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Fast food Factory Menu By:Carly Waschka 1) SSS-Spicy Summer Sausage:This spicy sandwich is perfect if you like a constant big sandwich. This is one of our congruent sandwich’s, this is a pretty big sandwich one side is a whole foot. Don’t worry though you will want another!

2) AAA-Awesome Authentic Anchovy:This is a different choice, but perfect for someone who likes strange things. It might not be a good choice if you don’t like change, this sandwich will always be a surprise!

3) SAS-Succulent Aromatic Swine:For those who enjoy pigs that don’t OINK anymore this is perfect! No surprises here it will always be the same. This one will have crisp cut angles perfectly the same!

4) SSA-Super Sized Antelope:Another strange sandwich this is not road kill this is perfectly done, except for the size it changes from time to time.

5) ASA-Appetizing Sesame Avocado:The name says it all, this is one appetizing, and mouth watering sandwich. This is made the same way every time, so no changing every, just constant!

6) AAS-Aunt Annie’s Steak-This is a favorite of some of our customers. Not only for customers who like steak but customers who like things to stay the same. It’s also perfectly seasoned, and cut at perfect 40 and 60 degree angles.

7) HL-Horrible Liverwurst:The name is offsetting, but this is really good. Even though the meat choice is kind of strange, it’s not a surprise. The perfect right angle makes it easy to eat every time.

Triangles Congruent  

Project in Mrs.Almeidas Geom. class