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CCTV Security Cameras CCTVHotdeas is a leading site of CCTV security cameras for home and business application. In order to help you choose the right best & cheap CCTV camera for your application, we have classified different type of CCTV video surveillance cameras for various situations. Indoor and Outdoor Cameras: Indoor security cameras are used inside where does not require a weatherproof function. While outdoor surveillance cameras can withstand the dad elements, such as water, wind, rain, snow and even extreme heat won’t affect performance. It is good to have a watchful eye for both indoor and outdoor. Night Vision cameras: Night vision cameras allow you to see in complete darkness due to the infrared illuminators built in! Nigh vision cameras provide the best picture in low-light viewing situations. High Resolution Cameras: High resolution cameras record clearer images and cling to more details than standard resolution security cameras. These cameras feature 540 to 650 TV Lines of high resolution for applications where you require the crispest picture possible. Vari-focal Cameras: Vari-focal cameras can be adjusted the lens to meet your specific surveillance needs! Shorter focal lens will provide you with a wider viewing angle; whereas, a longer lens will allow you to view further. Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras: Just as the name implies, PTZ cameras can move right to left, up and down, at endless of 360 degree. They can be controlled to pan tilt and zoom remotely by PTZ controller. This type of security cameras are perfect for applications where a single camera is required for wide area viewing and monitoring, such as parking lots, banks, factories, schools, warehouse storage and public areas. IP Network Cameras: IP network cameras allow you to view live, full motion video form anywhere in the world. These cameras can be almost anywhere. It is an ideal solution for whoever wants to avoid the cabling. In additions, the audio cameras, hidden spy cameras and fake security cameras are also three common see home security surveillance cameras which are available on your store. CCTV Security Camera Systems We offer a comprehensive selection of high performance home security camera system to provide you with the ultimate peace of mind. These CCTV kits include everything you need to have your home CCTV systems up. Our store pre-package in 4,8,16 channel security system and can be configured to meet your exact CCTV security needs. 4 channel surveillance system: The 4 channel security kits pre-package in a 4 channel DVR with 500GB-1TB Hard Drive, 4 indoor/outdoor security cameras (CCD, CMOS, dome, bullet),and other CCTV accessories are suitable for small size home or business environment. These systems are networkable, allowing you to easily monitor your home or business remotely via the internet. All of our video security systems are easy to install. 8 channel security kits: Somewhat like a 4 channel security kit, 8 channel security kits include an 8 channel DVR with 500GB-1TB Hard Drive,4 or 8 security cameras with different types and functions according to your needs, and other power supplies,cables,etc. are design for home or business surveillance depending on how large your areas are. These systems also support for remote viewing from Windows PCs, Mac PCs, iPhone®, Android™, and iPad® mobile devices, which enable you to monitor your home or business whenever you want. 16 channel security kits: Our CCTV security camera systems come pre-package in a 16 channel DVR with or without hard drive, 4,8 or 16 security cameras, and some essential security accessories which can be configured to meet your security demands. This 16 channel security system is suitable for large area, like airports, supermarkets, public places and so on, it is also networkable, allowing you to monitor remotely via the Internet or a Smartphone from anywhere in the world. These three kinds of surveillance system are good for CCTV monitoring no matter you there or not, help deter crimes, provide evidence when crimes happen. Digital Video Recorder and CCTV DVR CCTVHotdeals offers a wide selection of H.264 CCTV security DVRs for 4/8/16 channel. Our DVR with advanced security features, like motion detection recording, alarm triggered recording and real time recording and high definition video is produced, the great advantage of a digital video recorder is that it enables to be vied and controlled over computer network or the internet via Smartphone. Our security DVR is universally compatible with all wired security cameras. 4 channel DVR: The 4 channel DVR just like the other DVR recorders, shares the same state-of–art functions, such as H.264 compression, Smartphone remote view, advanced motion detection recording, USB backup, TV or PC monitoring, customized view options, RS-485 PTZ control. The DVRs build with or without hard drive, with 500GB hard drive installed, it can continue record for more than two weeks, while with 1 TB installed, it can last for one month, you can choose the one that is suitable for your security needs. 8 channel DVR: Except from the channel, the functions of an 8 channel CCTV DVR is the same as the 4 channel DVR. The difference is 8CH DVR is easier to be expanded to more cameras for future upgrade, with all the stateof-art features combined in one unit. The 8 channel DVR works well in larger retail and office environments. 16 channel DVR: Our 16 channel DVRs are perfect for schools, large business, parking lots and warehouses to watch a large area. With so many channels added, the price is still very affordable for most people. USB backup combing with state-of-art H.264 compression and motion activated recording let the DVR recording for a long time without worrying the hard drive space. Surveillance equipment and CCTV Accessories

A wide range of CCTV equipment is listed here, like signal cables, power supplies, video baluns, connectors, camera mounts and other tools. Each of this CCTV tool has a specific use, designed to meet the unique needs of virtually any video surveillance application and any budget. Find the surveillance accessory that you need to work with your security camera system. Signal Cables: There are video cables, audio cables, video audio cables, video power cables, etc. all these CCTV cables are premade Siamese. Cable is a necessary for a wired surveillance system. Choose the right cables for your system is also an important step. Power Supplies: The CCTV power supply for security camera systems, video surveillance systems and CCTV cameras are various. Our reliable power supplies meet the highest standards. Choose from single camera power supplies, power supplies for multiple security cameras, AC/DC and regulated or unregulated power supplies. Connectors: We carry a wide selection of BNC connectors, RCA connectors and more for all your video camera security cabling needs. Our CCTV cable connectors include BNC, RCA, male and female power connectors, cable adapters. NVR and Wireless Home CCTV Security Camera Systems To avoid the complicated drilling, hammering and installation processes that come with a hardwired system, a network video recorder system pops out to satisfy your needs. Our Store offers you two IPC systems with user-friendly wireless technology to make your home or business fully being protected. Wireless – No need for video cables, choose our NVR system, you will never need to worry about the long cables and mouse. 100% Interference Free – Long Distance Wireless Transmission

Plug-n-Play, Hassle-free Setup, Do-it-yourself- Just connect power to the NVR; join your network, no need to incur the cost of hiring an installation technician. NVR Auto Add IP Cameras- Automatically Search & Connect to IP Cameras within LAN Advanced Motion Detection Setting of IP Cameras- Motion detection switches allow you to set a ‘mask’ to block areas with constant movement from triggering an alarm. Simply click the square grid on the video footage to set motion detection areas. Focus on important areas only and save hard drive space with this function. But do remember that most IP cameras need AC power. They are not battery powered. So be sure to plan how the cameras will be powered at the location they are installed.

Wireless IP CCTV Cameras

Our store offers a few kinds of wireless surveillance cameras that are the current evolution of security cameras, their many benefits exist to using wireless security camera systems. With this WiFi security camera, you

don't need to run wires from the cameras location back to your TV, monitor or recording device, which makes wireless CCTV systems great for existing homes or businesses that do not want exposed wires or concealing the wires would be difficult. Why wirelesses home surveillance equipment becomes more and more popular among customers today? The reason is that a wireless video camera comes with a few benefits to the user. Here are two main characteristics of IP wireless cameras that attract you to buy one for your security needs. 1. Flexibility: Wireless cameras take flexibility to unmatched levels as they can be placed and moved around any point within the network. 2. Remote accessibility: With any wireless surveillance systems, you can view videos from the cameras using any computer on the network. 4 Channel CCTV Surveillance System Our 4 channel security cameras system comes with 4 channel security DVR equip with 500GB or 1TB hard drive or no hard drive built in of your choice,4 surveillance cameras, and all the necessary power supplies and cables, which designed to make your CCTV installation like a piece of cake with everything you need for. Most of our DVR are based on an embedded Linux operating system and include a remote control. What’s more, the 4 camera security system supports for remote viewing from Windows PCs, Mac PCs, iPhone, Android, and iPad mobile devices. You won’t regret to have a 4 camera security system; you can monitor your home or business anywhere anytime you want, and enjoy your peace of mind all the time! 8 Channel Surveillance Camera Systems The 8 channel kit features with an 8 channel DVR with multiple cameras, a remote control for easy navigation and a huge 500GB or 1TB hard drive that allows you to record, playback and transmit video. An 8 channel DVR with 4 security cameras that we called 4 camera security system is suitable for small area, but if you have more areas to monitor, you can add a few more if you like to upgrade you system. An 8 channel DVR with 8 security cameras, that is 8 camera security system, is perfect for larger areas. Since 8 cameras produce more video footage, you will need to save storage space. One way to do this is to set your cameras to run on a motion detection recording mode. As the name implies, motion detection means the camera will only begin recording once motion is detected. These video surveillance systems allow convenient control with a remote or mouse along with mobile monitoring from your phone or computer. Keep a

constant eye on your property and feel secure with this 8 channel surveillance camera system. 16 Channel DVR Security Systems We offer a wide rage selection of 16 channel home CCTV surveillance systems which come with a 16 channel security DVR with or without hard drive of your choice, 8 or 16 security cameras and all the necessary power supplies and cables. The 16 camera security system is perfect for big areas, such as big malls, subways, stations, parking lot and so on. Most of our 16 channel DVR security system with outdoor weatherproof infrared cameras is the most popular one among our customers. 4 Channel DVR Our 4 channel standalone DVR can support up to 4 security cameras at once to complete a security system. Because 4 channel is just suitable for home or small business monitoring, if you want to save the recording data, you can choose the one with hard drive built in. 500GB hard drive can be recorded contiguously for about two weeks, if you want to record it longer; a 1 TB hard drive is suitable for you, which can record for one month, you can save the data and look it back when you need to find some proof. Our entire 4 channel DVRs are fully integrated, real time, play-back, hardware-based, based on an embedded Linux operating system and includes a remote control for easy setup and operation. The 4 channel DVR is the best buy DVR among most of our customers. 8 Channel DVR Compared with the 4 channel DVR, the channel number is different; the 8 CH DVR is much more suitable for small business monitoring, not so much higher price than 4CH DVR, but 8CH DVR is easier to be expanded to more cameras up to 8 for future upgrade. I f your home has more entrance or exist need to be monitor; this 8 channel DVR is also better for home video security. Have a available hard drive home? Then you don’t need to buy the one with hard drive built in, if not, buy one with hard drive built in to save the recording data. With PTZ control, network access, USB backup combing with state-of-art H.264 compression and motion detected recording, and can support various recording modes, so this 8 channel DVR is perfect for medium home and small business. 16 Channel DVR Our 16 channel DVR recorders feature with advanced basic security functions as 4 /8 channel DVR, the 16 channel DVR is highly recommended for larger retails and business environment. The 16 channel DVR is only starts from $149.50, it is at affordable price for your security needs. You can add as much as 16 security video cameras as the channel implies, it is very flexible, and you can other brand name camera to this DVR too, so it is the best DVR for your business security. USB backup combing with state-of-art H.264 compression and motion activated recording let the DVR recording for a long time without worrying the hard drive space. Security Camera Monitors

We offer CCTV monitors built in 4/8/16 channel DVR, this easy-to-use DVR and a 19’’ flat LCD monitor are combined well in one unit, making setup and operation easy. Like the normal DVR, this home security monitor built in DVR share the same function features, like alarm input/output, Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) camera control, network access, USB2.0 backup, motion detection, email alert detection , scheduled recording, continuous recording and so on. One advantage is that you don’t need to spend extra money to buy a LCD monitor or TV monitor; this monitor built in DVR is just fit for your needs. Indoor Surveillance Cameras Most of our store indoor cameras are CCTV dome cameras. Dome cameras has an advantage of being discreet and being able to survey a wide area while attached to the ceiling or wall, which makes it perfect for indoor application. The kind of indoor surveillance camera is very valuable in places like banks, retail outlets and on the bus, free from outdoor affection, like bad weather, because they aren’t intimidating and they don’t detract from the overall decor or feel of a room or establishment. These indoor security cameras simply do their job and keep the premises safe and secure. The indoor security cameras are less expensive than other outdoor cameras, the price range from $40 to $130 depending on the size and of course on the features. It can record everything either on the tape or digitally, is great for video security and surveillance systems. Outdoor Security Cameras

Outdoor surveillance cameras have the ability to help you keep an eye on the activities around your home or business premises. Outdoor cameras are also in various types, sizes and styles. Our store offers you some to refer to. Dome-shaped cameras: These types of outdoor CCTV cameras are very popular, as their shapes are trendy and they blend well with the surroundings. Infrared outdoor bullet cameras: As night time surveillance become priority, the infrared bullet camera is the beat outdoor camera for nigh vision, because it can produce clear, crisp image both day and night. Weatherproof outdoor cameras: As it is installed outsides, so it can withstand the bad weather, explosion, the waterproof video camera is a good choice. The best way to keep a thief or an intruder away is to install a outdoor security cameras for surveillance. Night Vision Cameras Night vision camera or we can call day night camera enables us to watch our home both day and night. We offer many types and styles of night vision cameras to choose from, but they all have one thing in common, infrared LEDs. The distance a night vision camera can see in the dark is based on how many LEDs the camera has. As a rule, a CCTV camera with 10-24 LEDs can see 30-80 feet in complete darkness. The best night vision camera can see up to 100' in complete darkness. Therefore, when buying a night vision security camera you may notice the LED's surrounding the camera CCTV lens. These night security cameras can be added to your existing security camera system allowing you to monitor your home without installing lights. One of our night vision cameras as low as $20, it is very affordable, and give you peace of mind when darkness comes. High Resolution Cameras High resolution cameras offer more details than general resolution surveillance cameras. These cameras feature 480 to 650 TV lines of high resolution for applications where you can get the crispest and clearest pictures. Our HD CCTV camera is available for indoors, outdoors, night vision, harsh environment application. Welcome to choose.

and Varifocal Cameras We offer many varifocal cameras feature infrared; vandal proof and weather proof function with styles of dome or bullet cameras. This kind of security cameras come with varifocal lens, auto iris allowing you to adjust the cameras field of view in and out to get the perfect picture. We often recommend varifocal cameras to our customers, particularly those who are uncertain of the distance and viewing angles that they wish to capture in surveillance footage. With this varifocal zoom CCTV camera you can move around to different locations where you want to be monitored. PTZ Cameras We offer a few selections of pan tilt zoom camera (PTZ camera) for our customers. Unlike other usual security cameras, these PTZ cameras can move left to right, right and down, zoom in and zoom out via a computer, DVR or PTZ controller. This type of camera can monitor all directions automatically and repeatedly scan 360 째 endless, change the angles to look at the items either above or below the camera, and zoom in to get more details from the items.

Our PTZ cameras feature IR night vision, high speed, weatherproof, upgrade new menu function, some with presets can be set for key monitoring areas when user is not near the keyboard. The PTZ camera systems are very popular among business, military and law enforcement agencies for surveying products or public areas, this is the best solution for security needs in all around. Wireless IP Security Cameras Other normal surveillance cameras transmit video over a video cable to a monitor or DVR, while an IP network camera transmits digital video over a data collection, USB, WIFI, internet, etc. that is to say there is no need for video cables when installing a network camera, all you need is a internet access, then you can view your video form you PC or Smartphone anywhere in the world. If you don't want to install coaxial cable throughout the building and tired of a long cables installation, then wireless CCTV surveillance cameras is your perfect choice to get rid of these troubles, since they transmit over the internet. Spy Hidden Cameras Spy camera is one of the most common spy equipment these days, at our store; there is mirror hidden surveillance camera, spy car key camera and spy pen DVR camera available to customers. Spy video camera can be used in various applications. Place one at your home to help you watch your babysitter whether she takes good care of your child. For a mini spy camera you can carry on you, record what interests you. Security Cameras with Audio A surveillance audio camera with built-in microphone and audio circuit can be used to identify the voice when you cannot figure out the person form the unclear picture. The audio cameras allow you to record clear sound within 5 meters; it is a suitable for driveways, parking lots, halls, warehouses, open office areas. Or even provide powerful evidence for the police to catch the criminals. Fake Dummy Security Cameras We offer a variety of dummy surveillance cameras look like real security cameras, and some even feature zoom lens and led lights which make criminals think you can zoom in on their faces, so frighten away the potential intruders and burglars by forcing them to think that the area is under surveillance by a complete video security system. The fake dummy CCTV camera is much cheaper than real security cameras but almost has the same function as the real one if the criminals do not find out it is fake. Because only the expert can see the difference, so don't worry about that.

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