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C Carlos Vallhonrat Garcia-Valdecasas 07.11.1990

ABOUT ME I am Carlos Vallhonrat, I am 23 years old and I live in Sant Cugat, a town near Barcelona. I am currently studying the 4th year of my Degree in Industrial Design Engineering at Elisava Design School. I consider myself an active and energetic person, willing to learn new things. Committed to those close ones and to my hobbies, one of wich them is my job. I am a hard worker, I have been working since I was 16. For a few years I have been practicing in a lot of sport, and I love it, I think that sport is a very essential in my life. It gives me balance and order in all that I do. I have always been interested in a product design, but I have wanted know how the things are made and work. Then I looked to study a degree that mixed engineering and design. I founded this in Elisava. I am interested in volunteer projects as well, I have participated in many different volunteer projects in my life. I have also been working in different business. This experience makes has taught me what tolook for in ideal job. I would like work in a job where I am involved in all the process of the design, since the firsts sketches and concepts to the functional prototype and in the industrial process.



I have always been interested on the why things are and how it works.

Since I was young I love draw and dream up new ideas and objects.

I like improve my knowledge every day.

During the degree I try to improve my design skills for myself.

For these reasons I am good at doing the engineering of the products, and I like to transform the first idea and concepts to a real product.

I am good with the product design and nowadays I am very interested for the graphic design.


CARESS SOAP Author/s :

Carlos Vallhonrat

Nous escenaris de diseny ELISAVA

Caress soap is a 100% glicerine soap, which is handmade. This soap has been designed to use in the shower and it adapt to the shapes of the bodys. You can see the video on vimeo:

This work started doing shapes with plastiline, because I want to get the best shape to adapt it to the body. When I had the desired shape I did a poliuretan resin mold with the plastiline. Finally I melted glicerin and put in to the mold.


RC SAILING Author/s : Alex Casabo Carlos Vallhonrat Eduard Bonifacio Eduard Guerrero Laia Dalmau Rc sailing challenge ELISAVA

1st. Place Rc sailing is an universitary contest, that consist to design and build a boat with a team of 6 perons and then participate in a competition with the boat. The universes that participate are: Universidad PolitĂŠcnica de Catalunya, Escuela de Ingenieros Navales, Instituto Quimico de Sarria and Elisava. We were 20 teams (107 academics).

In the competition rc sailing are very strict with the sizes and weight limits, thats why we had to pass several tests. In the picture below you can see the competition with the other participants.

This is the process building boat. First of all we draw the scketches and 3ds and did all the calculates, and then we start to build.

Then we put the fiber glass over the mold and when it was dry we extract the shell of the boat.

For the mold we cut the boat in 10 sections of wood, put foam between the sections and sand down until we get the desire shape.

Finally we adapt all the stuff to the shell.


ELECTRIC KART Author/s : Carlos Vallhonrat Alvaro Tauchert Final project GEC ELISAVA

In this project we have to design the bodywork of the kart. But in the process we had to take engineer decisions to do the kart more eficient. This sketches are the evolution of the design of the bodywork.

When we have the bodywork final design, we try to make the diference in the night with special lights design.

For a more ergonomic design we had to redistribuate the bateris and for this reason, the chassis was affected and we had to reforce it in the critical points. We add an anti roll bar to the security of the user and for the support of the bodywork.

We designed diferent supports for the different parts of the bodywork. This is an electric kart, and it works with batteries , we distribuate in 2 bateries packs, wich are in both sides of the car In the right picture you can see the way to change the battery pack, when the car have low battery.

We designed a user interface as well. In this panel are the principal buttons that the user need to touch during the race. We tried to make it easy and intuitive


SKETCHES Author/s : Carlos Vallhonrat Workshop ELISAVA

I learned the basic of sketching. Joost kuiper taught us how important is the prespective, the lights and the shadows to make a good sketch. I used black pen, copics and pastels to make the sketches. I learned how to put a sketch in ambients and make this object big or small, it depends on the prespective and the enviroment.



2009 - 2013 ELISAVA Engineering of industrial design Even though in this degree mainly teaches engineering, we also learned some of aspects of the design. The result is a professional who can design products having while taking account all the engineering process that involved the product development, from the first design steps.

May 2013 - Present Danone Pack designer R&D pack I deal with the designing, the developing of 3Ds of plans of cups, lids, banners, sleeves and groupers of the products that are made in the company. I‘m in charge of checking the angle of dispossession, the volume, and the seals of lids before they send them to the factory. I also order the mock-ups for 3D printing. October 2013 – Present Master Blenders, Marcilla Freelance I do the technical drawings of the different Marcilla coffe packaging. April 2013 – May 2013 Babyhome Freelance I was involved in the design process of a new buggy. The structure, the chair, and the maxicosi (portable baby carrier and car seat). My main task was making 3D to verify the aesthetic, the mechanisms of the folding system and the dimensions. I also designed some mechanisms of the buggy. November 2012 – April 2013 Future Fit Product Engineering Product designer I was in charge of conducting different projects, from the concept to the final prototype. This process consisted of sketching, drawing in 3D, checking the angles of dispossession, the nerves, the skinnies, the clips, the screws, the bill of materials, being in contact with the suppliers, looking for competitive price, makeing the technical drawings and finally the functional prototype.



3D: Pro Engineer, Creo, Solidworks, Rhino 3D, Keyshot. 2D: AutoCAD. Graphic design: Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign. Other: Office, SimaPro (Cycle live Analysis), Processing and a little bit of Arduino. Media programs: Final cut, After effects. Engineering Product Design Product Development Manufacturing Project Management

- 1st place in RC Sailling Challenge. That competition consisted of designing and making a radio controlled sailing boat with a team and then doing a race with the boats. - Sketching Workshop. In this workshop I did the basics of product sketching.


Spanish, Catalan, English


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Portfolio Carlos Vallhonrat  
Portfolio Carlos Vallhonrat