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Tom Huston sweeps you to places; drawing you into a mythical world where ruggedness and masculinity, sensuality and danger are common traits, and once you’re there … well … grab your bags and… let’s fly. Follow Tom Huston on Twitter: or online magazine:

FADE IN: INT. THOMAS HUSTON’S CASA/OFFICE - PRESENT -- MORNING We are looking at the most modern computer equipment. A MAN sits with his back to us. He is on the phone; dizzying numbers flash across #Bloomberg, as we HEAR: HUSTON I’m in. He hangs up. Rises. Strides toward us, but we can’t see his face. We PAN... LIVING ROOM Money lives here. The rustic elegance of a finely furnished hacienda. Leather sofas by a crackling fire.

Photo #Sotheby’s International Realtor

Over there is a billiard table; balls racked. The man continues under vaulted ceilings, reaching the OPEN front door, where EXT. WRAP-AROUND PORCH - CARMELO, URUGUAY -- DAY

Photo Sotheby’s International Realtor

He steps out, buttoning his #LaMartina shirt, greeted by Max, his loyal Collie. He inhales deeply and that’s when we meet: THOMAS HUSTON. He is 38, sun-kissed and handsomely rugged. He characterizes the embodiment of grace and achievement; possessing a congenital cool that makes everything he does seem effortless. Think McQueen.

But if we look close, and pay attention down the road, we’ll notice something always seems to be eating at him, insecurities, gnawing. Now, we’re LOOKING through his eyes at: a country where they turn back time, panoramic splendor of rolling grass hills - and one of the last unspoiled natural habitats for bird watching. NOW WE REVERSE TO SEE the #EstanciaTierraSanta, a luxurious hacienda located in #Carmelo, #Uruguay, and main compound of a modestly proportioned cattle ranch.

Photo Sotheby’s International Realtor

PANNING we FIND a corral, stable and barn; some WRANGLERS work horses. Over there is a GARAGE littered with countless #autos - note ‘63 #Ferrari 330 and ‘65 #LandRover Defender.


Huston slips on his #Persols….


Photo by Persols

…and withdraws his cell, saying only: HUSTON Let’s fly. Huston pads toward a Wrangler. He takes a STALLION, cinches the saddle, slips his #Lucchese BOOTS into the stirrup. Huston grips the saddle horn, and pulls himself atop the stallion.

Photo by Lucchese

Taking up the reins, Huston’s only focus is the horse beneath him. EXT. GRASSLAND -- DAY Huston gallops over grassy pastures, past ranging cattle. His stallion crosses a creek, then breaks into a full gallop, racing up the hillside.


Atop the hill, with the ranch spread out endlessly before him, Huston intakes the beauty. EXT. HUSTON’S HANGER/AIRFIELD - MOMENTS LATER Huston dismounts. Drifts across the runway to a #Bombardier Global 600 operated by #VistaJet. Folks, this ain’t just any bird -- this brawny baby is built for speed and style.


Huston. He climbs aboard. And it’s WHEELS UP. EXT. PRIVATE AIRFIELD -- MORNING Plane WHEELS FOLD OUT. Vistajet eases to a halt. Stairs extend. We CATCH Huston, stepping off ‘where the Continents meet.’ Then EXT. ISTANBUL, TURKEY - THE BOSPORUS RIVER -- DAY WHAM. We’re soaring high above #Istanbul, #Turkey, zipping along the Bosporus.


Then things go fuzzy, slightly surreal, as -EXT. FREIGHTER/BOSPORUS - CONTINUOUS We PUSH IN ON three MEN. All cock and balls. These aren’t just any guys; these are the boys of D-Circle - pure adrenaline junkies/thrill-seekers; mid 30s with rugged dispositions, who we’ll call BOB, SAM and FRANK. Huston steps into FRAME. They talk but we cannot hear. The challenge: fifteen minutes to make the ‘drop point’ and retrieve the glass token. It’s tricky, but they’ve done thrills like this before. Handshakes. Frank flips on his #GOPRO Cam, as a feral grin plays Huston’s face. CLOSE: Vintage #Tag. Second hand, sweeps, as we PULL BACK --


NOW WE’RE ON THE SHORES of the #Bosporus. All is quiet, save for crashing water against the freighter, gliding into FRAME.


We WATCH as four CARGO CONTAINER are hoisted. Hang in mid-air a beat –

THEN suddenly the doors EXPLODE OPEN --- AND out SOARS four @BMW R1100GS – ultimate Dual-Sport motorbike, outfitted by #CafeRacerDreams.

Photo Café Racer Dreams

They go sailing over the water -- SLAMMING to the ground -- Engines roaring to life. EXT. VARIOUS SHOTS OF ISTANBUL STREETS/CHASE – CONTINUOUS


QUICK SHOTS: four BIKERS racing through the narrow, jam-packed streets. Honking horns. Shouting PEOPLE. BMWS zip down sidewalks, past a #KEPINSKI hotel. TIGHT ON Huston. Like a laser. Huston pins the gas... sends BMW JUMPING a mound of crates, slamming to the ground; maneuvering the BMW with a dazzling coolness. He glances over his shoulder to see: A POLICE CAR Huston races through a STOP SIGN. Sirens. Huston pins the gas. The chase is on. QUICK SHOTS: Four bikes. People. Chaos. FRANK’S POV -- CHILD darts in front of him. He jams the brakes, fishtails, skids into a wall! CRASH! TIGHT ON SPEEDOMETER: “90 mph.” Huston maneuvers the BMW... Skates the curb - Cops in hot pursuit.

Photo by

Now Huston's picks up another CRUISER. WHOOSH. He passes SAM and BOB, heading in the opposite direction. Huston on a straightaway exhilarates. Ahead is a WOODEN CART. Huston swerves, guns the BMW, barley misses the cart. There’s only seconds left. Bikers nearing the ‘drop point.’ They just have to cross -EXT. THE BOSPHORUS BRIDGE -- CONTINUOUS -- The 16th longest suspension bridge span in the world.


VIEW ON Huston in lead. Two bikers trail - when suddenly -- CAR hits the BRAKES -- TIGHT ON Bob’s eyes -- brake lights. He jerks, swerves, skates the curb, CRASHING into the rail -- but the fun doesn’t end there -Bob’s BMW goes PLUMMETING over the bridge, pauses mid air - then slams into the Bosporus -- SPLASH! It’s Huston and Sam. Huston pulls ahead. Sam guns his BMW. The ‘drop point’s’ directly ahead. Bikes are neck-and-neck, when Sam suddenly gives a good, swift KICK to Huston’s BMW.

Huston almost loses it. But doesn’t. Sam does. Goes tumbling end over end.... EXT. DROP POINT - CONTINUOUS Huston screeches to a halt. He leaps from BMW, which smashes to the ground. Huston sprints like hell to recover the TOKEN as Sam races into FRAME. Looks are exchanged -- Sam feeling the full force of defeat. From HUSTON’s POV: Taxi. Bob and Frank, exit, and race over. SIRENS GROW LOUDER. SAM You up for the St. Regis? Wearing a look of supreme satisfaction, Huston declines -EXT. PRIVATE AIRFIELD/VISTAJET -- DAY Huston steps onto the Vistajet. And it’s WHEELS UP.


EXT. MOUNTAIN DIRT ROAD -- MORNING A HIGH VIEW ON a crisp, fresh Uruguay morning. The sun casts purple hues over ranch. We HEAR a ROAR of Argentinean Zanella Ponderosa 175cc #motorbike, and then SEE Huston -- ZIPPING below.


E/I. HUSTON’S CASA/PORCH -- DAY Five minutes later. Huston dismounts, pads inside -- directly to the fridge where he snatches a BOTTLE of #Virgen, #Casamigos #tequila, and two glasses.

SECONDS LATER - Huston settles on the porch with Max, draining the #Virgen water in one fluid swallow. A grin spreads across Huston’s face, as we REVERSE to the object of his stare: A voluptuous GIRL wedged into a cotton dress. The creature simply extends a #TomFord #tuxedo, as Huston pours the #Casamigos –

HUSTON Makes it all worthwhile. OFF HIS smile WE FINAL FADE OUT: TO BE CONTINUED....

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Tom Huston Adventure Series One  

Tom Huston sweeps us from Uruguay to Turkey for a thrill-seeking adventure with the boys of D-Circle. #JetsetPursuits Series: Tom Huston