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Rehabilitation Centers Addiction is a physiological dependence on something as it is both physical and psychological in nature. Addiction is terribly destructive and not easy to overcome but once you accept and recognize that there is a problem then getting help and treatment is possible. Quitting the addiction is hard and many people find that they cannot do it without help. There are lots of options available like the Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous which help such people to get over their addiction. Early diagnosis is the key to treating alcohol and drug addiction and one of the most effective options is to enter a drug and alcohol treatment center or rehabilitation center. They have all the elements required for success of a person who is truly motivated to kick the addiction and the benefits offered make it worthwhile such as: •

Structure- they have a strict routine

Treatment- provide individual and group counseling sessions along with medical treatment incase a patient shows withdrawal signs

Support-they have necessary support 24/7 and can talk to someone if they have a craving in order to handle it constructively

Monitoring- the patients are monitored 24/7 and don’t have access to drugs/alcohol also they are regularly tested to ensure they are drug-free for the entire treatment period.

Follow-up-they also do a follow-up post treatment through meetings, counseling etc so that the patient can maintain their drug-free lifestyle.

The following are the 4 stages of drug and alcohol rehab recovery: •

Treatment initiation- seeking help either forced or voluntary is the first step to recovery

Early abstinence- at this stage the patient is taught coping skills by his/her addiction counselor

Maintaining abstinence- after 90 days the patient enters the third stage to maintain his drug-free lifestyle and avoid a relapse.

Advanced recovery- the last and final stage of advanced recovery is achieved after 5 years of having a drug-free life and it is during this stage that the patient puts all the tools and counseling learned during rehab to use in order to live a satisfying life.

Also, while choosing a rehab center ask your self the following questions: •

Does the drug rehab offer a variety of programs?

Is the drug rehab treatment program medically based?

What is the degree of family involvement in a drug rehab program?

Does drug rehabilitation include a quality continuing care program?

Lastly, the cost of drug and alcohol treatment depends on the type of rehab you choose. A comparative price survey is difficult and the best way to find out the range of costs is to talk to the intake advisor to discuss you financial concerns and insurance coverage so that they can help you narrow down the choices based on your needs in the most affordable way.

Rehabilitation Centers