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Ted Owen, the president and CEO of the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce, was one of 18 CEOs throughout San Diego County honored by the San Diego Business Journal and the Bank of America Corp. at the 5th Annual Most Admired CEO Awards ceremony, held Dec. 8 at the Paradise Point Resort and Spa. More than 600 people attended the ceremony, which included a keynote speech from Garry Ridge, president and CEO of WD-40 in San Diego. Owen won in the Small Business Nonprofit category. Special Awards were given to Ronne Froman of the National Veterans Transition Services and The Monarch School; Reid Carr of Red Door Interactive and Father Joe Carroll of Father Joe’s Villages. “San Diego is fortunate to have so many high-caliber CEOs,” said Randy Frisch, president and publisher of the San Diego Business Journal. “As keynote speaker Garry Ridge, president and CEO of WD-40 said, we have lots of talented professionals, and the way to maintain that is to challenge ourselves to improve every day. We can do that.” The finalists were selected from a field of 75 finalists by an independent panel of judges that included Sheryl Bilbrey, president and CEO of the Better Business

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Chamber CEO Owen among 'Most Admired'

Oswaldo Cabrera, a client of Partnerships With Industry, an organization that helps people with disabilities succeed in the workplace, is a 12-year LEGOLAND California employee.

A helping hand in the workplace Partnerships With Industry helps disabled find, keep work


5934 Priestly Drive Carlsbad, CA 92008

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Welcome to the new CBJ José A. López

José A. López

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january 2012

Editor | Carlsbad Business Journal

Editor | Carlsbad Business Journal

Carlsbad Chamber President and CEO Ted Owen was honored at the 2011 Most Admired CEO Awards on Dec. 8.


Book gives a look at brewery's success.

swaldo Cabrera loves his job at LEGOLAND California. It’s the same one he’s had for nearly 12 years. During that time, the 36-year-old Oceanside resident — who goes by the nickname “Ozzie” — has gone from a seasonal employee to a part-time employee and steadily acquired more responsibilities on the job. On the surface, Cabrera is another dedicated, veteran employee. When he goes into the administrative office at LEGOLAND, his co-workers greet him warmly and by first name. He takes pride in his job, sweeping and cleaning tables and sometimes helping ring up the orders of customers at The Knights' Table, the park’s medieval-themed eatery. “I love my job, and they love me,” Cabrera

Cabrera has numerous duties at The Knights' Table, a LEGOLAND restaurant, including working at the register. said recently. Cabrera’s work experience is one of the many successes of Partnerships With Industry (PWI), a nonprofit organization that for nearly 26 years has given adults with disabilities the opportunity to find fulfilling jobs. Throughout the years, PWI has provided Cabrera with the resources he needs to be a successful employee. Cabrera said that assistance has made all the difference, making his experience working at LEGOLAND markedly different from his earlier experiences


As regular readers of this newspaper may have noticed, our publication looks significantly different this month. I’d like to take the time to introduce this redesign and point out some of the new features of the Carlsbad Business Journal. Our hope is that you will find our new design more visually appealing and easier to read, and its new organization easier to navigate. We’ve gone over our entire paper feature by feature to determine how to best utilize the space we have to bring you news about our members each month. This publication is unique in the chamber world, and has proven to be a trendsetter. It takes the concept of the traditional member newsletter and turns it on its head by including elements that are similar to what you would find in newspapers. We believe the accomplishments of our members are so outstanding, they deserve to be shared with the general population. Thus, this paper serves two purposes. Yes, you’ll find news of our upcoming events, a list of our new members and photos from our recent activities, but you’ll also get news and information that goes beyond that and appeals to a wider audience. That philosophy was the guiding principle of this design. Throughout the paper, you’ll find stories, columns and other information that will highlight some of the news of our members. Our Page 2 Feature will bring you general interest stories in a stylish, colorful and fun presentation. We’ve also organized the content of the paper throughout the pages, and have added an Index on Page 3 to help you navigate the stories by topic. Also on Page 3, you’ll find KUDOS, the column by new Board Chairman Carlton Lund, which is all about spreading the good news of our members. We’re also debuting a new section, titled LegalLines on Page 7, which will allow attorneys who are members of the Chamber to answer questions. Our hope is to eventually add similar sections, tapping into the experiences of our members in other industries. This is all in addition to the primary function of this paper, which like the newsletter of other chambers, is letting you know about what we’re doing

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Conference to provide insights on changing corporate culture Servant Leadership Winter Conference set for Jan. 31 - Feb 2. There is a crisis in leadership today. Harvard Business Review recently stated that self-serving leadership has eroded our confidence in institutions around the world. Recent news reports have revealed scandals at Penn State University and insider stock information benefiting certain members of Congress; trust in our leaders continues to be on a steady decline.

Annual Servant Leadership Winter Conference

It’s no surprise that business leaders are searching for a better way to lead. “If there ever is a time for Servant Leadership, the time is now,” said Mark Larson, longtime San Diego radio talk show host, and emcee of the upcoming Annual Servant Leadership Winter Conference in San Diego. The term “servant leadership”

was first made popular in corporate America by AT&T executive Robert Greenleaf in 1968. Since that time, this method of leadership that maximizes profits, people, and the planet has transformed corporate cultures around the world, most notably at Southwest Airlines,


Featuring internationally-noted author on leadership John Maxwell and Garry Ridge, CEO of WD-40 in San Diego. When: Jan. 31 through Feb. 2 Where: Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina Contact: www.forthesakeofothers.com or call toll free: (855) SLI – LEAD (855) 754-5323

Inside: A Look

page two f e a t u r e

John Schulz Photography

Book details Stone Brewing’s rise to the top

STONE BLT - RECIPE Makes 4 sandwiches • 4 Roma tomatoes • 6 leaves fresh basil, very thinly sliced • 1/4 cup diced red onion • 1 clove garlic, minced • 3 tablespoons balsamic vinegar • 11/2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil • Salt Freshly ground black pepper • 4 ciabatta rolls • 1/2 cup Roasted Garlic and Lemon Mayo (recipe follows) • 1/2 cup whole-grain mustard • 2 cups arugula • 12 s trips cooked bacon, preferably applewood-smoked Cut the tomatoes in half lengthwise and discard the seeds. Slice the tomatoes 1/4 inch thick. Combine the tomatoes, basil, onion, garlic, vinegar, and olive oil in a nonreactive bowl and gently toss to combine. Season with salt and pepper to taste. (This mixture can be made up to 2 days in advance and kept in a covered container in the refrigerator.) Split and lightly toast the ciabatta halves. For each sandwich, spread 2 tablespoons of mayo inside the top half and 2 tablespoons of mustard inside the bottom half. Layer one-fourth of the arugula on the bottom, then one-fourth of the tomato mixture, and then 3 slices of the bacon. Replace the top half of the roll and cut the sandwich in half diagonally.

Roasted Garlic and Lemon Mayo

Makes about 11/2 cups This creamy condiment is a great spread for sandwiches (including, of course, a BLT), and also makes a tasty dip for french fries and grilled artichokes.

• • •

to me a few hours later, warm to the idea, but not completely convinced. We ended up meeting several times and bumping into each other coincidentally in San Francisco, fleshing out a larger scope for the project, and I finally won him over.

How daunting was the process of putting together this book? When did you start and how long did it take?

gardens at Liberty Station and a company store in the South Park area of San Diego. The following is a Q-and-A with Clemens.

How would you describe this book? “The Craft of Stone Brewing Co.: Liquid Lore, Epic Recipes, and Unabashed Arrogance” covers a lot of ground! At its core, it’s the story of Stone — how it came to be, and how it’s continued to grow at quite a clip over the past 15+ years. More than that, though, it covers the history of beer, and acts as a primer explaining how beer is made, including an in-depth look at the ingredients and the process behind brewing. It covers the backstories behind each beer Stone has ever produced, pairing advice, recipes from the Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens, and 18 recipes for Stone beers scaled down for homebrewing.

Where did the idea for this book come from? Shortly after finishing the manuscript for my other book (The Sriracha Cookbook), I began wondering what I wanted to work on next. Having been a fan of Stone Brewing Co. for some time and having dined in the bistro on many occasions, I thought, “Why not put together a cookbook with recipes from Stone?!” I went straight to the top and sent a pitch to Stone CEO and co-founder Greg Koch. Surprisingly, he got back

It was definitely a labor of love, and we were up against a tight deadline, wanting to have it out around the time of the Stone 15th Anniversary Celebration & Invitational Beer Festival. (We actually missed a deadline…or two… and it got pushed back until late September rather than mid-August.) As daunting as it was at times— trying to wrangle up Greg and Steve for interviews, looking through old boxes of photos, testing recipes, editing (and reediting), and bringing together the many little pieces that really make the book special—I am so glad to have been a part of it. Getting to hear these great stories about Stone’s past and getting to know Greg and Steve (not to mention plenty of others who helped make Stone what it is today!) over the course of a year and a half was an absolute pleasure.

How did you decide what to include and what to leave out? We really wanted to paint a complete picture while keeping it all entertaining and conversational, but also educational and eye-opening. If it fit the bill, we kept it in!

What was the motivation for including homebrew recipes? How could we not?! What a great thing to share! Homebrewing is what gets all great brewers started, and if we can inspire someone to go down that road and create something with their own hands, maybe even change it up and make it their own, then I say we’ve done a great thing!

What do you hope people come away with after reading the book?

A further appreciation of the craft beer world as a whole, and the passion that exists behind it. I’ve never met a more gracious community of people than craft beer drinkers, and it’s incredible to be a part of it. The deeper I dig, the more treasure I find, and I hope that rings true for those who read the book. And hey, if you’re inspired to try a recipe or give homebrewing a shot… well, nothing would make me happier. And I’m willing to say nothing will make you happier, either! Greg Koch and Steve Wagner at

whats in a name:

Before settling on Stone Brewing Co., some of the names that Greg Koch and Steve Wagner considered included: • Old Shoe Brewing • Midnight Brewing Co. • 1516 Brewing Co. • Rebellion Brewing Co. • Miracle Brewing Co. • KoochenVagner’s Sublime and Beautiful Great California Paradox Ale Brewing and Trading Company Incorporated • Stone Ales — Source: “The Craft of Stone Brewing Co.: Liquid Lore, Epic Recipes, and Unabashed Arrogance”

6 egg yolks 2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice 1 cup canola or vegetable oil 1 head Roasted Garlic (page 134) Salt

Put the egg yolks and lemon juice in a food processor or blender. Process for 10 seconds to combine. With the motor running, slowly drizzle in the oil and continue to process until completely emulsified. Add the roasted garlic and pulse until well incorporated. Season with salt to taste. Stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator, the mayo will keep for up to 2 weeks. “Reprinted with permission from The Craft of Stone Brewing Co.: Liquid Lore, Epic Recipes, and Unabashed Arrogance. Copyright © 2011 by Stone Brewing Co. and Randy Clemens. Published byTen Speed Press, an imprint of the Crown Publishing Group, Berkeley, CA.

Greg Koch, left, and Steve Wagner at the Stone Brewery in Escondido.

Photo Provided by StudioSchulz.com

• •


an Diego has established itself as a paradise for those who enjoy quality beer, and one of the area’s most notable successes is Stone Brewing Co., the Escondido-based brewery that has experienced a meteoric rise since it first launched in 1996. Now, the company’s founders are giving a first-hand account of the company’s history with a book, “The Craft of Stone Brewing Co.: Liquid Lore, Epic Recipes, and Unabashed Arrogance.” Co-written with Randy Clemens, an author and the company’s public relations coordinator, the book provides an inside look at the company’s first 15 years. Founded by Greg Koch and Steve Wagner, the brewery’s signature beer is its Arrogant Bastard Ale, a hoppy concoction introduced in 1997, back when — according to Koch — strong, bold beers were not popular. The beer’s name and taste encapsulate the company’s bold, “do it your way philosophy,” a take on business that makes it clear that the company and its people are passionate about what they do and, more importantly, do well. The independently-owned company has remained true to its core beliefs, which in addition to producing craftquality beer include a commitment to sustainability, business ethics and the use of innovation to stay on the cutting edge of the brewing business. It’s a formula that has served the company well. Stone Brewing Co. has established itself as a business who is a hit with beer connoisseurs. BeerAdvocate magazine named it the “All-time Top Brewery on Planet Earth,” Koch was knighted by the Belgian Brewers Federation and it has a total of five Great American Beer Festival medals, including a gold for its Stone Levitation Ale in 2007. On the business side, Stone was the 14th largest craft brewery in the United States last year, and has averaged a 43 percent year-to-year growth over the past 15 years. It was included in the Inc. 500 list two years in a row, and last year announced a series of large projects, including a 55,000 square-foot production facility, a new hotel and headquarters and a farm, a new bistro and

By José A. López | Editor, Carlsbad Business Journal

january 2012



WORDS OF WISDOM OFFICERS The Lund Team Chairman of the Board AT&T Chair Elect McBride Financial Advisory Immediate Past Chairwoman AKT, LLP Chief Financial Officer RAM Enterprises International Vice Chair of Member Services Howes, Weiler and Associates Vice Chair of Public Policy Poseidon Resources Corp. Vice Chair of Economic Development Sylvan Learning Center of Encinitas


Thoughts for the New Year

• IF you want happiness for an hour — take a nap. • IF you want happiness for a day — go fishing. • IF you want happiness for a month — get married. • IF you want happiness for a year — inherit a fortune. • IF you want happiness for a lifetime — help others. • “I long to accomplish a great and noble task: but it is my chief duty and job to accomplish humble tasks as though they were great and noble. The world is moved along, not only by the mighty shoves of its heroes, but also by the aggregate of the tiny pushes of each honest worker.” — Helen Keller. • The three “Cs” of Growth These three words will determine our growth • CHOICE—it allows you to START growing • CHANGE—It allow you to keep growing • CLIMATE—Allows you to enjoy growing In closing: the reward for work well done is the opportunity to do more.

John Osborne Gina McBride John Lechleiter Mimi Gaffey Michael Howes, AICP Peter MacLaggan

Vice Chair of Business & Community Development Chris Ross

Tri-City Medical Center Vice Chair of Special Projects Jeff Segall Storrow Law, APC Vice Chair of Strategic Planning Lou Storrow

Employees of ViaSat watch the launch of the company’s communications satellite Via-Sat 1 at the Carlsbad campus.

Recognizing those who are reaching beyond the stars It is an honor to write this column, capacity to serve the accelerating my first as chairman of the Carlsbad growth in bandwidth demand for Chamber of Commerce. multimedia Internet access over the This space will be different from next decade. the columns that have come before. I’m going to be highlighting some KUDOS to California Pacific Airof the good news coming from our lines for making progress on its members, bringing attention to the goal of launching flights to the U.S. significant impact that our members (and eventually to destinations in are having in the community in both Mexico) from Carlsbad’s airport. big and small ways. The company passed its first federal I’ve always been a proponent of regulatory hurdle in September, and accentuating the positive, and that’s announced the appointment of Dave something that I’d like to accomplish Hopkins as director of aircraft proeach month grams and comthrough this mercial agreecolumn. For my ments and Diane first column, I’d Smith as vice presilike to recogku·dos | 'k(y)oo,dos; dent of customer nize a couple N. Praise and honor received experience. The of businesses company is now for an achievement. that — much accepting appliORIGIN late 18th cent.: like the theme Greek. cations for several of our 2012 USAGE Kudos comes from positions, including for its initial Annual Awards Greek and means ‘glory.’ cadre of check Dinner — have airmen. Way to shown to us “New Oxford American Dictionary” that the sky is go! limitless. These are the kudos KUDOS to the Angels Depot’s for January. founder Susan H. KUDOS to ViaSat for an achieve- Hall for being one of the finalists for ment that is truly out of this world. the AARP’s Hunger Heroes Award. The Carlsbad-based company Though it did not get the top award, launched the ViaSat-1, the high- the Vista-based nonprofit has disest capacity satellite in the world tributed 34,295 meal boxes to the in October. The launch, which took area’s senior community since its place in Kazhakstan, was watched funding. That translates to 720,195 live by employees of the company meals and 754,490 pounds of food, at its headquarters. The company a major feat any way you look at it. reports that everything has gone smoothly. The satellite is now posiKUDOS to my good friend, Dr. tioned in geosynchronous orbit and Ed Culbertson, who was named was scheduled to start providing ser- a professor emeritus at MiraCosta vice at the end of last year. Services college following his retirement are expected to sequentially expand last summer. I guest lectured in his across the United States over the class many times and I don’t know following months. anyone that can teach real estate The technology is expected to better than him. elevate satellite into a much more KUDOS to my predecessor, Gina competitive position in the broadband service marketplace, with the McBride, who was awarded the Fran


Here are some thoughts from my New Year’s resolution list. I won’t do them all, but everyone needs a plan or a target list of goals. Check these out: • Having potential works exactly the opposite to the way a savings account does. In a savings account, as time goes by, your money compounds interest. The longer you leave it untouched, the more it increases. When it comes to potential, the longer you leave it untouched, the more it decreases. Unused potential wastes away. If you want potential to increase, you have to tap into it!

Carlton Lund



Aleshire Award for her outstanding leadership and regional involvement at the San Diego North Economic Development Council’s Annual Holiday Luncheon and Awards Presentation on Dec. 1. I’d like to give KUDOS to Regents Bank President and CEO Dan Yates and Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Ted Owen, who were included in the San Diego Metropolitan Magazines “Top 20 Men Who Impact San Diego.” Speaking of Owen, I’d like to give him KUDOS for being named one of the San Diego Business Journal’s Most Admired CEOs. Also, KUDOS to Toni Padron, the Chambers Executive Vice President and chief operating officer, who was named one of the 2011 Women Who Mean Businesss. Finally, I’d like to close with an appeal. I want you, the members of the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce, to send me tips and suggestions for my upcoming columns. Who should I give kudos? Was an employee or representative of our company or organization recently recognized? Please let me know. Though there is a lot to be celebrated among our members, your help will help me make my spotlight on the positive even larger. Email suggestions for Kudos to José A. López, the Carlsbad Business Journal’s editor at jlopez@carlsbad.org.

Happy New Year!


We are looking forward to watching your business grow this year. Thank you for being a member of our chamber. We look forward to continuing to help you with your business needs this year.

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The City of Carlsbad recently received good news — the kind that the CEO of every company would like to receive. The San Diego Business Journal honored the Carlsbad Fire Department with a Health Care Champion award. It made me proud that every member of our team pulled together to win this award. And they did it by identifying industry trends and delivering high-quality service. Practically speaking, your Carlsbad Fire Department functions like any business. The only real exception is we don’t show a profit at the end of the fiscal year. We can’t. But like any other business, the department has a budget and has to stay within that budget. Staff hasn’t increased significantly in many years, but Carlsbad firefighters must set and hit goals to deliver a level of service that improves constantly. And that made me, as the head of the department, even more proud that our staff won a Health Champion Award, because we did it while living within our limits. The City of Carlsbad provided the resources, managers and chiefs provided the leadership, and everyone in the department focused on their jobs to take care of our community, meaning you. To an outsider we may look like a traditional fire department. We know people think that when the alarm goes off we slide down the pole and show up with our rigs and spray water until the fire goes out. If only it were that simple. When the alarm comes in, we


Fire department named a ‘Health Care Champion’ PUBLIC SAFETY

Fire Chief Carlsbad Fire Department

never know what we’re going to encounter. The majority of our calls are medical responses, so every one of our firefighters is a trained paramedic. We have to deliver informed, competent service, and we develop that skill by spending hours in the classroom and practicing in simulations. And much like you, we don’t assume that whatever we do, however we do it, that’s the right way to do it. We have performance measures that each engine crew must meet. If a crew isn’t out the door and on the scene of an emergency in an efficient time frame, they’ll hear about it. We have a statistician who studies each call and evaluates the dispatch, response and performance times. The numbers don’t lie. Every crew knows there are standards, and firefighters race to meet their benchmarks every time they drive out the door. If we’re out in the field and something goes wrong, we know it. And like you, we don’t let it

The Carlsbad Fire Department received a Health Care Champion award from the San Diego Business Journal. pass. We sit down in a classroom and critique it. Those involved in the incident explain what happened and we dissect it. We don’t focus on any individual, but on the system, with the goal of making it better. Every day we’re aware we have to win our customers’ trust and confidence, and our customer base is quite broad. It includes everyone

who lives, works and travels through Carlsbad. And to win that trust, we try our best to integrate with many aspects of the city. We pride ourselves on working side by side with our counterparts in the Carlsbad Police Department, other emergency responders, and all members of our community. We want you to feel confident that when you dial 911, you’ll get the

best possible service. That’s our goal every time we answer a call. We want you to think of us as your safety experts. If you have a safety question, we want you to call us before your question becomes an emergency. That’s what we’re here for. The City of Carlsbad Fire Department can be reached at 760-931-2141.

The City of Carlsbad has always enjoyed a broad industry base that provides jobs, fuels the local economy and maintains a high quality of life for residents and visitors. One of the city’s roles is to help pave the way for local businesses to achieve success. This role is even more important during a bad economy. That’s why the City Council directed staff about two years ago to reach out to the development community and find ways to forge a stronger partnership. A big step in this endeavor was the formation of a working group that looked into the development review process with an eye toward cutting out the red tape, increasing efficiency and saving money for developers and taxpayers alike. This working group was made up of members of the local development community and city staff. The result was nine initiatives and a list of 48 individual recommendations that touched on nearly every aspect of the development review process, from speeding up project reviews to extending the life of permits for


City’s efforts to streamline development process is paying off CITY NEWS

Economic Development Manager City of Carlsbad

projects on the verge of expiration. Over the past 18 months, we have moved our way down the list and are now working on the final two areas of focus: decision-making levels and a landscape manual update. “This process is a great example of what can be accomplished by getting in a room together, rolling up our sleeves and focusing on the critical issues,” said Gary Barberio, the City of Carlsbad’s director of community and economic development. “We’re reducing redundancy and ambiguity in our process, cutting out unnecessary steps and trimming costs for both the city and project

Like us

The City of Carlsbad has overhauled the development review process to help local businesses. applicants, which benefits everyone,” Barberio said. The sooner projects get approval and pull their permits, the sooner construction can begin and those

projects can start contributing to the community, both in terms of jobs and tax revenue for the city, which helps pay for your vital services like streets maintenance, parks, and

News, events and more


police and fire protection. Maintaining the validity of projects by extending their permit life was vital because many approved projects have been unable to secure financing during the economic downturn. We believe it’s essential for those projects to move forward when the economy improves without having to go through the approval process all over again. Another key recommendation was to ensure that decisions were made at the appropriate level, whether that was City Council, Planning Commission or staff. It’s unnecessary to require routine, non-controversial projects to go to the top rung of the ladder for approvals. The city has undertaken other initiatives to ensure that development applications proceed without unnecessary delay. One initiative was the creation of the Development Review Team in 2008, which consists of managers and high-level staff involved in the permitting process. This group meets monthly to monitor major projects and make sure they stay on track. Another city initiative was the consolidation of most of the staff involved in development review into a single department, Community & Economic Development. This accomplished two things. It made it easier for applicants to communicate with the city, because now they could deal with a single department, rather than two or three. It also improved communication among staff members involved in development review, as divergent functions that had been spread out are now gathered under one umbrella. Working through this process has been a great experience, not just because it allowed us to focus our streamlining efforts where it would make the greatest difference for businesses, but because it opened an ongoing dialogue. By working together and maintaining open communication, the city and the development community can promote Carlsbad’s future vitality while maintaining the high standards that make Carlsbad special.

january 2012



Employers take note: New laws now in effect If you’re a California employer, there are a number of recent changes in the law that you should know about. Most took effect on Jan. 1.

• PREGNANCY DISABILITY LEAVE Employers of five or more employees must now continue health benefits for a pregnant employee on disability leave. For example, if she had health coverage while working, and you paid 50 percent of her premium, you have to continue to pay 50 percent of that premium while she’s on pregnancy disability leave, up to four months. The new law is AB 592 and SB 299, both on the California legislature’s website, www.leginfo.ca.gov.

• New union rights POSTER BY JAN. 31 Make sure your standard posters are up to date. One new requirement is a poster informing employees of their unionization rights under the National Labor Relations Act. Don’t think you’re too small — almost all employers are required to post this.

• No credit checks LOU STORROW

A look at the laws that may impact your businesses

Up to now, most employers could check an employee’s background, including credit. Not any more. Under AB 22, employers may not check the credit of an employee or candidate unless it is for a manager’s position (must meet certain criteria), or the employee will handle personal financial information (except taking credit applications in a retail store), will be a signer on your bank account, or will have access to cash of $10,000 or more, or certain trade secrets. There are a few other limited exceptions, but be sure you get advice before you run another credit check on any employee!



Prevention Act” (feel accused?) and there should be more information on the Labor Commissioner’s website: (www.dir.ca.gov/dlse/Governor_signs_Wage_Theft_Protection_ Act_of_2011.html) Changes must be given in writing within 7 days of a change. Exempt employees are not included.

• Independent contractor? better be right!

• Be careful with Facebook

New Labor Code Section 226.8 makes it unlawful to “intentionally misclassify” an employee as an independent contractor. Before you agree to give any worker a 1099 instead of a W-2, better check the law. Otherwise, you risk fines of $5,000 to $25,000 per violation! Anyone who advises an employer to misclassify someone could also be fined! If all of this sounds fuzzy and dangerous, then you have read it correctly. Don’t hire another independent contractor without getting solid advice on this one.

The next big area for litigation may be “Facebook firings.” Employees who complain about working conditions on Twitter, Facebook etc. may be protected by federal law. It’s more important than ever that you get legal advice before firing anyone for cause. Also, check your employee handbook. If it says employees can be fired for badmouthing the company in public – the policy itself may be a problem.

• New employee wage notice You now must give new employees written notice of their rate of pay and how it’s calculated (by hour, week, shift, piece, etc.), the regular payday, the employer’s official name, address, phone number and workers compensation carrier. It’s called the “Employee Wage Theft

A new law requires that employers display a posters informing employees of their unionization rights under the National Labor Relations Act by the end of the month.

• Commission agreementS IN WRITING

working conditions because of a physical or mental condition. The law requires you to engage in an “interactive process” to find solutions when an employee has a disability. And recent rules have broadened the definition of “disability.” Make sure you have clear job descriptions that include physical requirements.

Employers who pay on a commission basis have to have a written agreement specifying how commissions are calculated and paid. You must get a receipt from each employee subject to the agreement.

• Discrimination Law Changes

• Prevailing Wage Penalties

It is now illegal to discriminate in California on the basis of “gender expression” – how someone dresses or appears, whether or not it fits gender stereotypes. Check your dress code – it may be way out of date. Also, “genetic information” is protected and can’t be used to make hiring/firing decisions. That includes information about an employee’s health or diseases or those of his or her family members! I’m also seeing more cases that involve disability discrimination claims. Be careful when an employee asks for a change in

Penalties for Prevailing Wage violations have been quadrupled. Sorry, Sacramento needs the money.

• Overtime Rules In the next few months, look for news about a major court decision on meal and rest periods. Lou Storrow has been a Carlsbad lawyer for more than 20 years, and has been a chamber member for nearly all of that time. He can be reached at Lstorrow@hrlawyer.com.

0 1 t e N r e b Cham ncheon

Brown Bag Lu

License # 0F06620

Ten Traps To alveogaidl 2012 updaTes

s for eMploYer

rrow law, apC to s | w o rr to s u presented by lo

p.m. 1 . .m a 0 :3 1 1 012 • JANUARY 25, 2 and 10 Tips Table

orking Facilitated netw

Bring your own siness cards! •

bu • Bring plenty of


For More Inform

ce ber of Commer Carlsbad Cham 92008 Ca d, ., Carlsba 5934 priestly Dr 931-8400 Phone: (760) 9153 1Fax: (760) 93 g or d. www.carlsba gister today! re d, Space is limite


ll be provided)

lunch. (drinks wi

$10 Admission

- Members

per $10 at the door The workshop is ts will an cip rti r, and pa Chamber Membe -served a first-come, first be welcomed on . se ent only plea basis. Cash paym $30


ospective Mem Admission - Pr

ive $30 for prospect The workshop is card. it ed check or cr members Cash,

BEST VALUE in coverages

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designed for your needs with

• Life • Health • Disability

comprehensive protection

• Commercial Liability

EXCELLENT, TOP RATED companies to choose from for your maximum benefit RESPONSIVE, PROFESSIONAL service from people you

& Property • Business Auto • Worker’s Compensation • Environmental/Pollution




“Dedicated Agents and Members of AHLF” 5055 Avenida Encinas, Ste. 130 Carlsbad, CA 92008


(760) 931-1021


carlsbad business journal



Chairman government affairs committee

The year in government affairs won’t be a dog The Chinese zodiac calendar says 2012 is the year of the dragon. Political observers see it more as the year of donkeys and elephants. From a government affairs perspective it may be the year of the bee: busy. January marks the beginning of a very volatile presidential election year, one that will keep our Chamber Government Affairs Committee committed to research and analysis to find the issues that affect our members the most. Fortunately for us and our members, the Chamber does not endorse candidates, which reduces both the angst and the decisions we have to make and recommend as positions to the Board of Directors. But that leaves Carlsbad businesses with a wide universe of legislative issues to consider. The committee will focus on those that it believes are of greatest importance — either as threats or as supportive measures, in 2012. Given the long history of California as a business-unfriendly state from a government perspective, keeping a sharp eye on the legislature remains critical. Keep watching for and reading the Political Pulse section every month. We’ll keep you abreast of the most contentious issues and also ask for your help every once in a while. You are also welcome to attend our monthly Government Affairs committee meetings, first Wednesday at 7:30 a.m. at the Chamber. There you may learn things like the new discrimination and harassment claims legislation that predates the Herman Cain era.

How your idea can become law Have you ever thought there should be a law in place that doesn’t exist today? Did you know you could propose the law to your state representative in either the senate or the assembly? They can then propose a bill in the state legislature. Time is of the essence as their bills must be proposed by late January to start the process. Sometimes elected officials will have placeholder bills that are on record but then modified to meet a need. Here is a look at how the process works. The following can be found at www.leginfo.ca.gov in the "Your Legislature" link.


The process of government by which bills are considered and laws enacted is commonly referred to as the legislative process. The California State Legislature is made up of two houses: the senate and the assembly. There are 40 senators and 80 assembly members representing the people of the State of California. The legislature has a legislative calendar containing important dates of activities during its two-year session.


All legislation begins as an idea or concept. Ideas and concepts can come from a variety of sources. The process begins when a senator or assembly member decides to author a bill.

The Author

A legislator sends the idea for the bill to the legislative counsel where it is drafted into the actual bill. The draft of the bill is returned to the legislator for introduction. If the author is a senator, the bill is introduced in the senate. If the author is an assembly member, the bill is introduced in the assembly.

First Reading/Introduction

A bill is introduced or read the first time when the bill number, the name of the author, and the descriptive title of the bill is read on the floor of the house. The bill is then sent to the Office of State Printing. No bill may be acted upon until 30 days has passed from the date of its introduction.

Committee Hearings

The bill then goes to the Rules Committee


joe Charest



Chair-Elect carlsbad chamber of commerce

of the house of origin where it is assigned to the appropriate policy committee for its first hearing. Bills are assigned to policy committees according to subject area of the bill. For example, a senate bill dealing with health care facilities would first be assigned to the Senate Health and Human Services Committee for policy review. Bills that require the expenditure of funds must also be heard in the fiscal committees: Senate Appropriations or Assembly Appropriations. Each house has a number of policy committees and a fiscal committee. Each committee is made up of a specified number of senators or assembly members. During the committee hearing the author presents the bill to the committee and testimony can be heard in support of or opposition to the bill. The committee then votes by passing the bill, passing the bill as amended, or defeating the bill. Bills can be amended several times. Letters of support or opposition are important and should be mailed to the author and committee members before the bill is scheduled to be heard in committee. It takes a majority vote of the full committee membership for a bill to be passed by the committee. Each house maintains a schedule of legislative committee hearings. Prior to a bill’s hearing, an analysis is prepared that explains current law, what the bill is intended to do, and some background information. Typically the analysis also lists organizations that support or oppose the bill.

Second and Third Reading

Bills passed by committees are read a second time on the floor in the house of origin and then assigned to third reading. Bill analyses are also

prepared prior to third reading. When a bill is read the third time it is explained by the author, discussed by the Members and voted on by a roll call vote. Bills that require an appropriation or that take effect immediately, generally require 27 votes in the Senate and 54 votes in the Assembly to be passed. Other bills generally require 21 votes in the Senate and 41 votes in the Assembly. If a bill is defeated, the Member may seek reconsideration and another vote.

Repeat Process in other House

Once the bill has been approved by the house of origin it proceeds to the other house where the procedure is repeated.

Resolution of Differences If a bill is amended in the second house, it must go back to the house of origin for concurrence, which is agreement on the amendments. If agreement cannot be reached, the bill is referred to a two house conference committee to resolve differences. Three members of the committee are from the senate and three are from the assembly. If a compromise is reached, the bill is returned to both houses for a vote.


If both houses approve a bill, it then goes to the governor. The governor has three choices: sign the bill into law, allow it to become law without his or her signature or veto it. A governor’s veto can be overridden by a two thirds vote in both houses. Most bills go into effect on the first day of January of the next year. Urgency measures take effect immediately after they are signed or allowed to become law without signature.

California Law

Bills passed by the legislature and approved by the governor are assigned a chapter number. These chaptered bills (also referred to as statutes of the year they were enacted) become part of the California codes. The California codes are a comprehensive collection of laws grouped by subject matter. The state constitution sets forth the laws by which the state is governed. All amendments come as a result of constitutional amendments presented to the people for approval.

WELCOME TO THE FAMILY. Las Villas de Carlsbad is a community that cultivates friendship and inspires an adventurous spirit, where caring is what we do for each other. That’s a real community. That’s an Elmcroft community. Independent Living | Assisted Living Skilled Nursing | Respite Care

Lives are not only lived here, they are enriched.

Schedule your personal visit and ask about our

Special Introductory Offer!

760.434.7116 For more information visit


1088 Laguna Drive | Carlsbad, CA 92008 | ElmcroftSeniorLiving.com Lic# 374602545, 080000515

january 2012

LEGAL LINES Welcome to, LegalLines, a new service from your Chamber of Commerce. This column will give you the opportunity to tap into the expertise of attorneys who are members of the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce. Each month, we will have attorney members answering questions that fall across many types of law. If you’d like to submit a question for consideration, send it to jlopez@carlsbad.org. The responses provided in the article are for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing legal advice. You should contact your attorney to obtain advice with respect to any particular issue or problem. A response in this article by an attorney does not create an attorney-client relationship between the attorney and the reader. The opinions expressed at or through this article are the opinions of the individual author and may not reflect the opinions of the Chamber, its employees, agents, directors or members — Lee Sterling, guest editor



Stanley D. Prowse

Ariel R. Bedell, Esq.

The Law Offices of Stanley D. Prowse

The Loftin Firm


My husband and I have decided to get a divorce, but we’re arguing about child support and how much he should pay me per month. I’ve been a stay-at-home Mom for 10 years raising our three kids, and have no business skills. He earns $10,000 per month, and we have about $300,000 in assets plus our house that’s worth $600,000 with a mortgage balance of $515,000. What can I expect if we go to court?

A. You can expect to get temporary spousal sup-

port of approximately $1,182 per month and postjudgment spousal support of approximately $886.50 per month. Because your marriage lasted longer than 10 years and you’re unemployed, the judge will not put a termination date on your spousal support or make it go down every few years. However, the judge will say that you have a legal obligation to support your children and become selfsupporting. During the divorce and afterwards, your husband will go back to court periodically, complain you’re not trying hard enough, and ask the judge to lower his payments by imputing income to you. Eventually you will be compelled to work full time. Assuming you have the kids about 75 percent of the time and you’re unemployed, you will get child support of approximately $3,126 per month. Your husband will also go back to court periodically to try to lower his child support by increasing his time share. Your assets and debts will be split 50/50. With your $150,000 share of the $300,000, you could buy your husband’s interest in the house for $42,500. However, you probably wouldn’t, because your support payments would probably not be enough to handle the mortgage as well as all your other expenses. Deducting 7 percent for costs of selling the house, it looks as if you should walk away with $174,000, but bear in mind that a big chunk of that money will go to your lawyer, particularly if you and your husband fight about the kids. Prowse can reached at sprowse@stanprowse.com

Intellectual property LAW Eric Hanscom


I leased a commercial space 3 years ago for a 5-year term. At the time I had 10 employees. Now I’m down to just three of us occupying this space for 11. I’ve tried to negotiate with the landlord to lower the rent to no avail. I signed the lease as President of my Corporation. Can I just walk out on the lease?


A tenant can always walk way from a lease, but the more important questions are, will you be personally liable for breaching the lease and can the landlord come after you for damages? The answer to these probing questions is “it depends!” Don’t you just love lawyers? First, because the lease was signed by the corporation, many landlords will require a principal to sign a personal guarantee to limit your ability to walk away from the lease. Hint, to any landlords out there! If a guarantee was signed, it will set forth the extent of your liability. Without the personal guarantee, then assuming proper formation and operation of the corporation and no justifiable reasons for a court to “pierce the corporate veil” then you would not be personally liable for the corporation’s lease. Second, if you are held personally liable under the lease, the amount of damages can be extensive – potentially holding you liable for any amount of tenant improvements the landlord paid for, any rent credits or concessions you received and for all unpaid rent due under the entire term of the lease. Even if you are not personally liable, these would become a debt and obligation of the corporation which you may have a hard time walking away from. The bottom line: carefully review, understand and negotiate a lease before you sign the lease will help protect you in the event you need to terminate your lease early. Your situation ultimately depends on many factors, including the lease and the operations of your corporation. Tread carefully before walking away. Bedell can be reached at abedell@loftinfirm.com

InterContinental IP



I just got a bill in the mail for an international trademark. Is this legit?

No, it is a scam. While you can get foreign trademarks in individual countries, or groups of countries like the EU, there is no “international trademark” that covers the entire world. If you read these letters closely, a few key phrases will stand out. First, there is usually a reference somewhere that states that this letter is an “offer” or a “solicitation” – not a bill from a government office (even though they do their best to make it look like a bill). Second, look for the word “publication”, you will find it hidden somewhere in the letter. They are going “publish” your existing trademark internationally. This is relatively useless, as the United States Patent & Trademark Office has already “published” your trademark internationally. Third, look for horrible English. To quote directly from the opening lines of a recent “trademark offer” we received: “Dear madam, and sir, the publishing of the pubic registration of your patent . . .” First, don’t they know the difference between a trademark and a patent? Second, the larger keys outside and below your little fingers are the Caps keys – learn how to use them. Fourth, look for a rather long paper and money trail. For example, the notorious RIPT has an address in Bratislava, Slovak Republic, they want money wired to a bank in the Czech Republic, and you must agree to jurisdiction in Florida. Hanscom can be reached at Eric@iciplaw.com


carlsbad business journal




SDG&E can help your business go green and save money

Did you know that the average American small business could save as much as $5,000 per year by becoming 25 percent more energy efficient? That’s what a study by the National Small Business Association discovered. It also found that if all small businesses made this effort, greenhouse gas emissions could be reduced by 259 million tons — or the equivalent of 51 coal-fired power plants! No matter what type of green you’re counting, everybody wins with energy efficiency. But the upfront costs of acquiring more energy-efficient equipment can often be a hurdle for small businesses. If you’re a small business owner looking to cut costs and do your part for the environment, San Diego Gas & Electric may have innovative energyefficiency programs and varying incentives to help. For instance, in San Diego County, where 95 percent of businesses are small businesses, SDG&E launched a no-cost program targeting small to mid-sized commercial customers in February 2011, and many are taking advantage of it. Called Direct Install, it’s also available from California’s other major utilities with a similar initiative offered through several New York State utilities. It also includes something called vending misers, which are devices that make vending machines 50 percent more energy efficient by shutting off lights when no one is around and powering down refrigeration when the sodas are cold. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, a typical vending machine equipped with this technology and meeting its ENERGY STAR criteria could save your business in the neighborhood of 1,500 kWh per year compared to standard models.


Free energy-efficient lights, other services can help cut costs

Director of Customer Programs and Assistance San DIEGO GAS & ELECTRIC

Through SDG&E’s program in San Diego and Southern Orange County, offices, bar and grilles, churches, fitness centers, barber shops and more have become more energy efficient without the upfront costs. Here’s how the program works: • To qualify, you must be on a commercial rate and not exceed 100 kW for three consecutive months during a 12-month period. • Qualifying businesses will start with a free energy consultation provided by the utility’s contracted specialists. The evaluation is as quick as 15 minutes. But these are offered on a first-come-first served basis and because of the program’s popularity, customers may have a wait of several weeks. • The contractors will identify where lessefficient equipment can be replaced with more energy-efficient products to reduce your energy use, carbon footprint and electric bill – all at no cost to you! • Work with the contractor to identify a convenient time for the equipment installation – during regular business hours or after-hours to minimize any disruption to your business.

Automate your bill payments Are you bogged down paying your bills manually? There is a better way! Some of you may have heard about, or even tried, online banking for your vendor payments. However, the efficiencies you had hoped for may not seem all that beneficial because you are entering your bills into your accounting software and then re-entering the payment information into your bank bill payment system. The better way is Online bill pay, which offers more than online banking. Online bill pay integrates your accounting software, your bank account and your filing system into one robust package. The online bill pay service will set up an inbox for your company. You can have your vendors email their bills directly or you can scan paper bills that you receive and send them to the inbox. The bill pay system will keep electronic copies of your bills that you can review whenever you wish for as long as you need. No more file cabinets to maintain at your office! You then access your online bills and assign your accounting codes as you normally would




Certified Public Accountant SAN DIEGO SMALL BIZ ASSIST

do on paper. Some systems will actually code your bills for you! You can also set up a series of approvals just the same as you would in the paper world. Finally you can schedule the pay date for the actual payments; this will help you manage your cash better. On the payment date, online bill pay charges your bank account (previously set up) with a single debit and your bills are paid either electronically or in paper format. Similar to your current internal controls, only authorized check signers on your bank account may initiate the payment process. The best part of an online bill pay system is that all the information is synchronized with your accounting software on a regular basis so there is no extra effort on your part. When you add a new account or a new vendor to your accounting software, that information is uploaded to online bill pay automatically. One of my clients has saved more than 50 percent in data entry time using this service. The advantages of online bill pay include: • Save time and money paying your bills by eliminating the postage, checks and envelopes. • Eliminate duplication of bill payments and accounting system updates. • Improve vendor relationships. • Manage your cash flows better. • Eliminate expensive file storage expenses • Digital documents are indexed for quick retrieval. • The system uses the highest level of security available and it is backed up continuously.

Through these free evaluations, many businesses have also learned about other energy-efficiency programs available through the utility. With businesses seeking savings everywhere they can, teaming up with your utility on programs such as these is a smart move. Visit sdge.com/directinstall to learn more.

Reach Jones at bryce@SDSmallBizAssist. com

Business is Green!

EXPO Wednesday, March 21, 2012 2-6 p.m.

“Green Business showcase”

Tabletops $99



Prospective Members

Skirted Tables • 2 Chairs • Electricity

sponsored by

register online www.carlsbad.org 760•931•8400

Carlsbad by the sea resort & Conference Center

SOCIAL MEDIA SErIES – jAnuAry Thursday, Jan. 12

About the Presenter:

Google Tools for Business

Bridget Ayers is a founder of Get Smart Web Consulting, which helps businesses create a comprehensive online presence through digital media to bring their products and services to a targeted audience. Bridget has received top sales and production awards, training and speaking awards, writing and blogging accolades, as well as a nomination for Entrepreneur of the year from her local community. Bridget is highly active online in more than 50 networks, forums, and communities. She writes about technology and digitally driven marketing tools. Though her first love is her blog “The Get Smart Blog”, her content has been syndicated and published on hundreds of websites, article sites, and blogs. With speaking engagements and panel discussions scheduled all over the U.S., Bridget also regularly participates in web based tech and social media shows.

Thursday, Jan. 19 social Media Organization | hoot suite

Thursday, Jan. 26 Mobile Business | using smartphone & Tablet All classes will be held at the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce, 5934 Priestly Dr., Carlsbad CA 92008 from 10 a.m. - 12 noon

For full description of classes visit www.carlsbad.org

Chamber members: $30 per workshop or $80 for all 3* Prospective members: $60 per workshop At the door: $40 members • Prospective members: $70 * Sorry, no refunds for missed classes.

january 2012



vol. 29, no. 1



› Sundowner › First Friday › On The Move

6 p.M. | frIdAy, fEB. 17, 2012 | lA cOSTA rESOrT ANd SpA

› Renewals › Ribbon Cuttings › New Members

› And More... january 2012








Vice President, Corporate and Member Relations Carlsbad CHAMBER OF COMMERCE

Introducing the Member Digest SINESS AWAR U B DS AL U N DI AN NN 2 ER 1 0 2

Join us to find out why the sky is not the limit, as we honor the companies and community leaders who keep discovering ways to lift our economy. Come to the Chamber’s annual awards gala and celebrate the area’s high-flying businesses, recognize achievements of the 2011 board of directors and inaugurate the Chamber’s 2012 leadership team. Photos by Garrett Lund

Help us find those who know no limits AwARdS will bE PRESENTEd foR:

• Businessperson of the Year • Small Business of the Year (1-15 employees) • Medium Business of the Year (16-99 employees) • Large Business of the Year (100 or more employees) • Lifetime Achievement in Business

• Entrepreneur of the Year • Community Leadership • Environmental Excellence • Nonprofit Association of the Year

Complimentary valet parking | Cocktail attire | For more information call 760-931-8400

To purchase tickets, visit www.carlsbad.org Nominations for Business Awards Dinner extended until Jan. 10


• Businessperson of the Year ast year the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce set its sights • Entrepreneur of the Year on the stars. • Community Leadership This year, we’re going even farther, taking to the skies • Environmental Excellence to celebrate the accomplishments of our standout com• Nonprofit Association of the Year panies, including ViaSat, which successfully launched a • Small Business of the Year (1-15 employees) communications satellite last year, and California Pacific • Medium Business of the Year (16-99 employees) Airlines, which expects to run air service out of McClellandEAdlINE IS JAN. 10 • Large Business of the Year (100 or more employees) Palomar Airport this year. • Lifetime Achievement in Business The Sky is Limitless has been selected as the theme of the 2012 Annual Business Awards Dinner, the Chamber’s yearly awards You can submit nominations on our website at www.carlsbad. ceremony and installation dinner, which will be held at a new org. Self-nominations are also encouraged. venue — the La Costa Resort and Spa — on Friday, Feb. 17. “The theme of this event emphasizes that anything is possible The annual dinner is the Chamber’s signature event. More than when a group of people get together and decide they’re going to 500 people, including prominent business leaders, elected officials challenge themselves and reach new heights,” said Toni Padron, and community members, will attend the awards dinner. The event will honor the achievements of the chamber’s 2011 the Chamber’s executive vice president and chief operating officer. Help the Chamber honor the companies and community lead- board of directors, inaugurate the 2012 leadership team and fire ers that set their sights beyond the horizon by purchasing tickets up attendees to reach for ever-increasing heights. to the event, or by letting us know of the people and businesses The evening also will feature a cocktail reception, entertainment, that are worthy of recognition. culinary delights at our world-renowned resort, the La Costa Resort The deadline for nominations has been extended to Jan. 10. and Spa, complimentary valet parking and more. The Chamber will select winners in the following categories: Sponsorship opportunities are available.



For more information, or to purchase tickets for the event, call 760-931-8400 or visit www.carlsbad.org.

Welcome to the Carlsbad Business Journal’s Member Digest section. Each month, these pages are going to be your go-to guide for what’s going on in the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce. Most of this information was already in the Business Journal, but it was spread out throughout the paper. We felt that condensing the information and putting it together in one place is the best way to make sure that we can give you all of the information that you need to be an active member of the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce. The Member Digest has been designed as a stand-alone section that you can take out of the Carlsbad Business Journal and keep as reference for the entire month. This makes it portable and easy to keep, whether at your desk, near your appointment calendar or on your refrigerator. We’ll make adjustments to the page if they are needed, and may introduce new content, but our goal will always be the same: to let you know what we’re doing and to highlight our services. Let me guide you through some of the features that you will encounter in this new section: The Member Digest will feature all of the top stories that interest current and prospective members of the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce. Information about out Sundowners and our First Friday Breakfasts will be included in this section. You’ll also find our monthly calendar of events, our new members and renewals and news from our ribbon cutting ceremonies. We’ll also run photos from our events and provide other information, such as networking tips and brief suggestions from our active members that might help you take advantage of your membership. If you’re a prospective member, you can also browse this section and get a glimpse of what being part of the Chamber is all about. While I mention this, I’d also like to point out that although we’re going to strive to include all of the information of Chamber events each month, our publication deadlines might sometimes be responsible for us not being able to get information into the paper. In these instances, I suggest that you bookmark our website, www. carlsbad.org and “like” our Facebook page, www.facebook.com/ CarlsbadChamber to get the latest information about what’s going on at the Chamber. We’re excited about sharing this redesigned paper with you, our readers. We truly hope that it makes for a more pleasurable reading experience.


carlsbad business journal




BI Diamonds has a new graphic design VP



Write profitable web content

Come to 2012’s first Sundowner Get ready for 2012 by attending the first Sundowner of the year, which will be hosted by Ignite! Fire Crafted Food + Bar from 5-7 p.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 18. Take the opportunity to mingle in the inviting interior of this new restaurant, the latest addition to Carlsbad’s thriving restaurant scene. Ignite! brings you authentic Neapolitan wood-fired pizzas prepared in a wood-fired oven and created with fresh mozzarella, made in-house daily. Ignite! also specializes in handcrafted premium 100 percent Angus burgers, effortlessly throwing its own unique spin on the world of casual, yet polished American cuisine along with offering a great selection of appetizers, small plates, grilled steaks and seafood dishes. Ignite!, located at 6996 El Camino Real in Carlsbad, boasts a nearly 360 degree bar providing ample room for socializing and gathering. With Ignites’ tantalizing array of signature cocktails, an expansive selection of wines, and a dozen brews on tap – six of which are local craft beers - it’s no wonder Ignite! is the North County’s newest dining playground. This event is now only open to chamber members for $5 each, cash only please. For more information or to donate a raffle prize, contact Kathy Steffen, at 760-931-8400 or ksteffen@carlsbad.org. If you are a prospective member and would like to attend you must RSVP with Kristina McMahon at the Carlsbad Chamber. She can be reached at 760-931-8400 extension 218 or kmcmahon@carlsbad.org.

Learn how to create powerful content for your website and mobile platforms at the First Friday Breakfast, taking place from 7-9 a.m. on Feb. 3 at the Hilton Garden Inn Carlsbad Beach, 6450 Carlsbad Blvd. The speaker will be Jon Wuebben, the CEO of Content Launch, a web content development and marketing firm that provides content for hundreds of companies, digital agencies amd web designers around the world. He is also the author of “Content Rich: Writing Your Way to Wealth on the Web," and speaks on the topics of online content marketing, SEO WUEBBEN copywriting, social media and entrepreneurship to groups all over the country. Jon has an MBA in International Marketing from Thunderbird, The American Graduate School of International Management. His new book, “Content is Currency: Developing Powerful Content for Web & Mobile," published by Nicholas Brealy, will be available this month. In this talk, Wuebben will describe how a company can use its web presence to harness the power of search and social media and build a huge community through the power of content marketing. Wuebben will discuss • How to turn your content marketing activities into a true competitive advantage • How to effectively and correctly integrate mobile and social marketing • Provide real world examples of companies that are using the power of content to dominate their space The First Friday Breakfast is the Chamber’s premiere networking and business promotional event, and one of the most regularly attended monthly programs. The cost is $30 for Chamber members who register before Jan. 27, 2012. Afterward, the preregistration cost is $50 and $55 at the door. Prospective members must contact Kristina McMahon at 760-931-8400. Tabletop exhibits or Soapbox presentations are available to promote your business for $70 each, which includes one breakfast, and must be reserved in advance by calling Kathy Steffen at 760-931-8400 or ksteffen@carlsbad.org


ella Ideale Diamonds, a Carlsbad-based online retailer of fine jewelry, has appointed Christopher R. Buchanan as vice president graphic design. Buchanan is responsible for website development, maintenance and search engine optimization. Buchanan is based out the corporate headquarters in Carlsbad and reports to the company president. Buchanan has a bachelor’s of arts degree in graphic design and has extensive experience in website development and search engine optimization in the retail jewelry and hotel industries. Bella Ideale Diamonds, also known as “BI Diamonds”, is an Internet jewelry retailer and diamond investment advisor that sells diamonds and fine jewelry at discounted prices. Its staff consists of graduate gemologists and a graduate from the American Institute of Diamond Cutting. The company recently relocated its corporate headquarters and distribution center to 2382 Camino Vida Roble to increase its product line. SEND US YOUR 'MOVES' — Send information on new hires, promotions or appointments to CBJ Editor José A. López at jlopez@carlsbad.org.

AMBASSADOR OF THE MONTH Gary Whittlesey | Go Green Purity


: H ow did you become an active member of the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce?


: A s a new member to the Chamber,

I was greeted very warmly by one of the ambassadors when my business was recognized. Shortly thereafter, I was invited to a new member orientation. This gave me the opportunity to see the members at work and they explained the Sundowners, ribbon cuttings, new member calls and how all the committees work. Wanting WHITTLESEY to be more proactive, I am now an active member of these committees: Ambassador, Armed Services, Business Resource and Sustainability. Through the committees, Sundowners and tables for eight, I have made many friends and learned the technique of networking. Now, I have a great resource for business referral and means to give back to the community. Reach Whittlesey at gary@gogreenpurity.com.



he Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce celebrated those who help make it one of the strongest and vibrant chambers in the state at the Volunteer Recognition Breakfast on Dec. 2. The Chamber gave out seven awards for committee members of the year and one award for task force member of the year. The honored were Paula Anderson (Ambassador), Steven Santore (Armed Services), Deb Beddoe (Business Resources), Rosemary Eshelman (Education), Michelle Herrera (Government Affairs), Ross Fields (Sustainability) and Lee Sterling (Technology). Deb Beddoe of ReadyCarlsbad was the task force member of the year. Sara Snyder was honored as the committe chair of the year (Business Resource). The Sustainability Committee was named the Chamber's Committee of the Year while Ready Carlsbad was named the Task Force of the Year. Meritorious Service Awards were given to Fernando Beltran Lupi and Matt Leonard and the Go-Giver Award — in only its second year — went to Ryan Alexeev. "When volunteers come together for a common cause, their efforts grow exponentially," said Chamber President and CEO Ted Owen, who added that the volunteers allowed the Chamber to provide more than 360 events and services for its members in 2011. "It's through the hard work and dedication of our volunteers that we achieve the things that we accomplish," Owen said.

AMBASSADOR COMMITTEE — Paula Anderson, center, with, from left, Gina McBride and Matt Leonard.

TASK FORCE MEMBER OF THE YEAR — Deb Beddoe, left, and Toni Padron.

ARMED SERVICES COMMITTEE — Steve Santore, left, with Natalie Renner.

COMMITTEE CHAIR OF THE YEAR — Sara Snyder, left, with Ted Owen.

BUSINESS RESOURCE COMMITTEE — Deb Beddoe, left, with Sara Snyder.

COMMITTEE OF THE YEAR: SUSTAINA From left, Gary Whittelsey, David Da Sheree Tweddell, Sany Atkinson and

january 2012




Hilton Garden Inn gets new general manager


ave Crest Hotels and Resorts has appointed Regie Brown to general manager of Hilton Garden Inn Carlsbad Beach. Brown takes the reins from Bob Moore, who was promoted to vice president and general manager earlier this year and will oversee both the Hilton Garden Inn Carlsbad and the new Hilton BROWN Carlsbad Oceanfront Resort & Spa, opening July 2012. “Regie brings years of experience working for some of the finest hotels in the country,” said Moore. “His great training and leadership skills will be invaluable in helping HGI Carlsbad continue to be one of the area’s most popular getaways.” Brown has more than 17 years in the hospitality industry, with 10 of those working for Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts. He began his career as night manager at Four Seasons Resort Dallas and steadily worked his way up through the company with positions of increasing responsibility. Brown most recently served as rooms executive at the Island Hotel in Newport Beach. Brown attended University of Texas Arlington. He currently resides in Carlsbad with his wife and two children.

White Digital Media has new CEO


hite Digital Media recently announced significant changes to its senior level staff. As the company enters the fourth quarter of 2011, former Group Managing Director Brian Smith will take over the day-to-day operations as Chief Executive Officer, moving from the company’s founding offices in Norwich, UK to its headquarters in Carlsbad. Founder and current CEO Glen White will remain the company’s president, overseeing the operations of WDM’s global business in a SMITH more supporting role. “By appointing Brian to the position of CEO, this will allow me to remain instrumental to strategy and brand development while working on new ventures outside of the WDM Group,” explained Glen White, Founder of White Digital Media. “Brian has been the driving force of organizational development within WDM and as such is suitably poised to continue our growth as our new CEO, 2012 and 2013 look very exciting for the WDM Group.” Brian Smith has served as White Digital Media’s Group Managing Director since its inception. As GMD, Smith managed full P & L budget responsibilities for Group sales. Smith was also responsible for safeguarding the conformity and transparency of the legal structure and operations of the company, as well as providing strong support to HR, training and competence development of all personnel on staff. As CEO, Smith will inherit the day-to-day operations of White Digital Media’s international business. The move is one of several changes the company made at the end of 2011. It also announced the hiring of new editors Carin Hall (Energy Digital), Allie Schratz (Business Review Australia) and Jon Walton (Construction Digital) and the re-hiring of Kevin Doyle, former Managing Editor of North America, as senior editor of company profiles.

Chamber Events Free Score Business Counseling by Appointment Mondays & Fridays Chamber Closed

Jan. 3

• Business Resource Committee

Jan. 4

• Government Affairs Committee

Jan. 6

• January First Friday Breakfast

Jan. 10

• Sustainability Committee

Jan. 11

• Ambassador Committee

Jan. 12

• Table for Eight •Get Smart Tech Series: Google Tools

Jan. 13

• Table for Eight • Coffee Connection


Jan. 17 BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse California Bank & Trust (Encinitas) Carlsbad Library and Arts Foundation Carlsbad Winter Music Celebration Cbeyond Cox Business Kathryn L. De Monte, Enrolled Agent William P. Driscoll & Associates Eckert’s Moving & Storage Express Employment Professionals Get Smart Web Consulting Golden Key Properties Herold & Sager, Attorneys at Law Highest Potential Training JABR Marketing Solutions

Bruce M. Jordan, D.D.S. Kahoots Pet Store Karl Strauss Brewing Company Madonna Hill Elder Care Massage Carlsbad Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt Mohnacky Animal Hospital of Carlsbad Monroe Classic Morrow Development Museum of Making Music O&F Silver Imports Oceanside Museum of Art R & D Pest Services Rancho Carlsbad Owners’ Association Reliant In-Home Care

• Technology Advisory Committee

Riverstone Residential Group

Jan. 18

SKH San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station Scripps Health Serena Lissy Photography TPC HR Payroll Consultants Total Lifestyle Concept The Tradition Apartment Homes Union Bank (Carlsbad Village) Victek Machinery Vigilucci’s Cucina Italiana Michael G. Willes, D.D.S. Workway

• January Sundowner: Ignite! Fire Crafted Food + Bar

Jan. 19

• Get Smart Tech Series | Social Media Organization

Jan. 24

• Armed Services Committee

Jan. 25

• Education Committee • ChamberNet10

Jan. 26

• Get Smart Tech Series | Mobile Business

Jan. 27

• Table For Eight


EDUCATION COMMITEE — Rosemary Eshelman, center, with, from left, Gina McBride and Leighangela Brady.

STAINABILITY — avis, Jay Klopfenstein, d Bev Jorgensen.

GOVERNMENT AFFAIRS — Michelle Herrera.

TASK FORCE OF THE YEAR: READY CARLSBAD — From left, Tom Wood, David Harrison, Jeff Seagall, Deb Beddoe and Toni Padron.

SUSTAINABILITY COMMITTEE — Ross Fields, left, with Bev Jorgensen.

MERITORIOUS SERVICE AWARDS — From left, Fernando Beltran Lupi, Ted Owen and Matt Leonard.

TECHNOLOGY COMMITTEE — Lee Sterling, left, with Toni Padron.

THE GO-GIVER AWARD — Ryan Alexeev, left, with Niels Norby.


carlsbad business journal



The Aramco Group 5927 Balfour Ct., Ste. 205, Carlsbad (760)438-2552 | www.aramcomortgage.com


he Aramco Group, a collection of companies doing business in the real estate financing arena, has launched in Carlsbad. The Aramco Group currently includes Aramco Mortgage and Aramco Financial. Additional business entities with allied interests may be added to the consortium as opportunities arise. Aramco Mortgage was founded in 1998 by Mehran Aram and is a full-service retail mortgage brokerage serving the lending needs of those purchasing property or refinancing existing mortgages. Aramco Financial specializes in government

insured reverse mortgages designed to help senior citizens utilize the equity they have built up in their homes. “We’ve been blessed to grow our mortgage businesses significantly since we launched Aramco Mortgage 13 years ago,” said Aram, president of the Aramco Group and its subsidiary companies. “Placing Aramco Mortgage and Aramco Financial under the umbrella of The Aramco Group allows us to better coordinate our various enterprises and initiatives, leverage our resources, and, in the end, to better serve our customers. “But at the end of the day, we’re

the same people with the same dedication to the highest ethical standards, the same commitment to public education regarding mortgage products and services, and the same devotion to customer service excellence.” Aram has been actively helping San Diegans with their mortgage needs for 20 years. He is a staple on San Diego airwaves, including his long-running stint as the official mortgage analyst for KOGO AM-600 where his twice-daily mortgage reports can be heard in the morning and afternoon drive times. His mortgage analysis can also be heard on KCBQ, KPRZ, and Fox News Radio.

Law Office of Benjamin J. de Leon The Law Office of Benjamin J. de Leon represents business owners in all aspects of business and employment disputes, including breach of contract, tort, and discrimination claims.

Banks Bank of Internet USA www.bofi.com BofI Federal Bank is a FDIC insured and publicly traded (NASDAQ:BOFI) bank that offers high yield, fee simple business banking products and services entirely over the Internet.

Churches & Synagogues

Rancho del Rey Christian Church www.rdrchurch.org Rancho del Rey Christian Church is a non-denominational, evangelical church in the City of Carlsbad. Sunday Service at 10 a.m. at Jefferson Elementary School.

Clothing - Casual & Sports

katzpajamas www.katzpajamas.com katzpajamas creates quirky, fun and beautiful T-shirts designed with a unique sense of color and design. Available at local retail fairs and soon wholesale too!

Computer Service

McArt Studio 3138 Roosevelt St., Ste. A&B, Carlsbad (760)889-6904 | www.mcartstudio.com


cArt Studio offers a high quality art program that teaches students how to draw and paint realistically and independently. The curriculum has been tailor-made providing fun and challenging projects for different age groups and abilities. Head teacher Amy McArthur offers individualized art instruction that goes far beyond cut and paste, and arts and crafts. Students are taught how to see in a new way and learn to communicate through visual means.

Drawing and painting are learned skills and just like any other skill, they require instruction. McArt Studio takes a very traditional approach to teaching drawing and painting. Instruction coupled with practice will bring about an independent and confident artist. Amy has taught art to thousands of students in England. She also created a series of 21st century war art while serving in Afghanistan and Northern Ireland. As a qualified teacher, Amy has developed a strong personalized curriculum that has proved highly successful time and time again.

Any student who has the desire to learn how to draw and paint has the ability to do so. McArt Studio’s job is to show them how. Students who want to learn need only bring their interest, and the studio will supply inspiration and quality instruction. As well as personalized tuition, McArt Studio also offers fun filled evenings of creativity, networking and hors d’oeuvres. A Taste of Art takes place weekly and makes the perfect date night or girl’s night out. Bring out your inner artist over a glass of wine! No experience is required.

Horizon Computer Resources www.horizoncomputers.com Supporting local business since 1988, Horizon Computer Resources is North County’s premier IT Service provider. With expertise in computer & network support, Managed Print & Document Management, Horizon is the right partner for your growing business.


Staley Construction Services, Inc. Full service general contractor as well as construction management and property services.

Cutlery Jassn International, Inc. www.gojassn.com Jassn International, Inc. is the world’s leading manufacturer of ceramic knives. Founded in 1996 with a single product offering, Jassn now offers more than 1,000 ceramic knives, tools & other ceramic products.

Digital Media

WDM Group www.whitedm.com A rapidly expanding digital media company that oversees the production of twenty-six brands that offer a variety of services to businesses all over the world.

State Farm Insurance/Britney Oates 2808 Roosevelt St., Ste. 100, Carlsbad (760)754-5101 | www.britneyoates.com


s of November 2011, the Britney Oates State Farm Agency is now located on 2808 Roosevelt St. Suite 100 in the Roosevelt Center in Carlsbad Village. The office celebrated with a grand opening party and ribbon-cutting ceremony on Dec. 1. The agency first opened doors in downtown Oceanside on December 2008 and has enjoyed three successful years of growth in

North County. Owner Britney Oates, is a member of the Oceanside and Carlsbad Chambers since 2009, and loves being a State Farm agent and insuring numerous families and small businesses locally. Their office specializes in providing auto, home, life and business insurance and their friendly licensed staff are always happy to offer personalized insurance reviews and free quotes to assist people in making the most informed decision on their

insurance protection. Karla Tillman, Ryan Haithcock and Shan Burg are part of the staff in Oates’ office and they are all looking forward to being part of the Carlsbad Community for many years to come! The Britney Oates State Farm team invites you to stop by for a cup of coffee and to see the new office if you are ever in the neighborhood! You can contact the office via phone at 760-754-5101 or www.britneyoates.com.

Educational Services

Step Ahead Educational Services www.stepaheadsandiego.com Educational service for students with learning disabilities and Autism spectrum disorders. We offer tutoring, social skills, home school classes, art therapy classes and yoga therapy.

Environmental Green Products & Services

Simply Straws www.simplystraws.com Simply Straws have created sustainable, reusable, recyclable, biodegradable and compostable products that enhance your well-being and the environment.

Financial Planning & Investment Services Wolff Wiese Magana www.wwmfinancial.com We are an independent financial advisory firm with a team approach to providing financial planning solutions for high net worth individuals and families.

Flooring Workplace Services, Inc. / Kuske Interiors www.workplaceservices.com Leading source for commercial & residential flooring: carpet, tile, vinyl & wood. Custom window coverings, blinds, shades, wall coverings, interior design, maintenance, carpet, tile & upholstery.

Marketing & Consulting Face it UP www.faceitup.com Face It UP solves the puzzle of social media marketing for business owners with easy, affordable, customized plans for all your online social networking spaces.

Newspapers The Paper www.thecommunitypaper.com Weekly community newspaper serving North San Diego County in Carlsbad, Oceanside, Vista, San Marcos, San Elijo Hills, Escondido and Rancho Bernardo.

Painting Contractors Advanced Exteriors www. advancedexteriorspros.com Rhino Shield is a superior alternative to paint and stucco using 3M ceramic technology along with the Rhino Shield formula that provides a 25 year warranty to never paint again. Insulating, waterproofing, sound proofing and beautifying.

Property Management Walters Management www.waltersmanagement.com We are a certified community association management company guiding communities and serving homeowners in San Diego County since 1973.

Real Estate Investments Cardinal Industrial San Diego, Inc. www.cardindust.com 30+ years of experience investing for high net worth individuals, professional athletes and coaches. Cardinal has a nationwide portfolio of approximately 14,000,000 SF of industrial assets. Global CRES www.global-cres.com Global CRES is a cutting edge commercial real estate company committed to maximizing value by utilizing our expertise in acquisitions, development, investment, sales, leasing and management.

Video & Multimedia Production Digital Outpost www.dop.com The largest HD broadcast quality video production company in San Diego. We have expertise in editing, compression and programming for desktop and mobile applications.

january 2012



, fried potatoes y style, home s iou Three eggs an lic de n ow of our toast and *ALL sausage, con, pork link n eat smokehouse ba or ham you ca rst wu at br e, ag us sa h lis po or

Join us for Happy Hour: Monday-Friday from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Join us for Happy Hour: Monday-Friday from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.

only $7.98 t valid on TO GO

*Sorry ALL no


orders (two me

Check our website for specials and live entertainment. Breakfast served all day Sunday. Our restaurant is available for private parties. Monday Night Football Specials

$1Hot Dogs & $1 Street Carnitas Tacos

San Diego’s Great Source for Quality Steaks & Roasts

$2 Draft Beers! (Budweiser & Coors light) Exp. 1.31.12

Phone: (760) 929-0200 Fax: (760) 929-0999 2198 Palomar Airport Road #100, Carlsbad, CA 92008

Open 7 days a week - 6 a.m. - 8 p.m.

Open Monday through Saturday 8:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Sundays from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

6118 Paseo Del Norte Carlsbad, CA 92011 Ph: 760.438.2620 • Fax: 760.438.3184 tiptopmeatscarlsbad@gmail.com • www.tiptopmeats.com


your place to ...wine+dine ...meet+eat ...sip+savor

Featuring 100% Angus Burgers, Grilled Steaks+Seafood, Neapolitan Wood-Fired Pizza, Signature Cocktails, Over 20 Wines By the Glass+Local Craft Beer Open Daily For Lunch+Dinner • Sunday Brunch 9am-2pm HAPPY HOUR Mon-Fri 3:30-6:30pm+Thurs-Sat 10pm-Close Join us for an evening of food, drinks and lots of networking when we host the next Sundowner Jan. 19th from 5-7pm! Chamber members mention this ad to receive $5 off your next lunch!

(760) 929-0200 2198 Palomar Airport Road #100, Carlsbad, CA 92011

Open Monday through Saturday 8:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Sundays from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Wine Wednesday! 1/2 off a bottle of wine with any dinner entree Expires 2/28/12

www.ignitecarlsbad.com | 6996 El Camino Real, Carlsbad 760.438.7800

$5 off


WE CATER! Large Or Small

Dine In • Take-Out • Drive Thru

(760) 431-0770 CARLSBAD

7120 Avenida Encinas In Poinsettia Village Plaza Across from Ralphs www.elpolloloco.com

10% off any meal (with this coupon only) Expires 1/31/12

any bill over $25 excludes happy hour and liquor Expires 2/28/12 2691 State Street, Carlsbad, CA 92008


Check our website for specials and live entertainment. Breakfast served all day Sunday. Our restaurant is available for private parties.


The Daily News Cafe, in Carlsbad California, has been catering the needs of businesses and private parties for more than twenty years. We can accommodate up to 80 people at the restaurant for after-hours events. We have provided hearty breakfasts, delicious lunches and gourmet dinners for business meetings, wedding parties and anniversaries.

We have served a hot breakfast for more than 700 people and wedding buffets for over 200 guests!

www.vintagebistrocarlsbad.com Vintage Bistro located in downtown Carlsbad village provides comfort food using fresh local ingredients. Join us for Happy Hour Tuesday thru Saturday 4 – 7 p.m. No corkage fee on bottles purchased at Carlsbad Chocolate Bar. Give us a try...

Mention this ad and receive

10% off dinner entrees.

meal! Please contact Bob for our latest catering menu Open 7 days a week 6:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. 3001 Carlsbad Boulevard, Suite A Carlsbad, CA 92008 760.729.1023


carlsbad business journal


WEN › OContinued from Page 1

Partnership With Industry Manager Lisa Donato, left, with Oswaldo 'Ozzie' Cabrera and his current job coach, Eric Simon. Cabrera says the help he has received from PWI has helped him to learn his duties and perform his job better.

ELPING HAND › HContinued from Page 1 in the workforce. As a high school student, Cabrera worked as a busboy at a popular fast food restaurant, and upon graduation, he found employment at another restaurant. But Cabrera, who has learning disabilities, didn’t fit in. “People weren’t nice,” Cabrera said. “They were always angry at me, and I didn’t understand why.” Then, the San Diego Regional Center, an organization that offers services to people with developmental disabilities in San Diego and Imperial counties, referred him to PWI. After reviewing his case, PWI placed Cabrera in its Individual Placement program, which sets out to get people with disabilities hired directly by businesses. PWI assisted Cabrera through the application and interview process and once he was hired, a job coach accompanied Cabrera to make sure he understood the duties of his job. The coach was there 100 percent of the time during the first month, decreasing to 20 percent after Cabrera became more comfortable and independent in his job. The coaching also increased every time Cabrera acquired additional duties.

Cabrera said the help from the PWI coaches and staff are crucial in helping him succeed at LEGOLAND California. “For me, it was hard when I was on my own,” Cabrera said. “It’s so much easier when I have someone from PWI to help me, answering my questions and helping me.” Eric Simon, Cabrera’s current job coach, said Cabrera’s dedication speaks for itself. “What else can you say? He’s been working here at LEGOLAND for almost 12 years,” Simon said. “That says a lot. For him to still be at his job, it says a lot about his dedication and his work ethic.” Julia Savoy, the director of PWI in North County, was Cabrera’s first work coach and is not surprised by his success. “It’s like that job was made for him and he was made for that job,” said Savoy. “He always has a wonderful, positive attitude.” Savoy added that Cabrera’s service at LEGOLAND exemplifies the work ethic of PWI’s clients, which are adults with a broad range of developmental disabilities, including autism, cerebral palsy and down syndrome and slow learning. “We underline the ‘abilities’ in ‘disabilities,’” Savoy noted. “We work really hard so that people understand that our clients have great value ... but that point is made

For more information about PWI, go to www.pwiworks.org or contact Julia Savoy at 760-941-7534 ext. 1303 or jsavoy@pwiworks.org.

very clear whenever our clients are hired.” Individual Placement is one of several services that PWI — which has four offices in the county — utilizes to help integrate people with disabilities into the workforce. It also runs a Group Services program, in which a group of three to four clients, supervised by a job coach, go out and work at different job sites, performing tasks such as washing cars, cleaning and pick up trash. For example, MiraCosta College has a full-time PWI crew doing janitorial work and at the City of Encinitas, PWI workers clean bus stops, keeping them clear of graffiti, sweep and pull weeds. Unlike Individual Placement, in

which companies pay the employee directly, in Group Services the companies pay PWI, which pays its clients and covers liability insurance and worker’s compensation. PWI also offers contact services, allowing companies to outsource long- and short-term projects such as packing and shipping, assembling, collating, heat sealing and labeling, which are performed by clients at PWI facilities. Savoy said PWI is always looking for companies to do business with, especially during these hard times, when loss of group sites and other jobs due to the economy are hitting the nonprofit hard. “The effects of this are devastating to our clients, which include single parents who must find ways to provide for their families and pay their bills,” Savoy said. “We need businesses to open their doors and open their minds to listen what our program has to offer and realize that we have people with amazing potential ... one of our hardest part is just getting our foot in the door.” According to a report of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics released in June, in 2010, the unemployment rate of persons with a disability was 14.8 percent — higher than the rate of 9.4 percent of the population with no disability.

BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT (CONTINUED) ONFERENCE › CContinued from Page 1 Chick-fil-A, TD Industries, Thrivent Financial, WD-40 Company and Datron World Communications. The Annual Servant Leadership Winter Conference will be held from Jan. 31 to Feb. 2 at the Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina. It will feature MAXWELL internationally noted author on leadership John Maxwell and Garry Ridge, CEO of WD-40 in San Diego. At last year’s sold-out Conference, participants had the opportunity to interact with nationally known leadership expert Ken Blanchard and Ken Melrose, retired CEO of Toro Company, along with a host of authors and workshop leaders. The theme for this year’s Winter Conference is entitled, “Servant Leadership: Turning Principle into Practice.” Along with John Maxwell and Garry Ridge, Conference attendees will be able to interact with Art Barter, CEO of Vista-based Datron World Communications, Elizabeth Bryant, Director of Operational Training at Southwest Airlines in Dallas, Texas, Leonard Sweet, distinguished professor and author at Drew University in New Jersey, and Dr. Tony Baron, author of The Art of Servant Leadership and president

of the Servant Leadership Institute (SLI). “The Conference has been designed to provide an energizing and insightful exploration of servant leadership in action and how these time-tested principles significantly improve performance, leadership effectiveness, and yield sustainable results in today’s changing world,” said Baron. In developing that theme, several workshops have been added that focus on culture change and maximizing profit along with your people. Bryant, one of the key architects of Southwest Airlines servant-led culture will be conducting a workshop entitled, “Leading with LUV: How to Develop a Culture of Servant Leadership.” Barter and Baron, will be conducting a workshop on how Datron changed from a power model to a servant-led culture entitled, “Turning Servant Leadership Principles into Practice.” Doug Hoxeng oversees the Ken Blanchard Executive MBA program and will be conducting a workshop, “Leadership and the Bottom-Line,” based upon his book The Business Case for Servant Leadership. In addition to the above workshops, the non-profit sector will be served with two workshops, “Creating a Servant Leadership Community in your City” and “Teaching Servant Leadership to Today’s Teens.” “It is our goal to create an intimate environment where folks can interact with one another and the guest speakers, so we have limited the attendance to 250 people,” said Danielle Aguas, SLI Winter Conference Event Coordinator. “We have also designed the events so

that the busy corporate or community leader can enjoy full participation in this entire Conference in less than 48 hours.” Servant Leadership Institute (SLI) provides training, consulting, coaching, and keynote speaking on servant RIDGE leadership development. Servant Leadership Institute was founded by North County resident Art Barter as a division of Datron World Communications, Inc., where he serves as owner and CEO. Tony Baron has been president since SLI’s inception. Baron, board certified in forensic medicine and a specialist in workplace violence prevention, authored the first book in the country on workplace violence. Through his experiences working with the U.S. Postal Service, Columbine High School, the Oklahoma City bombing, and New York’s Ground Zero, Baron realized that the prime factor to reduce inappropriate behavior was the working environment. Since that time, Baron has been committed to servant leadership and has led many executives and their corporations in doing business differently. The Servant Leadership Winter Conference is designed for anyone who desires to become a better leader. To get all the details and registration information, visit www.forthesakeofothers.com or call toll free (855) SLI – LEAD (855-754-5323).

The Business Spotlight is a paid editorial feature. For information about getting your company in the spotlight, contact Terry Thomas at 760-931-8400 or email tthomas@carlsbad.org

Bureau of San Diego; Chris Bryant, president of the San Diego Employers Association; William Earley, partner at Luce Forward; and Ed Sternagle, principal of Creative Professional Services. The judges ranked nominations based on CEOs contributions to their companies and the community, with emphasis on innovation, leadership and resultsbased focus. Among the finalists were Ernie Bray of Auto Claims Direct; Bryan S.J. Mallindine of Flexiciser; and Teressa Halleck of San Diego County Credit Union, a winner in the large business nonprofit category. Owen, who has been leading the chamber since 2004, was nominated for the award for launching several successful programs including the Small Business Success Center — the first of its kind to be housed inside a chamber, the Armed Services Committee, which acts as a liaison between the military and the private sector and facilitates opportunities for companies to conduct business on military bases and Boots in Business, a Military Mentoring Initiative that allows active members of the military who are about to be discharged from service an opportunity to job shadow local businesses and gain important job-seeking skills. “I am really honored just to be nominated for this award and to be among the region’s business leaders,” said Owen. “One doesn’t set out to become a ‘most admired CEO,’ but it is really nice to be recognized.”

BJ › CContinued from Page 1 every month. If you’re a member of our Chamber of Commerce — or a prospective member that’s thinking about joining — you can turn to our Members Digest on Pages 9-12. Here, you will find everything you need to stay informed about what’s happening at the Chamber throughout the month. You can keep this section handy and refer to it if you need to know the dates for our upcoming events, including Sundowners and First Friday Breakfasts, or if want to know more about our newest Chamber members. This concise format will be your go-to guide, and is designed so that you can pull it out of the publication and keep it handy. That brings me to the part of the paper that will always remain the same — my appeal to you as a member of the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce. Like your membership, this publication is best when you take an active role in it. I want to feature the best news and information in each issue of the paper, but I depend on you for story ideas, news releases and for guest columns. Please take the time to add my email address, jlopez@carlsbad.org to your company’s news release distribution list and keep me informed of any development that should be included in these pages. If you write a company blog or any type of columns, please consider contributing to our Expand Your Knowledge section. That is one of your perks of membership. Also, like most other publications, the Carlsbad Business Journal is always looking for advertisers. We offer great rates for our members to reach all of our membership, all of the businesses in Carlsbad and other readers in the region. For more information, contact Terry Thomas at tthomas@carlsbad.org. Finally, I’d like to take the time to recognize the work of Edgar Rodriguez, the Chamber’s art director, whose keen eye for design is responsible for the look and feel of this publication. Both Edgar and I are really looking forward to hear your thoughts on our work.

january 2012


•Stay away from Flash. Not only is this technology bad for Search Engine Optimization, but it won’t display on iPads or iPhones. Use JavaScript or HTML5 instead. • As much as you can, limit long pages where scrolling is required. This can be tough to do on long blog posts, etc., but make sure your homepage is not too long. Don’t make people hunt in order to take the next desired action. • Use web-safe fonts, colors and textures. Bright background colors are good. Solid black should be used sparingly. Make sure text is not too large or too small.


CEO Higher Power SEO

• Be careful with drop-down menus and other “mouse over” effects. Remember, tablets and smartphone use touch. If you have a drop-down menu, make sure it has only a few sub-items, and create alternative navigation so users can still find the pages they need. Never bury an important page in a sub-menu! • Design friendly forms. Make sure form elements look good on a small screen. Don’t require too many fields! • Fix broken links. Most people use tablets for pleasure. There’s nothing quite so objectionable during a browsing session than having it interrupted by “Page Not Found” and having to figure out how to get the information you’re after. • Limit PDFs and downloads. Yes, most tablets and even mobile phones can now open PDFs. But who wants to wait for the download and have another application open in order to read something? If the content deserves to be on your site, it probably deserves its own page (or several pages if it’s a lot of text). Save PDFs for things that you know people are going to need to print and/or sign. Reach Chatfield higherpowerseo.com



Resolve to keep your senior healthy in 2012 As the last box of Christmas decorations is placed on a shelf in the basement, many people have already compiled most of their new year’s resolutions. Before tacking your favorites up on your refrigerator, consider helping an elderly loved one make their own list of healthy goals for 2012. When you saw your elderly relatives this holiday season, did they look as well as they said? If you noticed a decline in your senior’s health, you’re not alone. Start the year off right by helping to keep the seniors in your life healthy and active; it’s easier than you think! Here are some suggestions:

• Take them to visit a medical practitioneR

To really start the new year with a clean slate, make sure your senior visits their general doctor early to assess their medical health. This way, you are both confident that all medications are up to date and you have an understanding of areas that need improvement.

• Exercise their body

If your senior is anything like me, they will appreciate having a set routine that they can see daily and cross off upon completion. Even a little exercise can make a huge difference in muscle tone, balance and body image. Going on a walk is a great way to stay active. Suggest they bring a friend as a companion and motivator!

•Exercise their mind

Maintaining a practiced mind is just as important as a healthy body. Consistent stimulation ensures a sharp memory and can even delay Alzheimer’s disease. Starting a new hobby, participating in a group at the local senior center or even a weekly board


If we had to use one word to describe the future of online marketing, it’s “mobile.” Worldwide, there are roughly 6 billion mobile phone subscribers, and close to 1 billion of those folks use smartphones, which allow high-speed, high-resolution access to online applications, web and email. We all know that the Apple iPhone launched the smartphone revolution. But did you know that sales of the iPad, Apple’s tablet, are ramping up even faster than iPhone sales did? Tablet computers such as the iPad, Amazon’s Kindle and dozens of other contenders are taking the digital world by storm. In fact, combined sales of smartphones and tablets have now surpassed total PC sales (laptops and desktop computers) in the United States. According to the Pew Research Center, 11 percent of U.S. adults now own a tablet computer, and 77 percent of tablet owners use their tablet every day. Here are some tips to make sure your website looks great, no matter what device your viewers are using:


Is your website tablet-friendly?


OWNER Age Advantage

game night are all great ways to enhance mental stimulation. Companionship is one of the essential ingredients of well being for all of us, so don’t underestimate the importance of social interaction and a positive mental outlook.

•Alter the grocery list

It is important that the food and beverages your loved ones consume are conducive to their lifestyle. One important step is cutting down on alcohol and caffeine as these substances are diuretics that lead to dehydration, especially in warmer months. Eating alone is another common factor in malnutrition. Be sure to educate your senior on eating smaller portions from the major food groups. Remember that once you have your list of resolutions, the hardest part is yet to come. It is estimated that around 45 percent of Americans make resolutions to improve their health each year. Of this ambitious demographic, 75 percent will give up by February. Make sure that you and your senior are in the group that makes strides in upholding a healthy lifestyle this year. Reach Kinnefors at Susanna.Kinnefors@ ageadvantage.com.

Do you wonder why everyone has taken to whispering? Why your neighbors complain that your TV is too loud? Why, no matter how high you turn up the volume on your cellphone, you can’t understand what the caller is saying? Are people not enunciating clearly? Or could the problem be your hearing? A visit to the doctor can reveal the cause. Hearing decline can be due to ear wax, an infection, medications or to – shall we say – advancing maturity. Gradual hearing loss can occur in people of all ages, including the younger set if exposed over a prolonged time without protection to loud noises from machines or music. Hearing loss affects nearly 40 percent of people over 65; it is the third most common health-related problem in older Americans. If the decline is gradual, you may not be aware of it. To others, however, your situation is loud and clear.

Don’t Let Decline Lead to Depression Age-related hearing loss is permanent, but you don’t have to let it stop you from enjoying life.


Now hear this: on hearing loss ABOUT LIFE

EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Hospice of the North Coast

You can deal with the decline in many ways. Devices such as hearing aids, which are practically invisible, can be effective. To avoid the depression that may accompany reduced hearing, try to concentrate on people’s facial expressions, body language and tone of voice to help discern what they are saying. And the next time you accuse your spouse of mumbling, consider this: perhaps the change isn’t in their voice, but in your ears. So get to an audiologist and get back to hearing sweet nothings whispered in your ear. Reach Kaufman at nkaufman@hospicenorthcoast.org.

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he center represents an important, positive development in the history of CSUSM’s work with American Indian students and communities.

Dr. Joely Proudfit, CICSC director.

CSUSM President Karen Haynes (Center) celebrates the opening of the new California Indian Culture and Sovereignty Center with CICSC Director Dr. Joely Proudfit (third from right), CSUSM Tribal Liaison Tishmall Turner (third from left) and state and regional tribal leaders.

In November, Cal State San Marcos celebrated the grand opening of its new California Indian Culture and Sovereignty Center (CICSC), a place that fosters further collaboration and understanding between the university and regional Native American communities. Located in the Social and Behavioral Sciences Building, the center serves as a focal point for Native Studies and American Indian activities on campus. “The center represents an important, positive development in the history of CSUSM’s work with American Indian students and communities,” said Dr. Joely Proudfit, CICSC director. “It serves California Indian

Dr. Jan jackson

New CSUSM center celebrates American Indian culture HIGHER LEARNING

Vice President for Community Engagement California State University San Marcos

communities throughout the state and enriches the campus community by increasing the visibility of Native American culture and programs.” Native American students face particular challenges in graduating

Chairman’s Circle

become a member To learn how you can join Chairman’s Circle please contact the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce at 760.931.8400 www.carlsbad.org

from a 4-year institution; they are disproportionately first-generation students, and leaving reservations often requires a significant cultural adjustment. According to the U. S. Census, American Indians have lower educational attainment rates than persons from other racial/ethnic backgrounds, and the numbers are even lower for those who live on reservations. In addition, universities across the country have disproportionately low rates of retention among Native American students, and the number of bachelor’s degrees granted to Native students is lower than their numbers in the population overall might indicate.

Since 2004, Cal State San Marcos has set a precedent in working with area tribes. CSUSM is the only campus within the California State University or University of California systems with a tribal liaison and the university was the first to establish a Native American Advisory Council, which meets regularly with President Karen Haynes to articulate the educational needs of local reservations and American Indian communities to the university. CSUSM continues to make history with the opening of CICSC – the first of its kind in the state and the only center of its kind headed by a California Indian.

With office space, workstations, a lounge and more, CICSC is a welcoming place for the entire university community and for tribal communities across the state. The center focuses on conducting and supporting research and analysis of tribally identified concerns and questions; supporting the recruitment and retention of Native American students, faculty and staff; creating a sense of community and belonging among the Indian population on and off campus; and preparing graduates who can serve Indian communities well in support of their multiple and complex needs.

january 2012



Carlsbad High’s renovation, started in 2008, is now complete The beauty of Carlsbad High School’s massive renovation is more than skin-deep. The admittedly gorgeous hardscape of brandnew buildings, outdoor spaces, interior furnishings and equipment is intended to provide an optimum framework for teaching and learning. Joking that since construction began in 2008, students and staff have had to navigate “like ants on a farm,” CHS Principal Matt Steitz, says, “The new campus, with its centralized classrooms, easy access to all venues and vibrant outdoor gathering spaces, will result in an ebb-andflow that builds a sense of pride, ownership and connectedness.” When Carlsbad High’s 3,000 students return to campus after winter break on Jan. 9, they will have plenty of room to amble with their friends down the wide and welcoming new Lancer Walk. The walkway leads to five new classroom complexes (Buildings 4,000-8,000) as well as to technologically upgraded existing


High school's changes more than skin deep CARLSBAD SCHOOL NEWS

Superintendent Carlsbad Unified School District

classrooms, Lancer Field and other facilities. A feeling of spaciousness soars inside the new buildings, with oversized windows and ceilings in some rooms climbing as high as 21 feet. The purple desks look great against the soothing coastal blue and green color schemes. Even clocks and storage spaces sport the vibrant Lancer hue. Natural lighting and other environmentally friendly elements support the District’s commitment to conservation.

A Marvel of Form Meeting Function

The classrooms, complete with huge SmartBoards, are ready to provide students with the high-tech infrastructure they need to succeed in high school, college and career. New computers, wireless networks and other electronic hardware

RIBBON CUTTING A ribbon cutting will be held at 3 p.m. on Jan. 12 to give families and the Carlsbad community an opportunity to tour several classrooms and become familiar with the 3557 Lancer Way campus whose renovation they supported by overwhelmingly approving the $198 million Prop P bond measure in November 2006. The total modernization of 53-year-old Carlsbad High will cost approximately $90 million. Prop P is also funding the construction of new Sage Creek High School and has funded several modernizing and upgrading efforts at existing elementary and middle schools and District-wide. Tours of the classroom will run from 3-5 p.m.

CHS High Principal Matt Steitz looks out over the new Lancer Plaza under construction.

were among the final elements to be installed this winter and they’re sure to be among the first things to which students and teachers gravitate. Incorporating many activityspecific features, buildings will be utilized to great advantage by students pursuing their academics and a variety of other interests, including fashion, ceramics, music, dance, art and broadcasting. Between some of the new buildings are courtyards with landscaping and concrete benches. These gathering spaces will be enjoyed, it’s true, but nothing will compare to the new Lancer Plaza with its signature purple “C” and a sea of opportunities. “The Plaza, or quad as some call it, will promote a genuine and

Creating Lancer Walk. strong feeling of ‘This is who we are’ that will contribute to students’ sense of belonging and bonding,” Steitz said. “With benches, ledges and other sitting spaces, it will be a

San Diego’s

New Gateway to the World Carlsbad to LAX 6 Times Daily with Convenient Worldwide Connections User fees vary, Customs Service Available 24 hours for International Flights Parking Fee $5 per day

McClellan-Palomar Airport

2192 Palomar Airport Road • Carlsbad, CA 92011 • (760) 431-4646 phone • (760) 931-5713 fax

Call (877) 848-7766 “The Landings” Restaurant ........................ (760) 929-0200 Hertz Rent-A-Car ........................................ (800) 654-3131 Avis Rent-A-Car .......................................... (760) 931-1393 Skywest (United Airlines Reservation)....... (800) 241-6522 www.sdcounty.ca.gov/dpw/airports/airskeds.html

place to eat lunch, study, gather with friends or just hang out; in other words, an inviting destination. Kids will walk through Lancer Plaza to get to their classes. I will be able to stroll a few steps from my office and enjoy the view.” I am eager to accompany Matt on that stroll, and I’m looking forward to joining students and staff on Jan. 9, when our beautiful new CHS facilities welcome their happy occupants. Thanks to the voters who supported Prop P, we are reinvigorating the venerable Lancer spirit and offering students the 21st-century framework they will need to succeed. I am so proud of what we as a community are doing for our children and for all of Carlsbad.


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Real Estate Buzz

What’s ahead for real estate in 2012

‘Jumbo loan’ limits raised (again)

tyson lund

housing Trends


Broker Associate the lund team

Economist: market in 10-year period of adjustment The University of San Diego hosted the 12th annual residential real estate conference in December. Seasoned economists and local real estate experts prognosticated to a packed house giving their best estimates of what to expect in 2012. Douglas Duncan, a chief economist for Fannie Mae who the Wall Street Journal named as one of the top four most accurate economists in 2010, outlined reasons why the real estate market is only in the fifth year of a 10 year adjustment process. Though the current market is often characterized as ‘the new normal’ by major media, Duncan is quick to counter that it is merely reverting to historical standards. The current lower number of home sales and lower prices in real estate is the market balancing itself after a credit boom, Duncan said. He outlined a few of the major challenges facing the national market. Duncan cited household debt levels (20 percent of households owe more than their home is worth), the inability for many to refinance adjustable or high rate mortgages and the eventual reformation of the mortgage market back to a private market (higher interest rates) as key reasons why a national recovery in real estate will not happen in the short term. Duncan outlined an interesting

shift in attitudes towards renting versus buying. Renting a home is now seen in a more positive light. With housing prices down and mortgage rates expected to stay low, many are putting off buying a home and choosing to rent. For some, renting has also become a necessary option. New college graduates are carrying record loads of school debt that puts them years away from buying their first home. And for those with a recent bankruptcy, short-sale or foreclosure on record, renting a home is the necessary option. But again, Duncan states that the current rental levels are reverting back to historical normalcy. Making sure to cover all bases and true to form for economists, Duncan forecasts that select local markets could see a sharp rise in home prices in the short term. The United States is currently experiencing the lowest new construction starts since World War II. Additional new homes have not been needed as excess the supply of foreclosure and short-sale homes have been able to

meet demand. But that could change in select markets sooner than expected. Duncan forecasts that these markets could see rapid price appreciation as new construc-


tion lags demand. Duncan’s prediction for the 2012 real estate market includes flat housing prices with an increased number of home sales nationally. But, Duncan reminded the audience that “all real estate is local,” and added that local markets can deviate depending on local dynamics. In a more local view, Carlsbad is expected to see continued flat pricing through 2012, a trend that is a carryover from 2011. The fourth quarter 2011 winter market in Carlsbad saw about 30 percent fewer sales. However average prices stayed relatively constant at $624,000 for properties under $1


million, which represents a majority of the area’s homes. Carlsbad’s real estate market is expected to remain a buyers market through 2012. There is enough current inventory to satiate demand and distressed property (foreclosure and short-sale) should keep comparative sales from rising. It is interesting to note the local dynamics that coincide with Douglas Duncan’s prognosis. Property managers and owners will attest to the strength of the current rental market. Multiple applicants for every rental and increased rental rates are now common. With current low mortgage rates, real estate investors are finding their return on investment staggering. Also, select Carlsbad neighborhoods have little to no homes available for-sale. And although not the norm, should more neighborhoods see fewer homes, Carlsbad will be Duncan’s local market that will experience higher pricing. Reach Lund at tyson@lundteam. com

Homebuyers looking for federally-secured loans now have more options after the U.S. Congress moved to reinstate the loan limit formula and maximum cap for loans insured by the Federal Housing Administration. These higher conforming loan balance amounts were set to decrease from $697,500 to $546,600 after the government stimulus package expired at the end of September. But Congress’ move returned the limit to $697,500 in San Diego and raised it in other high-priced areas for two years. This means borrowers can now borrow more money to secure an FHA-guaranteed home, a popular option that allows home buyers to put as little as 3.5 percent down and borrow at rock-bottom rates. This development should serve as an adrenaline shot to the real estate market.

Rates reach record lows The average rate on a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage recently dropped to 3.94 percent, tying a record low that was set in October. According to data from Freddie Mac, the rates of 15-year fixed rates mortgages and five year fixed loans that then become adjustable also set new records. Though foreclosures are up in California, these record lows have led for a temporary surge in home refinancing. In other words, if you’re in a position to refinance, now might be a good time to act.




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THE SKY IS LIMITLESS 6 p.M. | frIdAy, fEB. 17, 2012 | lA cOSTA rESOrT ANd SpA


Join us to find out why the sky is not the limit, as we honor the companies and community leaders who keep discovering ways to lift our economy. Come to the Chamber’s annual awards gala and celebrate the area’s high-flying businesses, recognize achievements of the 2011 board of directors and inaugurate the Chamber’s 2012 leadership team. AwARdS will bE PRESENTEd foR: • Businessperson of the Year • Small Business of the Year (1-15 employees) • Medium Business of the Year (16-99 employees) • Large Business of the Year (100 or more employees) • Lifetime Achievement in Business

• Entrepreneur of the Year • Community Leadership • Environmental Excellence • Nonprofit Association of the Year

Complimentary valet parking | Cocktail attire | For more information call 760-931-8400 To purchase tickets, visit www.carlsbad.org


Profile for Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce

Carlsbad Business Journal  

The Carlsbad Business Journal is a publication of the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce.

Carlsbad Business Journal  

The Carlsbad Business Journal is a publication of the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce.