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FALL 2018



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QUICK FACTS: Your new Newsletter format will: SAVE dues and money that will be allocated to other BWE events. OFFER color photos and endless pages. REMOVE paper waste. GIVE YOU more content about your neighbors, neighborhood, and South Park in a modern, fresh layout - it will look like a magazine. BE ACCESSIBLE on your computer, tablet, and phone.

Our beloved newsletter has some changes in its next chapter. It is entering the digital age and will come to you by way of email with a link to a website called Issuu. In order to utilize funding towards our neighborhood parties, festivities, and endeavors, the newsletter needs to provide as much information as possible and be as cost effective as possible. So, via an eversion, you will able to receive many stories and alerts. If you are a traditionalist who prefers a hardcopy, please email the civic board with your request ( I thank you in advance for giving this new format a chance. - Carmella Whitehead





HALLOWS’ EVE IN BWE The time for the rustling of fallen leaves is close. With the cooler temps, brilliant leaves, and carved gourds comes the day of spook-tabular fun! Get ready for Halloween BWE style.Here’s what you need to know about the Halloween Parade:



A parade of creative costumes comes to life with selected age groups competing in various categories for prizes, candy, 
 and bragging rights.

Thank you to BWE Women’s Club for organizing the event.



Wednesday, October 31
 5:30 PM: Pizza, fruit, and veggies ($5/person; cash only)
 BYOB for adults
 6:15 PM: Parade begins

Plumgrove Cul-de-sac



CHILI CO OK- OFF It is time for the BWE Fall Chili Cook-off/ Football party! BWE is a social neighborhood. We like to gather. We like to eat. We like football. So, when it comes to our Fall Neighborhood Party, we go big. Join your neighbors for the Panthers/Lions game and some chili. Our Civic President, Jim Lofton, is providing the entertainment via a large inflatable screen with projector! Here are the details:

WHAT Chili Cook-Off competition and football viewing party for all BWE residents. Bring $1 to vote for your 
 favorite chili Winner receives money prize

Non-competators, bring cornbread, a side, OR dessert. BYOB WHEN: Sunday, November 18
 1 - 5 PM WHERE: BWE Swim Club

COOK - OFF ENTRY Please contact Jim Lofton at to enter.

All contestants, please bring serving utensil and set up.

Bowls, plastic-ware will be 
 provided !6


BW E’ S YETI Neighbors speak of it, yet few have seen it. There have been multiple sightings of a coyote in BWE. Some say it looks like a fox (not foxy… there is a difference), frail, and mangy. Although we may feel that Wiley Coyote doesn’t get a fair chance with Bugs, be sure to keep your pets, children, and selves away from the coyote. Animal control has been notified several times, but much like the photo below, it appears allusive & grainy like the Yeti.

This past summer there were numerous reports of people speeding throughout the neighborhood. I get that we want the family truckster to be a sports car, but please respect the posted speed signs and look out for all the wonderful kids, pets, and mysterious creatures playing outside. I’ve personally noticed several drivers slow down and even stop when they come upon children playing in or near the roads. They wait to make eye contact before they pass by. Thank you to the cautious and courteous drivers in BWE!


BWE Women’s Club had their Blind Wine Tasting party this month. The Women’s Club meets monthly and enjoys various activities as well as socializing. If you are interested in joining BWE Women’s Club, please contact Lindy at





OF A N EIG H B OR HO OD How Erin and Kevin Grace created their own museum in the heart of Beverly Woods East. When I thought about what I would bring to our newsletter, I knew I wanted to get to know my neighbors on a more personal level (it is the main reason I write the newsletter). As a psychologist I interview

mystery, intrigue, and gossip. She points out clues as to whose who of the party - an ‘in the know’ escort divulging secrets from her customers, a couple of friends exchanging gossip, a dutiful butler, and

people for a living (don’t worry… I won’t diagnose anyone in here). So, I decided I would interview BWE residents about our interests - something that could spark a conversation, invite us into each other’s

distinguished gentlemen each with their own reasons for attending The Ball. Everyone has a story, and everyone brings their own perspective to create a lively event.

lives, and, hopefully, highlight our commonalities. I knew immediately that I wanted to highlight Une soirée (The Ball), an unforgettable large Impressionist painting hanging in Erin and Kevin Grace’s house. On a broad level, it represents the mystery and commonality of the BWE residents. To listen to Erin tell the story of the oil painting is to be invited to an event full of

Like the guests of The Ball, our neighbors hold experiences that can bring something new to us. We live amongst each other, and we are trying to understand ourselves more through the eyes and stories of each other. “What I love most about this painting,” confesses Erin, “is how it invites you into the party. It is intriguing, mysterious, and dynamic. I see something different every time I look at it.” !9

Jean Béraud, Une soirée (1878) musée d'Orsay, Paris, France

I imagine most people who whiz down Sharon Road don’t stop to think about the intriguing and dynamic residents of BWE. But every time I drive through the streets, I see something new. I see how we love our neighborhood, and how each household brings fellowship. Much like the attendees at The Ball, we paint a picture of a historical neighborhood rich with its own story. I’m happy to bring to you the stories of BWE’s characters. If you would like to be featured or think of someone to spotlight, please send me an email at !1 0


SPAN-ING SOUT H PAR K Our beautiful community is growing up so fast (*said in a proud parent voice). With the sleek office buildings, fine dining, and breweries, South Park is a highly desirable place to live, work, and play. Because so many people are moving to this area, the neighborhoods of South Park joined together to represent a unified voice of neighbors to developers and the city of Charlotte.


South Park Association of Neighborhoods



Old Foxcroft


Deering Oaks Barclay Downs

Trianon Parkdale Magnolia Park


SouthPark Morrison


Foxcroft East

SP Commercial


Morrocroft Royal Crest The Enclave at Chrishall Parkstone Pine Valley

Laurel Woods

Bradbury Hall Channing Hall Teversham


Louisburg Square The Charters Park Phillips Avignon


Govenor's Square

The Waterford South Hill Wheaton Grove

Sharonwood Acres

Johnston Hall Sharon Woods


Winding Brook Town and Country

SPAN (South Park Associations of Neighborhoods) is a non-profit organization that advocates on behalf of the surrounding neighborhoods within the greater South Park area.


Beverly Woods Quail Hill


Beverly Woods East Knapdale


Copyright(c) City of Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, NC Housing & Neighborhood Services, May 23, 2017

!1 1

SPAN provides a unified voice to address and protect common interests and quality of life issues shared by all South Park residents. Membership is open to any civic association, and BWE has joined! Neighborhoods are represented by members of their civic boards or a representative from the neighborhood. All are welcomed to attend the meetings or speak to any of the representatives of BWE. A more comprehensive list will come in the following newsletters as to who are our representatives. Currently, South Park has 14 active projects that include luxury mix-use communities, hotels, residences, and health care facilities. This brings vibrancy to South Park, but also creates density. I attended the October SPAN meeting and the common voice of SPAN centered around creating multi-modal walkways (similar to Little Sugar Creek Greenway). Currently dubbed, “The Cultural Loop,” the greenway would be a great place for strolling, meeting new neighbors, or passing by screaming kids who begged to ride their bikes only to realize that doesn’t include me parents carrying it after 5 minutes.

I will dedicate a section of the newsletter to South Park “happenings” and SPAN/ CNIP. And just like South Park, SPAN’s website is under construction. If you are interested in receiving emails about SPAN or attending the meetings, please email the civic club or me, Carmella Whitehead, (emails on back) expressing your interest.

!1 2

BWE Swim Club would like to thank our advertising sponsors from the 2018 season. Please tell them thank you when you use their services! Allen Tate Realtor-Amy Peterson Realtor®, Broker Office: (704) 533-2090 Mobile: (704) 533-2090 Brixx: Wood Fired Pizza 7814 Fairview Rd
 (704) 295-0707 Tim is a BWE neighbor and Swim Club member. BSN Sports 704-300-6207 704-375-4554 Luke Ware BWE neighbor and Swim Club member. cji: canterjennings, inc Custom Renovations 704.361.6007 Owned and operated by a BWE Neighbor and Swim Club member Josh Canter. CMD Automotive 2914 Griffith St. 
 704-527-4009 Owned and operated by BWE Swim Club member Jim Gorman. Dilworth Facial Plastic Surgery 1819 Lyndhurst Ave (980) 949-6544 Dr. Josh Surowitz is a BWE neighbor and Swim Club Member Johnny Burrito 301 South Tryon Street 704.371.4448 Owned and operated by BWE Swim Club member John Bitter. Kristen Montgomery Photography 704-900-9616 Owned and operated by BWE Swim Club member. KUR Health Spa 3928 Park Rd (704) 477-1215 Owned and operated by BWE neighbors and Swim Club members Dave and Renate Navaroli. Metrolina Dermatology & Skin Surgery Specialists 10502 Park Road Suite 100 980-299-3926 Dr. Sasha Jenkins Haberle is a BWE neighbor and Swim Club member. Miller Bowles Law, P.L.L.C. Full Service Family Law Practice 508 East Boulevard 980-321-5590 Kate and Chris are Sharon Woods neighbors and BWE Swim Club members. Mosquito Authority 704.999.1808 www.themosquitoauthority,com Owned and operated by a Sharon Woods Neighbor. Noosa Pest Management 704-499-9922 Recommended by Carrie Query, a BWE neighbor and Swim Club member. Oak Leaf Home Inspections (980) 229-7934 Cliff Coley is a BWE Swim Club member. Quail Hollow Veterinarian Hospital Quail Corners Shopping Center 8408 Park Road 704-278-8000 Owned and operated by Cameron Woods neighbors. Rawls, Clary & Mingo, P.L.L.C. Criminal Defense, Immigration & Personal Injury 1011 East Morehead Street / Suite 300 704-376-3200 Amanda Mingo’s family is a BWE Swim Club member and Beverly Woods neighbor Re/Max Realtor – Jackie Smith 2901 Coltsgate Road, Suite 100 Office: (704) 540-7500 Mobile: (704) 773-6575

!1 3


Check out this old ad I found for BWE. Selling homes by the yard! A rare find in the heart of a city. Homes were going for just shy of $43,000 (a downpayment in today’s world)

!1 4

CIVIC BWE Directories include maps of areas Area 1: Carmella Whitehead, Newsletter
 3541 Cotillion Ave 
 646-530-0993 Mary Amos
 3432 Cotillion Ave.
 704 - 552-8095 Area 2: Molly Mabe
 5616 Warewhip Lane 
 704-607-4312 Area 3: Laura Timko
 3324 Champaign St. 
 404-783-1116 Area 4: Jim Lofton, President
 3200 Champaign Street 
 704-488-1020 Area 5: Melissa Miller
 2806 Hinsdale St. 
 704-621-8503 Area 6: Suzanne Barnhart
 3339 Stocktie Rd. 
 919-272-2436 Area 7: Jennifer Geis
 2719 Hinsdale St. 

Area 9: Jana Dwyer 
 3113 Champaign St. 
 704-615-5851 Area 10: Elena & Patrick Michael 
 5700 Rebel Dr. 
 910-200-6114 Area 11: Karen Cannon 
 3411 Covered Bridge Ln 
 704-491-9370 Area 12: Coulter Warlick, Treasurer
 3300 Cotillion Ave 

We always welcome new members to our team. Contact any one of us for more information. To join the BWE Email Group, click on the email below and send your name and street address to

For advertising, please click on the link below and send requests to

Area 8: Carmen Adams
 2941 Champaign St. 
 704-591-8549 !1 5


Fall 2018 BWE Newsletter


Fall 2018 BWE Newsletter