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uxy sans a calligraphic based typeface

Fluxy Sans is a calligraphic typeface designed by Carly Rumpf, a graphic design student at Rochester Institute of Technology. The font was made under the supervision of world famous type designer and calligrapher, Kris Holmes. The calligraphy that influenced Fluxy Sans was based on an italic hand taught by Lorrie Frear; design professor at RIT. The name Fluxy was inspired by a song by New Jersey pop punk band, the Early November.


A B C D EF G H I J K L M N O P QRSTUV W X Y Z abcdef h i j l m n o q r s t u w x y

g k p v z


lining figures

1234567890 1234567890*1234567890 old style figures

…†‡ˆ‰6Š8‹„ …†‡ˆ‰6Š8‹„*…†‡ˆ‰6Š8‹„


:) :| :( :> :* ;)

?!ƒ $@%& +-=_

()[]{} *^‘’ “” €‚Œ˘


Ÿ˛ı˙ ŁŽž˝ˇfifl œš™› ˚ł


Want to hear the entire story of how Fluxy Sans was created? Stay tuned because its a doozy. 36pt.

Before starting the design process of Fluxy, I knew that I wanted my font to be a lightweight sans serif with a large, open x-height. I began by drawing my alphabet with a .3mm calligraphy marker. 24pt.

I made the x-height of my grid 556 points which shortened my ascenders and descenders to only 222 points. The large open counters within the letters make it really easy to read at smaller sizes and the short, looping descenders give it a little spunk. Next, I drew splines around my calligraphy. I created the keyword ‘hamburgevons’ first, which contains all of the basic letterforms that make up the rest of the alphabet. 16pt.

After that, I focused on creating the rest of the ASCII set, which includes 128 letters, symbols, numbers and special characters. I decided to create two sets of numerals; lining numbers (figures that are the same height as capitals) and old style numbers (figures that dip above and below the 14 pt. x-height). I designed a couple symbols that were compatible with old style numerals as well. Ampersands are my favorite character, so I made two of them. A special character called an interrobang is another one of my favorite typographic treasures. An interrobang is a symbol that combines a question mark and an exclamation point. When will I ever use this? I dont knowĆ’ 12 pt.

The fancy symbols were just the beginning! I designed a set of beautiful ligatures that connect certain pairings of letters into one glyph. All of the letters, numbers, symbols, and ligatures were placed into TypeTool and converted into a .ttf file for everyone to use and love!

10 pt.

I named my font after one of my favorite songs, ‘Fluxy’ by The Early November. Over the past year The Early November’s music has been a source of inspiration, solace and strength and I thought that it would be fitting to name my typeface after one of their songs. Fluxy is a song off of TEN’s album ‘The Room’s Too Cold’ and is my favorite record by the band. The album was produced in 2003 and is one of the rawest releases that they’ve released to date. The song, Fluxy, focuses on a relationship that has broken off but still fluctuates due to the ties and familiar memories that these people had in the past. Yep. That’s pretty much the story of how Fluxy came to be. Thanks for sticking through all of these paragraphs and for reading this teeny tiny font right now :)

8 pt.

6 pt.

Fluxy Sans Type Specimen Booklet  
Fluxy Sans Type Specimen Booklet  

Fluxy Sans is a sans serif, thin font designed under the supervision of world renowned typeface designer, Kris Holmes. The type specimen boo...