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Business and machines Carlsberg

Important dates

1847 :

Carlsberg was founded by J.C Jacobsen.

1868 :

Carlsberg exportet their first barrel of beer to Scotland

1882 :

J.C Jacobsen son Carl opens a brewery under the name Ny Carlsberg.

1887: 1897 : 1904 ;

History Carslberg was founded by J.C. Jacobsen in 1847. Export of Carlsberg beer begain in 1868 when the export one barrel of beer to Scotland. In 1882 J.C. Jacobsen sons Carl opens a brewery under the name Ny ( new ) Carlsberg. J.C. Jacobsen then changed the name of his brewery to gamle ( old ) Carlsberg. In 1887 J.C Jacobsen dies and the Carlsberg foundation takes over gamle Carlsberg. In 1906 Ny Carlsberg and Carlsberg glypotek witch were opend in 1897 join forces under the name Carlsberg Breweries with Carl Jacobsen as director. Carlsberg opens their first overseas brewery in Blantyre, Malawi in 1968. In 1975 Carslberg released their slogan “Probably the best lager in the world” with voice over by Orson Welles. Hrannar Og Daníel

1906 :

J.C Jacobsen dies Ny Carlsberg Glypotek opens. Carlsberg logo introduced Ny Carlsberg and Gl. Carlsberg join forces under the name Carlsberg


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The business part of Carlsberg Group Carlsberg has grown very much since they opened their first headquarters in 1847. Today there are over 41,000 employees and Carlsberg is the fourth largerst brewer in the world. Carlsberg is among the biggest barnds in Europe and is also becoming bigger brand in Asia. The business is focused in Western Europe witch Carlsberg is the second largest brewer, Eastern Europe where carlsberg is the largest brewer and in Asia. In all these continent Carlsberg has very strong marketing position. Carlsberg also service the rest of the world but mainly Hrannar

Strategy’s are driven by six strategic levels 1.Measuring our performance: We measure our performance and achievements against our ambition and strategy on a regular, ongoing basis using a wide range of financial and none financial KPIs

4. People We must have higly skileld employees who are empowered and engaged in order to deliver in a highperformance culture. We set the bar high and invest in our employees to attract, develop and retain best-inclass people.

2.Consumers brand & innovation: We must always view and evaluate our brands and innovations from a consumer´s prespective. We aim to create the right innovations and brand them in the best possible way in order to make them attractive to our consumers.

5. Effectiveness & Efficiency: We must continue to drive our efficiency agenda. We need to get the most out of our resources while doing the right thing and focusing on action and activities that most benefits the group.

3.Customers: We want to win with our customers. This requires us to work strategically with our customers and to maintain a creal focus on executin at the point of sale 2

6. Socity & reputation: We are aware that every decision and action we take affect our reputation and among our stakeholders We integrate CSR throughout our value chain, and manage and measure our reputation in order to secure our licence to operate and grow in all our markets


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Thirst For Great The policy of Carlsberg Group is

Carlsberg Commercials

Great people. Great brands. Great Moments. Founded on the motto, -Always burning; we never settle, but always thirst for better

For more than three decades, carlsberg has been one of the largest commercial sponsors of professional football, and Carlsberg beer and football are almost inseparable.

We are stronger together because we share best practices, ideas and successes. We brand as many, but we stand as one.

Did you know?

With the courage to dare, to try, to take risk, we constantly raise the bar. We don’t stop brewing great beer. We brew a greater future. – For our consumers, our communities and our people This passion will continue to burn and forever keep us thirsty.

From 1881 Carl Jacobsen used the ancient symbol of the swastika but that was long before the natzis hijacked and destroyed the symbol.



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The brewing machines Machinery has a big role in brewing beer, it can be found in every stage of brewing. All though brewing beer has followed man through the ages it has gotten better in the last century. Beer was discovered by accident when men left the barley in a bucket in an field and then it rained alot and when they came back to the bucket the barley had malted and that was the start of brewing beer. From then on after men have been making beer and in the middle ages and beer was safer to drink. So many diffrent kind of beer was brewed and those ways of brewing has survived in some places but in company‘s like Carlsberg it‘s done by automated machines that control the brewing and are brewing the perfect brew. But in the old days men used wheat mills like this one to the left to brew the bear. The wheat was in the house and then the wheel on the outside turned because of the water that came from a creek from above the house and the water ran across a steel runway and the it fell in to a slot on the wheel and the weight of the water made the wheel turn. This to me is very cool because this is very innovative on their part because they were using nature to its fullest and not hurting it at the same time. Here in Iceland there was a ban against selling beer for a few years but they went back on that because they realised that things were just worse without beer because then men were selling it illegaly, it was called moonshine in english. But with the time that passes new and more afficient ways of brewing are discovered and to days brewing is very diffrent compaired to the ways in the midde ages. Today tons of barley is malted by drying it and then it is put in huge containers where it lies in water for 24 hours. After that the water is drained from the barley and then it is put in germination boxes where it stays for 5 to 7 days after that the barley is called green malt. When the germination period is done the malt is piped to the kilns where the malt is dried and there are machines that keep the tempeture at the exactly right place and there are sensors that can tell when the malt is dry enough those sensors are very important because you could damage the malt if it is in there for to long. During the drying period the malt assumses a color that will characterize the beer. When this is finished the malt is cooled and stored in silos until it is taken into the brewhouse. There the malt is crushed by a machine that hordes the malt in to a chamber where it is crushed and then again blended again blended with water to form a mash.



Fun Facts about beer Did you know… That the babylonians were the first ones to brew beer and they took beer brewing very seriously and if you brewed a bad batch the punishment was to be drowned in it. That in 1814 in England a brewery tank containing 3500 barrels of beer ruptured which caused a big wave of beer which destroyed two houses and killed nine people. Light is the main cause for beer going bad. On the grounds of mount Vernon George Washington had his very own brewhouse. In ancient Egypt workers on the pyramids were paid in beer they got about 1 gallon for a days work. In the middle ages beer was consued more than water and that was because clean water was very hard to find and drinking beer was safer than drinking contaminated water. At any given time, 0,7% of the world population is drunk so know about 50.000 people are drunk. That the strongest beer in the whole world is 67,5% percent and it‘s made by a company called Brewmeister. Cenosillicaphobia is the fear of a empty glass. The record longest hangover was 4 weeks long and the pain was felt by a Scotsman who consumed 60 pints of beer in one night.

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Then the tempature is brought up to 78°C by a heater that is under the tank and there is a sensor that stops the heater at the right time and then the malt is turned into malt sugar by the enzymes the came during the malting process. Then approxamently 70% of barley has turned into starch. At the end of brewing the boiling wort is transfered in to a whirlpool by a big pump that pumps it through where the hop is removed from the mix. Then the wort is pumped to stainless steel tanks where the tempature is brought down to 14°C and yeast is put in the tank and so begins the fermentation process which takes from 7 to 11 days that depends upon the beer when the fermentation is finished the yeast sinks down to the bottom and the beer is then taken to a another tank and the tank that it was removed from is clean and that is all automated machines that clean the tank that boil the water and put the exact right amount of cleansing materials in the tank that allowes for better efficiency and saving money.

This is an example of an old brewing house.



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Business and machines

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