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Menu suggestion November 2010 until January 2011

Menu Menu 1 for CHF 64

Menu Menu 2 for CHF 72

Potato - leek soup with truffle cappuccino

Homemade cheese ravioli with Belper Knolle

Veal saltimbocca with Datterini tomato risotto and vegetable cylinder

Mägenwiler corn fed chicken with grape Tatar with a oriental polenta roulade and carpaccio of market vegetables

Tiramisu slice with mocha ice cream

Coconut ice cream with almond-honey-chips and pineapple flakes

Menu Menu 3 for CHF 76 76

Menu Menu 4 for CHF 88

Wasabi cream soup with tartar of marinated salmon

Scampi-carpaccio with Asian vegetable terrine and Vinaigrette

Braised oxtail tournedos on chorizo sauce Macaire-potato soufflé and vegetable bouquet

Truffled salsify soup

 Chocolate mille feuille with Belgian ice cream and gratinated berries

 Swiss Prime roast beef, roasted in a herb-pommery-crust with a Banjul gravy, market vegetables and thyme-potato-quattroni  Amaretto parfait with fig biscuit and Tonka bean ice cream

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Menu Menu 5 for CHF 98 Mosaic of tuna and butterfish with lime-caviar foam  Homemade ravioli with spinach-ricotta, morel sauce and Belper Knolle  Filet of Beef Rossini at Tonka gravy and winter vegetables  Warm chocolate pudding with liquid centre and mandarin sorbet

You certainly can also replace the courses among each other. A 5 course menu will be presented to you on request. Further we offer the following main courses:

Main courses courses vegetarian Homemade cheese ravioli with sautéed mushrooms and truffle cappuccino Vegetable strudel with cardamom sauce Vegetarian Moussaka Millefeuille

CHF 29.— CHF 31.— CHF 35.—

Main courses with meat Beef filet medallion with truffle sauce potato gratin and market vegetables

CHF 59.—

Marriage of beef tenderloin, beef and veal cheeks with thyme gravy, potatoes and vegetable pot pourri

CHF 56.—

Veal with morel sauce, homemade angel pasta, saffron risotto and vegetable sticks (just for more than 10 peoples)

CHF 64. —

Main courses with fish Sea bass larded with smoked garlic on foamy sauce verjus, green tea rice and pan fried vegetables

CHF 48.—

Monkfish on tomato olive caponata with saffron risotto and glazed vegetables

CHF 52.—

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Festive Menu suggestion 2010

Menu 1 for CHF 80

Menu 2 for CHF 95

Ravioli with seafood and lobster bisque

Tournedos of marinated salmon on Papaya – Passion fruit-Tartar and wasabi sabayon


Homemade terrine with pumpkin, smoked venison and cranberry espuma

Rainbow ravioli with slipper lobster, spinach and lime foam

Rendezvous of beef fillet and beef cheeks with vegetable Potpourri and horseradish - mashed potatoes

Double beef entrecote with mountain herb crust and Banjules gravy, glazed pumpkin, and potato cigars


Guinea Fowl breast with Christmas spices, couscous and seasonal vegetables

Mocha Parfait with espresso - ice cream filling and vanilla – rum - sauce

 Hazelnut – macaroon with praline espuma and orange – Cointreau – ice cream

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Menu 3 for CHF 125

Menu 4 for CHF 115

Autumn salad with glazed kidneys and chive - Vinaigrette

Mosaic of tuna and butterfish with lime – caviar - foam

 Steamed shrimps with red bull essence, rice triangoli and vegetable cylinder

 Duo of roast venison and duck liver, spice sauce with Shitake potato dumplings and glazed vegetabiles  Brie de Meaux with truffles and mustard - Vinaigrette  Dark chocolate marquise with mandarin creme brulee

Sauerkraut soup with truffle and croutons  Absinth – raspberry sorbet  Turkey breast with traditional Christmas stuffing, glazed wild praline, and potato – mushroom – cake  Glazed chocolate cream with citrus salad and pistachio ice cream

Menu 5 for CHF 130

Menu 6 for CHF 145

Crawfish – medaillon with truffled artichokes - carpaccio and blue potatos

Veal sweetbreads – carpaccio with lobster -Vinaigrette 

Black salsify- and truffle soup

Ravioli with pan fried forest mushrooms and champagne sauce

 Cod with fennel - peperonata and Bouillabaisse sauce  Duo of Veal and Sisteron-lamb with potato – Soufflé and vegetables 

Poached skate wings with rum foam and vegetable spaghetti  Turrets of fillet of beef with morel mushrooms Thyme – potato pie and vegetables  Warm chocolate pudding with liquid centre, mountain mandarin sorbet and almond espuma

German Treecake with pear – mousse, butterscotch and Fleur de Sel ice cream

Carlton Restaurants & Bar Bahnhofstrasse 41 CH-8001 Zürich Telefon +41 44 227 19 19 Fax +41 44 227 19 27

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