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The Waterfall Methodology An Outline

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The waterfall methodology is a framework employed in making software products where phases of the entire process are followed to the letter by the team. The model hopes to specifically define the milestones of each phase, the goals of the process, and the actual date of the product release. It was first used by the manufacturing and construction industries in the 70s, but it was used for making hardware. Today, though, the software sector is mainly using the model to design and develop software products. The waterfall methodology's phases are explained, as follows: Requirements analysis During this phase, what the clients need out of the product are established. Some of the tools used in this phase include customer interviews and use cases. Design In the design phase, things such as the hardware and software architecture of the product, performance and security parameters, designers and data storage constraints, IDE and programming language, exception handling, resource management and interface connectivity are defined and specified. The user interface of the product will be designed, too. Implementation This is where the actual building of the product is started, where specifications and requirements are followed. Another crucial thing to the phase is the separation of different roles and setting down the functions of each one in the whole team. Testing Testing verifies that the product is performing the way it was designed to, and that clients would be satisfied with it. It's handled by a Quality Assurance team.

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Installation The clients get the software product during this phase. This may mean giving them the product through sending it over the Internet, or delivering it to them by way of physical media.

Maintenance If the clients found that the product contained errors and bugs, maintenance would take care of the problem for them. Clients can then expect to get a new release or version of the product, minus the bugs and errors they first found.

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A Basic Overview Of The Waterfall Methodology