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e Guest Suites: Decadently appointed guest suites. Sumptuous linens. Museum-quality works of art. Bath amenities direct from the olive groves of Provence… It’s the little touches of uniqueness and grace that make The Peninsula House one of the Caribbean’s most distinctive experiences.

î ?e Dining Exrience: Our guests-only dining highlights wines from our world-class cellar paired with menus presenting French fare infused with touches of the Caribbean.

Conspiracy • Photography by: Paco Rivera, Ricardo Piantini, Vanessa Jorge, Marella Frangella Checcucci. Design by theC

So that knowing and eling natu Could enter us like scent And linger the... - Gregory Riley

Location Las Terrenas lies comfortably among some of the many idyllic beachfront villages that dot the Northeastern Coast of the Dominican Republic. Miles of beaches, many dive sites and access to some of the world’s foremost ecological parks are among the region’s features. Santo Domingos Las Americas Intl. Airport, Punta Cana Intl. Airport, Puerto Plata Intl. Airport, and the new El Caty/Samaná Intl. airports serve the country. Internal flights from Punta Cana & Santo Domingo arrive at Las Terrenas’s El Portillo airport. Alternativley, guests may fly directly to The Peninsula House by Helicopter. Guests arriving from Santo Domingo now profit from the new Samaná highway, a brilliant, senic two-hour drive through palm oil plantations, Los Haitis National Park and the lush Dominican landscape. Traveling the beautiful costal road from Puerto Plata is a 3 hour journey.

e adventus  a lifetime ...Excuions by arrangement Horseback riding to El Limon waterfall is a favorite excursion through the dense foliage of ecological paths that lead to the 40 meter high cascade and the verdant ecosystems of this vicinity. The Samaná Bay is a favorite mating ground for humpback whales that migrate to the peninsula each year from January to March. A visit during this time is a unique and special opportunity to enjoy this renowned marine mammal sanctuary by boat. Deep sea fishing, kite surfing and sailing are also available. Los Haitises is one of the Dominican Republic’s foremost national parks with amazing flora and fauna, subtropical forests, mangroves, caves rich in pictographs left by our pre-Columbian inhabitants and pristine keys found along a 208 km2 protected area. Experienced nature guides conduct the tours. Airport codes:

Tel #: 809.307.1827 | Email: | Heli-Port:N-19º17.33,W-069º34.76, Elev- 326 mts

Las Americas- SDQ Punta Cana- PUJ Puerto Plata- POP El Caty- AZB Portillo- EPS

The Peninsula House • Las Terreans, Dominican Republic  

Peninsula House - Las Terrenas- Dominican Republic. Situated in Las Terrenas on the North East coast of the Dominican Republic, The Peninsul...