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Drug and Alcohol Rehabs One in every ten families in the USthat has teenagers or young adults battles with drug addiction or alcoholism. The sad truth about addiction is that it not only ruins the lives of people who are addicted but it also affects lives of people they live with. Their families go through pain and sadnessof seeing their loved ones suffering from addiction. Symptoms and Causes: of drug abuse in teenagers and youth range from issuessuch as failures, peer pressure, loneliness, depression and major illnesses.The addiction usually begins with mindless indulgence in drugs and alcohol. Youth do not realize when they have formed a habit and have become completely dependent on drugs and alcohol to give them temporary relief and freedom. They become aloof from families and friends and are negligent of their duties and responsibilities. Slowly, their health fails and they are unable to think clearly or distinguish between right and wrong. And then they find themselves lost in addiction. Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment: Giving up addiction for good requires great determination and will power. About 90%addicts are unable to give up alcoholism on their own. Many courageous people try to get rid of addiction but the stronghold of alcoholism is so powerful that they cannot live without drugs and alcohol for long and go back to their bad habits. A large number of drug and alcohol rehab centers have mushroomed across the nation giving hope to addicts and their families. Addiction rehabs usually work together with volunteers or employeeswho care to change lives of addicts. Some of the volunteers or workers themselves have recovered from serious drug addiction and are able to understand the lives of drug addicts very closely. They are able to offer help and supports to help addicts get rid of alcoholism completely. They arrange for training programs and camps where addicts are given knowledge awarenessand coaching along with meditation and health campaigns where they begin to see new light and hope. Back2Basicsis one such organization that is working extensively to reach out to addicts who need help and healing. Their exhaustive program and therapeutic rehabilitation model has helped more than 3000 young people to successfully give up drug addiction and alcoholism.

Drug and alcohol rehab  

One in every ten families in the US that has teenagers or young adults battles with drug addiction or alcoholism. The sad truth about addict...

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