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About me Hello, Hello, I’m I’m Eliana. Eliana. I’m11 I’m11 years years old old and and I’m I’m 1.50 1.50 tall. tall. I’ve I’ve brown brown eyes eyes and and brown brown hair. hair.

The name of my school is “Michele Preziuso”. I’m the 5 grade. My teachers’ name are Rosa, Maria Rosa and Eugenia. The thing that I like best about school is Math and ICT

My My hobby hobby II like like playing playing the the computer computer and and go go on on the the bike bike

My pet IIlike likevery verymuch muchanimals. animals.This Thisisismy mypet. pet. ItIt's'saaSiamese Siamesecat catnamed namedGiotto. Giotto.He Heisis three threeyears yearsold. old.ItIt‘s ‘svery veryfriendly friendlyand and affectionate. affectionate.IIspend spendmuch muchtime timeplaying playing with withhim him

What I do when I grow up? When I grow up I'd like be a assault journalist, because I can range from topics such as health, education and other a bit lighter but no less challenging or less followed and I can tell and expose situations which could not be documented elsewhere. I think Journalism is not just to inform, but sometimes can give justice to those who remain victims of harassment and prevarication.

How I wish the world was better when I grow up? For the future I wish there was more ease in the soul of people, a world where there is only friendship and love ... In the future I wish that every man was truly free to decide and act in freedom, a world without discrimination in which all human beings are treated with the same respect ‌. a world without suffering, fears and difficulties , looting and crime. A world of peace and altruism. I wish a world where there is no pollution and there is much green

What can I do now why this happen? ItIt 'a'a very very demanding demanding application…… application…… II can can better better respect respect the the people people II am am close, close, like like parents parents and and teachers, teachers, follow follow their theiradvice, advice, to to collaborate collaborate in in the the family. family. Use Use dialogue dialogue as as aa tool tool to to resolve resolve conflicts conflicts instead instead of of aggression, aggression, put putmore more in in others others 'shoes 'shoesto to understand understand their their reasons, reasons, use use all all the the rules rules that that are are provided provided to to protect protectthe the environment, environment,starting starting from from using using the the bins bins to to throw' throw'ss candy candywrapper. wrapper. But Butabove above all all .... II can can study study more more to to form form cultures culturesand and put putinto into practice practice what what II learn. learn. II think think II could could give give my my contribution contribution to to creating creating aa better better world world also also becoming becoming part part of of some some voluntary voluntary association association and and now now helping helping helping helping those those who who are are in in difficulty, difficulty, starting starting with with my my classmates. classmates. By Eliana


presentation ,hopes and project for the future