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Revolutionary Hair Restoration Techniques Millions of men and women all over the world suffer from hair loss. Hair loss is very personal and can be embarrassing for many. There are a number of ways that people try to treat hair loss, however, many of these options just don’t produce the same results that most people are looking for. Men and women alike prefer to have hair that looks and feels natural; most want the natural regrowth of their own hair. It’s important to look at what may be causing your hair loss. Men who have are used to wearing hats most of the time can actually be affecting the natural growth cycles of their own hair. Constant rubbing on the scalp can create bald spots, similarly to what happens in infants while lying in a crib. A Hair Restoration San Francisco clinic can help you find out what options would be the best for a treatment if you are tired of seeing your hair gradually get thinner with time. Age is also a major factor in the development of hair loss. Many men and women who have had a full head of hair all their lives are astonished at the rapid development of bald spots on the scalp. If you think that your hair loss may be due to environmental factors, it’s important to try to narrow down the cause of your hair loss. People say that stress can contribute to hair loss. If you feel that you are feeling stressed quick frequently it’s important to try to eliminate or avoid these types of situations as they can also affect other aspects of our health. Hair loss can also aid as a determinant of vitamin deficits. Many people do not maintain a healthy diet and hair loss can show what deficiencies in your diet you may need to look out for. These deficiencies can affect many aspects of your health, not just hair loss. It’s important to take a multivitamin to ensure that you are getting all the nutrients you need to avoid other chronic health problems in the future. After you have evaluated aspects of your physical health that may be affecting your hair loss, you may want to consult with a Hair Restoration Beverly Hills clinic. There are several options you may have available to you when it comes to hair restoration. There are products and procedures that may be out there that you are unaware of until a specialist sits with you to discuss the best treatment for you depending on the treatments available, your hair type, the results you are looking to achieve and the severity of your hair loss.

Why am I balding and what can I do? Male pattern baldness is an epidemic among men affecting nearly 50% of the male population by time they reach the age of 50. This hair loss is caused by the male hormone androgen causing Androgenic alopecia. Men can start to bald in different patterns such as center of the scalp thinning, thinning and receding hairline, as well as an even thinning of all the hair on the head. When a subtle thinning across the whole head begins to occur it is most likely that the person will become completely bald. There is no need to be embarrassed of this condition and having Hair Transplant San Francisco can help to ease any bad feelings that come with Androgenic alopecia. If you are choosing to have any kind of hair transplant it is important that you find a medical center that specializes in hair transplants and that your doctor has tons of experience. Issues can arise from not doing good research such as: •

Being stuck with unsightly plugs or “corn rows” are worse than the subtle balding itself.

If the doctor is not well trained the hair can be placed in unnatural looking locations.

Also, if you don’t have an experienced doctor the transplanted hair can create an uneven hairline.


Don’t worry if you have had a hair transplant procedure that did not come out the way that you wanted. There are options to correct these mistakes to give you the head of hair you deserve. Balding does not only happen in men, but also in women. When women bald it can be caused by many things such as having a hormonal imbalance, postpartum stress, certain prescription drugs, tight braiding, and many other treatments that are applied to hair. Luckily for women it is extremely rare that any of these will result in total baldness. For women, hair gives them a sense of identity and a feeling of beauty. When balding occurs depression can set in and having a Hair Transplant San Jose will help to boost that confidence. Women too can also be affected by Androgenic alopecia like men although it is not as common. The main cause of this condition is a chemical buildup of DHT. This build up causes the hair follicle and the hair to die not inspiring any new growth. This condition is hereditary and if you have a family member that’s hair is thinning, it is most likely that you will experience the same condition. This trait can be inherited from either the mother’s or the father’s side.

hair transplant cost San Jose - A Solution for Your Receding Hairline  
hair transplant cost San Jose - A Solution for Your Receding Hairline  

With the help of Hair Restoration San Francisco, you can look younger with longer, thicker and fuller hair in no time.