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GREETINGS! On any given day, someone is positively impacted through parks and recreation. Whether they are looking to improve their health and well-being at the Monon Community Center, gliding down a slide at one of our parks or gaining knowledge and experiences in our Extended School Enrichment program, it’s a time they’ll remember and cherish. Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation continues to stand out as a national award-winning organization as we improve communities for all people. We strive to promote a culture of inclusion and remain receptive to the community’s needs. Using our department’s three Guiding Principles to lead the way, you’ll see how we enhance opportunities, provide exceptional experiences and ensure long-term sustainability throughout everything we do. Reading through this annual report, you’ll find just some of our department’s accomplishments during 2017. Without a doubt, we have come a long way and we look forward to building upon our past successes in the upcoming year. Thank you for your continued support of Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation. Regards,

Mark Westermeier, CPRP Director of Parks & Recreation


2017 PARK BOARD MEMBERS James L. Engledow, President Richard F. Taylor III, Vice President Jenn Kristunas, Treasurer Joshua A. Kirsh, Secretary Wendy Franklin Katie Browning James D. Garretson Nick Plopper Linus Rude

SENIOR MANAGEMENT Mark Westermeier, CPRP, Director of Parks and Recreation Michael W. Klitzing, CPRE, Chief Operating Officer Michael Allen, CPRP, Park Maintenance Director Kurtis Baumgartner, CPRE, Monon Community Center Director Ben Johnson, Extended School Enrichment Director Audrey Kostrzewa, CPRP, Business Services Director Lindsay Labas, CPRP, Marketing Director Lynn Russell, Human Resources Director

ENHANCING PARK AND RECREATION OPPORTUNITIES Through inspiring parks and innovative services, Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation contributes to the quality of life and economic vitality of the community.

Volunteer Program Focuses on the Outdoors

The Waterpark Enriches Visitor Entry

Customer Service Enhanced to All Users

This year represented the first full year for the freshly re-constructed volunteer program to engage Park Stewardship, Extended School Enrichment, Summer Camp Series, and Recreation Programming needs. CCPR directed its efforts to re-focus the volunteer program with natural resource management priorities providing an overall lift to the department. 2017 experienced an increase in volunteer hours across the board with the biggest impact in Park Stewardship and an amazing 809 hour increase.

Several key projects were completed to help provide a better experience for each visitor to The Waterpark. Highlights included the construction of a new front entrance that assisted with flow in and out of the park, the re-positioning of the exterior fence which allowed additional concession windows while adding courtyard space for those looking for a place to picnic. Existing courtyards were also enhanced with picnic tables and umbrellas to provide increased seating capacity and shade for visitors.

A real-time customer service app, HAPPiFEET Carmel-Clay, was officially launched with the intent to make it easier for the public to provide feedback on our products and services. Implemented throughout the entire park system, we quickly began hearing about the public’s positive experiences, areas of improvement and suggestions for the future. After a successful launch, CCPR received a total of 167 comments. Of those who responded, 90% of our users would “Happily” recommend us to their friends or family.

Our top priorities are to offer unique recreational opportunities that add to the well-being of the community and improve the quality of life of those individuals who enjoy our services and amenities. - Kurtis Baumgartner, Monon Community Center Director


PROVIDING EXCEPTIONAL EXPERIENCES In a community renowned for its world-class parks and facilities, Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation is dedicated to providing excellent customer service to everyone served.

Before and After School Care Exceptionally Delivered

New Waterpark Feature Entertains All Ages and Abilities

The Extended School Enrichment (ESE) program remains dedicated to providing a first-rate before and after school service for children and families in the community. Based on results from surveys conducted each semester, 90% of parents/guardians rated ESE as providing a caring atmosphere for students. For the 19th consecutive semester, providing a safe environment received the highest satisfaction with an average of 93% in the fall 2017 semester-end survey.

In the spring of 2017, The Waterpark received a brand-new, enhanced activity pool feature to help create a more memorable, unique experience for all. The new activity pool structure is larger than the previous feature and has a nature-based appearance. It is two stories high and includes a 12-foot enclosed waterslide, more than 10 spray features, a zero-depth Splash Pad and a dump bucket that entertains visitors of all ages.

Nursing Suite for New Moms

For new moms on the go, working out at the facility means they are away from their baby hours at a time. The department is the first park system in Indiana to offer a portable Mamava Lactation suite for nursing moms. The suite offers a peaceful, sanitary and private place to pump/nurse. Moms are free to breastfeed anywhere, but members or day pass users are welcome to use the lactation suite if they need a place to pump or a quieter place to nurse their baby. 4

ENSURING LONG-TERM SUSTAINABILITY By creating an environmentally and financially sustainable system, Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation will ensure parks are available for the benefit and enjoyment of future generations.

Continuing Education Stays Important Focus

Tied as the leader in Indiana with the number of certified recreation professionals, 2017 brought the department up to a total of 2 Certified Park and Recreation Executives (CPRE) and 16 Certified Park and Recreation Professionals (CPRP).

Monon Community Center Heightens Fitness Center and Entrance Experience

The Monon Community Center received a much-needed facelift in 2017 to enhance usage of under-utilized space within the facility while increasing the safety of its users. Project highlights included: • Increased available fitness space within the Oasis (walkway between buildings) with the addition of cardio equipment. The change now provides guests with a picturesque view of Central Park and the Monon Greenway. • Increased security for visitors and staff by repositioning check-in desks and locking down unsecured access to the Monon Greenway.

Natural Resource Management a Primary Focus

Utilizing the Natural Resources Management Plan as a guide, four major areas of focus this year within Park Maintenance included: woodland, prairie, open water and weed management. • Woodland habitats saw improvements to allow the understory to re-establish by reducing ground fuels, invasives, and overhead hazards due to the Emerald Ash Borer and other environmental impacts. • On the prairie, frontline teams worked hard to combat Canada Thistle and invasive hybrid pear trees to keep established habitat as a viable seedbank. • The angling community benefited from additional channel catfish stocking at Meadowlark Park, the resident herons enjoyed the aerated lagoon of Central Park, all while keeping the water lilies and algae growth in check. • Shoreline erosion and nuisance water fowl were also managed with an educational campaign for visitors.

We strive to be a valuable addition to the City of Carmel and Clay Township and are focused on making a positive impact to the community for years to come.” - Michael Klitzing, Chief Operating Officer 5

BY THE NUMBERS… Extended School Enrichment

Providing before and after school care in each of the school district’s 11 elementary schools through a partnership with Carmel Clay Schools.

• 2,420: Total before and after school enrollment for 2016-17 school year • 11: Events held simultaneously at each school continuing to make it the largest “Lights on Afterschool” celebration in Indiana • 7,141: Enrolled participants in the Summer Camp Series

Monon Community Center

An award-winning facility with amenities and offerings unsurpassed in the state. Offering the community a one-stop source for recreation, fitness and family fun.

• 100,583: Day passes sold • 648,219: Member visits • 1,273: Group Fitness classes with 99,669 participations • 2,125: Recreation programs offered, serving 26,781 participants

Parks & Greenways

Providing outlets to enjoy the outdoors through award-winning parks, nature preserves and greenways.

• 374: Hazardous trees mitigated throughout the park system • 29: Acres treated for weed management • 2,345: Total volunteer hours • 12: Businesses who volunteered • 204: New dogs registered as members of the Central Bark Park

Financial Assistance

Dedicated to serving all Carmel Clay residents, scholarships and fee waivers have been awarded to individuals and families with economic challenges. • 293: Recipients of financial assistance • $185,221: Extended School Enrichment and Summer Camp Series registration assistance • $21,147: Monon Community Center and recreation program registration assistance


• Program Fees: $4,990,940 (38%) • Membership & Pass Sales: $4,688,34 • General Fund: $2,782,512 (21%) • Food & Beverage Sales: $231,252 (2 • Rental Fees: $156,104 (1%) • Mon • Other: $152,718 (1%) • • • Prog • Sum • • Dog



Earned Income: $10,219,354 | Cost Recovery: 84%


38% 36% 21% 2% 1% 1%

PROGRAM FEES $4,990,940 MEMBERSHIP & PASS SALES $4,688,340 GENERAL FUND $2,782,512 FOOD & BEVERAGE SALES $231,252 RENTAL FEES $156,104 OTHER $152,718

2017 CAPITAL BUDGET 38% 23% 17% 11% 4%



36% 25% 20% 10% 6% 3% 0.3%


$3,846,733 2% 1% 0.8% 3%

TREE REMOVAL $88,339 LAWRENCE W. INLOW PARK $50,376 GREENWAYS $29,650 OTHER $114,737 7

OUR MISSION The mission of Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation is to strengthen our community and serve residents through the aquisition, development and management of high quality, innovative parks and facilities for recreation, preservation and programming.

OUR VISION We envision an accessible system of vibrant community parks, diverse recreation facilities, sustainable park resources and engaging recreation programs that contribute to healthy individuals and families, and active and tightly-knit community, a thriving economy and a high quality of life in the city of Carmel and Clay township.

Annual Report 2017  
Annual Report 2017