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Otro curso escolar llega a su fin. Por delante, nos quedan dos meses de verano donde seguir poniendo en práctica nuestro inglés aprovechando este tiempo libre que tenemos. A lo largo de este primer año con Livin’ Madrid nos hemos hecho eco de actividades en inglés a realizar en nuestra ciudad, pero sobre todo a intentar que esta lengua se adentrara en vuestros hogares por la gran cantidad de beneficios que podría conllevar. ¿Y qué mejor que dar voz a nuestros alumnos para que os hablen de todas las ventajas de seguir practicando inglés aun estando de vacaciones? Tenéis a vuestra mano varias opciones: películas, música, radio, campamentos, estancias en países… ¿A qué esperáis para leer lo que os quieren contar? DEPARTAMENTO DE INGLÉS – COLEGIO NAZARET OPORTO (MADRID)

Why is important to keep in touch with English (reading, listening…) even if we are on holidays? Being able to speak and hold a conversation in another language is one of the most asked requirements in our world. When the lessons are finished, most students do not continue practicing a language. At school, they learn different parts of the language that they do not put into practice and consequently, are forgotten. Being on holidays can be a good opportunity to develop other skills and practice everything they have learnt, but in other ways such as watching series or movies or going to an English camp. These different methods may be not only for entertainment, but also a way of learning. Providing students new tools and several approaches to a language can increase their motivation and willingness towards it. In order to achieve it, teachers play an important role in it, as well as families. To sum up, being on holidays can be an ideal opportunity to keep in touch with English but in more practical ways which can allow students to begin the new course with ease. Raquel D. (1º Bachillerato A)

Importance of listening to music in English Listening to music in English is so important because if you only study English without practicing your listening skills with some videos or talking with another person (especially if s/he is native) it will be difficult to follow a conversation in real life. Perhaps, he will understand you but you will not understand anything. In my opinion, it’s better listening to music than watching videos or something like that because the singers don’t pronounce the language as in a normal conversation when there is always the same rhythm at every time. If you don’t believe me, please listen to some songs of Eminem and if you really understand everything, it is because you have trained your hearing and you will have achieved this by listening to music in English. Pablo G. (1º Bachillerato A)

Importance of listening to the radio in English Listening to the radio in English is one of the things that will help you improve your level, because when you are listening, you get the words faster. If you do it every day, your ear will get used to it. In addition, it allows you to incorporate a large variety of vocabulary that you will remember to use in your conversations. In addition, listening to people speaking in English will motivate you to study more and to speak more. We know that this language is very important and essential to get a job. In conclusion, if you want to improve and make progress in the language, you need to listen to the radio. In this way, your pronunciation will be better too. Alejandra S. (1º Bachillerato B)


Next station: Ireland


I can’t wait for my English Summer Camps

Hello, my name is Elena and I’m sixteen years old. If someone asked me now: “Why do you think that it’s important to continue studying English in the summer?” I’m sure that at this moment, I would have many reasons to answer the question correctly. It is true that a general answer doesn’t exist: motivation plays an important role. What can be motivating for me can be nonsense for others. But one thing I’m completely convinced of is that if you don’t force yourself with different activities to improve your level, you will never learn. And I know what I’m talking about: if only I had paid attention in my English classes, I would have learnt a lot more. This summer, I am going to try a new activity: travelling abroad to live with an Irish family. At the beginning, I admit that I was scared because I have never been good at English and I think I would never speak or understand this language. But now, I’m seeing this “obstacle” like an opportunity. I can’t wait!

This summer, I’m having two great opportunities to have fun while practicing my English. Last month, I did an English exam with ONCE; this foundation has organized two summer camps in relation with the language, and I will go to both of them! The first one is an interchange, but not as the ones we are used to. Some of us are going in August to a school of ONCE in Pontevedra, and there, a group of other Irish teenagers are coming too! We will live together for five days, and we can get to know each other. After that, next Easter, we are going to an Irish school too, to meet them again and know the country. Doesn’t it sound awesome? But that’s not all; the second opportunity consists in travelling to the United Kingdom, to live in a students’ residence for a week. From Monday to Friday, we will have English classes three hours in the morning, and we will go sightseeing in the afternoon. I’m sure it will be amazing. I can’t wait!!!

Elena P. (1º Bachillerato A)

Aitana D. (1º Bachillerato A)

CINE Tienes ganas de ver una película en inglés y no sabes dónde? Madrid te ofrece la posibilidad de ver tus pelis favoritas en alguno de sus cines en V.O.S.E (versión original subtitulada en español).

 CINES DREAMS (Calle de Silvano 77)  CINES GOLEM (Calle Martín de los Heros, 14; día del espectador: lunes)  CINES RENOIR (Calle Martín de los Heros, 12)

CINES VERDI MADRID (Calle Bravo Murillo, 28)



Cartelera de verano

Richard, la cigüeña (Richard, the Stork). Apta para Todos los Públicos Ver tráiler

Fast & Furious 8. Apta para mayores de 16 años. Ver tráiler

BayWatch: los vigilantes de la playa. Pendiente de calificación. Ver tráiler

Piratas del Caribe: La venganza de Salazar (Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales). Apta para mayores de 12 años

Z, La Ciudad Perdida (The Lost City of Z). Apta para mayores de 12 años. Ver tráiler

Ver tráiler

El Bebé Jefazo (The Boss Baby) Apta para todos los públicos. Ver tráiler

Wonder Woman. Pendiente de calificación. Ver tráiler

El Capitán Calzoncillos (Captain Underpants) Apta para todos los públicos. Ver tráiler

Gru, Mi Villano Favorito 3 (Despicable Me 3). Apta para todos los públicos. Ver tráiler



Cartelera de verano (a partir de julio)

Cars 3. Pendiente de calificación. Ver tráiler

Transformers: El Último Caballero (Transformers: The Last Knight) Pendiente de calificación. Ver tráiler

Spider-Man: Homecoming. Pendiente de calificación. Ver tráiler

La Guerra del Planeta de los Simios (War for the Planet of the Apes) Pendiente de calificación.

Ver tráiler

¿Y EL PRÓXIMO CURSO? El próximo curso os seguiremos informando de más actividades para que podáis continuar disfrutando de momentos en familia y con el inglés de fondo. ¡Contamos con vosotros! Y recordad que podéis estar al tanto de información actualizada siguiéndonos en Twitter @LivinMadrid

Esperamos vuestras opiniones, sugerencias y fotos para que nos hagáis partícipes de vuestras experiencias. ¡¡FELIZ VERANO FAMILIAS DE NAZARET OPORTO!!

Livin' Madrid Summer  

Livin' Madrid Summer

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