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Berlin I Rome 2018





Three houses I Kita Wallenbergstrasse Lichtklippe I Bülau Wettbewerb


WAZ ParkI Essen Süd West Stadt Wettbewerb Riverbank Ostiense I Am Ufer der Tevere Ostiense

About me I Uber mich

I grew up in Lecce, Italy, in a region surrounded by a sea landscape and Mediterranean architecture. Six years ago I moved to Rome to start my architecture studies and in this city I had the chance to analyze architecture of different ages and style and to cultivate a particular sensibility to restoration. I define myself as a person that wants to constantly face new cultural and professional challenges and this charateristic brought me, after Rome, to Hamburg and Berlin, experiences that strongly influenced my personality and architectural sensibility. I am a dynamic and inquiring person and I like to continually learn from the people around me and to create stimulating collaborations with my teammates. After a six-month internship in the Berlin based architecture office Lèonwohlhage, I am looking for another experience to put my abilities to work and continue to develop my skills.

Curriculum Vitae I Lebenslauf

Dates & Facts I Daten & Fakten

Name I Namen

Carmen Carolina Staiano

Born I Geboren


Nationality I Nationalität


Adress I Adresse

Seumestrasse 22 ,10245 Berlin

Phone I Telefon E-mail I E-Mail

Education I Ausbildung

Work Experience I Arbeitserfahrung

0039 339 3597605

Università degli studi di Roma Tre Master Studies in Architecture Roma IT


HCU Hafencity Universität Hamburg Master Studies in Architecture Hamburg DE


Università degli studi di Roma Tre Bachelor Degree in Architecture Roma IT


Conservatorio di musica “Santa Cecilia” Study of Violin Roma IT


Conservatorio di musica Tito Schipa Study of Violin Lecce IT


Liceo delle Scienze Umane “Aldo Moro” High school degree Lecce IT


Léonwohlhage Gesellschaft von Architekten mbH Internship 6 months I Praktikum 6 Monate Berlin DE


Competitions I Wettbewerbe

Schulzentrum Nord in Bochum-Gerthe Still open I Noch geöffnet Bochum DE


Neubau Polizeipräsidium Rheinpfalz Recognition I Anerkennung Ludwigshafen DE Neubau Kindertagesstatte Wallenbergstrasse 1st Price I 1. Preis Berlin DE


Wohnen in Potsdam Krampnitz 2nd Phase I 2. Phase Potsdam DE


Essen Süd-West Stadt Wettbewerb Recognition I Anerkennung Essen DE


Bülau Wettbewerb 2nd Phase I 2. Phase Hamburg DE

Languages I Sprachen

Skills I Fähigkeiten



Italian I Italienisch

Mother language

English I Englisch

C1 Level

German I Deutsch

B2 Level

2D Design

AutoCAD, ArchiCAD

3D Design

Rhinoceros, SketchUpPro


Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator


Adobe InDesign


Grasshopper, Sap2000

THREE HOUSES I Kita Wallenbergstrasse


Kindertagestätte for 150 children


Wallenbergstrasse, Berlin DE


Project competition 1st Price

Team Organization Year

Tobias Gruber, Shoko Itano LĂŠonwohlhage Gesellschaft von Architekten 2017-2018

THREE HOUSES I Kita Wallenbergstrasse

The new Kita in WallenbergstraĂ&#x;e is composed of three houses that with a low volume and a recognizable roof stand out out from the green surroundings. The design plays with borders, between inside and outside, between the space and the volume. The cantilevering part of the first floor emphasizes the main entrance that leads to a double height atrium illuminated by a big skylight that enables zenithal light to shine above the stairs. From the atrium, both in ground floor and first floor, the teachers can have an overview to all the units that host the different groups of children and to the common spaces like the Kinderrestaurant and the shared playground.

Site plan I Lageplan

Floorplan 1st Floor I Grundriss 1. OG

Interiors I Innenraum

LICHTKLIPPE I Bülau Wettbewerb


Multifunctional program, public space

Site Subject Team Organization Year

Landungsbrücken, Hamburg DE Project competition Emma Svanberg HCU Hafencity Universität Hamburg 2015-2016

LICHTKLIPPE I Bülau Wettbewerb

The project area is located next to Landungsbrücken and Elbtunnel, the most central part of the Hamburger harbour and next to Sankt Pauli, one of the main districts of the night life in Hamburg. The design plays with low and irregular volumes and different qualities of public spaces. The new public spaces are the two promenades, one next to the water and the other in relation with Sankt Pauli, and two squares on different levels, one lower in relation with the function inside the buildings and one upper panoramic. The buildings have different angles to have different perspective of the typical Hamburger harbour’s landscape.

Site plan I Lageplan

MARKTHALLE Restaurant Technic Technic



Interiors market I Innenraum Market

Phisical Model I Model Ausschnitt 1:200

WAZ Park Neue Adr-ESSEN I Essen SĂźd West Stadt Wettbewerb


Masterplan and architectural concept for former industrial area

Site Subject Team Organization Year

WAZ area, Essen DE Urban Competition, Anerkennung Hugo Janvier, Lucia Kanderova HCU Hafencity Universität Hamburg 2016

WAZ Park Neue AdrESSEN I Essen Süd West Stadt Wettbewerb

A new park for Essen surrounded by three dense district is the new proposal for the former industrial area called WAZ. This masterplan is developed to create a connection between the Northern and the Southern part of the city, now separated from this abandoned industrial area. The new park is placed between Thyssen Krupp park and Stadtpark and create a new green identity for the city of Essen, while the new districts creates continuity with the city center. The three districts are designed with different typologies of building and public space thinking about the three main function: education, business and housing. To keep the industrial identity in the park the old “Druckerei” is re-used in its structure to create a landscape installation in the middle of the park.

Masterplan I Concept

Education I Ausbildung

Housing I Wohnungen

Business I Kommerziell

Urban rules I Buisness district

Park istallation I WAZ Druckerei Konzept

Old WAZ “Druckerei”





RIVERBANK OSTIENSE I Am Ufer der Tevere Ostiense


Redevelopement of the Tevere river bank cycle lane, leisure facilities, public space

Site Subject Team Organization Year

District of Ostiense, Rome IT Academic urban project Mirta Ottaviani, Matilde Panascì Università degli Studi di Roma Tre 2016-2017

RIVERBANK OSTIENSE I Am Ufer der Tevere Ostiense

The project is a part of a new masteplan for the industrial district of Ostiense, in Rome, that is focused on university, connections and waterfront. The final result is a net of bike lanes connecting all the universities and the new student housing areas to the main spot of the district. All the bike lanes cross the main bike lane that runs along the river Tevere. The project creates also a system of public spaces along the waterfront using abandoned industrial areas, in particular ex Porto Fluviale (old river harbour) and Centrale Montemartini (former thermoelectric centre).

Masterplan I Concept

Porto Fluviale I Siteplan and section

Centrale Montemartini I Siteplan and View

Thank you for your time I Danke fĂźr Ihre Zeit

Carmen Carolina Staiano +39 339 3597605

Portfolio 2018  
Portfolio 2018