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Benefits of Cardio Tennis



Letter from the Editor: Tennis is a popular sport among all ages. I started to play around the age of seven. I played on the varsity high school tennis team all four years then took some time off until 2009. I now play two to three times a week including a cardio tennis lesson. Tennis is a wonderful fitness activity for individuals or a group. The sport is also a great way to meet people.

Top Benefits of Cardio Tennis 1. Enjoyable group activity for players of all levels. 2. Improves your tennis game by repetition of shots. 3. The main focus is the cardio workout with the bonus of improving your game.

Tennis is a fun sport to play to stay healthy and get fit. Tennis gets you more actively involved than going for an evening walk or run. It is an interactive sport that I would recommend for

4. More fun and interactive way to work out than going to a gym. 5. Improves mobility on the tennis court. 6. Fun way to fulfill your 30-60 minute day aerobic exercise required to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

everyone to try.

7. Beneficial for beginning level players to learn strokes and tennis basics while receiving a cardio workout.

This magazine will focus on the health benefits of playing tennis, how to maintain your health on the court, and a look at professional tennis players and how their fitness affects their game.

8. Overall excellent source of fitness.

Your Editor, Carly





How The Pros Stay Fit Top Ways the Pros Stay Fit 1. Disciplined Diet

2. Stamina and Strength Training

3. Running/Sprints

4. Hours of Practice on the Court

5. Focus and Determination



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