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Carlsbad Chamber announces theme of 2014 Annual Awards Dinner


The ReadyCarlsbad Business Alliance joins the list of regular Chamber committees in 2014


The beneямБts of doing all of your holiday shopping in Carlsbad

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VOL. 30, NO. 10-11

Business Awards toast ‘Roaring ‘20s’ Mark your calendars for the evening of Friday, Feb. 28, 2014 and make plans to join the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce as it recognizes the best in business at its Annual Business Awards Dinner. This year, the theme is “The Spirit of the Twenties: Business is Roaring.” The event will draw parallels between the present day boom of science, technology and progress with the excitement of the 1920s. “In exploring this theme, we were amazed by the similarities between the eras,” said Toni Padron, the Chamber’s COO and executive vice president. “New technologies such as cars, telephones and movies spurred those exciting times, in a similar way that modern-day advancements in areas of the sciences and technolgies are opening new frontiers for us.” The Annual Business Awards Dinner has a reputation as a must-attend event for the area’s business and community leaders, making it Carlsbad’s largest celebration of business, entrepreneurship and success. No details are spared to make the evening glamorous and inviting. We have many surprises this year, so stay tuned. The Chamber is also tweaking the categories of the awards that it presents as a way of showcasing Carlsbad’s key industries. Awards will be presented to the top companies in the following fields: Information and Communications Technology; Action Sports & Manufacturing; Life Sciences; Hospitality & Leisure; and Clean Technologies. The nomination period opens on Dec. 1 on our website, Nominations can come from a number of sources: From the businesses themselves or their employees, business partners or clients.



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Chamber unveils plans for iconic marker


n commemoration of its 90th year of acting as the united voice of business, and as a token of goodwill toward the community that it has helped thrive during nine decades, the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce is offering to put up a welcome sign in the Village of Carlsbad. With a design rooted in the past and with a clear vision to the future, the sign, proposed near the intersection of Carlsbad Boulevard and Carlsbad Village Drive features a simple, clean design reminiscent of a historic welcome marker that stood near the location in the 1930s. That sign was erected by the Chamber (during a brief period immediately after the Great Depression in which it renamed itself as the Carlsbad Community Improvement Club). As an added feature, renowned maritime artist Wyland has created a 5-foot tall dolphin casting, a feature that will delight children and pay tribute to the important role that Carlsbad’s seaside setting has played in its role as one of the jewels of San Diego County. “Darlene the Dolphin,” as the sea mammal has been affectionately named, is a nod to the era of the ‘20s and ‘50s, which are said to be the heyday of the historic U.S. Highway 101, along which Carlsbad Boulevard sits. During those times, the most iconic spots along the route were playful, such as Noah’s Ark, a restaurant that was on Ponto Beach that featured several different animals cut of wood on the hillside with reflective eyes.



Conference teaches how to lead in a different way Servant Leadership Institute’s Winter Conference is Feb. 4-5 BY ROBIN SWIFT | Servant Leadership Institute

Imagine a world where companies are committed to being profitable and serving others. This can happen when servant leadership is in play. The annual Servant Leadership Winter Conference is the place to learn about this growing global movement from those who’ve adopted it — and now seek to inspire others to follow their lead. “We’re having great fun with our conference theme – Changing the Game,” said Art Barter, CEO and president of Servant Leadership Institute (SLI). “We’re going to focus on game changers who are making an incredible difference in how they lead by focusing on the way they obtain results, which is more important than the results themselves.” Keynote speakers and workshop presenters will reveal how servant leadership can make a positive difference in our world by changing leadership behaviors to create a more prosperous, positive, and productive environment. Following a Feb. 3 welcome reception, the conference will be held at the Omni Resort Hotel in downtown San Diego on Feb. 4 and 5., Innovative companies are discovering that

embracing servant leadership to influence people without using traditional powermodel strategies maximizes their talents and positively affects the bottom line. The two-day conference is packed with game-changing information presented over three innings: • First inning: Connect — Be a Game Changer • Second inning: Trust — Change the Game of Trust • Third inning: Act — Keeping Score: How to Achieve Results In addition to gaining knowledge about servant leadership from a team of respected speakers, attendees will participate in stimulating workshops as well as a Geoteaming activity for a local charity at Petco Park hosted by award-winning sportscaster Dick Enberg. Confirmed speakers are: • Art Barter, Owner & Chairman of Datron World Communications and Founder &


The Servant Leaderships Institute’s 2014 Winter Conference on Feb. 4-5 at the Omni Resort Hotel in Downtown San Diego will feature game-changing information presented over “three innings.”





Thoughts for the end 2013

• Without rest, a man cannot work. Without work, the rest does not give you any benefit. • You have reached the pinnacle of success as soon as you become uninterested in money, compliments, or publicity. • The highest reward for your work is not what you get for it, but what you become by it. • Young people live in the future. Old people live in the past. Wise people live in the present. • It’s right to be content with what you have, but not with who you are. • Success is not perfection; success is slightly above average. • Life is like riding in a taxi. Whether you are going anywhere or not, the meter keeps ticking. • Until you value yourself, you won’t value your time. Until you value our time, you will not do anything with it. • The world stands aside to let anyone pass who knows where he is going. Happy holidays. See you in 2014

Carlton Lund with Darlene the Dolphin, a casting by noted marine life artist Wyland.

One last kudo for the road Since the November and December editions of the Carlsbad Business Journal are combined in this issue, and my term as chairman ends at the end of the year, this is my last Kudos column. I just want to say that it’s been great spotlighting all of the positive accomplishments that our members have reached during my two-year tenure. When you pick up the next issue, in January of 2014, you’ll get to hear from John Osborne, director of external affairs of AT&T, who will step up to be the chairman of the board. I look forward to hearing from him! This column has always been about focusing on the positive things that our chamber members are doing. I’ve always said that what I want to do is shine the spotlight on others. With this being the last of my columns, however, I’d like to take the opportunity to shine the spotlight on a project that is very dear to me — one that I’ve been working on for nearly 13 years: putting up a welcome sign in Carlsbad — one that will add to all of the great landmarks that our beloved community already has. With this being the 90th anniversary of the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce, I think the time is right to pursue this project, a meaningful one that will have a lasting effect on the City of Carlsbad for years to come. Recently, I brought my vision to the board of the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce and they’ve agreed to take it on as a project. The Chamber has submitted the plans to the City of Carlsbad for its consideration. In the months ahead, this proposal will make its way through the city’s official process, and I hope that it has your support.


Where did the year go? It seems only yesterday that I was celebrating my birthday of June 14. This issue is the last one of the year. It is a double issue with lots more news. I thought I would take the opportunity to reprint some of my favorite quotes. Remember these:



I’ve always said Carlsbad would benefit from a world-class welcome sign, and I’ve been working hard to make that a reality. In 1938, this Chamber (which briefly changed its name to the Carlsbad Community Improvement Club) was getting over the effects of the Great Depression and some members got together to put up a sign along U.S. Route 101 on the southern part of town. This lighted sign, which could be seen for miles around, was located near the site where this proposal is — near the intersection of Carlsbad Boulevard and Carlsbad Village Drive. My vision for this new project is for a design that pays tribute to that project and its classy vibe and updates it with a playful design that will add to the sign’s appeal. I’m good friends with noted sealife artist Wyland — I sit on the board of his foundation — and I approached him about creating a 5-foot porthole casting of a dolphin that will be on the top of the sign, lifted by the letters in the world “Carlsbad.” Wyland has agreed to let us use the design, which I’ve named Darlene after Wyland’s mother. Wyland is well known for his love of marine life, his lifelike depictions of whales, dolphins, stingrays and other magnificent creatures. I know that Carlsbad, with

its proximity to the great Pacific Ocean, has a strong interest in the sea and in environmental conservation. All of these combined interests make Wyland’s art a perfect symbol for our community. Thinking about the future, I’ve seen children — including my own grandchildren — react to Darlene very positively, and I can tell you know that this is a very powerful image. My hope is that the sign one day becomes an icon of Carlsbad. I can picture it on postcards, on family vacation photos from those who come and visit our lovely city every year! I can picture our youngest of visitors begging their parents to stop and take a photo with Darlene, and Wyland aficionados coming to the area, the way that his most well-known series of whale murals drew fans from all over to the places where they were painted. It will be a distinguishing landmark of our city — broadcast on TV whenever nationally-televised events take place in Carlsbad. When history books are written about our city, the sign might be prominently displayed! It takes a lot of people to bring this to reality, so I want to give KUDOS to all of those who have helped with this endeavor. KUDOS to Mark King and Taylormade Golf Co. for its grant, which is paying for the construction and design of this sign. KUDOS to Mike Howe’s of Howes, Wieler & Associates, who is helping us ferry this project through the permiting process with the City. KUDOS for the Chamber staff for the hours that they’ve put into this process, and KUDOS to the Chamber board for helping me accomplish this 13-year dream. It has been a pleasure to serve as the Board Chairman for the past two years.

Chamber publications win press club awards The Carlsbad Business Journal, the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce’s monthly publication, and “Our Place in Time,” a special publication celebrating the chamber’s 90th anniversary received top awards at the San Diego Press Club’s 40th Annual Excellence in Journalism Awards, which were presented at a ceremony on Oct. 29 at the Joe and Vi Jacobs Center in San Diego. The ceremony was emceed by Dennis Morgigno and was attended by more than 400 people. More than 350 awards were presented in 136 categories, including daily and non-daily newspapers, radio, television, websites and trade publications. This year the club received a record number of entries, which were judged by members of a panel from outside

the area. Chamber staff were awarded the following first-place awards: • Non-Daily Newspapers: Feature Layout Design - Edgar Rodriguez for the entry ”The American Spirit in Action” Carlsbad Business Journal • Trade Publications: Association/Member publication - José A. López and Edgar Rodriguez for The Carlsbad Business Journal. • Trade Publications: Special Interest or one-time publications - Edgar Rodriguez, José A. López, Bev Jorgensen, Scott Peltier, ”Our Place in Time” Carlsbad Business Journal. Earlier this year, the Carlsbad Business Journal won first place in a publications competition held by the Western Association of Chamber Executives (WACE).

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Pictured from left are chamber Marketing Specialist Scott Peltier, Director of Communications José A. López, and Art Director Edgar Rodriguez

MEMBER MARKETPLACE .............17 GREEN SPOTLIGHT ......................20-23


Tri-City’s Diamond Ball honors ‘Big John’ The Tri-City Hospital Foundation bestowed its Legacy Award upon John Haedrich, the owner of Tip Top Meats & European Deli, honoring his more than two decades of service as a board trustee for the foundation and his years of leadership and philanthropy in the community. Carlsbad Mayor Matt Hall presented the award Nov. 2 at Tri-City’s Diamond Ball, which was attended my more than 600 people. Tri-City Hospital Foundation has been a beneficiary of Big John’s generosity and community involvement. He served on its board of trustees for more than 20 years, was the board’s president from 1991 to 1993 and has been involved as a sponsor and donor since retiring from the board in 2005. From youth sports to 4H activities, the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce to seniors programs, local nonprofits and businesses have been able to count on Big John for leadership and service. “Big John is one of our community’s larger than life personalities and a model citizen. His entrepreneurial successes and his tremendous generosity are a true inspiration to all who know him,” said Kevin Stotmeister, chair of the foundation’s Board of Trustees. “The TriCity Hospital Foundation is delighted to honor him with the 2013 Legacy Award.”

The Omni La Costa Resort & Spa has unveiled the Legends Golf Course, a renovation to what was previously the resort’s South Course.

La Costa unveils Legends Golf Course “Big John” Haedrich with his wife, Diane. Good health and athletics were essential to Big John’s own youth and development in post-war Eastern Germany. They gave him the confidence and discipline he needed to find success as he pursued his early career as a butcher and ultimately moved to California, started a business and achieved the American Dream.

The Omni La Costa Resort & Spa unveiled the thoroughly renovated Legends Course (formerly the South Course) at a special ceremony on Nov. 10, celebrating a milestone in the meticulous restoration of the iconic golf venue that once again offers 36 holes that reflect the destination’s rich golf history and tradition. The debut of Legends – which is to open for resort guests and the general public on Nov. 17 – completes La Costa’s second golf renovation project in the last three years. Both were under the direction of Pascuzzo & Pate Golf Course Design. The remodeled Champions

Course opened in 2011. Tee times for both courses are now being accepted at As with the first project, the Legends Course embraces the primary elements of the original Dick Wilson/Joe Lee design, which has challenged the greatest names in the game for more than 40 years. “We are pleased to have restored these legendary golf courses to worldclass standards,” said Paul McCormick, vice president and general manager at Omni La Costa Resort & Spa. “The new Legends Course adds to the excitement as we begin a new chapter in La Costa’s golf history.”

MiraCosta eyes Carlsbad for $2.75m training center MiraCosta College is considering Carlsbad as it looks for a place to open a new educational training facility for machinists and industrial technicians, an endeavor made possible by a $2.75-million federal grant from the Department of Labor. The grant will help MiraCosta develop the Technology Career Institute (TCI), which is expected to help students — including returning military veterans and the unemployed – get the training needed to compete for high-skilled and highpaying jobs in the manufacturing

and technology industries, the college stated in a new release. “MiraCosta College is committed to serving the needs of our region by preparing students for careers that will allow them to work and live in North County San Diego,” said MiraCosta College Superintendent/President Francisco Rodriguez. “This grant will benefit our entire region by allowing us to provide the training for jobs workers want and local employers need to fill. We are thrilled to be a recipient and eager to begin work on growing our own workforce.”

The new institute will be able to enroll nearly 700 participants during the four-year grant period. Linda Kurokawa, director of Community Services, said the grant allows MiraCosta to work with industries in high-tech manufacturing, maritime technology, and biotech manufacturing to create an accelerated 12-week program that will give them a credential that will help them apply for these high-indemand jobs. The Technology Career Institute will expand MiraCosta College’s machinist certificate program,

which was launched in March, and create industry-recognized electronics engineering technician and robotics/automation certificate programs. MiraCosta College was one of 12 California community colleges sharing more than $29 million in federal grants for the development and expansion of innovative training programs in partnership with local businesses. MiraCosta College has been working with local industry for years in preparing students for local demands. The college was

approached more than two years ago by the National Tooling and Machining Association, the local career center and representatives of the North County manufacturing industry who said there was a strong demand for, but shortage of, qualified machinists. Today’s employees need to have everincreasing skills in math, blueprint reading, machine operations, and state-of-the-art precision equipment. Starting salaries for properly trained toolmakers and precision machinists is $14 to $18 per hour.


Film fest’s first outing a success Glitz and Hollywood glamour were on display at the Omni La Costa Resort & Spa late October for the La Costa Film Festival, a first-year event conceived and presented by two long-time resort members who said they wanted to capture some of the noted resort’s Tinseltown history. Michael and Ruby Callihan, whose background is in mortgage banking, said the idea for the festival was born several years ago, when he was looking at photos of Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, Sophia Loren and other movie stars who frequented La Costa in the early days, making it their hideaway. “It was like a beckoning call that said, ‘Remember old Hollywood,’” he said. “I thought that it would be nice to bring that Hollywood romance back to La Costa.” Added Ruby, “We really felt that we live in such a beautiful place, we wanted to showcase it and bring the arts to North County.”

What started as a passing notion eventually became a plan last September, after friends encouraged them to pursue the project. They researched festivals and their producers, and eventually came upon Nancy Collet, whose long list of accomplishments include a stint as director of programming for the American Film Festival’s AFI Fest. The Callihans hired Collet as head programmer, a move that Ruby Callihan said gave the firstyear festival access to quality films and connections to established filmmakers. Among the works screened at the festival were opening film “The Short Game,” a movie executive produced by Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel about 7-year-old golfers and the ups and downs they go through on the junior golf circuit. The producer, Rafael Marmor and golfers Amari and Alona Avery were on hand at the screening, and posed for photos at a red carpet. Closing the festival was the San Diego premiere of “At Middleton,” and star Andy Garcia was among those involved in the production that were present at the screening. “I just loved the idea of launching a brand new festival,” Collet said on opening night. She said the La Costa resort was an ideal setting for a film festival, and said the addition of impressive light display that preceded the evening movies at La Costa was a new idea that she’d never experienced in her 17 years of working with Actor Andy Garcia interviewed by television festivals. crews at the La Costa Film Festival. Ruby Callihan said

The Carlsbad Desalination Project has been named the “Far West Deal of the Year” for 2013 by The Bond Buyer magazine, making it eligible for the publication’s top national honor to be announced Dec. 5 in New York. For more than a decade, the editors of The Bond Buyer have selected outstanding municipal bond transactions for special recognition, honoring issuers who overcame myriad challenges to finalize deals. The 2013 awards considered deals that closed between Oct. 1, 2012 and Sept. 30, 2013. The prestigious competition drew a record number of nominations for transactions that ranged in size from a few million to billions of dollars.

Warm up safely this winter

Michael and Ruby Callihan, founders of the La Costa Film Festival.

that while going from mortgage lending to launching a film festival carried a steep learning curve, Collet and all of the community partners and volunteers that came in support of the event helped make the initial outing such a success. “We were fortunate,” she said. “We started out with a small team ... and the feedback we got on a daily basis and the amount of people wanting to volunteer was

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just amazing.” Michael Callihan said the goal of the organizers is to make this an annual event, but added that while they would like the festival to thrive and “grow exponentially,” they don’t plan to turn it into a large festival that attract hundreds of thousands of people. “That is not our vision,” he said. “We’re not looking to make this huge. We want this to be a destination festival, a little more intimate.”

SIGN › CARLSBAD Continued from Page 1 The dolphin casting, which will be forged from a durable material, will be illuminated by LED lights at night. The welcome sign project is the brainchild of Carlton Lund, the chamber’s chairman of the board. The project became possible when the City of Carlsbad amended its sign ordinance earlier this year. The design and construction of the sign is being paid for by a grant from the TaylorMade Golf Company. “Our proposed sign would recognize the symbiotic relationship that exists between the business community, the city, its residents and the tourists that grace us with their presence year after year,” Lund said. “This is a space of historical significance to the city, and its deserves a top-of-the-line marker.” The Chamber has submitted its plans to

• Disbursements for the construction of the property through the initial phase of the loan • Interest-only monthly payments on the outstanding balance during the construction phase • Lot loan financing

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the city, and will make a presentation to the City Arts Committee, which serves as an advisory panel to the City Council, which is responsible for a final determination on the project. The Chamber’s application for the project is being handled by Chamber member Mike Howes of Howe’s Weiler & Associates which offers a wide variety of services to the building and development industry including project management, master/specific plan preparation, entitlement processing, building permit processing, public facility planning, development impact fee program preparation, annexations, and due diligence research and reporting. “We are excited to share this project with the community,” said Ted Owen, president and CEO of the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce. “We can see this becoming an integral part of the community, a beloved marker for residents that leaves an indelible impression in those that visit Carlsbad.”


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Tips for traveling with technology

The legislature and the governor were particularly busy this year, enacting a number of new laws that will affect private employers in California in 2014. Here are some of the key changes.

With the travel season quickly approaching, many people wonder what to bring with them to stay connected. After a recent trip to Bali, I am amazed with the ability to access the rest of the world from an underdeveloped country. Wi-Fi is in nearly all hotels and most public locations. The biggest questions are figuring out which gadgets to bring. Portability and ease of use are the two most important factors. Laptops, tablets and smart phones are the most common devices travelers are taking with them. Most travelers bring a couple devices so here is a quick guide for travel: Laptops – Choose something small, under 13 inches, and it must be durable so aluminum or a high density plastic is a great option. You might not need lots of storage but a minimum 128 GB will store any media needed while you’re on the road. Solid state hard drives are the best because there are less moving parts which could break, but can be more expensive. SD memory slot is a nice feature which prevents you brining an extra cord to transfer pictures from a camera. Don’t spend more than $1,000 Tablets – For those not getting as much work done a tablet is an ideal option: slim, light, and long battery life. They are great for web browsing, watching movies, listening to music, and emailing. Be sure to go into a store and actually get your hands on one prior to buying it, half of the user experience is in the ergonomics. If all you plan to do is read or browse the Internet, you can also consider an e-reader instead of a tablet. Smart Phones – Most travelers these days already have a smart phone, so use it. International rates can be high, so if you don’t have an unlocked version and swap out your sim card, be sure to notify your provider and change the phone settings to avoid using cellular data outside the network. Security should be considered also. Fortunately many hospitality locations

AB 241 - Domestic Work Employees In-home employees have been exempt from overtime but now will be entitled to time and a half after 9 hours in a day or 45 in a week. This includes caregivers for children, the sick and elderly and personal attendants who supervise, feed and dress those unable to do for themselves, as long as they don’t spend more than 20% of their time on other work. AB 442 gives the Labor Commissioner the right to assess liquidated damages for minimum wage violations, even before holding a hearing or bringing a court case; and AB 1386 gives the Labor Commissioner a lien on an employer’s property once a wage claim award becomes final. SB 400 extends protected leave for crime victims to include stalking in addition to domestic violence and sexual assault, and expands protected time off to include just about anything the victim needs time to do. AB 263 and SB 666 permit the state to punish an employer for retaliating against an undocumented employee who asserts employment rights; and disbar a lawyer who threatens to report an undocumented worker or his/her relative because the worker has asserted any right related to employment, including serving as a witness on behalf of another. AB 556 protects veterans from employment discrimination on the basis of military or veteran status, but permits an employer to ask military



status in order to prefer veterans. AB 11 expands “first responder” leave to allow employees of companies of 50 or more to take time off to engage in firefighting, law enforcement or rescue training. SB 770 adds siblings, grandparents, grandchildren and in-laws to the Paid Family Leave Act as those for whom an employee can be paid for time off. AB 218 will prohibit state agencies, after July 1, 2014, from asking job applicants their criminal history, with certain exceptions, but they may ask that question after determining that the applicant is qualified for the job. SB 435 expands the one-hour premium pay for missed rest periods to include recovery periods occasioned by heat injury under CalOSHA rules. AB 633 prohibits employers from ordering employees not to give voluntary help in an emergency. There’s no duty to train employees and employees don’t have to help, but if they choose to give CPR, for instance, the employer can’t prohibit them from doing so. Additional changes have come about in the last 6-12 months through appellate cases and regulations. To learn more, be sure to attend the Employment Law Update Workshop, which will be held from 8-9:30 a.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 10 at the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce, 5934 Priestly Drive. Storrow has practiced law for 25 years, nearly all of that time in Carlsbad focused on employment law. He can be reached at 760-929-9141 or



AB 10 – Minimum Wage Starting July 1, 2014 the minimum wage in California will jump from $8 an hour to $9, with another jump to $10 planned for Jan. 1, 2016. This affects employers who pay minimum wage, but it also can affect overtime exemptions, which require a salary of at least two times the minimum wage. The minimum salary needed to classify an executive, administrative or professional employee as exempt will go from $33,280 to $37,440 on July 1, 2014.


New ‘14 laws to keep employers on toes


depend on providing a safe facility to keep people coming back; a single theft or bad review on could drive patrons away. The days of the maid stealing a computer are nearly past. However, physical theft is always a concern so be sure you are smart and pick a location that has good online reviews and an environment you feel secure in. Don’t flash your gadgets in public places like bus stops with high levels of traffic. With public WiFi be sure to limit entering passwords and usernames, and keep your private browsing of banks, credit cards, administrative tasks to a minimum. Paypal security key is helpful for online transactions. Backups make you feel safe about not losing pictures or data from your trip so look into an online service like Crashplan, Google drive, or Carbonite. Try to coordinate all your devices and if you have similar cords and adapters, condense or buy a universal adapter to keep things simple. Traveling today is easier than it’s ever been. You can book hotels and day excursions after reading all about it from the group who posted a review the day before. Technology does make it better. Be resourceful and plan out your trip but remember things are a bit different than here in Carlsbad. The Internet might be slow or the person at the front desk might not know why you are not able to connect. It’s all about the experience, safe travels! Mazur can be reached at josh.mazur@

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Construction of a pipeline that is almost 5 feet in diameter is a large undertaking. It involves crews using very large and heavy equipment to dig trenches along the roadway where the pipeline is installed. Once the pipeline has been secured underground and connected to previously completed sections, the roadway is resurfaced and the area restored. This includes rebuilding affected curbs, gutters, sidewalks and medians, and restoring landscaping within the parameters of each City’s regulations. During construction, every effort is taken to minimize impacts to surrounding communities. The Project team is also working closely with the City of Carlsbad. As such, safety around the construction is a high priority and precautions are being taken to ensure motorists, cyclists, pedestrians and workers are protected. Vehicle traffic and access to Carlsbad businesses is being maintained throughout work. When completed in late 2015, the Carlsbad Desalination Plant will be the largest, most technologically advanced and energy-efficient seawater desalination plant in the Western Hemisphere. To provide more information on the Project, up-to-date construction information will be shared via regular eNews updates, the construction hotline at 877.752.3152, Facebook and Twitter, and the Project website at Carlsbad Business Open House In preparation for construction along Faraday Avenue, Carlsbad businesses are invited to an Open House. During the Open House, businesses will have a chance to speak with representatives from the Carlsbad Desalination Project team to learn more about the Project and review details of construction activity that may impact their business or their commute. Each area business is encouraged to send a representative to attend. Wednesday, January 29, 2014 • 7:30 a.m. – 9:30 a.m. The Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce 5934 Priestly Drive, Carlsbad, CA 92008 Coffee and pastries will be provided. RSVP requested. TO RSVP: Email or call Tabitha Whipple at Poseidon Water by Friday, January 24 at or 760.655.3900.


Construction crews are making significant progress on the Carlsbad segment of the 10-mile pipeline that will carry desalinated water from the Carlsbad coast to San Marcos, where it will be distributed around the region. Work began on Cannon Road east of Paseo Del Norte in October and is scheduled to begin on Faraday Avenue within the Carlsbad Research Center in April 2014. Construction hours will be from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Already completed is the 1-mile San Marcos segment of the pipeline, and work is also nearing completion in the City of Vista. Construction crews are also making progress at the desalination plant site in Carlsbad, where construction began in December of 2012.

If you own a business, you may well follow a “do it now” philosophy — which is, of course, necessary to keep things running smoothly. Still, you also need to think about tomorrow — which means you’ll want to take action on your own retirement and business succession plans. Fortunately, you’ve got some attractive options in these areas. For example, you could choose a retirement plan that offers at least two key advantages: potential tax-deferred earnings and a wide array of investment options. Plus, some retirement plans allow you to make tax-deductible contributions. In selecting a retirement plan, you’ll need to consider several factors, including the size of your business and the number of employees. If your business has no fulltime employees other than yourself and your spouse, you may consider a Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) plan or an owner-only 401(k), sometimes known as an individual or solo 401(k). Or, if your goal is to contribute as much as possible, you may want to consider an owner-only defined benefit plan. If you have employees, you might want to investigate a SIMPLE IRA or even a 401(k) plan. Your financial advisor, working with plan design professionals and your tax advisor, can help you analyze the options and choose the plan that fits with your combined personal and business goals. Now, let’s turn to business succession plans. Ultimately, your choice of a succession plan strategy will depend on many factors, such as the value of your business, your need for the proceeds from the sale of the business for your retirement, your successor,


Financial Advisor EDWARD JONES

a n d how well your business can continue without you. If your goal is to keep the business within the family, you’ll need to consider how much control you wish to retain (and for how long), whether you wish to gift or sell, how you balance your estate among your heirs, and who can reasonably succeed you in running the business. Many succession planning techniques are available, including an outright sale to a third party, a sale to your employees or management (at once or over time), or the transfer of your business within your family through sales or gifts during your life, at your death or any combination thereof. Many succession plans include a buysell agreement. Upon your death, such an agreement could allow a business partner or a key employee to buy the business from your surviving spouse or whoever inherits your business interests. To provide the funds needed for the partner or employee (or even one of your children) to purchase the business, an insurance policy could be purchased. Your estate plan — including your will and any living trust — should address what happens with the business, in case you still own part or all of it at your death. The best-laid succession plans may go awry if the unexpected occurs. All these business succession options can be complex, so before choosing any of them, you will need to consult with your legal and financial advisors. Whether it’s selecting a retirement plan or a succession strategy, you’ll want to take your time and make the choices that are appropriate for your individual situation. You work extremely hard to run your business — so do whatever it takes to help maximize your benefits from it. And there’s no better time than the end of the year to sit down with business partners or loved ones to discuss such planning. Happy Holidays and see you next year! Peek can be reached at justin.peek@edwardjones. com.

How ‘goodwill’ affects the value of your business Business value is not built solely on the accumulation of tangible assets, such as equipment and machinery, but also on the intangibles, known as “goodwill,” which contribute to the profitability of a business. The value of a business is determined by its ability to generate cash flow and the risks associated with consistently producing that cash flow. According to a study by KPMG titled, “Intangible Assets and Goodwill,” more than 50 percent of the purchase price of a business is typically allocated to goodwill. Since the largest part of the purchase price of a profitable small business is usually goodwill, it is important to have knowledge and understanding of just what goodwill is and why there is value in it. That goodwill value is simply calculated as the difference between the purchase price of the business and the fair market value of the tangible assets included in the sale. One of the greatest fears that business buyers have is the risk that the profitability of a business will falter after it changes hands. That is why buyers are typically willing to pay more for businesses with strong management and those that can operate with a semi-absentee or absentee owner. On the flip side, businesses whose


Desalination Pipeline Construction Approaches the Carlsbad Research Center in 2014

Have you set plans for succession or retirement?



owners play a crucial role in the day-to-day operations of their business should not expect to fetch as high a price. If I could give one piece of advice to a business owner, it would be this: When you are 3 -5 years out from selling your business, work with a professional to help you create and implement an exit strategy. A key component of that plan should be the gradual phasing out of the owner from the day-to-day operations of the business. Besides a consistent cash flow and upward sales trends, this is one of the key factors that can help increase the goodwill of your business, which will equate to a higher sales price when the time comes for you to exit your business. McGrath can be reached at


Academy helps businesses work with the city Second year of CityChamber program a continued success The City of Carlsbad and Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce recently completed this year’s Carlsbad Business Academy, a four-session program that familiarizes local businesses about city processes, with the aim of helping them get what they need from city government easily and quickly. The academy was initiated two years ago when the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce approached the city and said that some businesses didn’t have a firm understanding of some city processes, and the chamber and city should join forces to help. “We realized that folks were hearing anecdotal stories or maybe had a one-time bad experience,” Toni Padron, Chamber of Commerce executive vice president and chief operating officer, recalled. “So we talked to the city about educating our businesses about how to navigate the city’s processes.” This year’s Business Academy had a full enrollment of 40 attendees. “It’s a perfect partnership,” Padron said. “The academy covers all the processes about starting and growing a business, and how there are people in the city who will guide you through the process and help you avoid the pitfalls of starting and growing a business.” From the city’s standpoint, the more information local businesses have about where they work and the resources that are available, the better their chances for success and opportunities for future expansion. The academy also serves as a tool in realizing a City Council goal of helping businesses succeed in Carlsbad. This year’s academy opened in September and wrapped up in October, and classes were held every other week for four weeks. They were conducted early Tuesday mornings to enable business owners to attend without cutting too much into their valuable work time. The sessions covered four main topic areas. The first week’s focus provided an introduction to the City of Carlsbad’s land development policies, including an explanation to the Envision Carlsbad process, which invited residents to contribute their ideas of what they want Carlsbad’s future to look like. Participants then were given a bus tour of major commercial development sites. The second session offered a behind-the-scenes look at city operations, featuring an introduction to city plans, projects and priorities by City Manager John


he academy covers all the processes about starting and growing a business, and how there are people in the city who will guide you through the process and help you avoid the pitfalls of starting and growing a business.” — Toni Padron Executive Vice President and COO, Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce

Coates. Budget Manager Helga Stover also explained the ins and outs of the city budget. The third session included talks by city top safety officials, who explained how the city keeps homes and businesses safe, and what to do in case of an emergency. The final session focused on city processes involving business operations, such as licenses, planning and permitting fees, and city

For information call 760.431.4100 Visit us at

development services. That session ended with an enlightening question-and-answer interchange with Carlsbad City Council members. Joyce Harris, who with her husband, Peter Harris, owns the Danish Bakery in the downtown Carlsbad Village, said that the academy has given her an opportunity to understand city operations and use them to help grow her business. “The Danish Bakery has been a

Carlsbad fixture since 1984, but we took it over three years ago, so we’re relatively new business owners here,” said Harris. “Knowing where the resources are, knowing who to call, how to navigate the city to get the answers — the Business Academy makes it all real.” Ken Barnes recently moved his business, Ken Barnes Global Advisors, a consultancy specializing in

advising new and early stage businesses, to Carlsbad from the Sacramento area. He said the academy proved invaluable in helping him adjust to both his new locale and city government. “When bringing on clients in a new area, it’s imperative to have a strong grasp on the local government and economy,” Barnes said. “The Business Academy has helped me to understand what the city envisions for its future, and how I and my clients can engage in both current and future opportunities.” The city is dedicated to nurturing local businesses and laying the right foundation that helps them succeed, and the Carlsbad Business Academy is a valuable way of achieving that goal. The next Business Academy will be held in fall 2014. Check the Carlsbad Business Journal for exact times, dates and sign up information.


ReadyCarlsbad is the Chamber’s newest committee Group will meet monthly starting in January

Starting January 2014, the ReadyCarlsbad Business Alliance (RBCA) will become the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce’s eighth committee, with the goal of promoting emergency preparedness for businesses and giving businesses the tools they need to continue or resume their operation soon after an emergency with the aid of services, educational programs, exercises and webbased partner connections and an information-sharing network. The RCBA Committee will meet at the Chamber, 5934 Priestly Drive, on the second Friday of the month starting at 7:30 a.m. Chamber members are welcome to join committees at any time. For more information, please contact the Chamber at 760-931-8400, or Deb Beddoe of Your Ops Manager at 760603-1800 or David Harrison at 760-931-2137. The ReadyCarlsbad Business alliance was created as a task force between the Chamber, the City of Carlsbad and the business community. It held symposiums and informational sessions to disseminate information about numerous emergencyrelated causes including summer electricity use and emergency preparedness. “We found that our community really wants this information more regularly,” said Toni Padron, executive vice president and COO of the Carlsbad Chamber. “Turning this task force into

a committee will strengthen its message and make for a more empowered business community when it comes to emergency preparedness.” According to a Cone Communications survey, 87 percent of customers expect companies to play a role in disaster response/ recovery and 91 percent have a more favorable impression of a company after learning of its support of disaster recovery. In its most recent event, the alliance held a Wildland fire symposium at the Carlsbad Safety Training Center on Sept. 13. The symposium was attended by more than 60 representatives from nearly 40 local businesses and agencies. Carlsbad Fire Chief Kevin Crawford emphasized the readiness of the Carlsbad Fire Department for the fire season and stressed the important role businesses play in community preparedness and recovery. David Harrison, City of Carlsbad’s emergency preparedness manager, said that this has been a particularly active Wildland fire year and that the height of the season typically occurs in October and November, during periods of Santa Ana winds. “Nationwide, the cost of disaster damage and recovery has more than doubled in the past decade and now averages $54 billion a year,” said Harrison, using data provided by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. “Successful disaster recovery requires rapid business recovery and rapid business recovery requires established networks and pre-planning, which is the role Ready Carlsbad Business Alliance seeks to fulfill and broaden in the community.”



ngaging conference where people made great connections with each other across professions and disciplines. The quality of the speakers was exceptional and the sequencing of their talks was perfect. In a very short period of time there was a wonderful sense of community.” — Annette Schmeling


hank you and your group for a great conference. My team and I left very inspired and with a lot of information to help us start the servant leadership culture at our facility.”

changing the game


s my first conference, I found this to be so hugely engaging, thought-provoking, and very deep. The conference has changed my life and forced me to ask myself difficult questions about what my ‘why’ is. Magnificent. I am ready to serve even more.” — Michael D. Amos


reat panel. Appreciated the insights from real CEOs and business leaders.” — Leanne Abraham, MVP Opportunities

— Chris Wooten

› LEADERSHIP Continued from Page 1 CEO of SLI • Stephen M.R. Covey, author of The Speed of Trust • Dick Enberg, Emmy AwardWinning Sportscaster • Cheryl Bachelder, CEO of Popeyes • Michael Tatelbame, Senior Director, HR of Kindred Healthcare • Olivia McIvor, Senior Partner of Organizational Culture Group • Jeanne McGuire, Senior Servant Leadership Trainer at Baron Center, Inc. • Rodney Jackson, Senior Servant Leadership Trainer at Baron Center, Inc. SLI invites you to participate in the 2014 Winter Conference as a sponsor or exhibitor. Opportunities

are available to suit any budget and objective. People throughout the country who seek a better way to lead will attend this event; past conferences have sold out, and this one is expected to be no different. Support from organizations like yours is critical to the event’s success; it allows SLI to provide top leadership experts, and enables community-based leaders and students to attend by offsetting their travel and registration expenses. Are you ready to become an MVP? We have several ways for you to get involved with this premier leadership event. For more information, please visit www. or call 855-754-5323.

SLI Now Carlsbad-based Until earlier this year, SLI was located on the Datron World

The Business Spotlight is a paid advertorial feature. To get your business in the spotlight, contact Julie Miramontes at

San Diego’s

New Gateway to the World Carlsbad to LAX 7 Times Daily with Convenient Worldwide Connections User fees vary, Customs Service Available 24 hours for International Flights Parking Fee $5 per day

Communications, Inc. campus in Vista. Barter created it as a training resource center to serve and grow leaders determined to make a positive difference in their organizations and communities, relying on resources such as field-tested publications, training programs, consulting and leadership workshops, and special events. The Datron facility was an ideal startup location for SLI, since its initial main purpose was to train the 250plus Datron employees in servant leadership. Today, SLI has expanded its successful Datron servant leadership transformation efforts into serving other organizations and businesses interested in improving their cultures via servant leadership. SLI is now located at 1959 Palomar Oaks Way in Carlsbad. “I think the window is wide open for us to really make a difference in the world,” said Barter.

McClellan-Palomar Airport

2192 Palomar Airport Road • Carlsbad, CA 92011 • (760) 431-4646 phone • (760) 931-5713 fax

Call (877) 848-7766 “The Landings” Restaurant ........................ (760) 929-0200 Hertz Rent-A-Car ........................................ (800) 654-3131 Avis Rent-A-Car .......................................... (760) 931-1393 Skywest (United Airlines Reservation)....... (800) 241-6522





90 MEMBER YEARS 192 3-2 0 1 3



December Sundowner will be a blast to the colonial past


Get ready for the holidays, network and experience one of the most unique additions to Carlsbad’s dining scene at the December Sundowner, “Toast the Holidays,” which will take place from 5-7 p.m. on Wednesday, Dec. 4 at the Green Dragon Tavern & Museum. Located at 6115 Paseo del Norte, the Green Dragon Tavern & Museum is a replica of The Green Dragon, a historic Boston Landmark, but enhanced with present-day luxuries including flat screen TVs. The Carlsbad Green Dragon will offer four distinct areas with Colonial-style architecture including a museum, state-of-the-art meeting space with catering facilities, a coffee and gift shop, tavern and a restaurant with menu

items from Le Cordon Bleu trained Executive Chef Brandon Fortune. Both the restaurant and the tavern will have 115 seats. Green Dragon Tavern & Museum will provide individuals of all ages with an opportunity to be in the presence of historical, Colonial-era and Revolutionary War-era documents so they can formulate and maintain an appreciation for our country’s rich history. The Sundowner is open to Chamber members only. Admission is $10 (cash only) for members at the door. Prospective members must call the chamber to RSVP and for pricing at 760-931-8499. The Chamber is still looking for members to donate items for the Sundowner raffles. For more information, contact Kathy Steffen at or call 760-931-8400.

Chamber to honor volunteers at December breakfast event In honor of the many volunteers who help the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce throughout the year, a special First Friday Breakfast Volunteer Recognition event will take place from 7 to 9 a.m. Dec. 6, 2013 at the Omni La Costa Resort & Spa, 2100 Costa Del Mar Road. Each year, hundreds of volunteers donate their time to the Chamber, helping with everything from events to new program development. Through their contributions, the Chamber has become the largest business organization in North County. “Volunteers are the backbone of organizations like ours. They help us effectively serve our community,” said Ted Owen, president and CEO of the Chamber. “Without our amazing volunteer base, this Chamber would not be the second largest in the county and the 10th largest in the state. They are vital to our unity in community mission.” The breakfast is one of the best networking opportunities of the year, and is also a fun and positive event. Attendees will have the opportunity to meet with one another and share ideas while enjoying a delicious breakfast buffet. Chamber Staff and other committee chairs will present the awards. The awards will be presented for various categories, including committee member of the year, committee of the year and other areas of

DECEMBER 6 special recognition First Friday Breakfast is the Chamber’s premiere networking and business promotional event, and one of the most regularly attended monthly programs. The cost is $32 for Chamber members who register before Nov. 29. Afterward, the preregistration cost is $55 and $60 at the door. Prospective members must contact the Chamber at 760-931-8400 to R.S.V.P. PLEASE NOTE : There will be no First Friday Breakfast in January 2014.







5620 Paseo Del Norte, Carlsbad 760-431-8806

4095 Oceanside Blvd, Ste. A, Oceanside 760-842-8882

2385 Camino Vida Roble Ste. 201, Carlsbad 760-603-1800

2501 Palomar Airport Road, Carlsbad 760-431-4890

Your premium one-stop-shop for all your energy efficient needs: insulation, ventilation, skylights, solar power, LED lighting, energy management, solar hot water and wind power.

Offers outsourced finance and operations expertise. Monthly subscriptions for affordable COO services or short-term project based services available.

Come visit the new Tommy Hilfiger location at the Carlsbad Premium Outlets. The Tommy Hilfiger brand celebrates the essence of Classic American Cool and provides a refreshing twist to the preppy fashion genre.

MEMBERS ON THE MOVE The Board of Governors of GIA (Gemological Institute of America) has announced the appointment of Susan M. Jacques as president and CEO. Jacques, currently president and CEO of a Nebraska-based jewelry company owned JACQUES by Berkshire Hathaway, Inc. and chair of the GIA board, will take up her new responsibilities on Jan. 1, 2014. At the board’s request, she has been interim president and CEO since June 2013. The board also announced the appointment of John A. Green, a board member since 2008, as chair, replacing Jacques. Jacques has a long-established relationship with GIA, having received her Graduate Gemologist diploma in 1980.

YourOpsManager has announced the addition of Teresa Garcia to its client services team. Teresa will focus on human resources, payroll, benefits administration and other activities for clients who have those needs. GARCIA This position will also give Teresa experience in these disciplines as she pursues her Business Administration degree from San Marcos State University. “We are proud of Teresa’s ability to manage her work, school, and family responsibilities and look forward to her continued professional development on our team,” said YourOpsManager Founder and CEO Deb Beddoe.


Make sure your current poster is in compliance. Order now for 2014!

Order Your 2014 California Employment Poster Today! Make sure your business is in compliance. Even if you have only one employee, you can be fined $17,000 for not posting required notices. Our poster includes all 16 notices in one convenient poster. Order yours today!

$24.99 - Chamber members • $45 - Prospective members Price increase after Dec. 30.

5934 Priestly Dr. Carlsbad, CA 92008

Phone 760.931.8400 | Fax 760.931.8153 |

California Bank & Trust is the largest community headquartered bank in San Diego with over $10 billion in assets and 95 branches statewide. CB&T provides a full array of financial solutions for businesses and individuals.

AMERIPRISE FINANCIAL SERVICES, INC. 2121 Palomar Airport Road, Ste. 204, Carlsbad 760-929-00776 As an Ameriprise financial advisor, I use our exclusive Confident Retirement approach to help my clients plan for a secure future and achieve their financial goals.

THE CHAMBER SALUTES ITS SEPT./OCT. 2013 RENEWALS 2013 Kia Classic 4TelecomHelp, Inc. The ATM Guy ActivCare at Bressi Ranch Allied Waste, A Republic Services Company The Aramco Group Atlantic & Pacific Real Estate (Dennis Desmond) Bandemer Accountancy Corp. Bellefleur Restaurant Blue Chip Food System BooXkeeping Boys & Girls Clubs of Carlsbad Village Branch Brandywine Realty Trust Buddha’s Gift Caldo Pomodoro Restaurant Caligirl CarlsbaDDS Pediatric Smiles Carlsbad Coastal Dental, Michael Thylin, D.D.S Carlsbad Community Church Carlsbad Community Enhancement Foundation Carlsbad Family Acupuncture Carlsbad Village Yoga & Fitness Caruso Affiliated Chereskin Architecture Coastal Accounting & Bookkeeping Comstock & Kaufman, Inc. The Conscious Cook Consolidated Construction Services, Inc. The Copper Kettle Cousin’s Signs Create Hope First The Crossings at Carlsbad The Daily News Cafe Davison Family Law Direct Carpet Unlimited Domino’s Pizza Estate and Trust Law, Professional Law Corporation FMT Consultants, LLC First Tee Travel and Promotions Dr. John P. Fitzpatrick, O.D. The Flower Fields Frutopia GIA Wellness Garcia’s Mexican Restaurant & Creative Catering Golden Key Properties, Inc. Gotta Hav’it H.G. Fenton HYATT house Halstrom Academy Harrah’s Rincon Casino & Resort Holiday Inn Express & Suites Carlsbad Beach Horace Mann Insurance Company Hotchkiss & Anewalt, Inc. JB Marketing Group JK Dots ‘Dippin-Dots’ Ice CreamJennifer Jones Collection Johnson & Wood Insurance Services, Inc. KPBS Kennedy and Associates William J. King & Assoc. Insurance Services Kirkland Insurance Services, Inc. Kiwanis Club of Oceanside Pacific The Klassy Kernel Jeff T. Knutzen, D.D.S. Las Olas Mexican Restaurant Las Villas De Carlsbad, an Elmcroft Senior Living Community Lawyer Referral & Information Service of the SDCBA

Renie Leakakos, Attorney Lem N. Man, Inc. Leucadia Wastewater District Lexus Carlsbad Linde’s Almonds Littleton Wennes CPAs The Lund Team Lynch Interactive, Inc. Mashk, Inc. Maui Skin Renewal McBride Financial Advisory Merrill Commercial Real Estate, Inc. Metamorphysis - A Home Decorating & Staging Service Milton’s Fine Foods, Inc. MiraCosta College Mitchell Thorp Foundation Moonlight Cultural Foundation Museum of Making Music NAMI-North Coastal San Diego County National University Net Result New Village Arts Theatre Newport National Corporation North County Process Services Oceanside Museum of Art On The Tracks Brewery Pacific Animal Hospital Peek Packaging Pelly’s Fish Market & Cafe Printsmith Solutions, Inc. Quality Systems Integrated Corporation Quattra Via Aveda Salon Spa Inner Beauty Gallery R & D Pest Services, Inc. RAM Enterprises International Rancho del Rey Christian Church Renwanz Insurance and Financial Solutions Ryan Companies US, Inc. SKH San Diego North County Lions Club San Diego Tourism Authority Scripps Health SendOutCards (Melissa & Dana Main) Sheraton Carlsbad Resort & Spa Law Offices of Robert L. Shipley Sign-A-Rama Bill Slattery & Assoc., Inc. So Cal Chimney Corporation Solutions Real Estate Spangler Realty St. Michael’s By-the-Sea Episcopal Church Sterling/Stone REALTORS Strategic Results Group Sunny West Tarantino Gourmet Sausage Team G7 Landscape Design & Construction Techbilt Companies TelComTec Thomas Law Group The Tradition Apartment Homes Tri-City Wellness Center Turman Commercial Painters UEI College U.S. Bank (Carlsbad Village) USAOPOLY, Inc. Vanorsdale Insurance Services Vets 4 You, Inc. Victek Machinery Vigilucci’s Cucina Italiana Vinturi, Inc. Whole Dog Sports Center Michael G. Willes, D.D.S. WorkPartners Occupational Health Specialists Yoga Six





Technology Advisory Committee chamberpl8tes




2476 Impala Drive, Carlsbad 760-929-2322

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La Posada de Guadalupe opened its new 100-bed men’s shelter in Carlsbad on Oct. 9. La Posada de Guadalupe opened in 1992 to provide housing for farm workers and homeless men.

Perfect for business or leisure! Features spacious guest rooms, meeting rooms, fitness center, outdoor heated pool, complimentary breakfast, plus...a short walk to the beach.

EVERBANK HOME LENDING 5800 Armada Drive, Ste. 105, Carlsbad 858-877-0498 Whether you’re buying or refinancing, the mortgage experts at Everbank Home Lending will help you find a loan that meets your needs.

THE SUPER DENTISTS 3625 Vista Way, Oceanside 760-336-8478 The Super Dentists are specialists in pediatric dentistry and orthodontist with locations throughout San Diego County and accept most insurances.

Get new Employment notices poster for 2014 Order your poster from the Carlsbad Chamber and avoid the penalties The Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce is making it easy for your business to comply with California’s labor laws. No matter how many employees you have in California, your business is required by law to post a current California and Federal Employment Poster in a central location. As part of a special partnership with the CalChamber, the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce is now taking pre-orders for the updated 2014 California and

Federal Employment Poster. The CalChamber’s all-in-one poster contains the 16 required state and federal employment notices every California employer must post. CalChamber is a trusted source for California and federal compliance products, with more than 120 years of experience helping California business do business. As of Nov. 1, 2013, here’s what we know about 2014 poster updates: • Effective July 1, 2014, California’s minimum wage will increase to $9 an hour. (Poster Protect® customers receive a replacement poster if the Minimum Wage notice is released after January.) • A mandatory change, effective

January 1, 2014, to the Discrimination and Harassment notice from the Department of Fair Employment and Housing (California Law Prohibits Workplace Discrimination and Harassment) adds “military and veteran” status to the categories protected from employment discrimination. • Changes are pending to the Whistleblower notice and to the Employment Development Department’s Notice to Employees. • The Cal/OSHA notice includes changes.

posted in a central location at your workplace could result in significant fines and penalties. Posters must be displayed in a conspicuous place where all employees can easily read it, such as a break room, common hallway, payroll office or other common location. Employers must also display posters in each company location. The Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce wants to make sure your business is in compliance and urges you to order your 2014 poster today to ensure delivery Choose from a laminated or by Jan. 1. Please call the Chamnon-laminated all-in-one poster ber at 760-931-8400 or go to in English or Spanish. Failure to and order your comply and have a current poster poster today.

provides an opportunity for 8 chamber members to meet for breakfast or lunch and learn more about each other’s businesses. A Carlsbad Chamber member hosts and facilitates at a local chamber member restaurant. This program is open exclusively to Carlsbad Chamber members; and the only cost is the price of your meal. RSVP’s are required and can be made by contacting the person listed next to the date.

Tuesday, November 19

Call Sherry Courtney-Lawrence (760) 231-1316

Thursday, November 21 Call Rick Kaufman (760) 519.9971

For more info call: (760) 931-8400 or visit


Thanksgiving (Chamber Closed)


Government Affairs Committee Holiday Sundowner- Green Dragon Tavern & Museum


Holiday Volunteer Recognition First Friday Breakfast


New HR laws for 2014


Coffee Connection

DEC. 23-JAN. 1 Chamber Closed

For a full list of Chamber events, go to


WELCOME NEW MEMBERS For complete listings visit



eFrog Press Linda Scott | 760-652-9294 eFrog Press provides professional publishing services including editing, book development, ghost writing, cover design, print and ebook creation, and more. Pay for services, keep your royalties.

Kristin M. Greenlee, CPA Kristin M. Greenlee | 760-431-0750 Tax planning and tax preparation for individuals, small businesses, trusts and tax exempt.


Dillon & Gerardi Scott Miller | 858-587-1800 We provide legal advice primarily in the areas of business and real estate law.

North County Woman Magazine Kerry Wright | 760-500-4155 Local women’s quarterly magazine catering to women ages 30-64 in all of North County San Diego.

Geiger Law Office Brenda Geiger | 760-448-2220 Estate and business planning law firm that helps prosperous people to protect their families, assets and businesses.

Social Publishing House Brian Gilb | 626-277-1505 An online-based writer’s group/EBook publishing company which has created a hybrid of the traditional publishing and self-publishing model that produces high quality EBooks for readers while keeping the majority of the profits in your pocket.

Hoffman & Associates, A Professional Law Corporation Ronald N. Hoffman | 760-942-0069 Mr. Hoffman is a DUI and criminal defense attorney. His firm charges reasonable rates and payment plans. Free phone or office consultations. McCall Kuhne, Attorney McCall Kuhne | 619-954-2992


Harbinger Chronicles Christopher Huntingford Stacy Marshall | 657-622-9928 Author of the Harbinger Chronicles Series Book One ‘The Harbinger’. Christopher lays out masterfully and exquisitely, through the first few chapters, the kingdom of Alveus and the main characters.

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Sweet Cheeks Beauty Bar Dusti Tappouni | 760-434-9293 Sweet Cheeks Beauty Bar is a boutique-style spa specializing in waxing as well as organic facials and result oriented peels. Massage and spray tanning are also offered.

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The Satori Group Gordon Carter | 858-354-8385 Through workshops and consulting, the Satori Group helps organizations resolve issues and move to the next level by leveraging their core strengths and cultural characteristics.

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HD Satellite Specialists Jeffrey Simmons | 951-200-3083 An approved retailer for Dish & DirecTV. A family-owned and operated company that prides itself on providing an excellent viewing alternative along with unsurpassed customer service.


New Wave Chiropractic Center Dr. Gina Illia, D.C. | 760-683-5942 A chiropractic office designed to care for the entire family, we consistently get incredible results with the most difficult health and neurological challenges out there.

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The Cinder Room Al Tappouni | 760-730-9144 The Cinder Room is San Diego’s newest smoking and relaxation lounge, located in Carlsbad . Enjoy your hookah, cigars, coffee, desserts and our delicious food menu.

Real Estate Clothing - Men’s & Women’s

The High Thai David Shemai | 760-815-3945 A yoga-inspired clothing company that provides unique items using hand-made fabrics from the Lanna region of Thailand.

Coaching & Training

Michele Downey & Associates Michele Downey | 760-207-1067 Professional recovery coaching with trained associates in recovering and thriving from impact of addiction and mood disorders. We specialize in all aspects of life and business challenges, both personal and professional.

Computer Networks & Communications

Momentum Technology Group Jason Steuernagel | 760-459-0436

Credit Unions

California Coast Credit Union (corporate) Kellen Herrera | 877-495-1600

Employment Services & Training ResCare / Arbor Education & Training Megan Sandwick | 760-696-9600 ResCare is a human services company that offers services to people to help make their lives more independent.

Energy Conservation

SuperGreen Solutions Mark Sudak | 760-842-8882 oceanside-ca/ We are a premium OneStopShop for all your energy efficient needs: Insulation, Ventilation, Skylights, Solar power, LED Lighting, Energy Management, Solar hot water and Wind power.


Legend3D, Inc. Steve Wolkenstein | 858-793-4420 An innovative stereoscopic and visual effects company committed to advancing the art of 3D for first-run feature films while also identifying opportunities to generate new revenue from iconic library titles.

Financial Planning & Investment Services

Edward Jones Investments (Mark Barone) Mark Barone | 760-814-0751

Financial Services

Pollakov Financial Group (Stephen Flynn) Stephen P. Flynn | 858-401-0938 I offer an analysis of your current financial situation and help you identify financial goals and concerns, illustrate what is being done to reach your goals and deal with concerns & identify gaps, if present, and offer solutions to fill them.


The Sash Group, Inc ( DBA The Sash Bag) Nichole Macdonald | 619-708-8821 Sash Group, Inc. designs, manufactures and distributes Sash Bags: a lightweight, ergonomic, hands free, sleek alternative to carrying a bulky handbag. Wanawake Andre Fields | 323-899-1268 High quality handmade bags & baskets using organic raffia fibers.

Home Care Services

San Diego Compassionate Caregivers, Inc. Eva Biernacka | 760-390-0091 Independently owned and operated home care agency based out of Carlsbad that provides quality senior and spinal cord injury non-medical care throughout San Diego.


J Harris Insurance Agency Jill Harris | 619-917-8164 Whether it is business/commercial, home, auto, umbrella, life or health insurance, we pride ourselves on helping customers understand their own individual and unique insurance needs, so that they can protect everything that they work hard for, including their families.


Exclusive Jewelry Collection by Nikki Michelle Nicole Richards | 310-927-8934 Tell the story that is uniquely you through the colorful, bold and whimsical wearable art creations designed Exclusively for you by Nikki Michelle.

Legal Services

LegalShield (Mila Thomson) Mila Thomson | 760-215-5185 At LegalShield, we’ve been offering legal plans for 40 years, creating a world where everyone can access legal protection - and everyone can afford it.

Marketing & Consulting

Marketing Pro 1 Wendy Matthews | 760-504-1898 Make your communications impactful. We’ll show you how with marketing strategies, lead generation, branding, web site content, public relations and creating great presentations.


Forecast 3D Kimi Canete | 760-929-9380 FORECAST 3D is a leading 3D Printing and short-run Additive Manufacturing solutions provider. We bring together the best technologies and materials available in the burgeoning 3D printing marketplace while keeping the focus on craftsmanship and the customer experience. Stewart/Stand Paul Stewart | 760-827-1400

Martial Arts

United Studios of Self Defense Aviara Ian Ianakiev | 760-268-0900 We provide professional martial arts and self defense instruction for men, women and children.

Medical Clinics & Groups

Children’s Primary Care Medical Group, Inc. (Sanford Children’s Clinic ) Bradford Tunis | 760-547-1010

Mortgage Lenders

First Choice Bank Steve Rude | 858-449-5626 National Mortgage Banking Company specializing in residential mortgages for both purchase and refinance transactions, helping those around us achieve the goal of home ownership.


Seaside Courier Chris Mau | 760-456-7075 Established in 1995, the Mission Publishing Group is proud to launch the Seaside Courier as the fourth newspaper in its collection of highly-recognized, award-winning community news publications. First issue is Dec. 6, 2013.

Non-Profit Organizations

Catholic Charities - La Posada Sister RayMonda DuVall | 760-929-2322 La Posada de Guadalupe opened in 1992 to provide housing for farm workers and homeless men. Wounded Warrior Homes Mia Roseberry | 760-483-3553 Wounded Warrior Homes is a 501(c)3 charitable nonprofit organization providing transitional housing to single post-9/11 combat veterans with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS).

Paddle Boards & Surfboards Wholesale

Boardworks Surf Ryan Guay | 760-722-8536 Surf and stand-up paddle board manufacturer and wholesale distribution.

Product Design

DDSTUDIO Tracy Manning | 760-438-0243 DDSTUDIO is a premier experience design and product development firm, with 28 years invested in the successful development of award-winning products and services. Totally Bamboo David Chen | 760-471-6600 Totally Bamboo is a design company continually striving to find new and innovative uses for bamboo as an ecologically renewable alternative to hardwoods.


Clearstory, LLC Lisa Bilotti | 858-526-3608 Clearstory, a creative digital publisher, provides publishing and photo book printing, plus an array of business printing. Clearstory is a minority and women-owned small business.

Picture Framing

Fastframe Carlsbad David Pace | 760-931-8740 We offer expert picture framing for artwork, photos, mirrors, jerseys, and shadowboxes. We do frame repair and replace broken glass. We have a digital mat cutter. Rick Johnson | 760-644-8426 Full range of integrated real estate services. Consultation, strategy and execution of buying, selling, investing and rental of properties.

Real Estate - Commercial

CB Richard Ellis, Inc. (CBRE) Larry Cambra | 760-438-8500 CBRE is the definitive leader in commercial real estate and trusted advisor for owners and occupiers. Our industry-leading platform provides unparalleled service to meet any client requirements.

Remodeling Contractors

William Faithluvhope Contracting William Faithluvhope | 858-380-8335 Contracting, remodeling, cabinetry, decking, entertainment centers, safe rooms, hideaways, secret compartments built in furniture, patio covers and steps.


Panera Bread Debi Kaufmann | 760-268-0566 Panera Bread bakery cafe offers the highest quality soups, salads, sandwiches, fresh baked breads, bagels and pastries. Catering also for groups from five to 5,000.

Sunglasses & Accessories

SPY Optic Lisa Spahn | 760-804-8420 With a happy disrespect for the usual, SPY creates products for people who FEEL most alive being outside racing, riding, spacing, gliding and smiling.

Tile & Stone Manufacturer Faust Architectural Stone & Tile Chris Faust | 619-647-7625

Vacation Ownership Clubs Claudia Santos | 858-622-2924 offers travel technology and fulfillment services through innovative online programs which enhance the consumer experience.

Water Filtration & Conditioning

Pure Water Technology of San Diego Tina Scherr | 619-564-8500 Pure Water Technology is an environmentally-friendly company that offers a high quality drinking water solution for businesses.

Web Site Design & Services

ICREATE Technologies, LLC Neeta Ghosh | 760-994-4555 We design business websites customized for mobile devices, optimize them for mobile search engines and provide tools for 100 percent opt-in targeted marketing through mobile devices.


H1 Industries Herman Flores | 323-445-4550 World’s best peeler and kitchen gizmos. Home of the 30-second salsa.

Windows & Doors

Newman Replacement Windows Duncan Newman | 760-438-8080 Sales and installation of quality windows and doors.



t i r i p S


es i t n e Tw



R A T S O C A L i n om


4 1 0 2





Begin and end your holiday shopping in Carlsbad CITY NEWS

Economic Development Manager CITY OF CARLSBAD

When the holiday lights went on in Carlsbad Village, they cast a light on more than our city’s historic downtown. The thousands of sparkling lights shine on one of North San Diego County’s best places to do your holiday shopping — the City of Carlsbad. With more than 2 million square feet of retail floor space and a wide variety of retail outlets, the City of Carlsbad is an attractive choice to find all the items on anyone’s shopping list. From the latest in technology to fashion to automobiles, Carlsbad has it all. And shopping locally puts your dollars to work for your local businesses, neighbors, friends and city. A good place to begin your holiday shopping is Carlsbad Village, along Carlsbad Village Drive west of Interstate 5. The Village is home to hundreds of stores that cater to local tastes, such as boutiques and shoe stores, chocolate makers, wine merchants and surf and bicycling stores. The Village is a wonderful place to wander and discover surprises that could result in a gift for a special someone. If you’re looking for high fashion, a good place to visit is The Forum at El Camino Real and Calle Barcelona. With more than 50 stores, about half of them specializing in clothing and accessories, The Forum offers an extensive range of gift ideas. It also has


very dollar you spend on a gift in Carlsbad helps a local merchant and contributes to the world-class community we appreciate. A portion of the sales tax for each purchase comes back to the city to help pay for libraries, parks, and police and fire protection. — Christina Vincent, Economic Development Manager, City of Carlsbad

home furnishing stores and an Apple store offering the latest in technology. Drive your electric vehicle to the Carlsbad Premium Outlets, near

Interstate 5 and Palomar Airport Road, where a new fast-charging EV station was installed just before the holiday shopping season. With more than 90 retail stores, and

international name brands, this is a good place to shop for jewelry, clothing, home furnishings, and even luggage. The center also will host strolling carolers on Dec. 8,

14, 15, 21 and 22, from 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm. And the Carlsbad High School Orchestra will be wrapping your gifts as a fundraiser on Dec. 14-15, and Dec. 19-24. What holiday season would be complete without a visit to Santa Claus? Even if you’re too old to sit on Santa’s lap, maybe you have a young child, or grandchild, for the annual visit. Westfield Carlsbad, formerly Plaza Camino Real, will be hosting Santa through the holiday season. The mall is open during renovations and home to nearly 140 stores, including three major department stores — Macy’s, JC Penney and Sears — and too many gift, clothing and jewelry stores to name here. The Carlsbad High School Band Boosters will wrap your gifts at Westfield Carlsbad as a fund-raiser from Dec. 12 to Dec. 24, and the mall will host Military Appreciation Weekend on Dec. 14-15. If you’re looking to gift someone with a new set of wheels, there’s no better place than Car Country Carlsbad, on Paseo del Norte near the Palomar Airport Road/Interstate 5 interchange. Whether your taste trends to the latest in fuel-saving technology or a hardworking pickup, the auto mall has more than two dozen dealers ready to deliver a new or previously driven vehicle. Remember, shopping in Carlsbad helps your community. Every dollar you spend on a gift in Carlsbad helps a local merchant and contributes to the world-class community we appreciate. A portion of the sales tax for each purchase comes back to the city to help pay for libraries, parks, and police and fire protection. Have a happy holiday, and keep your dollars local.



Carlsbad Village gets a festive facelift VILLAGE BEAT


The first installments of $1.4 million in capital improvements will surface just in time for the holidays, with the addition of new decorative lights and hanging flower baskets on light poles along Carlsbad Village Drive. City crews from Transportation and Parks and Recreation will install the decorations spanning from I-5 to Carlsbad Boulevard. These two projects will kick off a host of festivities planned for the holidays, including: • A “Holiday Edition” series of Flicks at the Fountain, the popular free outdoor summer movie series. • A storefront window decorating contest with public voting. • Friday night caroling. • A Holiday Gift Guide featuring unique

Free outdoor holiday movies, carolers, window decorating, and more! finds from the Village.


For more information on the festivities, visit





The “curb cafe” at Garcia’s Mexican Restaurant, 2968 State St., is now open. The first of its kind in the region, the curb cafe adds approximately 20 new seats for visitors to enjoy outdoor dining in our beautiful Southern California climate.

Chemical-free Disinfection Cleaning Sanitation Residential Schools Office Gym Shop

Aqueous Ozone (O3) #1 Environmental Sanitation We provide a cleaner/healthier future!

Annette Di Bello Kelly, CPA, CFP®

Industrial Hotel Spa Medical

Professional Corporation

Fee Only Investment Advisory Financial Planning Tax Preparation & Planning 2173 Salk Ave, Suite 250, Carlsbad, CA 92008 (P) 760.444.0094 -

Order now... 1-800-398-4313 You-tube video at

Certified Public Accountant | Certified Financial Planner™ Environmentally Conscious

A Registered Investment Advisor


Real Estate

• Business Valuations • Funding • Business Plan Consulting

Buchanan Business Investments A Carlsbad Company


• Collect your Slow Pays and Bad Debt • KEEP 100% of the money collected! • Act NOW to collect your slow pays and no pays

JR Phillips (760) 402-5321

License# 01433264

Your homebuying goals Your homebuying goals deserve my attention deserve my attention

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Call or visit today Matt Leonard, AAMS® | Financial Advisor 2588 El Camino Real Suite L, Carlsbad, CA 92008 760-434-7083

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Bank, N.A. All rights reserved. NMLSR ID 399801 AS988617 Expires 6/2014

lls Fargo Home Mortgage, one of the I can provide home financing options to


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Companies need the right candidates. Job-seekers need the right connections. Manpower is ready to provide both. • Short-and long-term staffing • Direct-hire services • E-learning Solutions • HR Solutions

As mortgage consultant with Wells Fargowith HomeWells Mortgage, one of the Asa home a home mortgage consultant Fargo Home Mortgage, one of the nation’s leading retail mortgage lenders, I can provide home financing options to At Edward Jones, you’ll get more than respect. We can help your nation’s leading retail mortgage lenders, I can provide home financing options to meet a variety of homebuyer needs. business gain a financial advantage. Together, we can design an

PMS 5535

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Michael Zures 960 W San Marcos Blvd Ste. 130 San Marcos, CA 92078 760.621.4022 •


What better way to kick off a new school year than to celebrate Literacy Week? Through an engaging partnership with the Four Seasons Residence Club Aviara, students of Buena Vista Elementary had a fun and educational week. Over the course of the week, nine employees, Teresa Prado, Julie Blosch, Brittney Montano, Chelle Mapanao, Ali Dolan, Kyla Zamora, Sarah Gemmell, Gabrielle Winding and Leslie Laurer from the resort dropped by the school to read stories to the kindergarten, first, second, and third graders. They came with props, and their enthusiasm for their books brought the stories to life for the children. Educators appreciate the importance of


Four Seasons employees help out during Literacy Week CARLSBAD SCHOOL NEWS


exposing children to a variety of literacy experiences, especially in the early grades. Nothing can top the importance of parents reading to their children on a regular basis. But memorable moments in the classroom — like the ones created by the Four Seasons managers — also help to foster a lifelong love of reading For her turn as a reader, Leslie Laurer selected one of her favorites, “The Princess and the Pea” and also picked a book, about a lightning bug called Snoodlebug, that she wrote when she was a child. Laurer and Tina Howard, Buena Vista’s principal, teamed up to create this and many other special events and programs at the school. A very special and perhaps unique experience that the Four Seasons shared with the students of Buena Vista was the fifth-grade “job shadowing” day. For a full day, all Buena Vista fifth-graders were invited to experience a behind-the-scenes look into the world of work at the resort. During this hands-on day, students participated in learning how to make pizza dough, fold a napkin, serve beverages holding a tray with Gabrielle Winding, an employee of the Four Seasons one hand, stuff a pillow into a pilResidence Club Aviara reads to students at Buena lowcase relay and make and taste Vista Elementary School during recently Literacy smoothies at the bar. At the end of the day the students in a special Week festivities

Students participated in Literacy Week at Buena Vista Elementary. celebration were rewarded with pizza and ice cream! Some business partners contribute money to schools — and that always is greatly needed and appreciated. Also, many community members volunteer their precious time in our schools. But the Four Seasons Residence Club Aviara has taken partnerships to another level. Not only does it contribute money and volunteer time to enhance already well-established school programs, but it works with the school in creating new kinds of learning experiences for the students.

Laurer reports that the children of Buena Vista are not the only ones who benefit from this unique relationship. The employees also find great enjoyment in the personal connections they make with the children. They were truly moved by the “thank you books,” made by the fifth graders, in which the students recounted their favorite parts of the job-shadowing day. Finally, these valuable undertakings also have served to build teamwork and enthusiasm among Four Seasons employees themselves.

MiraCosta will offer classes at Sage Creek HS MiraCosta College has signed off on a deal to share several classrooms at Carlsbad’s newly opened Sage Creek High School for college credit courses that will be open to Sage Creek and Carlsbad high school students, the public and other currently enrolled high school students from any school district. MiraCosta College’s Board of Trustees unanimously approved the arrangement at its Sept. 17 meeting, while the Carlsbad Unified School District’s Board of Trustees gave its blessing to the partnership at an Aug. 14 board meeting. The Carlsbad Unified Board policy allows for the use of school facilities or grounds without charge for organizations or associations that promote youth and school activities. Because CUSD students will directly benefit from the availability of these classes, the facility use fees will be waived for the first year. “I think this is a terrific opportunity — a win-win for MiraCosta College and the Carlsbad Unified School District,” said MiraCosta College board of trustees member Leon Page. Page said sharing facilities among various districts is “a smart use of public assets” and will become more common as government agencies face leaner budgets. “I hope this becomes a model,” Page added. “I see this as the basis for further opportunities to work together.” Dr. Mary Benard, MiraCosta College’s vice president for Instructional Services, in collaboration with Dr. Rob Nye, assistant


he opportunity for high school students to take college-level courses free of enrollment fees is a huge incentive for students and families to choose to attend MiraCosta College and an incredible service to the community. — Francisco Rodriguez , Superintendent/President, MiraCosta College.

superintendent of Instructional Services for Carlsbad Unified, narrowed down the list of college credit courses that will be taught at Sage Creek to include core courses in communication studies, English, math, Spanish,

music history, geology and film. The determination was largely based on what college courses are in high demand and what courses high school students lean toward when readying for college. A list of courses can be found

in the MiraCosta College class schedule, available for viewing at Community members can request a printed class schedule be mailed to their homes by calling 760-795-6615.

Use of Sage Creek facilities is set to begin in January 2014, with MiraCosta College’s courses beginning the first week of the spring semester, Jan.13. Classes will be held 4–9 p.m. Monday through Thursday. MiraCosta College will be responsible for security and insurance costs while college courses are taught. Under the agreement, MiraCosta College will waive enrollment fees for all concurrently enrolled Carlsbad Unified students taking courses from MiraCosta College, whether at Sage Creek or at MiraCosta College’s campuses in Oceanside and San Elijo. “The opportunity for high school students to take collegelevel courses free of enrollment fees is a huge incentive for students and families to choose to attend MiraCosta College and an incredible service to the community,” said MiraCosta College Superintendent/President Francisco Rodriguez. Sage Creek High School sits at Cannon Road and College Boulevard, about three miles south of MiraCosta College’s Oceanside Campus. It was funded through the Carlsbad school district’s Proposition P, which voters passed in 2006. New students interested in enrolling in these courses must first fill out a MiraCosta College free application, available online at apply. For additional information about applying and enrolling, call The MiraCosta College Admissions and Records Office at 760-795-6620.


To offer a better understanding of what’s going on in Carlsbad’s real estate market right now, I’m presenting the five defining trends below.


Long-term real estate investors are attracted the steady stream of income provided by real estate. The low home prices of 2009-2011 in combination with record low mortgage rates provided the opportunity to purchase rental property that would generate 10 percent and greater yearly returns. But with real estate prices up nearly 30 percent from 2012, the overall return on investor equity is shrinking and forcing many investors to take a second look on their buy-andhold thesis. Take a recently listed home in La Costa ‘for-rent’ on Craigslist at $3,000 a month. The home would sell for around $700,000. Deducting the costs of sale and loan on the property, the owner has a potential $247,000 equity position in the property. Not factoring for vacancies, repairs, vandalism or other peculiar costs, the home is generating an estimated 3.6 percent yearly return on the $247,000. The owner can make a case for keeping the property if he expects current rents or the property’s value to rise substantially in the near future. Otherwise, he is holding onto an investment that is not generating sufficient returns to justify a long term hold.


No stairs, no problem. A single-level Carlsbad home is a hot commodity in today’s real estate market. The Carlsbad single level home is selling in a blistering 20 days average versus 38 days for its two-story counterpart. The single-level home will also carry a priceper-square-foo premium, especially in newer communities where there are fewer single level options. Single level homes make up only a quarter of the single family homes currently available in Carlsbad. Most of those homes were built before 1990. The recently-built south


The five defining trends in Carlsbad real estate HOUSING TRENDS


Broker Associate THE LUND TEAM

Carlsbad community of Viridian of La Costa Greens had only three modeled floorplans when constructed in 2007. All three were two stories. Davidson Homes set aside only 10 percent of its buildable lots for its unmodeled, single level floorplan. This trend, followed by many of the newer communities, has helped create a single level shortage and encourage a premium for the product. A recent single level sale in Viridian for the three-bedroom 2,800-square-foot plan secured $975,000, nearly the same price as the 4,000 square-foot plan 3 that closed escrow only a few months prior at $995,000.


Carlsbad’s luxury homes of $1 million and above have enjoyed a resurgence of activity in the past year. Low mortgage rates and improved outlook on the market has encouraged homebuyers to make their move up. Carlsbad’s planned communities of Aviara, Bressi Ranch, La Costa Greens and The Oaks have seen their most coveted properties secure record high sales prices. Real estate brokers are finding buyers willing to pay a premium for unique lots, appointments and/or upgrades. Depending on the combination of amenities, it could be as much as 30 percent higher than their non-appointed, model match cousins.

home buyers. Rates moved down from highs in late August early September of an average 4.6 percent to current levels of 4.28 percent for a 30-year fixed loan. This is helping homebuyers save money in monthly mortgage payments and better afford the higher prices Carlsbad has seen in recent months. It appears banks have become more confident in the near term real estate market, as creative mortgage programs are making a comeback. The most creditworthy borrowers are finding conventional programs requiring only 5 percent, some as low as 0 percent down, financing. Buyers are encouraged to explore their financing options.

North County brokers are running into fewer challenges with appraisals in the current marketplace. One of the major hurdles in 2012, the low appraisal constrained financing for many would-be homeowners. Appraisers have become wiser to the improved market conditions and have ample supply of higher recent comparable sales to draw their value estimates. Those wanting to refinance or secure an equity line on their current home take note. Lund can be reached at

PALOMAR FORUM BUSINESS PARK BUILDING FEATURES: • Space from 854 - 5,500 square feet • High Quality New Construction & Improvements • High Visible Identity at the intersection of Palomar Airport Road and Melrose Drive • Parking Ratio 3.3/1000 • On-Site Leasing Office, 3146 Tiger Run Court, Suite 108, Carlsbad, CA 92010


Recent Improvements in average mortgage rates have been a benefit to Carlsbad



Shelly Tinder






The Lund Team, Inc is a family owned and operated real estate company in North San Diego County. We have enjoyed much success with thousands of satisfied clients since 1982. And even with the numerous sales awards over the years, we are most proud to have been recognized, independently, for both our customer service and community service.


760-438-0800 760-494-9919 01394870





6114 Innovation Way, Carlsbad, CA 92009


Shelly Tinder

(760) 599-6111

• Flex/R&D Buildings for Sale, Lease or Lease option • Building Size: 4,389 – 12,058 square feet • 30-65% Office Build-Out • Electrical Service: 400 amps per 5,000 square feet • Gas Available • On-Site Sales Office, 3146 Tiger Run Court, Suite I-108 Carlsbad, CA 92010


Take charge of your energy and save money

Finding the right mix of technologies is key to avoiding financial risks

When Life Technologies Corp. decided to green energy consumption at their Carlsbad headquarters and manufacturing facility last year, they selected fuel cell technology, one of the most advanced clean energy sources available to lower electricity costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Life Technologies installed more than a megawatt (1,000 kilowatts) of on-site electricity generation, reduced their carbon emissions by 30 percent, increased energy reliability and achieved monthly utility bill savings. While small- or medium-sized business may not have the same scale of needs or resources as a global biotechnology giant, there are many readily available ways to cut energy use, save on utility bills and be more environmentally friendly. The key is finding a balance of energy efficiency, renewable energy and utility rate choices that align with your business goals and expected return on investment. Unfortunately, business owners and managers often feel overwhelmed when considering energy efficiency and renewable energy projects due to the abundance of options and the pitfalls of risky decisions. That’s because today’s landscape of utility tariffs, incentive programs, tax credits and emerging technologies can be confusing and intimidating. In the San Diego region, businesses can look to experts at the California Center for Sustainable Energy (CCSE) for help in navigating the process of identifying strategies for efficient and clean energy solutions. As an independent, not-for-profit organization, CCSE assists businesses in assessing the technical, operational and

Initiative cash rebates for on-site PV for commercial, industrial and agricultural installations that vary in value depending on whether the rebate is based on expected output or on actual performance. While the rebates have declined with the cost of solar, the longterm financial value of solar PV is still very substantial.


financial merits of energy projects. “CCSE offers businesses, building owners and facility managers unbiased, independent information that has only the best interests of our clients in mind,” said Jeremy Del Real, a CCSE energy engineer. “Our strength lies in discovering solutions that will be not only cost effective to implement, but also provide shortened project payback periods.” CCSE examines four basic technology areas to help business owners and managers evaluate and implement clean energy projects. Also listed are the available rebate programs that reduce up-front costs. In addition, for most technologies there are federal tax incentives or renewable energy tax credits.


Self-generation refers to technologies that produce power on site to help offset your electrical load. It is local electricity produced where it’s consumed. There is a wide range of self-generation technologies, and the one that’s right for you depends on your

unique load profile and energy objectives. In San Diego, CCSE provides technical and financial assistance to businesses interested in wind, waste energy recovery, pressure reduction turbines, fuel cells, advanced energy storage and combined heat and power technologies. The Self-Generation Incentive Program offers cash incentives based on the technology installed, the fuel used and the generating system capacity that range up to hundreds of thousands of dollars or more.

SOLAR WATER HEATING Solar water heating systems capture the warmth of the sun, transfer that heat to water, and work with a conventional water heater or boiler to help it use less energy. Retirement communities, restaurants, gyms, hotels/ motels and other businesses such as commercial dishwashers and heavy duty laundries demand high volumes of heated water and can benefit greatly from installing a solar water heating system. In addition, there are solar thermal systems used

for industrial processes, building space heating and cooling as well as other uses. CCSE issues rebates for solar water heating and other solar thermal applications through the California Solar Initiative – Thermal Program that can make purchasing and installing a system considerably more affordable. And soon, commercial solar pool systems will also be eligible to receive a rebate. Depending on the system installed and the estimated energy savings, rebates for replacing natural gas systems run up to $500,000.


Solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, also known as roof-top solar, are a reliable and effective way to lower or eliminate monthly energy bills and significantly reduce a company’s carbon footprint. The cost of solar PV has decreased by nearly 50 percent since 1998, with commercial systems typically costing $3-7 per watt installed – the larger the system, the lower the cost. CCSE offers California Solar

If your company owns one car or a fleet of vehicles, you should consider clean vehicle options that offer fuel savings and fewer tailpipe emissions. Plug-in electric vehicles, ranging from passenger cars to heavy-duty trucks, are particularly well-suited to commercial use because they provide lower operating and maintenance costs and can be turned off during short stops rather than idling. As statewide administrators of the Clean Vehicle Rebate Project, CCSE issues cash incentives of up to $2,500 for purchasing or leasing certain zero-emission vehicles. CCSE transportation experts also are available to work with you to optimize your fleet operations with customized analyses that can help you reach statewide or industry environmental regulations.


CCSE staff offers unbiased, expert advice and guidance regarding energy management decisions that help businesses find the right solutions. These technical advice services are especially ideal for companies or institutions with large facility portfolios and a motivation to become more environmentally friendly and energy independent. For more information, contact CCSE at greenbusiness or call 858-2441177 to speak to an energy expert.

Expert energy advice for your business Navigate the clean energy landscape with confidence

Rebates and technical assistance available now

Self-Generation & CHP

Solar Water Heating

Solar Electric

Clean Vehicles

Contact one of our energy experts today to learn more

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Let’s talk about trash SolarRain: Water made straight from a cloud GOING GREEN


A long, long time ago in the history of waste management, well, there wasn’t any. History that is. In fact, the beginning of organized waste management is considered such a breakthrough that the first sanitary landfill, established in 1937 in Fresno, California is now a designated national monument. Even so, it wasn’t until the 1970s that national regulations mandating the proper handling and disposal of waste, particularly hazardous waste, were publically implemented. Today, the conversation is rapidly moving from the question of, “how do we manage the landfill?” to “how do we eliminate the need for a landfill?” Sustainability is the key word, and it’s no longer just a concept for out-there tree huggers. Formalized sustainability reporting on an annual and even quarterly basis is becoming increasingly common among the large corporations that are known to set the pace in business practices. Companies large and small have established sustainability goals with metrics in place to gage success. While responsible corporate citizenship has rewards of its own, successful sustainability efforts in businesses also often mean reduced costs and less management hassles. The upfront costs of changing a system to make it more sustainable, i.e. installing solar panels, are often recovered in a short time thanks to the savings gained from energy bills etc. Of course, the key to true sustainability is to avoid the creation of waste altogether. Understanding a company’s process and analyzing how product development can be modified to generate the least waste possible is a firs step. Working to recycle, recover and reuse waste products is the second step to sustainability. Most of us understand recycling, at least in concept. But what about recovering and reusing waste? There are new techniques being created every day and Ingenium is one company very much on the forefront, researching and innovating new ways to use materials formerly considered only suitable for the landfill. One example of Ingenium’s contribution to increased sustainability is the unique

Executive Director INGENIUM

Orphan Chemical Program. This program, targeted to the life sciences community among others, arranges for the transfer of title, and then shipment of useable chemicals that otherwise would be treated as waste to new owners. In one instance alone, we were able to connect a donor with a recipient on a project involving more than $1 million of chemicals, recapturing some of the investment for the donor, and saving more than $100,000 in disposal costs. Another example inspired by the wasteto-energy movement is Ingenium’s Emerald Energy program, wherein biological, hazardous and other waste types that were traditionally suitable only for landfill disposal or incineration are used to power state and local electrical grids. Currently, that program is only available in California, but we are working on implementing it in other areas as well. At Ingenium, we work with our customers, examining their processes both up and downstream to first eliminate waste before it’s created, and then to recycle, recover and reuse whatever else we can. We focus on cost, risk and liability reduction, and support it all with our, technical services, professional consulting, and permitting and industrial hygiene expertise combined with hands-on assistance. If you have any questions or would like a complimentary Waste Management Analysis for your business, please contact Heather Dody at 760-745-8780.

Choosing good drinking water is essential – so when you need to hydrate, why not reach for a water that’s not just good for you, but good for the planet? Let SolarRain be your water of Choice. It’s ocean-sourced and created locally in San Diego with an innovative method that mimics the natural water cycle. Many bottled waters refer to the natural cycle in one way or another, but SolarRain employs its principles, emulating the planet’s natural way of filtering out impurities and replenishing the water supply to bring you drinking water with a balance of naturallyoccurring minerals (such as potassium, magnesium and calcium) and electrolytes, with no additives needed. SolarRain gives you a clean, healthy, great-tasting premium drinking water that is environmentally friendly. SolarRain’s water begins with water from the ocean. The ocean water first passes through sand filters similar to the natural process of ground water filtering through sediment layers. It then goes through screen filters on its way to the evaporation tank where it is heated and evaporated using solar thermal energy at temperatures lower than water’s boiling point. The moist air rises as a “cloud” and condenses into purified “rain” in the condensing tank. To insure SolarRain’s purity, the water goes through a carbon filter, 2 sub-micron filters, and a UV filter. As a final step, the water is ozonated before being bottled into pure, great-tasting premium drinking water.

What’s in it & When was it made? Many bottled water companies are not transparent when it comes to revealing their sources or telling you what’s in their water. If it weren’t for those date codes that fall within a 2-year window, you wouldn’t know when it was made. SolarRain believes you have a right to know what you’re drinking. Their water is harvested from the ocean off San Diego’s coast, vaporized and purified locally, then

sold throughout San Diego County. The date code will tell you that it was made fresh. In fact, enter the date code on the company’s website — www.solarrainwatery. com — and you will discover when it was made and what is actually in it. Each batch independently tested. You will find SolarRain contains no chemicals, hormones, or medical prescription waste.

Environmentally-friendly bottle When it comes to being environmentallyfriendly, SolarRain’s commitment to sustainability is not limited to the water. SolarRain uses biodegradable bottles. SolarRain has chosen a bottle that uses the rigorously-tested additive, allowing our PET1 bottle to be biodegradable. With this odorless and tasteless organic additive, SolarRain bottles naturally biodegrade in anaerobic (landfill) environments. They break down through microbial action into biogases and inert humus, and do not leave harmful materials behind. They are recyclable and can be mixed into the recycling stream with other plastic bottles. And, the square shape of the SolarRain bottle is not just distinctive, it reduces the volume in shipping, uses less packing material and takes up less space, reducing carbon emission and leaving a lighter carbon footprint. SolarRain believes each of us has an obligation to act as environmental stewards to create a healthier earth to live in and pass on to future generations. Choose wisely, and recycle dutifully. Go to for more information.

How Green is Your Waste Management?

every day Ingenium helps business clients meet or exceed their sustainability goals. That, with our efficient methods of traditional disposal, has made us a leading provider of innovative waste alternatives. One example: The Orphan Chemical program This unique service provides repurposing of useable chemicals that otherwise would be treated as waste. It’s sustainable and money saving for all parties. If you would like to find out how you can make your waste management greener than ever, call Ingenium today for your complimentary Waste management analysis!

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A San Diego Native contains the right balance of minerals & electrolytes, naturally stay hydrated to stay healthy

Is your business doing all it can to reduce hazardous waste disposal costs and minimize the landfill?

Ocean Sourced

Made Locally for Freshness

Find us at Harney Sushi, Brooklyn Girl Eatery, Temecula Olive Oil Company, Bates Nut Farm, Rocky Peaks, Dominicks on Mission, Ramona Family Naturals, Market in Del Mar, Ki’s, Island Palms, Tuscany, Lodge at Torrey Pines, La Valencia Hotel, Pacific Terrace Hotel, Park Hyatt Aviara, Humphreys at the Bay,, and Jsix to name a few, and of course Whole Foods, Jimbo’s, Keil’s, Boney’s Bayside Market and Cardiff Seaside Market


Sunpro Solar: the caring choice for going solar Jesse Green and Adam Evans had a belief that by helping families switch to solar energy, they were not only providing a better quality of life, but were helping to create sustainable energy for future generations. This belief turned into a reality more than 5 years ago when Sunpro Solar began, and is now the most trusted name in the solar industry. Sunpro Solar specializes in residential and commercial installation. Adam and Jesse design and custom install each solar system to what the job requires. These proud owners have more than 25 years of experience in the electric, gas, plumbing, and construction fields. They have been in the solar energy field for more than 7 years, and their experience is evident in the quality of their work. Not only does Sunpro have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, they also have the highest customer satisfaction ratings on Yelp. If there is ever a problem, they find a solution. With Sunpro, the customer matters. Because Sunpro takes such pride in its work, they do not use subcontractors. Your Sunpro experience will begin with a phone call from a caring employee, ready to answer your initial questions. You will then be treated with respect from one of their highly-trained energy consultants, as they educate on the benefits of solar power.

From the experienced solar panel installers on your roof, to their certified electricians, there is no doubt you will soon realize why Sunpro Solar has such a trustworthy reputation. Your solar experience will not end when the work is complete. You will have become a part of the Sunpro family. You can receive their monthly newsletter, informing you of upcoming Sunpro events that you can take part in. But most important, you will feel that you and your solar system are still a priority. Sunpro is centrally located in Wildomar, Calif., but reaches into San Diego County as well as Orange County, Los Angeles County and the Inland Empire. As a member of the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce, Sunpro proudly belongs to the chamber’s Sustainable Committee. This allows Sunpro to participate in finding solutions to “all things green.” Sunpro cares about its customers and about the communities it serves. Every month you will find the employees of Sunpro Solar picking up trash on the highway as a part of their Adopt-A-Highway campaign. Sunpro recently sponsored and participated in the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life event, and were honored to raise money for this great cause. Sunpro also sponsors school clubs, teams and organizations. They offer an amazing referral program to help these groups raise money. They are also pleased to sponsor Grid Alternatives, a non-profit organization that provides solar installations to families in need. To utilize their referral program for your own non-profit, please contact Emily Padilla at 951-570-7914. It is clear that solar energy has now become a better way to live life. When you make the switch to solar, choose the company that will care. Choose Sunpro Solar.

Lower your OVERHEAD

Save money with solar and control future energy costs. Going Solar is a Great Investment

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It pays to recycle with Simba Simba Recycling provides recycling solutions to local businesses in Southern California. It specializes in asset recovery of surplus, obsolete and unwanted inventory — specifically end-of-life electronics and metals and plastics. When assets are just sitting collecting dust, they are not assets anymore. Simba Recycling can liquidate those items and turn them into working capital for you. Simba Recycling is a Responsible Recycling Standards (R2) certified electronics recycler that is currently working toward International environmental standards ISO14001/OHSAS18001. It provides the following services:


• Collects all end-of-life electronic products from cellphones, PCs to network equipment, medical equipment. • As per the standards set forth by the Responsible Recycling Standards (R2) certification process, Simba Recycling follows strict guidelines when they process your electronics. Most electronics may be dismantled and components sent to a certified recycler such as Simba Recycling itself. Or, in case of circuit boards, to a certified smelter. • In case of data-containing devices such as hard drives, Simba Recycling guarantees the erasure of data and can provide a

destruction certificate, if required.


Recycling metals has several benefits: conservation of resources, less landfill waste, creation of industry and jobs. None may be more important then preserving our environment. Simba Recycling accepts: • Copper, brass, steel and iron. Simba Recycling’s drop-off facility is open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.


Simba started its business in 1993 with plastics recycling. Plastics recycling tends to be complex due to many types of plastics that are used in the industry. Simba Recycling accepts industry-grade plastics such as: polycarbonates, acrylic, ABS and nylon. • Free pickup is provided. Simba will drop-off storage containers or trailers at your site to facilitate collection. All you do is call them and they’ll take care of picking up your recyclables. Simba Recycling’s goal is to provide total recycling solutions to businesses. Simba will work with you to make sure they are your one-stop recycling solution. Call Simba Recycling now at 760-9402775 or email to see how they can help you “go green.”




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“Greener” banking options for our planet Now you can reduce waste and improve your impact on the environment when you bank with Wells Fargo. With paperless options such as Wells Fargo Online®, Wells Fargo Mobile® Banking, Online Statements, Bill Pay, Envelope-FreeSM ATMs, and ATM e-receipts, you have the tools to easier banking and a “greener” planet. Call, click, or stop by to start a conversation today.

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