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Cleaning Up The Building Sites. It is usually a very welcome sight - a brand new building going up somewhere in town, often a sign of new jobs and prosperity coming into the area. The act of building, for example, a new office block, entails a lot of extremely hard work and a good deal of mess. After months of construction work, the finished building is a real triumph for the builders and owners, but neither party usually want the hassle of clearing up the considerable aftermath. The brick dust everywhere, the bits of rubbish and leftover waste from materials used throughout, the marks on the floor from men traipsing in and out each day…. A building site can end up looking like a bomb site! This is where we come in. We have excellent experience in dealing with the detritus that inevitably litters new buildings at the end of a construction project. The team from Carlton Cleaning can remove unwanted rubbish and thoroughly clean every room as necessary, from vacuuming carpets to wiping down window sills, deep cleaning until the building looks as new and sparkling as was intended. We take on building site cleaning as a project in itself. We assess the site beforehand and find out exactly what is required in order to carry out an outstanding cleaning job. Then we work to your timescales, moving in when the builders move out, doing whatever it takes to ensure that the building is ready and looking pristine by your specified deadline. Moreover, as we are Carlton Cleaning and only work to the highest standards, we can offer our cast iron guarantee. If our customers are not entirely satisfied then we offer a free reclean, or if not possible will not charge any fee at all – such is our confidence in our ability to get it right first time. If you have a building site that needs clearing up, please don’t hesitate to get in touch – we will provide a full, professional service that will leave the building looking absolutely spotless.

Cleaning Up The Building Sites.