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Application Form 2009

New Ideas Fund


c/o Benton Bridge Cottage, Jesmond Dene, Newcastle on Tyne NE7 7DA

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£100,000 in annual funding Do you have a bright idea to get more people on bikes? We have a new funding scheme that could bring your idea to life. The cycle industry is making £100,000 available via the Bike Hub levy scheme, to help finance new projects that will get more people, both young and old, on their bikes. The £100,000 could go to one project or be split over five projects getting £20,000 each. Bike Hub was created by the Bicycle Association and the Association of Cycle Traders to help secure a future for the British cycle industry. Cycle campaign groups, bicycle organisations, bike shops, and individuals who have bright ideas to get more people cycling, but need money to put their ideas into action, are encouraged to use this application form to apply for the funding.

Bike Hub already pays for and supports the annual Bike Week campaign. It also seed-funded the hugely successful Bike It scheme. Managed by Sustrans, a team of Bike It officers works directly with schools, getting thousands of children on their bikes and cycling to school every day. In 2004, Bike It started out with a team of just four officers. Today the project boasts a 43 strong team working across England and Wales. The search is now on for new schemes that can replicate the success of Bike It. While projects can be based locally or regionally, Bike Hub is looking for initiatives, much like Bike It, that can be scaled up nationally in the future. Bike Hub is also especially interested in schemes that can be managed independently as a not-for-profit activity and those offering value for money.

CLOSING DATE: 30th June 2009

About Bike Hub Bike Hub is an industry wide initiative developed by The Bicycle Association of Great Britain and the Association of Cycle Traders designed to generate funds from within the cycle industry to support the future of cycling in the UK. Independent cycle retailers together with companies who make and sell bikes, parts and accessories are directly contributing to the Bike Hub fund, which is investing in major projects to encourage more cycling. A significant majority of Independent Bicycle Retailers and many of the key names within the distribution and manufacturing industry contribute directly to Bike Hub based upon sales made. Bike Hub also receives individual personal or company donations from a number of other cycle industry sources. The participating companies are directly contributing 0.1% of their sales value to the Bike Hub Scheme. Likewise cycle retailers will pay 0.1% on all their purchases, either “off” invoice or on a quarterly invoice basis. Bike Hub is administered by a Steering Group representing the range of professional interests of the contributors. For more information please visit

New Ideas Fund: Application Form

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Bike Hub will be assessing applications against the following criteria: How the project will result in more cyclists? How the scheme will be managed? How the scheme will be evaluated and monitored? How could the project be scaled up? How quickly the project could begin? How the project will be publicised? Details of any existing or proposed commercial sponsors Proposed funding breakdown such as match funding Details of financials and a business plan

New Ideas Fund: Application Form

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APPLY NOW This application form can be completed in ink and sent to the address on the cover, or you can create a document to be emailed, using the same question format here. Emailing your submission is the preferred method. NOTE: All electronic submissions MUST be saved as PDFs and MUST NOT be sent in formats such as Word, Powerpoint, Excel or other machine-specific formats.

1. Who are you? Any individual, organisation or business can apply for the New Ideas Fund but the proposed scheme must be not-for-profit. Your details Personal name of applicant


Postal address




2. Your proposal Use a separate sheet, if necessary. Title of project

Bid amount (not less than ÂŁ20,000 p.a. for two years)

Start date

Any match

End date (if any)

How much and from whom?


New Ideas Fund: Application Form

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3. Management & Goals Use a separate sheet, if necessary. Who will be managing this project?

State any previous similar projects undertaken

Aims of this project

By end of project, what will have been the quantifiable outcome? e.g. % growth in cycle journeys

4. Monitoring & Measurement Use a separate sheet, if necessary. Who will be monitoring this project?

New Ideas Fund: Application Form

State how you will measure and monitor the project

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5. Deliverability Use a separate sheet, if necessary. How many personnel will be needed to

Provide a timeline of the project, from start to any finish, including

deliver this project? State whether

any further injections of capital from other sources

personnel (including management) will be paid or voluntary, or a mix of both

6. Scaleability Use a separate sheet, if necessary. Is your project local or national?

Number of locations

If local, how can your project be scaled to go national?

Location of project HQ

Could your project be undertaken in England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland? Or would it be suitable only in one or two out of England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland?

New Ideas Fund: Application Form

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7. Business Planning Please provide a business plan as a separate document. Your business plan must include a 12 or 24 month cashflow forecast (including all capital introduced); and ongoing revenue (including any match funding). Your business plan must include costs and details for the project’s publicity programme.


Has this project been included

plan attached

in any previous funding bids?

(Yes or No?)

(Yes or No?)


30th June 2009

POSTAL SUBMISSIONS The preferred submission method is by email. If posting a hardcopy, you can submit paper documents and/or CDs. Documents on CDs MUST BE in PDF format only) BIKE HUB

c/o Benton Bridge Cottage, Jesmond Dene, Newcastle on Tyne NE7 7DA

EMAILED SUBMISSIONS This is the preferred submission method. Please DO NOT send Word, Excel or Powerpoint documents or any other machine-specific formats. Submissions MUST BE in PDF format.

New Ideas Fund: Application Form

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New Ideas Fund Application Form 2009  

£100,000 in funding via the Bike Hub levy scheme.

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