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Choosing the Right Decorative Pillow Shams for Your Home Decorative pillow shams are an easy way to add a fresh design element to any room. Spice up your boring interior décor with this pillow case alternative, and chose shades and designs that will add a pop of color to even the most boring of living spaces. When selecting the best decorative pillow shams to accentuate your home, there are a variety of factors you should consider. By taking these considerations into account, you can have an interior décor that your friends will envy.

What is a Pillow Sham? A pillow sham is a pillow covering. Unlike pillow cases they are tight-fitting, and in many instances you may not even notice that a pillow has a sham on it. Shams are commonly used for decorative pillows, and the pillows that feature them are not usually used for sleeping. They are typically included on the extra pillows that you may find on a bed, on living room chairs, or on couch sets. It is a typical part of a bedding ensemble and will often match the coverlet or duvet cover.

Pillow Sham Design Ideas Pillow shams can play a major role in the interior design and aesthetic of your home. When choosing the right pillow sham to place in your living room or to match trendy bed linens for home decor, you should think about a few major aspects. •

Consider the rest of the room. When choosing the right decorative pillow shams for your home, you should first consider the colors of the other furnishings in the rooms. You will want the shams to match well with the color of your walls, and if your wall colors are lighter and not prominent, try matching your pillow shams with the other furnishings. For example, in the living room, choose shams that compliment with the sofa sets and any area rugs that may be present. In your bedroom, choose sham colors that match with your bedding selection.

Patterns vs. solids. Choosing between solid colored pillow shams and a pattern is also important. If much of your home décor is plain or simple, consider shams that offer a fun pattern to liven up your space. If your décor already consists of a variety of patterns, a solid pillow sham may be a better option. Too many different patterns can clash and look tacky, and a tasteful, solid colored sham can help to accent the décor that already exists in your home.

Modern vs. traditional. When looking for decorative pillows and shams, you should consider whether you want a modern or traditional look for your room. Many shams have decorative and ornate trim that can be easily incorporated into the arrangement of a traditional room. If you have a more modern design theme, simpler shams with cleaner lines and solid colors are often a better selection.

Experiment with fabrics. To add an additional element of design to your home, experiment with different fabrics when it comes to your pillow shams. Plush fabrics such as velvet, corduroy, wool, satin, or velvet can add a whole new dimension of style to your room. These colorful pillow shams for your home can serve as the ultimate accent pieces and can allow you to show off your style to your guests.

Mix it up. Another design idea when incorporating pillow shams into your aesthetic is to mix it up. Choose pillow shams that are in dramatically different colors as long as they coordinate. Bunch together pillows with different shapes and styles of pillow shams, as this can look visually appealing while also helping you avoid the trouble of choosing a single pillow sham style.

The use of pillow shams is an easy way to change the interior design or dĂŠcor of your home. Shams are available in a variety of colors, styles, and designs, so you can choose the options that best reflect your personal style. By following a few key considerations, you can choose the pillow shams that are right for you that will help you to achieve the living room or bedroom of your dreams.

Choosing the right decorative pillow shams for your home  

Decorative pillow shams are a great way to add to the interior design concept in your home. Find the best shams to accentuate and go with yo...

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