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How effective is the combination of your product and the ancillary texts? Our group trailer and the ancillary texts I made were both factors of advertisement for the main product which eventually would be Violet the horror film. The products I constructed were intertextual to professional products of their genre. The distribution of a media product is essential to its success. A film distributor will be in charge of choosing the film's release date and with that deciding what revenue to choose e.g home entertainment or theatrically. Another duty they would be responsible for is picking the target audience in which the whole marketing system depends on this being suitable. They must also monitor the delivery of the films to exhibitors making sure they are delivered on time and safely. Distributors are also involved in the physical elements of advertisement such as; trailers, posters, adverts for newspapers/magazines and television to ensure they are targeting the largest possible audience. Distributors work alongside a marketing plan. A marketing plan is constructed when film making because it helps figure out how they are going to raise awareness for their film and which way will create the largest income. The plan fully elaborates on advertisement and marketing campaigns to focus on achieving the marketing objective. With the film's target audience in mind it searches for suitable methods in which they can attract the masses. An example of this could be The Woman In Black releasing a teaser trailer over a year before the film hit cinemas. The ideology of this is to start a chain of people talking and building excitement for the film. Also by advertising on social networking sites this is to attract feedback in hope more people will become aware of the film. The marketing plan also contains their ideal budget and other finance expenses. Nearer the time an increase of posters, trailers and multiple forms of advertisements increase such as pairing up with other companies e.g. when the NME produced a full spread of the latest Batman blockbuster. Marketing a film suitably is key when it comes to the reach of the film. The reach refers to how a film reaches its audience and the aim is to spread the film as far as possible to a large audience. This is relative to film distribution as the industry professionals aspire to gain a wider reach to achieve a larger global audience. They heighten their chance of this by sharing their products on as many media platforms as possible. For example horror films will be advertised later on in the evening as it will be targeting adults. I have

chosen to classify our horror film as an 18 because I think younger people would find it disturbing, arguably the trailer could be classified as an 18 but other elements which would feature in the film of Violet I think should have a Pegi rating of 18. There are many advertising revenues and media platforms to promote awareness of a film. Here are examples from Avatar‌ The teaser poster: This doesn’t give much away apart from the genre and film title. This was released about a year before the film’s release date.

Outdoor advertising: The image on the billboard shows a little more of the plot as it signifies two species coming together. There is an increase of these types of posters nearer the release dates of the film as they want to build further awareness of the product.

Teaser trailer: This was released in order to create excitement without giving too much away.

Online advertising: Avatar had 24,800 resulted in a mass the film via social

followers on twitter which audience talking about network.

Other products: Here you can see how the distributors of Avatar have teamed up with McDonalds to promote the film, and in return Avatar is promoting McDonalds. As Avatar is a generic family film this works well as it attracts children with the use of toys, who then convince their parents to take them to watch it.

Here is my final film poster. I am impressed with the end product as I think it does resemble a professional product of its type. The story for our horror film is about a group of teens who explore an abandoned building but their journey turns sour when they disturb the spirit of Violet

a tortured child who was killed on the premises. I tried to portray the fact that I am the antagonist in the image by costume and props; black and old fashioned gown and by using the doll as it toys are often used in horror to portray the evil in children. I edited the shadow into the image to signify there is a dark, evil side to the character. I also changed the colour of my hair to dark brown/black as throughout my research of horror posters I did not find the antagonist of the film to be a female with blonde hair. Blonde females in horror are usually the characters which are killed first. I made the font of the release date red and used the gradient tool to make the effect look more conventional to horror. I also chose to release it on Halloween as this is conventional with horror films as it will enable to reach a larger audience as people take an increased interest in ‘scares’ around this time. I used a ‘She will not forgive. She will not forget.’ This would draw the audience in and persuade the audience to want to find out more. I positioned the distribution and production information at the bottom of the page as I found the majority of horror posters information was positioned there also. Every film genre has specific conventions which tell an audience what genre the product belongs to. For example my horror poster is obvious to its genre as it uses stereotypical conventions of horror such as; dark colours, spooky setting and hidden face of the antagonist.

Here is a typical example of a romantic comedy, ‘Friends with benefits’. It is easy to tell by this poster that it is a rom-com by the conventional use of a male and female on the cover. This automatically registers in the audience’s mind that there will be a love story connected to the plot. The comedy element is evident by the humorous hand gestures and facial expressions.

It is clear to read the text and know that this film is aimed at children. The use of bright colours, bold texts and cartoon characters are all conventions used to attract a younger audience.

I decided to mimic the Total Film magazines as their design is simple yet effective. I looked at previous issues and based my layout on them in consideration of cover line fonts and letter spacing. I found this

difficult to try and make every cover line the same size and in the right position. I used a medium close-up for my main cover image as this is a common shot for magazine covers. I used an interrogative question in a cover line to make the audience feel as if the magazine is addressing them directly. I used words and phrases such as ‘new scares’ and everything that matters’ to convince the audience this magazine contains all the industry gossip. I chose the same colour scheme as my posters; black, white and red as they are the three main colours linked to horror.

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