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Pioneer Missionary Training – Monterrey, Mexico Medical-Dental Missions Teams 2008-09

Obera, Argentina

Aliso, Ecuador Cagayan de Oro, Philippines

Nyanza, Kenya

Hyderabad, India

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GC Missions…”Working for you around the corner and around the world sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ and His Kingdom”

The Harvest – is a publication of the Missions Ministries of the General Conference of the Church of God(Seventh Day) in

support of the International Ministerial Congress of the Church of God(Seventh Day) or “IMC”. It is currently produced and edited by William (Bill) C. Hicks, GC Ministries Director, who is solely responsible for it’s content and whose editorial comments expressed are his own as GCMM director. Please direct any comments or suggestions to: or The Harvest – GC Missions, PO Box 33677, Denver, Colorado USA 80233-0677 or email us at © copyright 2009 GC Missions – The Church of God (Seventh Day)

A message from the President of our IMC…

The Church That We Must Become by Ramón Ruiz Garza, President of the International Ministerial Congress Church of God (Seventh Day)

There has been much said and written on the subject of the purpose of the church. For many writers and preachers, the important thing is to win souls for Christ and the numbers have become an end in themselves. For them the key word (in the form of a question) is: How many? How many members are in the church? How many people attended the campaign? How many and how much do they tithe? Etc. So overwhelming are their numerical goals that it does not matter to them to sacrifice great Biblical truths provided the multitudes feel “comfortable”. So, it is preached emphatically, “that the most important thing is prosperity”. For others, faithfulness to “ecclesiastical dogma” is the main thing. By such reasoning the emphasis of the message is given in terms of our own “hermeneutic tradition” that is not always completely consistent with the rest of the Word of God. For them, it doesn’t matter if the church doesn’t grow …or even if it dies, it does not even matter if people are lost. They teach, If somebody truly wants to be saved, “They must observe our doctrine”. Still within our own denominations, emphasis in certain ministries is promoted in order to present some of them as being “more important” than others. Thus we see that for some the most important thing is praise and worship, for others it’s prayer, and for some it’s our “prophetic teaching” etc. In this context, we as a denomination, which insist on attaching ourselves faithfully to the Word of God as the maximum authority to determine what we believe and do, must purposefully reflect on the church that we are at this present time in contrast to the one that we must become. There are three important aspects for us to consider in the statement: The Church that we must become. 1. We must become a church in complete relationship with God. Here we are speaking of worship. This is to say, that we are a church that relates with God in the way that Christ teaches: 23But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeketh such to worship him. “(Jn.4.23 KJV). We must become a church that does not worship God only at a certain time or place and neither should we become one that relates only in certain aspects of our life. The church we must become will worship God with ALL of our being (conscience, will, heart, mind, strength, imagination, etc.). Our worship must become a way of life for the believer, in ALL times, places, and circumstances. 2.

We must become a church in complete relationship with one another. Here we are speaking of unity. This is another distinguishing characteristic of the church we must become. Jesus says it like this: 35By this

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shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another. (Jn.13.35 KJV) This expression: “one to another” is often repeated in the New Testament: We must love one another, forgive one another, provoke one another to good works, support one another, confess our faults to one another, exhort one another, etc. This speaks of a sincere relationship, transparent and deep, never superficial, because, if our relationships as members of the Body of Christ are superficial, then our relationship with God is also superficial. In other words: our relationship with God is in direct proportion to our relationship with our brethren in the faith. The church exists to embody, in historical and social context, the Kingdom of God from his very bosom: 21That they all may be one; as thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be one in us: that the world may believe that thou hast sent me. (Jn.17.21 KJV) Our brotherhood cannot be in name only but in both historical and social context. 3. We must become a church in relationship with all humanity. Here we are speaking of evangelization. We must be a church, conscientious and devoted to participating in the manifestation of God in the midst of history, by means of our presence, word, and action. This “presence” speaks of the testimony that we must give in communicating the social reality in which we live as believers … and which is certainly very different from the one of the world around us … who are separated from God. We must also communicate both verbally and nonverbally, the character of God and the re-creation truths of His redeeming work. We must be engaged with the world that God loves. This speaks of a work that takes us outside the walls, outside the church, where we must go to the lost world, where suffering is ever mounting, a place of pain and death, just as Christ did: 12Wherefore Jesus also, that he might sanctify the people with his own blood, suffered without the gate. 13Let us go forth therefore unto him without the camp, bearing his reproach. (Heb.13.12-13 KJV). The church must set aside the comfort of our buildings, because too frequently our activity is reduced only to those activities within those buildings(temple-centrism) to go outside and to make disciples because in this the Father is glorified, in bringing in much fruit. This is... the church that we must become! Sincerely:

Min. Ramón Ruiz Garza IMC-President.

P.S. - See you in England… The Next International Ministerial Congress is being planned to take place in England in 2012… The actual date, location, and theme information should be available to our members in early 2010 Please be in Prayer for our Father’s blessings and guidance!

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The GC Missions Ministries (“GCMM”) at a glance… The Mission Departments: The missions departments of the GC and our Managed Project Funds

are as follows;

Church Planting – Dedicated to planting NEW churches of God (Seventh Day) within the US and Canada. Home Missions – Dedicated to training and education of the existing local churches to improve their performance and accomplishment of the great commission within our General Conference. Missions Abroad – Dedicated to providing literature, conference personnel subsidy, construction project funding, and leadership to our existing and developing conferences within the International Ministerial Congress and beyond. The Missions Abroad Managed Project Funds; All managed project funds are under the supervision of the director of GC Missions. These managed project funds are COMPLETELY funded by voluntary offerings and sacrifice which cover all of their project costs and specific administration expenses associated with their operations. IMC - Change for Your World Offering, this is an ongoing offering with an annual emphasis offering in July that helps provide funding for the operation and development of our global church. Our global church is organized as The International Ministerial Congress of the Church of God (Seventh Day) which exists to achieve the twofold purposes of promoting doctrinal unity among the IMC members and to coordinate the evangelistic efforts of the church globally. The Disaster Relief Fund, supports disaster relief efforts in times of natural and manmade disaster through our IMC member conference whenever possible. Christ is Coming or “Cristo Viene” Ministry seeks out volunteers to give a monthly sacrifice toward the financial support of our missionaries and evangelists around the world. GC Medical & Dental Missions Scripture teaches us that Jesus went everywhere teaching, preaching, and healing.(Matt 9:35) Beginning in 2002 Missions Abroad in cooperation with the North American Women’s Ministries began to promote our first medical missions. By God’s grace we pray that in the years to come we will see growth in this area where our healthcare professionals might give of their talents to reach out for the cause of Christ. The Orphans & Widows Support Fund is currently providing for the needs of children in different countries and in different ways. Working through our International Ministerial Congress, we currently have children and missions for you to sponsor.

How are all these GC Missions Ministries funded? The decision was made some years ago by the GC Board of Directors to contribute an offering equal to 10% of this all tithe received by the GC from local churches to ensure the funding of foreign missions. When all congregations faithfully support their GC, the basic mission budget would in effect be 1.5 % of total tithe to fund the basic Missions Department budget. Unfortunately, this funding allows for GC Missions to exist but it is inadequate to provide for the needs of our growing global church. Therefore, GC Missions must solicit and receive emphasis and individual offerings from those individuals and churches that voluntarily contribute to the great commission through these ministries. With the combination of current GC offerings from tithe received and the special offerings received, we are currently able to staff on a limited basis and we must depend on many volunteer hours to get the job done. Virtually ALL of our major construction projects and missions must await special offering funding from individuals and churches in order to be accomplished. In spite of these real handicaps, God has been faithful to supply our needs through the many who are becoming personally dedicated to these mission ministries and managed project funds. For that we are EXTREMELY thankful.

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Keeping Our Balance By William C. Hicks - Director GC Missions Ministries Editor – The Harvest 23

And Jesus went about all Galilee, teaching in their synagogues, and preaching the gospel of the kingdom, and healing all manner of sickness and all manner of disease among the people. (Matthew 4:23 KJV )[also found in Matt 9:35]

I have long been fascinated by the above scripture considering the different ways that Jesus spread the gospel during His earthly ministry. He was “teaching”, “preaching” and “healing”. This along with the many different ways and contexts in which He preached, taught the crowds, and expressed His compassion in healing are truly profound. His teaching to the crowds and His “private lessons” to His disciples reveal yet again the creative and complex nature of our God. Rather than being one dimensional, His ministry was multidimensional and rich in terms of the ways He spread the gospel, the good news of the Holy God who uniquely made the way of salvation for fallen mankind. I suppose we could all agree that the pinnacle achievement was the creative and unusual way He showed His love by giving His life on a cross and in that manner transforming a hideous form of execution into the most perfect love ever shown. I often challenge our brethren around the world to endeavor to follow His example in expressing the gospel. The past number of years have seen our missions ministries expand dramatically. God is good. I believe that it is nothing short of miraculous to see what the Lord is doing in and through our church around the world. What began in literature distribution moved into limited foreign missions visits to like minded brethren around the world. Today, through our IMC we are trying to constructively encourage the development of a global church organization that is able to help encourage our missions efforts as well as provide an avenue to press toward doctrinal unity. The blessing and challenges in recent years have been great. I don’t want to spend a lot of time in this brief article to recount the development of our missions ministries but rather to ask us to consider a real challenge that we now face in our churches today. We must strive to keep our balance in missions while allowing the Spirit of God to work through us in any way that God should choose. The challenge in a “balanced” missions approach is to ensure that we don’t get lost or confused in the many different means of preaching the gospel to such a degree that the primary focus of our ministry is lost. Let me take a moment to explain. Our church began in focusing on literature production and distribution. We then planted churches and invested in foreign missions around the world over the years. In the last decade we have taken on more mission efforts in our global development of our church through our IMC, Home Missions, Church Planting, Construction Projects, Disaster Relief, Missionary-Evangelist support, Medical and Dental Missions, and Widows and Orphans ministries as well. The list is growing! Truly the harvest is great and the laborers are few… but, Praise God, the workers are growing in number among us. Now the challenge of focus must come into view to some degree. It would be easy to become overwhelmed by so many different ways to support and preach the gospel as we awaken to the God given responsibilities of the Great Commission. We must avoid extremes and seek balance in all that we do. I must admit that I am so thankful to see this taking place and I know that God is blessing us but I must say a few words about our need for balance and focus before we get lost in the endless maze of opportunities. I suppose what I want say clearly is that the means of preaching the gospel are virtually limitless in variety but the central message of God and His love revealed through sending His son to do what he ALONE could do for us is the primary truth of God planned before the foundation of the world. All that we do should reinforce the preaching of that truth to those that our God is calling to Himself. I know that I don’t have to convince any of you of this fact. However, what all of us working in the harvest need to be reminded of is that EVERY means of preaching the gospel is just as important and viable as another. I have seen areas of ministry increase in financial support and notoriety and it is easy for (continued on page 6)

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any of us to begin to think that our particular area of ministry is the exclusive avenue of witness for us. I pray that we will work diligently in our given area of ministry and try to encourage all the others as well. We need to be reminded of this frequently so that we don’t begin to think that one means of preaching is superior to another in the bigger picture of the gospel. Some are more productive and effective but none is so important as to warrant the exclusion of the others. In fact, ALL of the ministries within our church are part of the mission reality that we must develop to work in this massive and complex harvest. I am thankful for ALL of our missions and ministries and I pray for God’s blessings for every one of them. Please pray about this when you are tempted to discount any area of ministry. Let’s encourage all of the many areas of ministry to the glory of God our Father. Finally, it is important that we remember the truth that the purpose in God’s gospel is all about showing God’s love in Christ in every way possible. It can’t be 100% printing, building, teaching, disaster relief, medical missions, orphans ministries or reaching out to ONLY men, women, youth, teenagers, or young adults. Jesus challenges us with His example of a balanced ministry in many different areas of service. We should seek to do ALL and preach to ALL in EVERY WAY that God will allow. It must be done without diminishing from the importance of any area of ministry even though God in His wisdom may bless some areas of ministry more than others at different times. We must strive for complimentary and cooperative means rather than competitiveness in our endeavors. Then the world will know that we are of Him if we show in this manner that we have love for one another… even though we are working in different fields of endeavor. That means that we conscientiously show love and respect for all areas of God’s harvest as we seek the wisdom and balance reflected in the ministry of our Lord… in preaching, teaching, and healing.

Just the Facts … By William C. Hicks, Director GC Missions Ministries U.S./Canadian CoG7 USA

The Following information in this report is offered to give you a general idea of the current scope and extent of our efforts over the last two years in the hopes of encouraging your prayer and support for our efforts around the world. Our heavenly Father has provided richly for the blessing of our efforts in the fields of harvest around the world and for this we are very thankful. A special thank you is in order for the many individuals and principal supporting countries providing funding for these efforts. This report will attempt to give you a working sketch of our mission efforts by God’s grace including a special report or two from each zone. The work is growing around the world and this little window on our efforts should encourage you to pray for what God is allowing us all to participate in around the world. May our Heavenly Father open the doors of heaven so that we can continue to expand our efforts to preach the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ and His soon coming kingdom … until the whole world knows Him!

We’ve Been VERY Busy! Appointments on behalf of the IMC, Missions Abroad, by Staff and Volunteers; Since our last General Conference in 2007, Missions Abroad has made and/or sponsored presentations, meetings and missions in; IMC Overland Park, Kansas; Cuernavaca, Mexico; Montreal & Toronto, Canada; Havana, Cuba; Monterrey, NL Mexico; Oaxtepec, Mexico; Atlanta, Georgia, Haines City, Florida; Los Angeles, California; Jasper, Arkansas; Munster, Germany*; Phoenix, Arizona; Yangon, Myanmar; Denver, Colorado; Lima, Peru; Quito, Ecuador; Bogotá, Colombia; Panama City, Panama; Amarillo, TX; Alfred, ND; San Antonio, TX; Cabo San Lucas, Mexico; MTS Summer Session; Conroe, TX; New York City – Roosevelt CoG7; Springfield, MO; Gull Lake, MI; Harrisburg, PA; San Salvador, El Salvador; S.E.D. Men’s retreat Near Chattanooga, TN; San Paulo & Sumare, Brazil; Escobar, Guarani, & Obera, Argentina; Adelaide, Australia; Manila & Cagayan de Oro Mindanao, Philippines; & Dover, Oklahoma*. However, GC missions also financially supported a number of important missions in Africa as well as in India that only involved IMC Reps. and national CoG7 staff within their particular zone. [*planned for completion by GC in July 2009]

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CURRENT LITERATURE DISTRIBUTION Because of the faithful contribution of God’s children for His work, the following countries comprised of Both CoG7 international Ministerial Congress (“IMC”) member and Non-member nations have individual contacts, churches, or conferences that receive the Bible Advocate Magazine(currently available in English and Spanish) and/or literature on a regular basis produced by the US/Canadian CoG7 Bible Advocate Press. The postage and production costs are also covered in part by the GC Missions budget; ANTIGUA, ARGENTINA* AUSTRALIA* BAHAMAS* BELGIUM BELIZE* BERMUDA BRAZIL* BULGARIA, BURKINA FASO BURMA BURUNDI CAMEROON* CANADA* CAYMAN ISLANDS C. AFRICAN REP. COLOMBIA CROATIA COSTA RICA*





* Member Nations of the International Ministerial Congress of the Church of God (Seventh Day) (“IMC”)

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2007 IMC Report By William C. Hicks

Overland Park, Kansas – The international Ministerial Congress of the Church of God (Seventh Day) *hereafter referred to a the “IMC”+ met in session from July 8 – 11 with representatives from Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Bahamas, Cameroon, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Germany, Guatemala, Guyana, India, Italy, Jamaica, Kenya, Malawi, Mexico, Nicaragua, Philippines, Portugal, Trinidad & Tobago, U.K., Uruguay, U.S., & Zambia. A number of representatives were unable to attend due to the US visa restrictions now in place and the fact that some of them attempted to get their visas on short notice as in the past. In spite of the fact that it now takes as much as four to six months advanced preparation to secure a US visa in some cases, the representation was from every inhabited continent on the planet (except Antarctica). The attendees of the US/Canadian General Conference in Overland Park, July 2-7, were treated to a closing service on July 7, that served as the opening services of the IMC with the message being delivered by the IMC President Ramon Ruiz Garza of Mexico. The agenda for this session of the IMC included the election of officers, consideration of amendments to reorganize the IMC to better meet the needs of our growing global community, and the presentation and discussion of the study “Other Days” that seeks to engage the IMC in dialogue concerning the diversity that now exists within the IMC and our striving for greater understanding of that diversity for future development. The proposed amendments for re-organization were deliberated and passed giving the IMC a structure similar to the United Nations with a “One Nation – One Vote” framework along with a nine member “Executive Committee” made up of the five IMC officers and the addition of four “executive delegates” drawn from the Charter Members of the IMC to serve as a type of “Security Council”. This “IMC Executive Committee” exists to ensure that any actions taken by the IMC in the future will be taken with great care and scrutiny. Also, the officers of the IMC are given greater responsibility to review the membership status of current members and to admit new conferences or churches in additional countries in a provisional membership process in the For more Information - Please visit our missions web site at

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years between congresses. This is very important when you consider that the following countries are nearing the transition from missions to “Provisional Member” status; Cuba, Venezuela, Burundi, South Africa and Indonesia. There are also an additional 18 countries that COULD make this transition as well before the next IMC as we develop and verify their congregations/conferences; Haiti, St. Lucia, Chile, Peru, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Angola, Cote D'iviore, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Fiji, New Zealand, Czech Republic, Hungary, Moldova, Ukraine. A copy of the Bylaws as amended is available online at . The election of officers was held and the following now serve as the officers of the IMC: President: 1st Vice President: 2nd Vice President: Secretary: Treasurer:

Ramon Ruiz Garza – Mexico Calvin Burrell – US/Canada Henry Harley – Jamaica Jacobo González – Mexico Carlos Cerón – Mexico

The Charter Member Nations that will be appointing the four “executive delegates” for this term will be from Australia, Guatemala, Jamaica, and El Salvador. Also, the current membership of the IMC (not including the missions currently working toward becoming provisional members. Example: Cuba, Venezuela, Burundi, South Africa and Indonesia) is as follows by zone;

Zone 1: United States and Canada Zone 2: Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, the Bahamas, Jamaica, Trinidad/Tobago Zone 3: Guyana, Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay Zone 4: India Zone 5: Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Cameroon, DR Congo, Sierra Leon, Rwanda, Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia Zone 6: Australia; The Philippines Zone 7: United Kingdom, Germany, Pakistan*,Poland, Portugal, Spain, Italy

(2) (11) (6) (1) (11) (2) (7)

( * Extended a provisional membership to a group forming in Pakistan that will be reviewed in the new IMC)

Total (as of May 30, 2009):

(40) member nations

It was truly a blessing to see the cooperation and fellowship among the leaders of the IMC from around the world. It was a pleasure hearing the reports given from around the world. It will be an experience that we will not soon forget. The next IMC is planned for 2012 to take place in England. Please be in prayer that the next congress will be as much of a blessing as this one. A special thanks to the US/Canadian Conference for hosting this event and thanks to all those who served in preparation and service to make this congress possible. Finally and most importantly, thanks to our Father in heaven and the Lord Jesus Christ that made this possible through His Holy Spirit at work among us during this congress. Please pray for His continued blessing and provision so that this effort will be blessed to His glory in the days ahead as we begin to implement the plans made in this congress and look forward to the next opportunity to come together with great anticipation. For more Information - Please visit our missions web site at

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Meet Your IMC Zone Representatives As a result of the further development of our International Ministerial Congress, certain changes to our organizational structure were made in our last congress to meet the needs of our growing church. One such change is the appointment of representatives for every region of the world that we call our “zones”.

Zone 1 – The United States and Canadian GC Name: Calvin A. Burrell Wife: Barbara A. Burrell Home Address: 13550 Washington (Unit 2B), Thornton, Colorado, USA Office/contact: P. O. Box 33677, Denver, CO 80233; Phone 303-452-7973; e-mail Children/Grand Children: We have three daughters--Debra (Hawkins); Darla (Mills); Donna (Larson)--and eleven grand-children Work Assignment and/or Profession: I work at the General Conference of the Church of God (Seventh Day) offices in Denver, Colorado. My primary assignments are (1) Editor of the Bible Advocate, (2) President of the st North American Ministerial Council, (3) Instructor in LifeSpring School of Ministry and (4) 1 Vice President IMC Ministry Background: I began service with the Church at Spring Vale Academy in 1964, and was ordained to ministry in 1967. I will complete 45 years of full-time service in the Church this fall.

Zone 2

- Mexico, Central America, & the Caribbean

Name: Carlos Cerón Perez Wife: Amanda Uribe Ruiz Home Address: Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico. Office Contact: Children/Grand Children: Sergio Isai (21), Carlos Dario (19) Work Assignment and/or Profession: I am pastor of the Church of God(Seventh Day) "La Joya" in Tijuana, B.C., Mexico; director & teacher in the Bible School in Sector 1, District No.1-Mexico; Secretary of the Oversight Committee - District No.1 - Mexico; treasurer and officer of the IMC. Ministry Background: Called to ministry August 8, 1981, Ordained April 30, 1983

Zone 3 - South America Name: Jorge Raul Gillig Wife: Monica Maria Gillig Home Address: Barrio Alborada Casa Nº 7, C. P. 3177 Macia, Enter Rios, ARGENTINA Office Contact: Children/Grand Children: I have three sons and one daughter Alexis Ismael, Valeria Judith, Edgar Adiel, Franco Misael Work Assignment and/or Profession: I serve as the President of the executive Council of the Church of God (Seventh Day) in Argentina. Ministry Background: Ordained March 14, 1993

Zone 4 - India/Asia Name: Vagiri Jacob Sudhakar Rao Wife: V. Kantha Rani (slept in the Lord on February 09, 2008) Home Address: Plot # 152, Dharani Nagar, Near Allwyn Colony Phase II, Kukatpally, Hyderabad-500072, Andhra Pradesh, India Office Contact: or Children/Grand Children: I have two daughters and one son. Priscilla Pallavi married to Mr Samson, Veronica Madhumitha married to Mr. Piyush Sagar. V. Benjamin Sukanth, studying graduation in Pharmacy 4th year. I have one grandson and one granddaughter. Work Assignment and/or Profession: Pastor of the Church of God (Seventh Day), Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India and also serve as the General Secretary of the Association of the Churches of God (Seventh Day) in India. Ministry Background: Ordained December 19, 1999 and serving the church ever since. Prior to the ordination I helped my father, the late Elder V.J. Utham Rao, in church development and as evangelist for more than 20 years.

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Zone 5 – Africa Name: Robert Crawford Wife: Maxine Sharon Crawford Home Address: Gloucester, England Office Contact: Children/Grand Children: I have two daughters and one son. Anna Kay (21), Adrian (20), Ashley (15) Work Assignment and/or Profession: I now serve as co-pastor of the Church of God (Seventh Day) in Gloucester, England. Ministry Background: I was ordained to the Ministry in 1987 and served on the Jamaican Conference Executive Board as secretary for some 16 years. I also served as Pastor for 4 congregations while in Jamaica. I then pastored in the Cayman Islands for three years. In 2003 I moved with my family to England to pursue studies in Missions at Redcliffe Missions Training College, Gloucester, where I gained a BA (Honors) degree in Applied Theology and I am preparing to pursue my Master’s Degree in counselling. Since then I have been serving full time in the ministry.

Zone 6 - Australia & the Pacific Rim Countries Name: Philippe Michel Kordahi Wife: Suzanne Kordahi Home Address: 2 Kavel Court, Tanunda SA 5352 Australia (70 km from Adelaide, South Australia) Office Contact: Children/Grand Children: I have one daughter, Jaqueline and one son, Brenton. I also have two grandchildren, Lachlan and Amali. Work Assignment and/or Profession: Pastor of the Adelaide church, South Australia and Chairman of the COG7 in Australia. Ministry Background: Ordained in 1987, Pastor for the last 15 years.

Zone 7 - Europe including Russia, Baltic States, & Middle East Name: Paulo Jorge Clemente Coelho MD Wife: Maria Luísa Matos MD Home Address: Apartado 9827, 1911 LISBOA CODEX, PORTUGAL Office Contact: Children/Grand Children: I have two sons João André Coelho, Miguel Marques Coelho Work Assignment and/or Profession: I am a Rheumatologist as well as Pastor of the Church in Lisbon and Editor of the Portuguese magazine “Compreender” Ministry Background: Serving the Church since 1986 and ordained pastor 1998

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HIGHLIGHTS of Current efforts By Zone

Zone 1 –

The United States and Canadian GC

Church Planting Conference Oct 6, 2008 Gull Lake Ministries, Hickory Corners, MI 49060

By God’s amazing grace our speaker/trainer for these sessions came to us with a wealth of experience and a track record of God’s blessing within an organization that currently averages some 1,600+ new congregations being planted annually in North America. “Dr. Tom Cheyney, director of the Strategic Resourcing Unit Planting Group of the North American Missions Board of the Southern Baptist Convention, blessed us with vital information concerning evangelism through church planting to about 62 of us in attendance from the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and the U.K.. In his 3 presentations he encouraged us to see church planting in a brand new light. These presentations are available online in mp3 format for those that were unable to attend on our missions web site . A special thanks for all of the wonderful resources that he provided and for the work he does as he directs church planting ministries and provides resources online to help church planters on sites that reach thousands EVERY DAY at;, and This was a tremendous opportunity to come and be part of a defining moment in our denomination so that we can become more actively involved in the Lord Jesus’ great commission in North America… and beyond. Thanks again Tom!... and most of all we give thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ who made all of this possible.

Special Guest Speaker/Trainer Name: Dr. Thomas E Cheyney, Jr

Preferred: Tom

Address: 4200 North Point Parkway Alpharetta, GA 30022-4176

Profile: Tom Cheyney serves the Church Planting Groups Resource Development and Delivery Team as a resource coordinator. Tom develops World Class resources to assist the Church Planter in the growing of his new church. A large portion of his duties focus around the managing and continual development and deployment of the helpful tools and resources for Church Planters. Additionally, Tom has written over five hundred articles and training materials on Church Growth, Church Revitalization, and Church Planting. Cheyney has served as an Evangelism Pastor, Youth Minister, Senior Pastor, Church Planter and has worked in denomination work for over twelve years. Tom and his wife Cheryl have two children. Ashleigh is sixteen and a junior, while their son Drew is twenty-one and a senior in college. They live in Cumming, Georgia. Tom's hobbies include: building classic cars, playing tennis or golf, and writing in his free time. info used by permission from the web site of the North American Missions Board of the Southern Baptist Convention.

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Church Planting – “Missionaries to America” - In an attempt to raise the awareness of our need to make a conscious effort of church planting within the US and Canada, Church Planting has attempted to seek out those that might be willing to consider becoming a “Missionary to America”. Using our advertising opportunities within the BA, quarterlies, and the Pulse, we are initiating this effort by raising the awareness of our need to actively plant new churches and by featuring some of those that are now in the church planting process supported by districts, local churches, or individuals relocating and seeking to establish a CoG7. In the CoG7 church planting has been going on for years but basically by natural processes based on need or circumstance. It is our hope that through the development of “Missionaries to America” church planting will become a conscious effort to plant CoG7 congregations in the United States and Canada. Please support this ministry with your prayer and offerings.

Home Missions - This department began by reaching out in support of the local church with the training to help them share their faith through personal evangelism training in the “Training the Trainers” program. Many received and practiced this approach which helped their congregations to grow by giving them at least one means of witnessing to others about the Lord Jesus. Today, Home Missions is recommending additional resources for personal evangelism training. Another excellent approach which we are encouraging is the use of “The Way of the Master” personal evangelism training materials featuring Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort. This approach is actually based upon the way Jesus shared the truth with those of His day. It strives to use the 10 commandments to show those around you their fallen spiritual condition before our Holy God. In essence, we must tell the world the Bad News of their condition before the Good News of God’s provision of His Son to pay the price for their sins will make any sense to them. It is my hope that our churches will get these materials and learn how to practice “The Way of the Master” by visiting their web site and purchasing the training materials for yourself, your family, and churches. Please support Home Missions with your prayer and offerings so that it can grow to support our churches in additional areas of need within our congregations.

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The International Ministerial Congress presents the report for…

“Cristo Viene” One of the project funds of the Missions Department of the General Conference of the Church of God (Seventh Day), P.O. Box 33677, Denver, CO 80233-0677

YOUR $20.00 per month is making a difference! (Please feel free to make copies for your church members and friends)

Scene before baptisms in Guatemala Dear Brethren and Faithful Supporters;

Z-5 14% Z-4 5% Z-3 16%

Z-7 Z-6 3% 5%

Z-1 24% includes all Admin Exp. in this Zone

Z-2 37%

Greetings in the name of Jesus! In accordance with our desire to keep you informed about the development of the “Cristo Viene” missionary support fund, we wish to report that during the months of July through December 2008 our missionaries and evangelists had a total of some 3150 contacts within the 15 countries that reported up to the date of this report. Reporting the 414 visits realized by the missionary José Guadalupe Ríos Vargas in the city of Mazatlán, Sinaloa, México and the 547 visits reported by the three evangelists in Guatemala, they have been the most active individually and nationally during this time. Thanks to your offerings every month during this same period the treasurer reports that “Cristo Viene” provided economic support of approximately $37,800.00 dollars distributed among the missionaries that we support in practically every continent on earth.(see the graph at the left for the distribution percentages by Zone).

We also wish to inform you that by the grace of God the “Cristo Viene” ministry is completing six years of fruitful evangelistic activity extending the kingdom of God around the world. During this time the administration of the General Conference has been really helping our work, particularly on behalf of Brother Rafael Parra who serves as a director of “Cristo Viene”. Rafael is the only member of our staff that receives economic assistance from this fund as he is dedicated full time to this ministry and for whom we request prayer from all our supporters now that the situation relating to his immigration status is at a critical juncture and we still do not know what the outcome of this will be. We wish to express our sincere thanks for your faithful support on behalf of those that together with us have the great honor and privilege of announcing through this ministry in agreement with the Word of God that; : ”Christ is Coming – Cristo Viene.”

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Zone 2 -

Mexico, Central America, & the Caribbean


Havana, Cuba - After some years now, where because of events out of our control there hasn’t been a visit to the brethren in the small church plant in Cuba, Ariel Bazaldua Alcázar (minister in CoG7 Mexico) and Ramon Ruiz Garza, (IMC President) made a visit from the 8th to the 12th of November 2007. The purpose was to supervise and encourage the missionary work begun there some six years ago now. After having a box of bibles confiscated at the airport the team was allowed to enter to complete their mission nonetheless. There they were able to visit the combined facility that serves for church meetings as well as Pastor Velasquez’s home that was acquired by the offerings from various IMC member countries. This Church/Parsonage facility location is permitted legally to hold services as a “House of Meeting” in Cuba. On Sabbath there were 36 brethren in attendance and Brother Balzadua delivered the message. On Sunday Elder Ruiz conducted the Baptism of Carlos Cristóbal in response to the invitation given on Sabbath. There was time for training as well as fellowship with the brethren in Cuba during this visit. Pastor Carlos Velasquez is one of our missionaries whose salary is paid by “Cristo Viene”, the missionary/evangelist support fund of Missions Abroad. Please pray to God our Father in the name of Jesus His Son that His infinite grace would continue to accompany the Cuban church as they preach the gospel in Cuba.


Panama City, Panama – Elders Ruiz and Hicks arrived in Panama on Feb 25, 2008 after completing a series of meetings in South America reported in the Zone 3 section of this report. They were greeted at the Airport by Ruben Amet Chong Sanchez, the elder of the church of God 7 th Day near Panama City Panama. Services were held at the local church there near Panama City(picture above) on the afternoons and evenings of Feb 25 and 26. The IMC membership certificates presentations in the picture above were made to Ruben Amet Chong (left) from Panama and Gerardo Perez from Costa Rica (right) presented by Elder Ramon Ruiz, president IMC. The Church in Panama needs your prayers and the support of their brethren around the world to encourage them in their mission in Panama. For more Information - Please visit our missions web site at

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El Salvador…

Zone 2 Spanish Speaking CoG7 Leadership Meet Representing More than 1,200 Churches! San Salvador, El Salvador – It was a pleasure to see God’s blessing on the many brethren that gathered in this beautiful Central American country to encourage the development of the Church of God (Seventh Day) in this region. These meetings, held from October 26 – November 2, brought together the Spanish speaking leadership of our International Ministerial Congress’ Zone 2 that includes Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean and was hosted by the CoG7 organization in El Salvador. We were privileged to have in attendance the delegates and workers from the host country of El Salvador along with the representatives of our conferences from Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica. and Panama representing more than 1,200 Spanish speaking CoG7 congregations in this region. There were meetings held involving Pastors and workers throughout El Salvador conducted by their conference president Alfredo Castellon and also those that were held to do the work of this first leadership meeting in Zone 2 of our Spanish speaking churches within our IMC conducted by IMC President - Ramon Ruiz, IMC Secretary - Jacobo Gonzalez (who also serves as president of the CoG7 Mexican conference), IMC Treasurer - Carlos Ceron, and IMC Executive Director, Bill Hicks.

The New El Salvadoran CoG7 National Auditorium with seating for 5000 under construction (above) Ordination service conducted in Santa Anna and site location for the 3rd Radio Station visited (below)

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Pioneer Missionary Training Working with the National Youth Ministries and SWORD, Missions Abroad serves to facilitate this great opportunity for our membership in the US to work in the missionary fields of our global church. The purpose of Pioneer Missionary Training is to provide training in the mission field. PMT is a short-term mission trip which enables participants to experience foreign missions firsthand. Participants work closely with churches and youth from the host country. Since our last conference PMT has been active in Mexico in 2008 in Monterey. Missions Abroad wants to extend a special thanks to the Mexican General Conference who has allowed us to enjoy this blessing for eight years now. Is it time for YOU to experience the foreign fields? Please watch your BA and CHURCHRIGHT newsletter regarding the next PMT and join us!

Monterrey, Mexico - The trip was not only just classes and fieldwork. We also enjoyed outings and fun time at a museum, parks, shopping, restaurants, boat rides, a late-night coffeehouse, and visiting local congregations of the Mexican conference in Monterrey. At each church, the PMT team provided music and even preaching at times, and in turn, was treated to delicious meals. We took lots of pictures of these events, so I am sure these will be gladly shared with all those who wish to see them… All in all, we had a wonderful time and grew very close to all those who participated with us in this experience. The team is still in frequent communication with those who stayed behind in Monterrey. Many of us found friendships that will last a lifetime. Monico Muffley for PMT

Current Contacts For PMT ... 2009 PMT Mission Coordinators ... Monico G. Muffley & Martha Molina-Muffley P.O. Box 441, Nampa, Idaho 83653 Email: Monico’s Phone (cell) 208-697-8398 Martha’s Phone (cell_ 208-697-8401 Other contacts... Kurt Lang (FYC) Phone: (541) 995-8678 Email: Christy Lang (SWORD) Phone: (319) 365-2334 Email: Bill Hicks(GC Missions) Phone:(423) 323-7191 Email:

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Nicaragua 2008 and Honduras 2009… Medical and Dental Ministry

Nicaragua Team 2008

Honduras Team 2009

The Medical and Dental Ministry takes the name “SHINE” and is seeking a logo…

- Serving Him In Nations Everywhere “Shine” is a Christian medical and dental global ministry team dedicated to helping heal the body and nurture the soul. We are committed to sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ according to the great commission... “Go ye therefore and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world" (Matthew 28:19)” We believe that true salvation, both physical and spiritual, is obtained through the lifestyle principles presented in the Bible. This ministry is facilitated by Your GC & Missions Abroad and is directed by Dr. Eduardo Bermudez and his dedicated SHINE Committee in the Sacramento, California area. The vast majority of all the funding for these missions is raised by this dedicated team of believers. For more information on how you can help please contact Ernesto Frausto (916) 422-1036 or (916) 833-8997 or email In the medical and dental missions many sermons were preached. Many were prayed for and anointed in their time of need. By God’s grace a good number dedicated their lives to Christ! Statistics:

Managua, Nicaragua 2008 – Over 2450 patients were seen and/or treated in Managua and Sandino Tegucigalpa and Choluteca 2009 – Over 2575 patients were seen and/or treated in Tegucigalpa and Choluteca. Add to this the countless friendships, many hugs and blessings received from our brothers in Christ! Also, a

special thanks to all the doctors, dentists, nurses, and support staff that give of themselves for these missions! For more Information - Please visit our missions web site at

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Zone 3 -

South America


Escobar, Guarani, & Obera, Argentina – Elders Ruiz and Hicks arrived in Buenas Aires on Dec 4, 2008 and immediately traveled by car first to Escobar and then they were taken to Macia for a dinner and to Misiones in the northeastern border of Argentina on Friday. After traveling all day Friday they attended a special Sabbath morning service in Guarani that was held in association with their 25th Ministerial Council with some 800 brethren in attendance. Elder Hicks made presentation of the reports from around the world and Elder Ruiz preached the sermon. The ministerial Council was held in the Obera, Misiones Church from Saturday evening until Monday night which is adjacent to the new conference offices under construction at this time. The sessions were a very intense reflection upon the life of the pastor and the disciplines that provide for effective ministry. Throughout the council many of the pastors and leaders representing the some 25 congregations with some 1300 in regular attendance at present openly shared their actual condition. The sharing of their private devotional lives and the challenge of their conference president, Jorge Gillig, to a more dedicated devotional life for their ministry was a challenge to all in attendance. The decisions made by their council to first bring their ministry into a better relationship with God and one another as the pattern for their future development was very uplifting. This “top-down” approach is in contrast to many organizations where guidelines are often mandated to membership before being honestly applied by their ministry. The challenge to have ALL of their pastors to agree to set the example in all areas of practice was something drawn from the life of Christ, who came not to be served but to serve as our example. Their ministry present at this historic council made verbal commitments to God and one another in very important areas such as personal devotions and “tithing” in order to set the tone for future growth in Argentina and Uruguay in any missions they might continue or undertake. It could honestly be said that everyone present was th

moved by the openness and honesty of this 25 ministerial council and their willingness to address the foundational underlying aspects of ministry within the body of Christ. It is their prayer that all of us will seek that same emphasis as the Lord opens doors for ministry to us around the world. We wish to extend a special thanks to the growing general conference in Argentina for their graciousness in providing for all of the needs of Elders Ruiz and Hicks throughout their travels in Argentina and congratulate them on the recent dedication of their new conference offices as well. It is goes without saying that we must New Conference Offices continue to pray for our Heavenly Father’s blessings as He opens up areas of true need among us so that He might use us in His harvest!

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December 2008 IMC Meetings in Brazil – South America San Paulo and Sumare, Brazil – IMC President Ramon Ruiz and IMC Exec Director William Hicks were met by Pastor Manuel Eneias Dos Santos of the “Igreja !dventista da Promesa” *hereafter referred to as “IAP”+ after their overnight flight from North America. Pastor Dos Santos also helped in translation to ensure that the communication from Spanish to Portuguese could be handled with little difficulty for the Dec 1 – 3 meetings. The IAP has been a member of the IMC for over twenty years in which there has been repeated interaction in our IMC congress meetings. This trip was planned in order to hold discussions with the new leadership representing a new generation within the IAP and to determine their desire to better understand the operations of the IMC as well as to determine their part in this organization. Meetings with Jose Lima de Farias Filho, IAP President, their executive officers and regional delegates were held in which various questions were presented for discussion. There was a special 2 hour presentation made to their executive Board in session as well as a tour of their conference offices in Sao Paulo in which Elders Ruiz and Hicks were introduced to the department directors of the IAP and toured their facilities. With approx 1000 churches operating in some 26 regional offices throughout Brazil, the IAP President on behalf of their entire church, expressed his intention to provide information to all of their leadership in order that the IAP can openly discuss how they might work actively within our IMC in a meaningful manner. In this regard the IAP President requested that time be given them until May of 2009 when their leadership will meet once again in session in order to review this information and discuss it with their leadership in the interim so that they can ensure that any future involvement with the IMC will be based upon agreement and understanding of their role within this organization. These meetings are an important step in helping the IMC become a more effective and functional organization in achieving its two primary reasons for existence; to promote greater doctrinal unity among those that believe in “keeping the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus”(Rev. 14:12b) and to cooperate more effectively in preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ around the world. We wish to extend special thanks to all those who were involved in these meetings and to the IAP for their graciousness in providing for the needs of Elders Ruiz and Hicks throughout their travels in Brazil.

Colombia… BOGOTÁ, COLOMBIA - Arriving by midday on Feb 22, Elders Ruiz and Hicks met with the executive board of the Colombian general conference for 4 hours of talks on various subjects. On Sabbath they enjoyed the dedication of the new Bogotá North Church of God (Seventh Day) with morning services directed by Elder Hicks focusing on familiarizing the church in Colombia with the churches around the world within our IMC. The “Cristo Viene” ministry that provides funding for our missionaries and evangelists around the world was a special emphasis of the morning presentation as well. The afternoon was highlighted by the dedication service in which elder Ruiz challenged the congregation to be the Spirit filled church that God calls us to be in their community. Elders Ruiz and Hicks met with the El Lucero congregation on Feb 24 and departed to their scheduled meetings with the membership in Panama on Feb 25.

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Ecuador… QUITO, ECUADOR – On the evening Feb. 19, Elder Hicks first met with the South Quito congregation and preached at the Quito Central congregation later that evening. He then traveled the next morning to Pujili to meet with the congregation there on Feb 20. Recognition was given at the leadership training sessions in Aliso by Missions Abroad to Pastor Leonardo Pastuña for his missionary efforts in support of the new mission in Peru and Edgar Correa and Edgar Pastuña received recognition for their efforts in support of “Cristo Viene” in Ecuador. The groundwork for the development of Exec. Committee meeting – Quito South a national “Cristo Viene” missionary/evangelist support ministry was laid but the future development now rests with their national conference leadership.

Leadership Training - Aliso

Elder Ruiz was granted a visa at the Ecuadorian embassy in Bogata, Colombia and joined elder Hicks, on the evening of Feb 20 in Ecuador. Together elders Ruiz and Hicks completed the leadership orientation planned for the brethren there and then departed for Bogata, Colombia on Feb 22. On their trip back to Quito Elders Ruiz and Hicks visited the congregations of Latacunga and were treated to a worship celebration directed by the youth at the La Libertad Congregation which was followed by a midnight feast some 4000 meters in elevation where this church sits in the shadow of the famous Cotopaxi volcano.

Peru… LIMA, PERU. After encountering long delays in Atlanta due to severe weather brothers Ruiz and Hicks arrived in Lima, Peru at dawn on Monday February 18, their plan was to visit the first CoG7 mission now underway in Peru. The plan was to spend some time with missionary Ruben Cruz and the new congregation in development in this city of 8 million. However, upon arrival elders Ruiz and Hicks learned about the fast changing political climate of the region. Upon arrival elder Ruiz was informed that a recent change in law regarding his Mexican passport meant that he would have to depart immediately. Elder Ruiz Missionary Ruben Cruz with Elder Hicks was later denied entry into Ecuador as well and was sent to Colombia where he would later acquire a special visa for entry into Ecuador. Elder Hicks was allowed entry into Peru. He visited in the homes of the members of the new congregation there on the outskirts of Lima and that evening made a missions presentation focusing on the Great Commission and our calling in reaching out into Peru with the gospel. After officially presenting Ruben Cruz with a missionary certificate issued by Missions Abroad, he then traveled to Ecuador to meet with the CoG7 leadership there on Feb 19 as planned. For more Information - Please visit our missions web site at - page 21 -

The Following are examples of how your Disaster Relief Fund (DRF) has been working hard sharing God’s love in the following areas since our last General Conference; Wildfires in Southern California - We made assistance available for temporary housing for the evacuees from the wildfires in California. Mexico in 2007 - We provided financial assistance to those that were affected by hurricane “Dean”. In the state of Quintana Roo we provided funds to help repair two churches and in Tabasco we provided assistance for medications and food for about 120 brethren needing assistance in this region. Hurricane “IKE” Relief for Galveston, TX – Your offerings to the DRF provided many thousands of dollars to help the victims of this catastrophe as well as providing financial help for our churches in the impact area. You provided for the needs of many families and gave funding to help with their church building repairs as well. Humanitarian Relief in Kenya – Your DRF provided relief for the many church members who suffered because of the political strife and violence that struck many of the areas where our churches are located. By God’s grace and your offerings we supplied them with funding for food distribution as well as clothing for those that lost everything they had in the fires that raged in a number of cities. Typhoon Relief in Myanmar – 2008 Cyclone Nargis struck Myanmar with winds over 200 Kph. Through the CoG7 brethren in Aizawl, India we were able to help a number of our families to repair and rebuild because you cared. Flooding in Cagayan de Oro Philippines - located on the island of Mindanao in the South China Sea, Cagayan de Oro was hit hard by flooding and our churches in the region were able to distribute food for those affected by the storms there. Bangladesh Cyclone Bijli Relief – Your Disaster Relief Fund provided assistance through our mission outreach there due to cyclone “Bilji” that swept through the region in April 2009. CoG7 families lost 5 of their homes and one church in the Niawhtlang Sub-Town area and are being helped by your generosity.

BEFORE and AFTER disaster strikes please remember your Disaster Relief Fund so that your brethren can share how much YOU CARE! Your GC Missions Ministries… working for you around the corner and around the world sharing the good News of Jesus Christ our risen LORD! For more Information - Please visit our missions web site at

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Zone 4 - India/Asia India …

ORISSA CHURCH PLANTING Team Members: P. Kennedy & Jacob Rao Parlakhemundi, Orissa - Pastor Jacob Rao and Pastor P. Kennedy left Hyderabad and reached Visakhapatnam on their way to Parlakhemundi, Orissa. They were received at the Airport by Pastor Hanok Kumar Nayak and his son Watson for what would be meetings held to commemorate the founding of the First CoG7 in Orissa. Orissa is a state on the north-eastern coast of India. It is bounded by West Bengal and Bihar to the North, Madhya Pradesh to the West, and Andhra Pradesh to the South. To the South east of Orissa lies the Bay of Bengal. Persecution is not a new feature to Christendom. It’s been there since ages and the Church had lived with it through. The more the Church is persecuted historically the more the Church grew in numbers. Many tried their wit, wisdom, whip and even weaponry but the Church outlived its persecutors. Hinduism is the major religion in Orissa – 94.67% followed by Christians 2.10%, Muslims1.82 %, and others 1.40%. The major Christian denominations in Orissa are Baptist, Assembly of God Church, Methodist, Lutheran and Pentecost. It is claimed by some that Orissa is the second (to Gujarat) Hindu Rajya (Hindu Kingdom or State). It is here that Dr. Graham Staines, the Australian Missionary was burnt alive along with his two sons Tim and Phillip in January 1999, while serving the leprosy patients. Jesus said that when a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it brings life. This is the Pastor & Mrs. Hanok with Jacob Rao first time the Church of God (Seventh Day) sponsored by Missions Abroad is sowing the seeds of the gospel in this State. Those of us watching these things happen will one day testify of the story of the grains of the gospel that fell on the ground in Orissa. Jacob Rao for “The Harvest”

Youth Meeting in Mizoram India... Mizoram, India - This is part of India that resides northeast of Bangladesh and west of Myanmar where the church of God has a number of churches… The PKTP Aizawl congregation (FYCers) held their annual meeting and electing their new leaders for a two year term. The photo above is a picture of the group. The youth group is needing some new musical instruments for their worship team. If you or your local church would like to help please contact us at; For more Information - Please visit our missions web site at

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12 Projects seeking sponsorship in India Would YOU or Your Church Like to Help? Please contact Missions Abroad at 423-546-0374 Or Email SL.






Umamaheshwaram Village, Pentapadu, W.G. District.)

US$ 2500.00


Old Church building renovation


Construction of new church building at Lakshmipuram, W. G. District.

US$ 1175.00


RCC Columns work completed and laid asbestos roof. Funds required for walls


Construction of new church building at Mulagalampalli, W. G. District.

US$ 1125.00


New Construction


Construction of new church building at Mulagalampalli, W. G. District.

US$ 1125.00


New Construction


Construction of new church building at Venkatagiri, Khammam District.

US$ 1625.00


New Construction


Construction of new church building at Sommulagadda, Khammam District.

US$ 1250.00


New Construction


Construction of new church building at Peruvancha, Khammam District.

US$ 1250.00


New Construction


Construction of new church building at Kalakodima Khammam District.

US$ 1075.00


New Construction


Construction of new church building at Konicherla Khammam District.

US$ 900.00


New Construction


Construction of church building at Likhitapudi, W. G. District.

US$ 1250.00


Renovation of old church building.


Providing bi-cycles and printing of tracts in local Oriya language

US$ 625.00



Construction of new church building at Yellampet,R.R. Distr.

US$ 2500.00


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Our Orphans and Widows around the World By Brian Baker If you have ever traveled to a third world country, probably one of the highlights of your trip would be interaction with local children. All will stare at the foreigner, some will touch the different colored stranger, others will wash your car windows before you can say no, and many will beg. To the passer by, it’s so cute. But if you were to dig a little deeper you may find that many of these children are orphans and some of them childhood slaves... It was about three years ago that I received this rough picture of Jacynta Adhiambo. The Women’s Ministry of the Church of God had sent me some 52 biographies and pictures. They were hoping that I could find sponsors for the children of their church that lost parents to the AIDS crisis in their area. For several years the women of South Nyanza in southwest Kenya had been taking in street children. By late 2005, they were having a tough time affording all of the expenses associated with caring for the children of their community. Having been in Kenya several times over the years on Mission Abroad trips, they contacted me wondering if I could help them in any way. I asked them for some information on the children and the night I received the information I paced in my home comparing biographies with each child. When I got to picture number 28 I stopped in my tracks as I stared at this frightened little girl for ten minutes or more. I wondered, “Why was she dressed in black when all of the other girls wore bright colored skirts and dresses? Is she going to a funeral? Why does she look so sad and scared? Most of the children smile for pictures or at least look inquisitive.” Then I read her biography. Her parents had both died of AIDS within a year of her birth. I thought to myself, “this little seven year old girl had AIDS and she knew it. The next funeral she attends could be her own.” Jacynta is now being sponsored and doing well. Some three years later, two hundred fifteen children are in this sponsorship program in Kenya and Zambia. Not all of the children have lost parents to AIDS. Some orphans have lost parents to typhoid, auto (continued on page 26)

For more Information - Please visit our missions web site at

- page 25 -

accidents, malaria, and abandonment. The Women’s Ministry of our churches in these areas invite the children into their homes and take care of them. In some cases, the children stay with a relative or sick parent. Most of the children have lost at least one parent and are under 18 years of age. All of the children attend the Church of God regularly and the older children are almost always active in the church. In many cases, widows that have lost husbands to AIDS are taking care of these children. This ministry that started out taking care of orphans is also assisting dozens of widows that take in these children and receive a small offering from Missions Abroad. But most importantly, these children are coming to know the Lord through this ministry. They were given an awful example in life by their earthly father. But the women of this ministry are introducing them to the Heavenly Father and giving them hope in this life and the life to come. They are seeing a godly life lived out through the servants in their communities known as the Women’s Ministry of the Church of God. Missions Abroad now has opportunities for orphan ministry in Nicaragua as well as other areas throughout Africa. Some of these new areas are not nearly as plagued by AIDS as much as they are by civil war or genocide. James 1:28 tells us “This is pure and undefiled religion in the sight of our God and Father, to visit orphans and widows in their distress, and to keep oneself unstained from the world.”(NASV) The book of James primarily addresses the issue of faith and works. James says that it’s not enough just to have faith; we need to put our faith into action. In this verse, we are commanded to not only live a life of faith (keeping ourselves unstained from the world) but look after those that don’t have a father/husband in their lives. We have a problem in this world of ours. There are not enough men keeping themselves unstained from this world. It’s leaving behind a slew of orphans and widows. I just read that there are an estimated one million orphans in Malawi alone because of AIDS. But your church is making a difference in Africa and in Central America for starters. Would you like to join with Missions Abroad and the Orphans and Widows ministry of the church and live out James 1:28? If so, you can sponsor a child for $26 a month or help us sponsor a group of them. In this program our goals are that ... 1. You will be able to write to your child and they will write to you as many as four times a year... when the program is fully developed. 2. Your monthly donation will go to feed, clothe, and shelter each child. 3. Some children will receive anti-retroviral medication to keep them alive if they are HIV positive (currently 53 of the children are confirmed HIV positive). 4. Some of the children will get school fees paid for by your donation. 5. When the children are in their upper teens then they will receive a calf in the Calves for Kids program. This program will purchase a calf for a child that they can raise. After a year and a half or so the calf can be sold to buy three or four more calves. After those calves reach adulthood then the cattle can be sold to pay for continued education, start a small business such as purchasing a grain mill grinder, or used to expand their herd and purchase even more calves. All of these children live in rural areas and live on small acreages in their caregivers homes. 6. As a sponsor of a child, you will receive a regular update on this ministry as well as a return envelope to make it easy to send your sponsorship donation to us. Please send your correspondence and offerings to the Conference Offices in Denver. You may make your offering check out to the Church of God (Seventh Day) and write “Orphans and Widows Fund” in the memo, if you would like to give a onetime offering. If you are interested in sponsoring a child call us at 1-303-452-7973.

Send your offerings to: Church of God (Seventh Day) PO Box 33677 Denver, CO 80233

For more Information - Please visit our missions web site at

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Zone 5 - Africa Kenya…

Report On Activities Of Youth Delegation From the United Kingdom Led By Pastor Robert Crawford – IMC Representative: Zone 5; Africa

December 2008 I wish to give God thanks for His protection and care and all His provisions in allowing myself and the youths of the British Conference to have embarked on a very successful youth mission in Kenya. This has become a major turning point in the life of many brethren in the church in Kenya. When the youths arrived they took a brief rest then headed to Chesoen School for voluntary work there. Chesoen is a private primary school owned by the General Conference Church of God Seventh Day in Kenya. They arrived there with zeal and determination, painting excellently the classroom blocks, therefore giving the school a new lovely looks ahead of its opening day. The interaction between the youths provided an excellent forum for socialization beyond the diversities that were imminent. The local youths here remained with a good story to tell as they learnt a lot from their colleagues from England. From Bomet, the youths travelled to Transmara district were they visited the church there. In Transmara, the youths being touched by the poor living conditions the brethren were going through, extended love and concern, washed the children and gave them clothes and other things. The report from that region is that the brethren are very happy and even some of those youths whose children were bathed and clothed by the youths have joined the church. The girls (youths from UK) also gave their sleeping bags to assist in Transmara. From Transmara, the delegates headed to South Nyanza where there was also a district annual convention. While in South Nyanza, the team met the orphans who are cared for by the Women Ministry in South Nyanza. They also met the sisters of the women Ministry plus those Orphans in the church who have not been sponsored. South Nyanza is one of the districts in the country that is worst hit by the HIV/AIDS pandemic, therefore the church has been affected by rising number of the orphans. The youths had wonderful moments with the children playing, sharing gifts of clothes, shoes dolls and toys with them and teaching and singing with them on the Sabbath of 27th December 2008. On the same Sabbath the team delivered medical supplies to the nurse-incharge of Ndiru Health Centre. The community at large express gratitude (through the area Chief, a government officer from the office of the president Mr. Sospeter- Oyugi), on the role the church, through Women's Ministry, has played in advocating against practices that spread AIDS. The Expression of love left a permanent impression in the hearts of brethren from South Nyanza. The teaching of Pastor Robert Crawford, and the preaching of Pastor John Njogu, plus the lovely items from the youths from the UK, presented through convention has lead to new members joining the church, and on Sabbath the 27th December 2008, Pastor Robert Crawford baptised 26 members into the family of Jesus Christ. I remained behind and facilitated a magnificent two-day leader's seminar for Nakuru District. I also re-visited Cheosen after the re-opening of the school, met pupils, teachers and the school management committee. The Cheosen School had reopened and by the time I revisited them, there was already an enrolment of ninety six (96) pupils out of whom thirty two (32) are orphans who can't afford school fees, while they should have the same right to education as other with parents. We ask for your prayer as regards these orphans and others who had not been sponsored at all. This particular trip has been a great blessing with an impact to the church in Kenya and the youths who have been challenged positively by their colleagues. Robert Crawford for “The Harvest”

Would YOU like to help us in East Africa? With the completion of the construction of the church offices in Hyderabad, India, Missions Abroad wishes now to turn our attention to building a combination church and conference office building in Nakuru, Kenya for the growing East African work. If you feel God calling you to support this effort, please send your offerings earmarked Kenyan Conference Development to GC Missions Ministries, PO Box 33677, Denver Colorado 80233 and YOU MUST earmark your offerings “Kenyan Conference Development”. Thank You for your help in East Africa!

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Sierra Leone…

This Church building being built in Sierra Leone from your offerings to Missions Abroad... This is the second phase of the construction project undertaken by the pastors of the congregations in Sierra Leone, Africa... The roof has now been installed and they wish to express their appreciation as the work progresses… Dear Brother Hicks; Greetings to you all in the name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ! I hope you and your family are fine and doing well. ...This is the information of how the money was spent. I hope to hear from you soon. Above are the photos of the building. No. Description Quality Unit cost (LE) Total cost (LE) 1. TIMBER 2. NAIL 3 ZINC PANS 4. BINDING WIRE 5. WORKMANSHIP TOTAL TOTAL IN U.S. Dollars

52 25,000 25 BOXES 30,000 7 Bundles 220,000 2 ROLES 100,000

1,300,000 350,000 1, 540,000 200,000 1,000,000 Le 4, 390,000 (National Currency) $ 1,500

Thank You and God bless you all in his Love! Bro. Pastor Peter Blackie, Pastor John Kamara, Pastor Chike Conteh.

South Africa… Raymond Anthony receives a small monthly stipend and some project funds when they are available provided by Missions Abroad. He works in a new growth area of South Africa working with an organization called PEOPLE OF MISSION DEVELOPMENT AGENCY (POMDA) that was established in 2006 in Winterveld Communal lands. Winterveld is close to Soshanguve and Mabopane Townships. It is a nonprofit organization whose goal is to support people living under the poverty line...

Progress Report for 2008 From our garden

2008 was a year of beginnings for our ministry in South Africa, thanks to GOG7 for their support throughout the year. I got a land from the local people who were starving because of lack of food, and I asked Pastor Bill to assist with finances in order to start a feeding program and a gardening project, Pastor Bill agreed and helped us the best he could with the limited resources that he had at his disposal. I started a garden which has become, the talk of the community, the garden is now feeding more than 40 families, and 50 students who were going to school on an empty stomach Here we involved some of the community members who are also our church members including the youth. It’s very important for the youth to know that they can do things together, it doesn’t really matter what it is, it’s the working together that is necessary. We find that if you get the youth together in groups they can help themselves a lot, both with trauma healing and with poverty reduction, etc, 30 were trained in a variety of income generating activities or agriculture with the intention of making the community self sufficient This year we plan to introduce agricultural training to the community, the groups will be asked to submit proposals to a competition committee that would then select the best ones for funding. These will then be assisted to go to their communities to start gardening 2008 has been a pleasure for me to work with the community as we introduced Jesus who feeds both the body and the souls. We ran a crusade and 49 were baptized as a result of the crusade, we have now built a temporal shelter to use as a place for worship. Once again, 2008 has been a pleasure for me to work with the community as we introduced Jesus who feeds both the body and the souls. In 2009 we plan to buy a farm (if we get donations) where we will build a school for agriculture and a centre for worship. We also plan to run several evangelistic crusades in the surrounding areas of Pretoria the capital city of South Africa. Your financial support will go a long way in these dreams to be realized. We also plan to officially request to be affiliated to COG7 in 2009. Raymond Anthony for “The Harvest” Missions Abroad welcomes your support of this mission. Simply send your offering to Missions Abroad and earmark it for “South Africa Anthony Mission”

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Ghana …

From the web site at Dreamland School was founded in the year 2003 by James Donkor Dugger and Agartha Amponsah (a couple) who saw the need to helping the orphans and the disadvantage ones in and around the Akumadan community, in the Ashanti region of Ghana. The increasing number of orphans, needy and less-fortunate children became a matter of grave concern to the couple and touched their heart so much so that since the year 2000 they conceived the idea of establishing such a school. They then began soliciting assistance to start this noble course which never came until the year 2003 when they began the school on their own with 15 children made up of 5 orphans and 10 needy ones. The couple views Dreamland School for orphans, needy and less-fortunate children in my community as my modest contribution to mankind. It is mainly opened to the needy children, orphans, the disadvantaged children. However, some children from other backgrounds are admitted. The school has an attendance of about 130 pupils pre-school primary 1–4, most of whom would not have received any formal education were it not for Dreamland School. One-third of these children (excluding the orphans etc.) do pay fees of about (£10). This fee is to meet administrative costs of the school, including preparing lunch for the pupils, maintenance of the school, preparing exams, buying them free books, medicals and teachers allowances. The orphans, needy and the disadvantaged students pay nothing. They enjoy education, free lunch and feel comfortable. LOCATION AND ACCESSIBILITY - The Dreamland School is located at Akumadan in the Offinso North District of Ashanti Region of Ghana. It is about 60 miles from Kumasi the capital city of Ashanti region MISSION STATEMENT - To provide support and assistance to orphans, the disadvantaged and the vulnerable children in society especially in and around the Akumadan Community (Offinso North District) so that they become useful to society. BRIEF HISTORY - Dreamland School was founded in year 2003 with only 15 orphans and needy children between the ages of 4 and 6 years, in an uncompleted Church Building. After about four years, the school was compelled to leave the Church premises which became a big blow to the founders of the school. Through the help of a philanthropist, the school was allowed to use a small piece of land on which there was a one room building. It is on this piece of land that the school has constructed a five classroom wooden structure which is currently in use. And the one-room original building is being used as the office of the school. Currently the school has 130 pupils aged between 2 and 13 years. Out of this there are 40 orphans and 60 needy children. The school has also acquired its own piece of land big enough for its intended future development purposes. Missions Abroad has begun funding the building of the new kitchen and we pray that there will be those desiring to reach out to help us continue this project that will need some $25,000+ to complete the initial plan.

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THE CHURCH OF GOD (SEVENTH DAY) NIGERIA Briefs from the Nigerian Conference

Port Harcourt, Nigeria – The following are some activities in our conference; 1. Work on the two story church headquarters on Gambia street is receiving fresh attention. The photographs in this article show the interior and ground floor. 2. The National Conference in August appointed a six man Constitutional Review Committee headed by Elder G.E. Ojadi, Elder O.E. Isirima, Elder Chijioke G. Alozoie, Pastor Herbert A. Nwandinma, Pastor A.A. Johnson and evangelist I. C. Nathan. This is with a view to fashioning a more workable constitution for the current state of the church in Nigeria. 3. A National Conference has been set for the celebration of the 70 anniversary of the CoG7 in Nigeria. It is planned for Thursday 13th through Sunday the 16th of August in the Isaac Boro Park in Port Harcourt City, capital of Rivers State, Nigeria. RIVERS CONFERENCE YOUTH MINISTRY - 2008 YOUTH CONVENTION REPORT (THEME) “ I AM THE LORD THAT LEADETH THEE” INTRODUCTION: The Rivers Conference Youth Ministry under the leadership of Bro. Gift Nkweke successfully hosted a State youth convention at Tombia Street GRA Port Harcourt. The State Youth Convention, the 3rd of its kind was witnessed by brethren from other Conferences like Abia Conference Youth etc. THEME /VENUE /DATE: The Convention was held at Model Army Secondary School Tombia Street by Polo Club G.R.A, Port Harcourt from 28th August TO 1ST September 2008, with the theme “I AM THE LORD THAT LEADETH THEE” (ISAIAH 48:17). ACTIVITIES: The Entire youth took to the major streets of the city of Port Harcourt, well dressed with their convention TShirts and Caps, with the church name clearly written on them, distributing handbills, and singing glorious songs. Topics were presented by reputable Ministers and Youth leaders. From report sent from O. Isirima for “The Harvest”

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6 Projects seeking sponsorship in Africa Would YOU or Your Church Like to Help? Please contact Missions Abroad at 423-546-0374 Or Email Project Location Zambia

Burundi Tanzania


Remarks Generator needed urgently for their Evangelism Program

Cost $800 USD

10 Bicycles for Missionary outreach

$ 900 USD

Assistance for buying 60 iron sheets and20 sacks of cement for construction of Kabisapi Church.

$1200 USD

Equipment for Evangelism- Amplifier, Speakers, Microphone a guitar and 5 bicycles. Monthly subsidy for 3 Pastors so they can concentrate on preaching the gospel

$1500 USD

Additional Funds to complete Church roof in Tanzania

$600 USD

Plan to build dormitory for 35 orphans at Cheseon School a church school owned by Church of God (Seventh Day)

$5000 USD

Assistance to finance our first International Convention for East and Central Africa in December 2010. Funds for the Development of Church Complex in Nakuru , Kenya consisting of church offices, Warehouse facilities which will serve as distribution point for orphans projects and other humanitarian need.

$10,000 USD

$450 USD

$ 30,000 USD

Thanks to YOUR participation MISSIONS ABROAD is Blessed! In special recognition of the Alfred, North Dakota Congregation, they were presented with a certificate of appreciation for their dedication to missions as a church and to thank those farmers that work with STEER and raise livestock to support Missions Abroad!

STEER INC., a nonprofit mission organization that provides long term support for a wide range of missions. Through this open door farmers can help our missions work around the world. Last year our CoG7 farmers and ranchers working with Steer Inc. provided thousands of dollars to our missions work around the world. This is quite an opportunity for the Farmers and Ranchers among u s to get involved in world missions on a day to day basis in their agricultural operations. By working cooperatively with willing Farmers and Ranchers since 1957, STEER INC. has helped raise millions of dollars in funding for it's 80+ affiliated missions agencies. The list of other affiliated missions to which MISSIONS ABROAD is added includes such names as; WORLD VISION, AWANA CLUBS INTERNATIONAL, CAMPUS CRUSADE FOR CHRIST, BACK TO THE BIBLE, NAVIGATORS, FAR EAST BROADCASTING, TRANS WORLD RADIO, and WYCLIFFE BIBLE TRANSLATORS to name a few. For further information on how you can work in the mission harvest on your farm or ranch please contact; Bill Hicks (423) 332-7191 or

A special thanks to all those dedicated to missions in their agricultural operations and especially to Harry Schlenker in Alfred, North Dakota for serving as the STEER INC. contact representative for MISSIONS ABROAD making this cooperative project funding a reality.

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Zone 6 - Australia & the Pacific Rim Countries Australia …

From left to right: John Klassek, Phil Kordahi, David Kidd, Ramon Ruiz, & Bill Hicks

Adelaide, South Australia - Brothers Ruiz and Hicks departed from their homes and met in Los Angeles, CA for their trip to Australia from April 12 – 20 and from which they would travel on with Elder Phil Kordahi, the Australian Conference Chairman, to work in the Philippines. Elders Ruiz and Hicks were met at the Adelaide airport by Phil and Sue Kordahi along with David and Angela Kidd. There were meetings held in Adelaide mid week with the local church and leadership as well. The Sabbath services were attended by brethren originating from a number of countries. Elder John Klassek who had flown in from Perth in Western Australia was also in attendance. The weekend saw meetings In the Adelaide church where Elder Ramon Ruiz delivered his first sermon in English to the congregation. On Sunday a number of the brethren took brothers Ruiz and Hicks to an outdoor market to distribute literature and then on to Glenelg on the coast for a meal. Brothers Ruiz and Hicks wish to express their appreciation to the church in Adelaide for being such gracious hosts. It was indeed a pleasure to meet with the Australian church leadership before departing with Pastor Kordahi, who currently serves as the CoG7 IMC Zone 6 representative, who accompanied them for meetings to be held in the Philippines. The Australian church is very supportive of projects in different countries within the IMC. They are a very good example of those supporting the work of the Gospel in their own country and reaching out to those in proximity to them to work in other countries as well in building projects, micro financing and conference development support. A video record of this visit is available in the “Missions Reports and Projects” section of the GC Missions web site at .

See the Australian CoG7 on the Internet… Be sure to visit the Australian CoG7 Web site at Be sure to watch the Wonderful Video Bible Teaching of John Klassek online at… For more Information - Please visit our missions web site at

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The Philippines … Cagayan de Oro, Philippines - Arriving into Manila the team of brother Phil Kordahi, Ramon Ruiz and Bill Hicks were met at the airport by Pastor Mike Dizon of the Philippines and Brother Alfred Ander of Indonesia. They traveled to the Hotel in Manila to spend the night in preparation for their flight to the Island of Mindanao. They were met by the president of the Philippine conference, Dick Baclaan, and a group of enthusiastic brethren. After checking into the hotel they were taken to visit the central offices of the Philippine conference before heading out to the Conference center in Opol, Misamis, Philippines about 10 kilometers outside of the city. The welcome services that evening were a wonderful gift to the visitors after a long day of In Manila Aiport from the left: Mike Dizon (Philippines), Alfred Ander (Indonesia), travel. The video report of this visit is available Bill Hicks (USA), Phil Kordahi (Australia), and Ramon Ruiz (Mexico) online in the “Missions Reports and Projects” section of the GC Missions web site at . The opening services included a special ribbon cutting celebration for the now completed auditorium as well as a flag raising ceremony that saw the flags raised for each district as well as that of the general conference. Brother Ramon Ruiz preached the opening sermon in a wonderful worship service in the morning. In the afternoon Pastor Billy Abugan preached and shared the difficulty of the brethren that had to cross the bridge that had been bombed by terrorists just the day before. It was a beautiful account of faith in action and was part of a worship service with the youth of the church committing to preaching the good news of Jesus throughout the Philippines. With approximately 5000 members now the Philippines is in a growth curve that they hope will allow them to have a greater impact on their county for Christ. If the worship service with their youth is any indication, God is answering their prayers.

The Church here is organized into districts and most of them have built their own camp house for their delegates where a large number of them spend the nights of the conference. They organize their own camp stores and whatever else is necessary to provide a wonderful time of worship, food, and fellowship for the 600 to 1000 delegates in attendance. This represents about 20% their members according to their leadership.

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Before departing the Philippines the team traveled to the Manila Mission. This project is being sponsored by Missions Abroad and the Australian conference. Pastor/Missionary Mike Dizon gave the team a tour of the mission area including the micro-financing projects that are being developed the by the Australian conference there. If you or your congregation would like to help us in the Philippines please contact Missions Abroad!

Zone 7 - Europe including Russia, Baltic States, & Middle East England… European Conference Report - England By Paulo Coelho, Zone 7 Representatives IMC Between the 26 and 29 of July 2008 in Manchester – England, the Convention of the Church of God (Seventh Day) occurred with the theme; “Empowering for change”. “The perception that the conditions in our global world, our lives, our homes and communities have changed significantly over the past years, have challenged us in the context of the 21st century. The church would cease to exist if it was not for change. There is clear evidence from Scriptures that Jesus is empowering his disciples for the mission of preaching the Gospel until His return. This empowering presence and driving force is the anointing power of the Holy Spirit. We must seek to make our church more accessible to people who are not followers of Christ and to manage the process of change in such a way so as to avoid alienating those who are already members of the church. Let us always remember that His grace is sufficient for us and our strength is made perfect in weakness. May we be empowered for change so that the great Church of God will arise!” (adapted from the Convention brochure) Foreign delegations attending the convention were from Germany, Jamaica, Portugal, Spain and United States of America. Special moments of preaching were made by invited pastors, namely, Robert Jacobs – Jamaica (The dynamics of change, Empowerment through the power of God and Empowerment through the Word), Nicasio Martin – Spain (The impossible ...possible by Christ – with a great live translation to English by sister Gloria member of the Church of God in Corpus Christi - Texas), Teddy Burton – England (empowerment through nurturing the human resource), Robert Crawford – England (Understanding spiritual gifts). A special address to the convention was also done by Paulo Coelho (Portugal), Leszek Kocjan and Simon Chodura (Germany) and John Lemley (USA).

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Germany… European Conference Report - Germany By Roberto Torre (Italy) It was a very blessed experience for me to attend at the German COG7 Congress, on May 24, 2008 as delegate of the Italian Conference. Many brothers came from several European countries as delegates to enjoy worship and spiritual nurturing from God through His church’s ministry. Really, it was exciting to see brothers and sisters coming from afar singing to the Lord and worshipping our loving God together. Every European delegate participated actively in the Congress so that all the people of God, gathered there, received spiritual food and encouragement. Several groups of singers gave praise to the Lord with their Christian songs while some ministers were honored to preach to the assembly. I was really honored to preach and my sermon was based on Revelation chapter 12. The message was to encourage the people of God to go ahead faithfully during these very difficult times without any compromise with the powers of the devil. We are part of the seed of the woman spoken of in that portion of the Holy Word of God: the people of God keeping all the commandments of God and protected by Him although we have to expect persecutions, trials and tribulations in the near future, before the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. What a blessed experience it was! Praise the Lord! As the psalmist says: “Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!” (Psalm 133:1)

Conference in Muenster, Germany – June 2009 Dear Brethren of the Church of God, Please receive greetings on behalf of the Evangelistic Christians of the Sabbath day. By the time you read this note by God’s grace the conference will have been held on Saturday the 27th June 2009 at 10:00 a.m. at the Markuskirche, Idenbrockplatz in Muenster-Kinderhaus. Please accept this invitation to our NEXT conference as part of our ongoing commitment and cooperation in the Christian fellowship as part of the International Ministerial Congress of the Church of God (Seventh Day). If everything goes as planned the entire conference will have been translated into German, Polish, English and Spanish by headset on site. Furthermore, we have developed an automated translation system with voice and speech recognition, which we will use for the first time, and this should also have helped us translate into languages other than the above mentioned. Please visit our web site to see the pictures of this year’s conference that was broadcast online on our web site in English and German at Cog7 Web Site offering the video web casting of their conference in June 2009

Simon Chodura (Germany)

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The Christ is Coming – “Cristo Viene” Missionary-Evangelist Support Fund of the International Ministerial Congress of the Church of God (Seventh Day) The “Christ is Coming” missionary support fund is for those that want to make a sacrifice of $20 or more a month above and beyond their offerings to their local church. These funds from hundreds of associates are now providing funding for our missionary/evangelists in approx. 15 countries. There are two ways to work with us in this ministry; 1) You can send your earmarked offerings to the address below or 2) You can start a “Christ is Coming” local accountability group to encourage others in your church to get on board and support it as a team. We only ask that it be a sacrificial offering made on behalf of missions... because Christ is Coming! We will send you or your local accountability group our update newsletters during the year so that you can pray for them. Send your offerings to; Christ is Coming – Cristo Viene, PO Box 33677, Denver Colorado 80233 If you want to start an accountability group in your local church to support this ministry please contact us at 423-546-0374 or email

For more information about this or any other of our ministries; Visit our Web Site Call: 303 – 452 – 7973 Or Write:


FAX: 303 – 452 – 0657 The General Conference of the Church of God (Seventh Day) - MISSIONS P.O. Box 33677 Denver, CO 80233-0677 or

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The Field reprot of the IMC of teh Church of God (Seventh Day)

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The Field reprot of the IMC of teh Church of God (Seventh Day)