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1. Where is Álvaro from? Alvaro is from Santiago, Chile. 2. He speaks generally about Santiago. List three (3) details given. It has favourable climate , it is rich and is in a valley. 3. What does he say about the different seasons? Complete the table below.

SPRING (2 details) 1.very nice weather 2. not cold

SUMMER (1 detail) 1.very dry

AUTUMN (1 detail) 1. very nice weather

WINTER (2 details) 1. cold 2. Does not rain much

4. In the second paragraph, Álvaro speaks about the people. How does he say they spend a typical day? On a typical day they ski in the mornings in the afternoons go to Santiago and then eat on the coast. 5. What have you been told about the northern part of the country? Give (4) details. The northern part of the country is a) very dry; b) has the largest desert in the world; c) the desert is Atacama; d) It rains there maybe once a year. 6. Why does he think it is a good place to live? Give three (3) reasons He thinks it’s a good place to live because: a) It is very safe; b) It is tranquil / calm;

c) The people are very nice

Spanish comprehension 6  
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