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Alcohol and drug abuse rehab programs The alcohol and drug addiction has spread its tentacles everywhere in the United States with more than 17.5 million people turning into alcoholics or having problems with alcohol. The consumption of alcohol is quire rampant due to its easy availability and legality that is giving majority of people a false sense of security about their own drinking habits. Majority of people are turning into alcoholics due to the myth that their consumption of alcohol is normal and is under control but in fact, the problem is serious without their knowing it. Excess of alcohol consumption over long periods can have a dramatic and negative impact on the body especially the liver, brain and throat. On the other hand, the drug addiction or abuse is also taking its toll on the health of the people in the United States with more than 22 million people presently struggling with substance abuse, which is about nine percent of the entire population of United Sates. There is also an alarming rise in the abuse of prescription drugs that has emerged as a national crisis with both Federal and State governments finding it quite difficult to control. During the past decade, the prescription drug abuse has grown from 30 million to about 180 million. The abuse of barbiturates and benzodiazepines (“benzos�) had also reached its peak. Getting out from the alcohol and drug addiction is quite challenging and it is important for the addicted person or patient to get immediate treatment by choosing the right type or kind of alcohol and drug rehab program. There are different types of programs that are available as per the medical condition of the patient addicted to alcohol or drugs. In a broader sense, there are two types of popular alcohol and drug rehab programs; one is the outpatient treatment services where the concerned patient (addicted person) can take treatment by remaining at home and on his/her own terms. The other one is the outpatient treatment that involves attending to an inpatient facility that is supposed to have higher success rates than the outpatient treatment option or services and allows for a wide range of specialties such as private rehab or executive rehab. For both alcohol and drug addiction, there is a detoxification process that forms an important part of alcohol and drug rehab programs. It can be said that there is an urgency of treating the people with addiction of alcohol and drugs by various alcohol and drug rehab programs.

Alcohol and drug abuse rehab programs