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Strawberries soup with lemon made by th students of Grand-Camp in GUADELOUPE

First ,you must take 500g of strawberries and you put them in a saucepan with 50 cl of water (1/2 of a bottle).

And you press an orange or a lemon to have all the juice. You keep the peel for the dĂŠcoration. You add the strawberries; you let 4 or 5 for the decoration also.

You put the pan on the electric or gas cooker during 5 minits. Oups!!! Then you let it to get colder.

To put the hot strawberries in the food mixer , take care ,you need some help. You mix until all the fruits are like a soup.

You can add some liqueur to perfume it better and you put 150 g of sugar. Turn with a wooden spoon . That’s all . You put the strawberries you have let and some peel of the lemon or the orange and you can taste. Miam,miam!!

The same day,we have done also tartlets.

Happy 5th birthday to E-TWINNING!!! Congratulations!!!

Guadalupe recipe  

Gualdalupe make a recipe with strawberries to share with Castilleja de Guzmán.

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