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 Elisa: At the beginning, did you think you were going to go so far? L.L.: No, not really. At the beginning you go to train with your friends, because you like it. Then, when you get a higher level you always try to get better records.  Laura M.: How did you feel when you were a Spanish Champion for the first time? L.L.: It was very moving. It was something special when I stepped up onto the podium.  Julio: Have you ever had injuries? L.L.: Yes! Many: legs, feet, back...This is a sporting speciality in which you have lots of injuries. And I’m lucky, I think I’m one of the few jumpers in Spain who has no leg surgery. When you recover from an injury you feel stronger and it’s good for your self-development.  Alberto: Were you nervous before a championship? L.L.: Yes! Absolutely. It was a mixture of fear, excitement and happiness. However, the very moment to get ready at the line to jump you forget about everything. Nerves help you to be alert and if you control them (you also train this) they are good. How? First, you visualize what you are going to do; second, have positive thinking; then breath; also you can listen to music; and finally put your mind in blank. I like this feeling. You can also do this before your tests.  Alba: Why did you leave your sports career? L.L.: Because of my age (30) I felt like getting a job after finishing my studies. When you are a sportswoman you have to be at your 100% to reach your goals, it’s not a hobby. I didn’t feel frustrated, but satisfied, since I had given my best.  Javier: What is the furthest country you have been competing to? L.L.: Oslo. I wasn’t able to go to a championship in Argentina because I had to do my exams at college.

Luisa Lopez  

Long jumping champion. Camas (Seville)