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Official Pr ogr am Rhaglen Sw y ddogol 8 t h -12 M ay 2017 St radey Park Hot el Gw est y Parc Y St rade Furnace Llanelli SA14 4HA

Welcom e t o t he 2017 Car m ar t hen Bay Film Fest ival

Welcome to our 6th. festival here at the Stradey Park Hotel. Over the last 5 years the festival has gone from strength to strength with submissions growing every year, from 35 in our 1st. year to well over 500 submissions for this year! For the last 3 years, the festival has been a BAFTA Cymru qualifying festival, but this year it has also become one of only nine festivals here in Wales to be chosen to be an official festival partner of BAFTA Cymru, who will also be present during the week. . This year’s program will have something for everyone with films being screened from all over the world including of course Wales. There will be comedy, thrillers, Sci Fi, Drama and Documentaries plus q&a sessions with many of the attending film makers. RTS Wales will once again be holding a special screening and q&a session. So welcome to Llanelli and Wales, I hope you’ll enjoy what we have in store for you this week. Don’t for get to ask for details of our awards gala which will take place here at the hotel this Thursday evening. Croeso Welcome .

Kelvi n Guy Festi val Chi ef Executi ve and Founder

Festival Committee Kelvin Guy- Festival Chief Executive and Founder Wynford Ellis Owen- Festival President Aled Wyn P hillip s -Award s P ro d uc er/ C o o rd inato r Iw an Rees- Festival Director Robert Lloyd- Press Officer Daniel J Harris -P artners hip C o o rd inato r Festival Patrons Marc Evans Julian Lew is Jones

Monday the 8th Alexandra Suite (Screen 1) 11:00am Ben and Charlie are stuck in a rut. Emotionally and sexually. Their efforts to keep the spark alive take them from swingers parties to dogging spots, but nothing is quite as expected! Haunted by this sequence of disasters, Ben has one last roll of the dice and books a ' Luxury Kidnap Experience' for Charlie's birthday. Finally, all seems to be going to plan; but wait, who are these amateurs in balaclava's? Why does it smell of pee? And is Ben really sure he booked the spanking?

Interval 10:00 Short Documentary 12:30 Land of our Father 10:00 A look into the lives of a modern day Welsh dairy farming family and the struggles they face. Outlangish - Skateboarding Against Poverty 09:00 Outlangish is a South African social project that offers kids from disadvantaged areas in Cape Town an alternative to life on the streets through skateboarding. Charles H Price 03:00 This short 3 minute documentary explores the character of Charles H Price, an independent car body repair man, who is coming to the sunset of his career. Now 09:00 Agora is a poetic Docufiction about the physical and mental journey of climber Lucas Lima who tests his determination on a difficult ascent. Dial-A-Ride 18:00 Journeying through rural South Wales, passengers on a community bus reveal all the joys, challenges and quirks of growing old. Sam's Story 10:00 This is a film about the power of music. In 2013, Welsh band "The People The Poet", released a debut album titled 'The Narrator' The album is based around real life stories of real people who have written in to the band.

Short Film Spaceman 10:50 Ernestine & Kit 10:52 Interval

Afternoon Session Monday the 8 t h ShortsOff Final 2017 14:00 Alexandra Suite (Screen 1) The idea behind ShortsOff is to have a monthly competition for short film. There will be a maximum of 24 submissions aloud each month, all submitted shorts will be judged and screened Then each months winner or winners will then go on to be screened at Carmarthen Bay Film Festival 2017, where the over all winner will be chosen, for the title of ShortsOff winner 2017. This afternoon we are really pleased to screen this years finalist of 2016/17 monthly competitions. The overall winner will be announced this Thursday at the awards gala.

Shorts Off 2017 Resting Places: A Ballet Film Silence Recalibrate From Footy to Verdi Stones Silence The Last King of Granada to those who Doubt Nate from Lowell, MA A Saint's Island Ella 10 Minutes In her hands swings & roundabouts Sneezy G Arene Echo Screen The Black Short Film 16:30 to 18:30 Solider Bee 20:00 Ghost Nets 24:00 Interval A Room 22:00 Panic 20:00 Who the hell is Satan 10:51


Adam Elena John Michael Chris Hamish Pepe Joel LinDa Ethan Damien Thierry Luisa Peter Chelsea Stoyan Dan Mark

Stone Brodach Gigrich Volpe Lang Downie Gomez Edwards Saphan Hackett Madden Sausse Maldonado Mckeirnon Lloyd Yankov Tonkin Riordan

Monday the 8th. Doors open at 6:45pm for a special screening of the critically acclaimed Feature Film “THE LIGHT HOUSE”. Produced by David Lloyd Directed and Written by Chris Crow A Q&A session will follow this evenings screening,so please have your questions at the ready

Dogs Of Annwn’s ‘The Lighthouse’ is a historical Chiller based on the macabre true story of The Smalls Island Lighthouse tragedy. 'The Lighthouse' stars Michael Jibson (Saints & Strangers, Les Misérables, The Riot Club) and Mark Lewis Jones (Game Of Thrones, Master And Commander, Child 44). The film follows Thomas Howell and Thomas Griffith’s disastrous posting to the Smalls Island Lighthouse to ‘keep the light’ 25 miles from land and surrounded by the deadly Irish Sea. The men are stranded in a freak storm that rages for months, nothing short of an act of God. The film tells a tale of death, madness and isolation; a desolate trip into the heart of human darkness

Tuesday the 9th Alexandra Suite (Screen 1) Short Comedy 10:45 Boris In The Forest 12:00 Cul-De-Sac 12:00 Plumbers Today 08:00 Wise Girl 12:03 The Gentleman Burglar 08:00 Interval La Belle Folie 14:00 One Under 11:00 Chippy Tea 14:00 The Corpse Series 29:00 1:00 Interval Wrong Direction 12:00 A Wake 07:00 Perceptions 08:00 Pseudo 08:00 The Kid and The Hitman 05:00 After Eights 15:00 The Honeymoon 13:00 Interval 14:15 to 14:30 approx Short Documentary 14:30 RED OCHRE - the Last Guards of the Holy Fire 30:00 Short Film Made in Wales 15:10 Meat on Bones 15:52 Penny from Heaven 08:01 Refuge 7:03 Love Somehow 30:00 Interval The Wind 6:31 Letters Home 21:50 Sam's Story 8:59 Catch of the Day 12:36 If the Woods Could Talk 13:38 Fool's Gold - a Dolaucothi Love Story 07:34

Documentary Feature 17:40

Firefighters Under Occupation 01:09:53 Documentary about Palestinian firefighters working in the occupied West Bank. For these firefighters fighting the fire is the easy part as they go about their duties under the Israeli military occupation. Gun attacks, army road blocks and harassment is a part of everyday life

Tuesday the 9th Bryn-y-Mor Function Room (Screen 2)

Experimental Shorts


00:07:40 00:07:21 00:02:01 00:06:48 00:04:23 00:05:55 00:07:46 00:03:12 00:12:58 00:06:55 00:11:00 00:07:48 00:04:30 00:04:26 00:06:22

Drone Shorts Phantom Summer 2016 Great Whites to Skyscrapers The Mountain Within NorthStar Running into the Air The Clouded Morning An Eye In The Sky of Lebanon

00:10:07 00:06:43 00:07:04 00:03:45 00:10:46 00:10:22 00:10:48 00:03:50 00:07:45

Welsh Language Shorts 00:03:29 00:03:39 00:03:35 00:03:00 00:02:59 00:03:45 00:03:05

Music Videos Peaceful Life Never Stop (Live Version) SWITZERLAND

River S.C.A.N. - Searching Alternative Nature A Love Story Maladaptive Covert Narcissism Scale Overwhelming Majority Amidst the Trees In the Darkness of night FIRE WATER EARTH AIR AND TIME THE COPYIST

Aros Yr Hen a Wyr Y Bwtwn Arian Ysbrydion y Wyrcws

00:11:08 00:10:27 00:10:00 00:37:24

Faith Based Film 00:05:06 00:04:04 00:02:43

Drift Rodrigo Herrmann - Life and Works Losing Breen Creak

00:13:22 00:17:21 01:37:00 00:07:22

The F-Rating is applied to films by cinemas and film festivals giving movie-goers an easily identifiable label so they can choose films that fairly represent women on screen and behind the camera. Highlighting these films sends a clear message to distributors, producers and funders that women can and should have more than just a supporting role within the industry The F-Rating is applied to all films which are directed by women and/or written by women and/or have significant women on screen. If a film has all three, it receives a TRIPLE F-Rating, our gold standard. The rating allows audiences to “vote with your seat” and proactively choose to go and see F-Rated films So look out for the F word this week.

Tuesday Evening Feature 7:00pm Alexandra Suite (Screen 1) The Wasting (Feature Film running time 1hr.37mins) Produced,Directed and Written by Carolyn Saunders Sophie is on the brink of womanhood, in love for the first time, and fighting for her life. She’s anorexic, a result of a battle with her overbearing father Ilyas for control of her life. He’s a chef; refusing food is her only weapon, and her secret boyfriend Liam her only relief. When Sophie starts having nocturnal visits from a horrifying ghost, everyone she loves dismisses it, believing she’s having anorexic hallucinations. Her credibility lost, Sophie leans on Liam and they become more intimate. Suspicious Ilyas cracks down harder, while Sophie’s possessive mother is disturbed sensing she may lose her virginity. Pressure builds, the anorexia and the attacks increase. Sophie’s life is on the line and a dark family secret surfaces as the battle of wills becomes a battle for survival.

Wednesday the 10th Bryn-y-Mor Function Room No budget short film 11:00 to 12:45 Bound 09:43 Silence 10:26 Outsiders 12:40 Teddy Bears 07:13 The Enigma Duel 02:16 Interval Refuge 07:03 Restricted Vision 14:36 Things Unsaid 13:03 Nowhere 29:59 Short Film Made in Wales 13:00 to 15:40 Stationary 13:00 No Hidden Extras 12:25 Complimentary Biscuit 19:45 Interval DisPossess - The short film 2 29:58 The Honeymoon 12:35 Interval 05:00 The Dreamers 26:21 Guilty Pleasures 07:12 SCI-FI 2017: The Great War 11:11 Documentary Feature 15:45

In Europe's Shadow-At the Borders with Elias Bierdel: In 2014 a group of film makers together with Elias Bierdel, much experienced in migration issues, took it upon themselves to tour the external borders of the EU. Elias Bierdel commentates throughout the film and meets refugees from different countries and activists. The film gives them a voice. Short Film 16:50 to 18:40 Red 20:00 Only Child 16:51 Symptoms 14:58 Interval 5mins Muscle 13:56 The Night Caller 04:45 MĂŠnage du Trois 03:08 The Backseat 16:50 Matchstick Girl 08:16 Feature Film 19:00

By Any Means Mimi Wyatt – a C-list celebrity famous for her kiss and tell stories - gets kidnapped after a night-club appearance. Her kidnapper, Frank Watson, holds her hostage for a ransom of $123,000. He is a desperate man in need of cash to save his terminally ill daughter. Mimi must work out how to raise the money, but will the police believe her version of events?

courtesy of Steven Clarey- Film and Media

Thursday the 11th Bryn-y-Mor Function Room 21 or under short film competition (in association with MMBF) 10:00 Turning 18 24:03 Shot 04:07 Loveology 19:42 Double Seats 05:50 Interval Coursing 01:27 "Overrated" 03:27 Something Blue 07:00 Wanderlust 09:38 Journey 07:40 My Name is Grace 23:00 A Baker's Dozen 03:30 Card Boy 07:00 Short Film 12:10 Last Call Lenny 12:30 Blackmoor 10:48 Dying Light 14:00 Whoever Was Using This Bed 20:00 Interval Cab Elvis(short documentary) 10:00 Ghost Nets 24:00 Eggshells 12:07 RTS Wales at the Carmarthen Bay Film Festival 14:30 to 15:30 "The Jones D-Trilogy: Gareth Jones in conversation with Euryn Ogwen" Accomplished writer and director, Gareth Jones, has a career which spans four decades. Born into a theatrical family, Jones first directed in London theatre in 1975, before moving into TV in the 1980s. He started at HTV Wales, before later joining Granada to direct Coronation Street and other dramas, including Brass and Albion Market. For the BBC he wrote Fighting Back and Shalom Salaam, which he also directed. He then crossed over to feature films, first as director then also as author, for the acclaimed Trial of Klaus Barbie and Bonhoeffer - Die Letzte Stufe, ultimately setting up his own production company, Scenario Films, in 2006 with his partner, producer and composer Fiona Howe.

Documentary Feature 15:45

Autism: A Curious Case of the Human Mind. In an attempt to rekindle his relationship with his little brother, Thomas Griffiths sets out to learn and speak to people who experience the neurological condition of autism in their day to day lives. Speaking to parents and the individuals on the spectrum themselves, Thomas attempts to build a better personal understanding of autism, and the community that surrounds it.

The End

Awards being presented for 2017 as follows Best Short Comedy Best Short Documentary Sponsored by Telesgop Best Feature Documentary Best No Budget Short Best No Budget Feature Film Best Faith Based Film Best Short Film Sponsored by Felinfoel Brewery Ltd. Best Music Video Best Short Film Made In Wales Sponsored by University of Wales Trinity Saint David Best Feature Film Sponsored by Curzon Home Cinema Best Experimental Best Animation Gwobr John Hefin Sponsored by Tinopolis Shorts Off Winner 2017 21 or under short film competition (in association with MMBF) Foreign Language Short Foreign Language Feature

Friday the 12th Bryn-y-Mor Short Documentary 10:30 Road to Glory 15:00 Yoann is a talented young boxer from Lausanne’s working-class Bourdonnette neighbourhood. With the support of his family and his coach, he travels to Copenhagen to pursue the world championship title belt. Short Film 10:50 Unattended Item 13:14 Back Story 08:00 Unattended Item 13:14 Our Father 16:00 Dark Clouds Far Away 11:00 Interval Feature Film 12:15 to 13:45

Shadow of the Missing:Based on Actual Events. A group of comedians and young filmmakers go missing while exploring an abandoned church in Wales. With only the footage left behind to tell the tale, local residents and experts attempt to Short Documentary 14:00 The Last Goodbye 19:00 Ethiopian Run 15:00 Sofia's Eyes 5:17 Feature Film 14:45 1hr:30mins

Dead Certain:As a fatal flu virus devastates Europe, Jacques, a young man from the city, takes refuge in the French Alps. Ill-equipped to survive the harsh winter, things only get worse when Kara, armed and dangerous, breaks into his house and commandeers his dwindling food supplies. His inept plan to get rid of her disintegrates when outsiders invade the house, turning his captor into his only ally. A siege ensues and Jacques learns there is more to the relationship between Kara and the assailants. But time is running out for all of them as supplies run low and the deadly flu virus spreads through the house. Forced to confront his new reality, Jacques must choose a side or take things into his own hands if he hopes to survive.

Friday the 12th Bryn-y-Mor Short Documentary 16:30 Wheels on a Bus 10:00 The Block 10:00 Camrex 14:00 Another Ride 20:00 Interval Nobody Dies Here 24:00 Zero G 09:00 Canvass Ink 14:00


Feature Film 18:30

With Love from Suffolk: Eight interconnecting tales on the theme of love, set in the East of England. Inspired by films such as 'Love, Actually' and 'Paris, Je T'Aime', a group of local filmmakers gathered under the banner FILM Suffolk to produce this love letter to their county. Made by over 200 local volunteers (including many first-timers and some seasoned professionals) for a mere ÂŁ7000 of crowd-funding, this is an almost entirely locally sourced project that is both a warm-hearted collection of tales and a showcase for Suffolk and the talented people who live and work there.

To be screen in association with Ysgol Y Ffilm a'r Cyfryngau Digidol / School of Film and Digital Media Campws: Caerfyrddin / Campus: Carmarthen

Foreign Short Film total run time 01:32:00 Next 07:00 Patata Day 04:00 State of Emergency Motherfucker 05:34 Super heroes 15:00 Valentin 15:00 We could have,We should have,We didn’t 12:00 Crickets 00:25:06 Nasim 00:08:04

Foreign Feature Film total run time 03:39:40 Once There Was A Girl 01:14:24 A damp squib 01:15:00 Kalichaat 01:10:16

No Budget Feature Film On the 7th Date 01:21:30

Thank You The Carmarthen Bay Film Festival operates as a non profit group We w ould like to thank the follow ing for all their help this year. Tim and the Staff of the Stradey Park Hotel Elin Hefin Aled Wyn Phillips Arfon Haines Davies Philip Lew is Robert Lloyd Brett Aggersberg The Guy Family The Festival Judges Festival Partners and Sponsors

Thanks Again The CBFF Team


Carmarthen Bay Film Festival Program 2017  

Carmarthen Bay Film Festival Program for it's 6th festival,which will take place from Monday the 8th of May to Friday the 12th.

Carmarthen Bay Film Festival Program 2017  

Carmarthen Bay Film Festival Program for it's 6th festival,which will take place from Monday the 8th of May to Friday the 12th.