the north of Chile and is considered the driest desert of the world. Here you can appreciate astonishing landscapes and the wonders of nature. And if you enjoy practicing sports here you can practice some like rally mainly.



Magazine corrections  

After reviewing our wrk, we had doscovered that there were some mistakes, so inmediately we corrected them and here it is, the final work.

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