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Selling a used car is painful - you meet strangers during your free time, and then are frustrated when they make lowball offers. But if you trade your car in, the dealer will offer you up to 40% less than the car is worth. We wanted to solve this problem - we take care of selling your car for you. You get the the money of a private sale with no effort.

Buying a used car is a hassle – filtering through countless listings, playing negotiation games on the phone, then having salesmen or owners breathing down your neck to make a rush purchase. At Carlypso, we make it easy to find a fairly priced used car. We have each car assessed by an ASE certified mechanic and disclose everything – the good and the bad.

Should You Advertise Sell My Used Car San Carlos Post it on Craigslist - it’s by far the largest local classifieds for private party sales. Whenever someone asks me where to sell my car, Craigslist is always my first response, regardless of year, make, model, condition, or price.There a few tricks specialized to Craigslist for selling your car quickly beyond the normal advertising stuff.

Be diligent about reposting it – in SF Bay area, there are roughly 3,000 cars privately posted for sale each day. Try to be one of the first search results when someone types in 2005 Ford F150.

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