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PROSPERITY OF THE SOUL Think right – live right

abigwelcome It’s been eventful already for carmel: - and we’re only half way through the year! Guest speakers have included Christine Caine and Dr Jesse Duplantis. Christine passionately exhorted the church to be on the cutting edge to reach the world, boldly sharing how God changed her life. Dr Jesse Duplantis, with his own special humour, blessed and challenged us with his teaching on 'Overflow' – and the church was packed to overflowing! It is impossible to capture the wealth of scriptural teaching and the personality of these two anointed speakers in the limited space we have – I strongly urge you to order the complete message too! For future events see the events page and for further information see the website. Don’t miss our annual convention in October – A God Thing Ignited! – details on the back cover! We now have two miracle babies! Despite being two months premature we thank God for Max, our first grandson and a brother for little Mia!

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Starting in this issue we will be keeping you up-to-date on all the latest happenings from around the world looking through the eyes of carmel: ministries international. If you want more information on any of the following articles you can contact carmel: on 0117 977 5533 or alternatively email us at

SOMETHING NEW TO SHOUT ABOUT! stroud >>location: stroud leisure centre >>when: sundays >>time: 6.30pm – 8.00pm

On the 1st May a new chapter started in the life of carmel:bristol. carmel:stroud was born... The first of what will be many outreach centres within forty-five minutes drive of Bristol was opened at the Leisure Centre in Stroud, Gloucestershire, under the oversight of Julian and Susan Clarke who are members of the carmel: Pastoral Team. This new, forward-looking step taken at a time which clearly had God’s hand upon it, marks a significant move in line with the vision restated by Pastor Gerri at the beginning of this year (see twentyfour7 issue 007). This move is central to phase two of the carmel: vision in which God has instructed us to bless the neighbouring regions this way. Pastor Gerri Di Somma, who heads up carmel: ministries international, lead the first Sunday evening meeting and spoke powerfully on, ‘Getting the most out of your life.’ Almost fifty people attended the meeting, some of whom came from Bristol to support this new venture. As a strategic extension of the already farreaching ministry going out from carmel:bristol, carmel:stroud will reflect the style of meeting at


Bristol, whilst at the same time developing its own character through the people who regularly come to worship God there. “Bristol and Stroud will continue to maintain a strong link,” says Julian after more than a month at carmel:stroud. “Susan and I will benefit greatly from having Pastor Gerri’s pastoral oversight on a personal level. Also, for the time being, the worship team will be members of the Bristol team – such a privilege to have so many able people with us; and technical support both in terms of equipment and personnel are also from Bristol.” And what of the local response? “We already have a core of people who attend regularly,” says Julian, “and what is most encouraging is that we now have a well established home group where people meet on a Wednesday evening. We have great expectations for the future as we proclaim the Gospel in Stroud and meet at the Stroud Leisure Centre every Sunday evening from 6.30pm to 8.00pm. The Lord is building His church.”

latest news

Reb Bradley, founder of Family Ministries, author of the timeless and popular book ‘Child Training Tips – What I wish I knew when I was young’, and renowned international speaker, at carmel: 12th, 13th and 14th July 7pm to 9pm for ‘The Delightful Family Conference 2005’. Find out how parents can help their children skip phases like the 'terrible twos' the 'tough threes' and the 'trying teens'. Get inspriration and wisdom to train your familiy to live in peace and prosperity.

>> For more information and to book your FREE place CALL: 0117 977 5533



‘A God Thing’, the latest Worship CD from carmel: has been recorded and is now well into its production stage. A careful selection of twelve songs, all written by members of the carmel: worship team lead by Loulita Di Somma, expresses the heart of worship at carmel:centre. “Part of the church’s vision and what has been spoken prophetically is that our songs will be sung in the street, and they will be sung in the churches around the nations,” says Loulita. “This album has songs of the spirit to minister to the spirit, songs which are designed to take you into that place of intimacy with God in worship.”

a carmel:missions initiative

T H E W O R D T O T H E N AT I O N S From September we will be sending out monthly messages (either audiotape or CD) – fresh manna delivered to your doorstep!

Don’t miss out! Be a part of the launch... whether relaxing with a coffee, driving the car or taking time out in the office. Let the word propel you to new heights! To sign up for the ‘Word in Season’ club, please register by contacting us on 0117 977 5533 and ask for carmel:missions

IN THE BEGINNING... Such is the breadth of ministry at carmel:centre, the Creative Arts department has drawn together a body of skills which enables the Centre to produce an extensive range of products at professional standards. To enable these skills to be used to their fullest extent beyond just the Christian market place, a new organization called ‘cre8ION’ has been formed under the umbrella of carmel:ministries international. Creative Director, Darrell Irwin, says: “We want to testify to God’s goodness and excellence through the work we do. Praise for our high standards from non-Christian sources has already encouraged us to expand our portfolio to incorporate as fully as possible the extent of our vision.” For more infromation contact


>>Barrington & Barrington >>Flyer design for our hygeine services client. 5

DR JESSE DUPLANTIS >> Dr Jesse Duplantis is a renowned international speaker who needs little introduction! His recent visit to carmel: exhorted and encouraged us to...

>>OVERFLOW Overflow is the pressed down, shaken together and overflowing abundance that God wants us to have spiritually, physically and financially. If you can contain it – you’re not in overflow! Luke 6:38. God wants to get you to a point where you don’t know what to do with all you have!

>>You cannot have what you speak against Death and life are in the power of the tongue. Speak against prosperity and you’ll be broke, against healing, you’ll be sick, against salvation, you’ll go to hell. Some think that prosperity is bad – but they work hard for it! The opposite of prosperity is poverty – at it’s best when the Tsunami hit. Thank God for nations with prosperity to help rebuild lives! >>Stop judging yourself as merely human! No angel can sit down in the presence of God, but He made us sit in heavenly places with Him. You are not a servant, but a son of God. When you’ve been made righteous it makes no difference how you feel – it’s what God says about you. >>Remember God created you His Spirit moved upon you. God said – be light. He was pleased with what He saw in you. He wrote the whole Bible for you. He created us last to give us dominion over everything. >>Stand up for your Christian beliefs We are in the end times and God wants an overflow of salvations. Jesus can call legions of angels to take care of us. In 1 Kings 17:1 Elijah stood up against the king. Then when famine came God commanded ravens to feed him near a brook for water. When the famine dried the brook, God sent him to live in Zarephath, where a widow would provide for him. v8,9. God knew she needed help! She did not trust God - she said to Elijah, “as the Lord your God lives” – not her God. He asked for


water and something to eat. She had only enough flour and oil to make one pancake for herself and her son and she feared they would then die. v10-12. >>Fear tolerated is faith contaminated Refuse fear whether it’s spiritual, physical or financial because it will destroy you. Elijah said “fear not”. There are many opportunities to be afraid and to fail. Don’t take any! The widow expected the worst – we should expect the best. Elijah then told her to feed him first, before herself and her son. v13. Elijah had only just met this woman! Would any good momma feed a stranger before her child – when all she had left was one pancake? >>Don’t hear God? Hear and obey your pastors God spoke through Elijah saying the oil and flour would last till the famine was over and the widow “did according to the word of Elijah”. She only heard the voice of Elijah not God. She obeyed Elijah and “she and her household ate for many days”. v14,15. My cross-reference Bible says that’s a full year – on one pancake! That’s overflow! Be a cheerful giver! Many of you have been giving and giving and haven’t received overflow. Don’t stop giving but don’t give grudgingly nor of necessity, for God loves (doesn’t say likes) a cheerful giver – 2 Corinthians 9:7 – a voluntary giver, doing whatever needs doing to operate the church, from the heart, through love.

guest teaching

ELIJAH REVEALED THREE THINGS NEEDED TO RECEIVE OVERFLOW>> >>1 GIVE ON A PROPHETIC WORD Find scripture relevant to your situation whether it’s spiritual, physical or financial; speak it as prophecy rather than a promise. The widow acted on Elijah’s prophetic word that she would never again be without. All God’s words are prophecy; He will not break nor alter His covenant and He will do what He says. Psalms 89 and 34. “Give and it shall be given unto you,” Luke 6:38, is prophecy. Tithing is a prophecy – expect to have more than enough. The tithing scripture – Malachi 3:10 – prophesies overflow. God gives His Word and watches over it so that it does not return void. If it returns void to us it’s because we don’t believe it like God does. When you tell your kids to do something and they don’t – it’s because they don’t believe your word the way you believe it. Don’t do that with God’s Word… Speak your prophetic word to your mountains and destroy them – don’t climb them! Mark 11:23,24. On the other side of each mountain is your money, your healing, salvation for your family, freedom from debt…overflow.

>>02 HAVE THE WILLINGNESS TO OBEY Prosperity is not a money message but an obedience message. The manifestation of obedience is money, healing, the Holy Spirit. Unwillingness, objecting, speaking against obeying, all cancel your words. When you are willing to obey God He blesses you

and can work miracles of overflow as He did with the widow, who obeyed Elijah without question or argument. The headlines that might have appeared – “PREACHER EATS WIDOW’S LAST PANCAKE – SHE AND BOY STARVE TO DEATH” would've had to be re-written…


If your giving is not valuable to you, it won’t be valuable to God. One pancake may not seem much, but it was of great value to the widow – and to God. Be a sower, not a thrower! Another widow’s last mite in the offering bucket was more valuable to God than all the rest. They were throwers but she was a sower – her mite, her seed of value, was sown from the heart. I was challenged when the Lord told me to give away my special 1992 Harley Davidson motorcycle. I had already turned down offers to buy it – it wasn’t for sale and I wouldn’t part with it! I tried to do a deal – “Lord, I’ll buy him a brand new motorcycle, any kind he wants”. But it would not have been of value to me. In obedience and though it was tough, I gave my Harley Davidson away! A year later, I was given a hundred year anniversary edition Harley Davidson motorcycle! I was blessed speechless! I didn’t ask God for that. A few months after that we were given a beautiful car too! God said, “you gave me something of value – this is overflow Jessie.” In 28 years of ministry, I have never had financial deficit. I haven’t got more faith than you. God doesn’t love me more. It’s because I took the prophetic word, had the willingness to obey and gave something of value.

>> Speak your prophetic word to your mountains and destroy them – don’t climb them! << This is an abridged version of Dr Jesse Duplantis’ teaching. The complete message is available to order on audio cassette or DVD. 7

>>The soul is the bridge between the spirit and the body and helps us relate to the world<<

prosperityofthesoul The full teaching is part of a series on Kingdom Economics – Understanding Prosperity – by our Senior Pastor, Rev. Gerri Di Somma and is available on audio cassette, video and DVD >>DEFINITION OF PROSPERITY The world defines prosperity as money, riches, wealth, social standing and political influence. The Word defines prosperity as the ability to meet any given need at any given time at every given opportunity and is God’s desire for us!

>>God wants our soul to prosper

>>The teaching by REV. GERRI DI SOMMA 8

"Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers". 3 John 2. John makes a distinction between spirit and soul. “Beloved” and “I Pray” refers to the spiritual aspect but he prays that our soul – not our spirit – prospers.


>>5 KEY areas of prosperity >>01 Spiritual prosperity This is addressed first because we were first spirit before anything else.

This sense of being, the essence of the soul, is powerful. When we are born again the spirit takes precedence in our life. Then, all these other things – what we have become – are subject to change as our soul prospers.

>>02 Physical prosperity Addressed next because after God created us spirit we were placed in a body.

>>Prosperity of the soul

>>03 Prosperity of the soul This is man’s sense of being. >>04 Relational prosperity God said it is not good that man should be alone. >>05 Financial prosperity This is addressed after all the others.

>> The soul is the bridge between the spirit and the body and helps us relate to the world We see that spiritual and physical prosperity precede prosperity of the soul; relational and financial prosperity follow. The important truth is that soul prosperity is the pivotal point from self to others. If the soul does not prosper, we don’t relate well to ourselves or to others. It therefore affects every aspect of our lives

>>God created man God said we were created in His image and likeness. When He breathed the breath of life into man He gave man His spirit. “And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life …” Genesis 2:7

>>“…and man became a living being”. Genesis 2:7 Man is not a tri-part but a bi-part being – a spirit living in a body, possessing a soul. “Possess” means ownership – we own that sense of our being, of who we are, how we think and feel, how we behave and what we become. For example, when a baby is born it doesn’t know the colour of its skin, the country it’s born in, the language of its parents. As it grows it develops and learns – it “becomes”, its environment and experience, shaping its values and attitudes, its sense of “being”, its soul.

Our soul prospers when our minds are renewed to God’s Word; our emotions become controlled and stabilised and our thinking selective and focused. When we are full of God’s Word we are not subject to circumstances or emotions because our minds are under control. Our emotions respond to the way we think – not the other way round! A major reason why the soul fails to prosper is worry. Matthew 6:31-34 warns us three times! Worry tries to meet tomorrow’s needs with today’s provision and focuses security on material rather than spiritual wealth. >>Worry says God can’t do it >>Worry drives emotions out of control >>Worry causes our thinking to focus on what may never happen

>>01 Worry is a sin and reveals lack of faith in God Paul wrote, “Be anxious for nothing”. Philippians 4:6. Anxiety is a sin – the sin of unbelief or not trusting in God’s help. When you worry, you believe your problem is bigger than God. We are to live by faith. Hebrews 10:38-39. Faith is about wholly trusting God. “Trust in the Lord with all (not some) of your heart”… “in all (not some) of your ways acknowledge Him…” Proverbs 3:5,6. Many Christians trust God for the spiritual, but not the natural, they trust Him for some things, but take control in others. Worry hinders God from moving on our behalf because God only moves on faith. Worry captivates and paralyses us into indecision and inaction. Speculating about the future prevents living in the present – we miss the enjoyment of the moment and our soul does not prosper. 9


>>Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prosper << 3 JOHN 2 >>02 God’s plan to conquer all worry “Rejoice in the Lord always. Again I will say, rejoice!” Philippians 4:4-9 While you praise and rejoice in Him, your mind cannot be anxious. If you love and trust the Lord, God will turn negative into positive – Romans 8:28. When troubles seem insurmountable, when the enemy attacks the prosperity of your soul, don’t turn to worldly substances like alcohol or drugs for comfort. God’s alternative is better – “… be filled with the Spirit, ...speaking to one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs.” Ephesians 5:18. Get this right and your soul will prosper! “Let your gentleness (confidence) be known to all men. The Lord is at hand.” Philippians 4:5 Our confidence in God’s ability should be evident to all even if others express doubt or negativity. “Now this is the confidence that we have in Him, that if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us. And if we know that He hears us, whatever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we have asked of Him.” 1 John 5:14-15. What confidence we should have! Never let your confidence in God’s desire or ability be thwarted by anyone or anything. “…by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving,” Philippians 4:6 When we begin prayer in thanksgiving, it stimulates faith and is effective. When trouble comes begin to thank God. If you do not know what to thank Him for, or think you have nothing to thank Him for, list everything you have – and thank God. Thanksgiving and praise look the devil’s circumstances right in the face; it declares that the circumstances – not you – are subject to change because you belong to the eternally unchangeable King of Kings and Lord of Lords. When faith is stimulated we become bold! Learn to think right The next verse – Philippians 4:7-8 instructs us to replace worry with peace through thinking right – “and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy – meditate on these things.”

To think right >>Curse the presence of anxiety Worry shows you’re not thinking right and you need to curse it, reject it, refuse it. Then begin to: >>Nurse the presence of God Take care of that which is holy and sanctified within you. If you curse the presence of anxiety, then you can nurse the presence of God because your mind is focused. Then you begin to: >>Rehearse the truth of God’s word The Bible says “meditate”. Declare what the Word says, “I am anxious for nothing…” Phil 4:6. This then works to: 10

>>Disperse the lies of improbability Dismiss temptations to consider what might happen. When the enemy causes doubt in God’s provision, declare, “I tithe and no harm will come near me or my dwelling place – the Word says God will rebuke the devourer. Devourer – you are rebuked. Thank you Lord that you open the windows of heaven and pour out blessings.” Then you: >>Reverse the curse of anxiety You say, “No more devil – I’m on your case.” Find someone and preach to them prosperity of spirit, soul and body!

Learn to live right “The things that you learned and received and heard and saw in me, these do, and the God of peace will be with you.” Phil. 4:9. This shows us that living right is spiritual maturity. Note the key words: >>Learned by watching Children learn by watching. If you don’t know how to manage your finances or your emotions, that’s what your children learn. >>Received by being teachable Recognise areas where you lack understanding and be open to being taught. >>Heard by instruction Make yourself available to people to speak into your life. >>They saw by demonstration Paul says, “Imitate me, just as I also imitate Christ”. 1 Cor 11:1. He set a good example in the way he lived. Don’t follow the example of failures, but of the successful! Watch their demonstration of godliness and if any should go astray, find other godly examples. Don’t allow your faith to waiver because of someone else’s failure. Thank God that God doesn’t worry! He is our all-ability God who is able to take care of our every need and situation, to enable us to be happy and prosper in every area of our lives. Don’t let worry captivate you and rob you of the prosperity of your soul.


>> >>MICHELLE DI SOMMA My Dad was in intensive care in September last year after a triple bypass operation and he was so unwell that he even despaired of life itself. Thankfully, at the time many were praying for him, and they continued to pray. The amazing thing is that recently he won the Senior Bowls Championships of South Africa. And not only did he win the Championships, but he was one of only five people in his age group that was chosen to play on the Springbok team. It’s just incredible what God has done in his life. He is totally overwhelmed with the remarkable recovery he has experienced. Prayer really works.

>>FATIMA SIBANDA It was on a Thursday morning when I first experienced the pain which was to shatter my life for a few days. It was our daughter Ayanda’s birthday and we had planned to have a great family day together, but the pain intensified and the celebrations had to wait. I became bilious and couldn’t move, and I struggled to breathe as the pain spread through my abdominal area. My husband Osien and Aya prayed for me and the next morning I attempted to go to carmel: school where I work, but it wasn’t long before I had to go back to bed and rest. I was weak and dizzy, full of pain and feeling sick all the time. I even attempted to go to the Saturday evening service at carmel: but I couldn’t stay.

A daily dose of prayer really does prove that Jesus is THE solution to everything! These testimonies reflect prayer's power!

Osien told Pastor and they took a cloth and with other leaders prayed over it. After church Osie brought the prayer cloth and laid it on me as a contact point, and I had faith to receive. That night I felt better and slept through. Sunday morning I started to eat again. Then we went to church where God finished off the recovery and healing process which started when the cloth was laid on me. Now I’m healed and Osien is a happy man.

>>HELEN OWENS, and son JOSEPH One of my singing pupils, who was an older lady, came to me and it was clear she wasn’t feeling very well. She had bad arthritis and the pain caused her to suffer a lot. So Joseph, my son, and I decided to step out and ask her if we could pray for her. She is a churchgoer and sings in the Malmesbury Abbey choir, and I think that’s probably why she was quite happy for us to pray for her. So we prayed for her and Joseph laid hands on her. We prayed a very simple prayer and at the end of the singing lesson I asked her how she was. She said that it was quite amazing, but she was feeling much better; the pain had actually gone. A few weeks later when I next saw her and I asked her how she was feeling, she said that since we had prayed she hadn’t had any pain at all, which was wonderful. So we thank the Lord that prayer really works. 11



Ten pioneers ‘Qualified for Life’ and the ability to coach others as they learned that preparation meets opportunity... To meet the challenges of a godless world and the rise in anti-christian forces seeking to silence and marginalise biblical truth, the need for leaders in churches who can envision people and implement God-given strategies has become paramount. The anchor international leadership academy (alia:) curriculum involves exposure to different facets of church leadership responsibility, majoring in ‘hands-on’ training so that theory is transformed into effective, life-giving ministry. The first aila: course presented by abtc:, which started in September 2004, is now coming to an end. Here, some of its graduating students share from their experience.

It has been a character building experience that’s put us in a position to lead other people effectively. We’ve had to become increasingly sensitive in our spirits and not simply rely on the knowledge and experience of our minds.

It put our marriage under pressure and, as you might expect, exposed some cracks. But, as with a diamond, the pressure has also fashioned something very precious within us as a couple.

We are much more aware of the pressures of ministry and the course has given us experience in what that’s like. But you also learn how to handle it and put boundaries in place so you remain fit enough to minister. We’ve become more focused in all that we do, envisioned and energised.

If a person knows their calling and has a goal, then the course will teach them how to get there and how to take other people with them, without whom their goal cannot be achieved. You need the tools with which to do the job; and that’s where the Leadership Academy comes in. Darrell and Clare

Leadership is influence, and the dynamics of the third year classroom does its part in shaping and changing you to that end. The mission trip to Romania was one of those situations where God showed His greatness; that leadership is about His power working through me. It was quite a humbling experience.

As a physiotherapist involved in X-Stream, the prison ministry here, developing as a leader has been an important step in my life. Having said that, I had much of my life mapped out before I started the course, but I sense that in a number of areas God is redirecting my life. Now I have to trust Him more than ever. Sarah Battishill

One of the greatest challenges I had to face on the course arose because of my concern for the church as I have experienced it in Pakistan. I know many good leaders there, but a large number are called yet they are not growing in ministry.

I want to serve my people in Pakistan, and serve them well. Once I thought leadership was a job; if you carried the people with you, ok, if not, leave them alone. But I’ve learned that if you don’t grow, the people won’t follow you; and if they don’t grow they won’t follow you. Joseph Gill


This is an abridged version of Christine Caine’s teaching. The complete message is available to order on audio cassette or DVD.

guest speaker

Christine Caine

possessingapromise Christine Caine, and her husband Rick, encourage, help and build churches. They travel from their church in Australia where they oversee the Hillsong network. Christine challenges you to apply truths from Deuteronomy Chapters 1-6 to change your life, the church and the world. God has brought us out of bondage for a purpose – to take us in to possess the promise of God. Like the Israelites many Christians are, metaphorically speaking, taking 40 years to accomplish an 11 day journey, staying in the wilderness of fear, addictions, hurt, blaming their past and others. Some never go in to possess the Promised Land – and a lost and dying world remains unreached. Joshua chapters 5 and 6 reveal 6 things the Israelites had to do to ensure they possessed the promises of God and which we need to do in every area and at every level of life before going to the next level.


God told Joshua to circumcise the sons of Israel who had been born in the wilderness. You must have your own cutting away – you cannot go in to the Promised Land because of the price paid by previous generations. Hebrews 12:1 tells us to cut off weights and sin. People, even Christians, can become weights if they hold us back. Serving or giving become weights when you prevent church growth by staying at the same level. If sin ensnares you, cut it off by repenting and see breakthrough – in your marriage, your finances, your life. Don’t justify or excuse sin by calling it a 'problem'. Cut off bitterness, unforgiveness, offence. I was an abandoned, unnamed baby, growing up in a poor ethnic minority, victimised and abused for years. Society labels and keeps people victims – Jesus sets us free and makes us victors! I came out of my Egypt leaving my past in the wilderness and walked through to go in and possess the promise.


Jesus does not want to be an occasional visitor but to move in and reign in your life John 1:14 and to be remembered in everything Joshua 5:10. Until we’re filled with Jesus and our entire lives witness Him we can’t exalt His name – we 'do witnessing' instead of being witnesses.

Jesus came to this earth that His life would bear witness to the truth – the Word of God, which totally renewed my life and mind. Don’t nullify His death and resurrection.


The day after the children of Israel had eaten of the produce of the land the manna ceased. Christians keep going back to yesterday’s manna – yesterday’s songs, yesterday’s anointing…Move on! Understand and be part of what God is doing now, in the 21st century! Change the methods but never change the message of Jesus.


The world was created for us to be in, to enjoy! Because Christians narrow worldiness to what you wear, what’s pierced or music styles, they have separated themselves from the world they are supposed to save and have brought worldliness – greed, jealousy, hurt, lying – into the church. This must be reversed for Christians to engage a culture and speak truth into it.


The city of Jericho was tightly shut up but the Lord said “See I’ve given Jericho into your hand”. God wants you to see beyond your circumstances to possess your promise.


Joshua ordered silence after he announced his battle plan to take Jericho by trumpet and shouting! He was silencing unbelief because he knew that the power of life and death are in the tongue and that unbelief is contagious. Ten men had the power to keep more than a million out of their destiny. Don’t lose yours. As you possess your promise remember: The first fruits are always God’s. There are 4 things we are not to touch: >>01 God’s glory >>02 God’s vengeance >>03 God’s anointed >>04 The tithe The promises of God are yes and amen – go in and possess them. 13

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Wash was the local laundry... I asked if anyone had thought that The say, many a true word is said in jest. We laughed at the idea, but, as they

After talking with Sean and Michelle Leask it was easy to see why the title for where the young adults meet is so appropriate.

What has your experience of young adults shown you, Michelle?

So you challenged them. How did you go about doing that?

“I’ve experienced church right through from Sunday School days. They value going to a place where they feel they belong. They like to hang around with friends and have a good time.” “In church?” I interjected, thinking of how the ethos of some churches disconnects them from today’s youth. “Yes, why not?” she replied firmly as if I’d said something almost bordering on the heretical. “You create the environment where they can do it, where they can grow and live godly lives without being bored. It can be a time full of fun and purpose.”

“We challenged them to behave as young adults rather than just young people, and be prepared to become leaders in their generation,” Sean said with the authority of someone who knows where he is going in this ministry.

Here lives get cleaned up so they become fit for the life that God has called them to. How did it come to be like this?

So how do you connect with them?

“Those we have as leaders know the pressures young adults are facing nowadays, and they have a real desire to help their peers by bringing God into the equation,” Michelle observed. “This is their passion and it adds great significance to their lives.”

“We’ve realised that young adults have got to be ‘for’ you,” Sean responded with conviction. “Once they are, they will take everything ‘with’ you, your morality, beliefs and so on. You can see it in music. If someone is a Kylie Minogue fan they take everything with her; her music, the way she dresses, how she behaves, what she believes; they identify with her. That’s the way it can be with the young adults in church.” The young adults who weren’t part of The Wash were approached and challenged about being involved. Once they understood the new dynamic which was being put in place, many joined and are now key players in what is a growing ministry.


"We prayerfully consider who should be leaders among them. Then we present the challenge to them believing that if God has spoken to us about them, they too will sense God saying the same to them.”

“We’ve helped them harness their passion,” Sean continued. “We’ve brought them to a place and opened up for them an avenue with vision and a strategy to go forward.” Sean and Michelle’s own passion was evident as they spoke. Knowing Pastor Gerri’s commitment to seeing the young adults at carmel: step into their callings and giftings empowers Sean and Michelle as they place a strong emphasis on the spiritual, emotional and physical welfare of the young adults.

interview The Wash provides a large facility and the young adults are grouped into three age-related groupings: first, eleven to sixteen, called ‘SUDS’ (Stand Up and Do Stuff) covering those at High School; second, fifteen to eighteen, called ‘180s’ (to turn right around you go through 180 degrees) for those at college, and, third, eighteen to thirty, called ’20-Something’. Of necessity there are some overlaps with these groupings, each with their own leaders.

How do you approach these groups? What do you do with them? “We have a three-pronged approach to every age group; teaching, outreach and relationships,” Sean explained. “Take SUDS: their teaching time takes place during the preaching in the Sunday morning service following the worship time. Their outreach arm is Brislington School which is near by, and their leadership is committed to doing at least two outreaches there during the year.”

What do you mean by the relational approach? “As you know, MacDonald’s is just around the corner from here, so they’ll ‘meet-and-eat’ with their friends,” Sean answered with a wry grin. “It’s easy there for them to talk to their non-christian friends until it’s the right time to invite them to The Wash. On Friday afternoons the place is alive with young adults.”

And where do you go from here? “Things are developing and growing and some sweeping changes are being made to reposition this ministry to deal with the growing numbers,” Sean said as he explained part of the vision. “For example, there are a number of universities in and around Bristol and plans are being put in place to organise seminars at the universities on various issues so students get to know God’s Word relating to these issues. Home Groups are to be established to link with these and they will become part of carmel:’s network of Home Groups.”

Have you both some final thoughts? “Young adults are just like older people, but younger,” Michelle responded immediately. “They’ve got desires, opinions and ideas; it’s just a matter of channeling them. They have an adult view of themselves whereas adults often view them as children or too young to be adult. They have a need to know, and when they find out and become empowered they get their lives in order and make right choices.” “They’re going to be the future of this country,” Sean added, “whether in government, the professions, industry, the arts or wherever. They will become a massive field of influence one day and so it is our privilege to bring God’s influence into their lives.”


>> “This year's Wash camp is back, BIGGER, BOLDER and BRIGHTER than ever before” <<

Youth Camp last year was a major highlight in their calendar. Rather than going to a camp arranged by another larger organization, as had previously been the case, they arranged their own in Wales.

Why your own Youth Camp? “Our vision saw something with far more drive where young adults could be taken out of themselves, beyond their comfort zones,” said Sean, clearly excited about the memory of last year’s camp with thirty-nine young adults. “It was very challenging because it was different to anything any of them had been exposed to before. And plans for this year’s Camp near Ross-on-Wye are well under way.”

You're a wife and mother, Michelle, so how do you fit in the scheme of things? “I concentrate on building relationships, especially with the girls,” she replied with feeling. “I want to help them step over the issues I had in my life without stumbling into the same pitfalls. So I suppose you could say that mine is mainly a mentoring role.”


r's ‘The Wash’ camp, For more details on this yeaLeask on... contact Sean and Michelle

t: 0117 977 5533


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