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TOMMY’S P L A C E Another semester at Tommy’s Place has come and gone, and we’ve got to say—these 15 weeks were ones for the books. We want to take a moment to reflect on just a few of our favorite memories of the fall semester before we take the big leap into 2017. From band nights to trivia nights, professional panels to football screenings—Tommy’s Place had it all. We invite you to take a walk down memory lane with us to relive the magic.

band nights. Band nights are what we at Tommy’s Place live for. Our venue was specifically built over six years ago so students of all ages could enjoy live bands, DJs and other events in a low-key, nightclub atmosphere without ever leaving campus. Since then, Tommy’s continues to stay true to this mission. We put on near-weekly live shows featuring students and local Los Angeles talents across all genres. And don’t forget, these events are always free and welcome all ages. To put this whirlwind semester into perspective, let’s review the spectacular amount of music Tommy’s shared with the Trojan family:

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Every Wednesday 7-9:30PM

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themes. This semester, we took a new approach to trivia with spectacular results. Instead of five rounds of off-the-wall, unrelated trivia categories, Tommy’s Trivia decided to take a more organized route with themed nights. The focused direction revitalized each Wednesday and inspired us to decorate for key nights, including the Halloween and Harry Potter nights. Here’s a taste of the themes if you missed out: USC // SPORTS // MOVIES // MUSIC // LOS ANGELES

the hosts. Katie Murphy Hometown: Chicago, IL Major: Electrical Engineering Trivia Fact: Katie also works as an audio technician.

Charlie Pearlman Hometown: Harlingen, TX Major: Political Science Trivia Fact: Charlie’s sister, Vicki, used to host trivia, too!

prizes. This year, we’ve seriously beefed up our prizes. Between Traditions Bar & Grill showering our winners with food and drinks, Ground Zero sprinkling Tommy’s Place with milkshakes and our fabulous sponsors such as the LA Clippers and Sony, teams duked it out for some serious swag this semester. Specialty prizes included: BLUETOOTH SPEAKERS // MOVIE TICKETS // T-SHIRTS // + MORE

Find out the Twitter Question of the Week - Follow @TommysPlaceUSC

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band nights


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student events

Tommy’s may be best known for band and trivia nights, but our venue is a jack-of-all trades. We’ve hosted students exploring USC for the first time, to current student mixers and even alumni at football game screenings. We work to serve USC students, faculty, alumni and beyond to ensure that their experience at USC is one-of-a-kind. Tommy’s Place is one of USC’s best kept secrets, but let’s not keep it that way. Don’t be a stranger, we’d love to have you and your friends stop by at our next event.

See you next semester! Tommy’s Place is a live music & events venue located below USC’s Ronald Tutor Campus center and adjacent to Tradition’s Bar & Grill. Like us. Love us. Come hang out with us.


Tommy's Place: Fall 2016 in Review  
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