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• I get up at 7:30, I get dressed and I have breakfast

• At 8 I go to the bus stop but I don’t take the bus, one friend gives me a lift to school

• When I arrive at school I am with my friends until the lessons start at 8:15 • I have three lessons and then, at 11 we have the break time; afterwards, we’ve got another 3 lessons.

• When school finishes I take the bus to my grandparents´ house and I have lunch.

• Then, on Mondays I’ve got English lessons, and after that I’ve got volleyball training. Other days I’ve got maths lessons, horse riding or only training. After my activities I always do my homework.

• When I finish my homework I have a shower and I watch TV. If I’ve got time, I surf the internet.

• Then, I have dinner and I watch TV again.

• At 11 I go to bed and I read a book.

• When I get tired I go to sleep.

presentation routines  

power oresentation routines 3º ESO bilingual

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