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I'm experience with infrared image

I have the filter 830HB IR boudoir photography ideas , children study the tutorial capture IR and elaborate correction of the doctor but I take still entangled. In particular the following:

The filter 830 Black Black, 'cause your my more than 720 type much, soi up the Sun to see a red dot. So the noon sun-chang chang children must still to high ISO, speed ~ new 1-minute, so the clouds fly more. The main problem is the whole shoot em up the monochromatic:D If the WB to Auto it renders red, to adjust RAW back it also into black and white. If the grass shoot and then set Custom WB then it out in black and white is always (more exactly is green-gray). I saw the blue sky color IR shots that I wanted too, I'm all out 'cause your black but is cloud hermetic cover flying anymore. You would have experience then the lesson helps children with

I sent the photo reference I test:

f8 s47 "ISO400

Boudoir photography ideas

Boudoir photography ideas