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Flying Dinner & Lunch We serve you a flying dinner or lunch in various porcelain or glass plates. The variant 1 is intended as a snack, all other variants as full menus.

Variant 1 CHF 36.00

Variant 2 CHF 52.00

Parsley root soup

Mulligatawny soup with chicken skewers

Cheese ravioli with walnuts and Belper Knolle

Cheese ravioli

Shrimp Saltimbocca with green horseradish mash Meatball skewers with vegetable strudel and pepper coulis

Red mullet with curry foam and Basmati rice Polenta- roulade with forest mushrooms and roasted lamb medallion Veal Saltimbocca with cranberry sauce and almond Spätzli

Variant 3 CHF 66.00

Variant 4 CHF 75.00

Vegetable soup with pink pepper

Spinach velouté with lemon foam

Alpine Maccarone with apple foam

Spanish potato tortilla

Lightly smoked tuna tatar with exotic fruit mosaic

Home-smoked graved salmon with Swedish dill-mustard sauce

Greek vine leaves stuffed with herbed rice and Calamansi - sabayon

Grilled vegetable skewers with tofu medallion

In grappa pastry baked calamari with yogurt sauce

Shrimp on a skewer with parsnip – lemon mash Chicken curry with Jasmine rice

Stuffed chicken breast with dried tomatoes and Taleggio Polenta Veal Involtini with sage sauce and rosemary gnocchi

Sliced veal Zurich style with Macaire potatoes Grilled beef cutlet with fries Allumettes

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Dessert-H채ppchen CHF 20.00 Panna Cotta with passion fruit jelly Mini New York Cheesecake Exotic fruit shot with Tonka beans Mini Cornet with biscuit ice cream

You also can replace each dish with each other. Then we create you a customized price quote.

Carlton Restaurants & Bar Bahnhofstrasse 41 CH-8001 Z체rich Telefon +41 44 227 19 19 Fax +41 44 227 19 27

Flying Dinner English spring  
Flying Dinner English spring  

Flying Dinner English Spring