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aneye for aneye

An Eye For An Eye: 03-08-02 / 11:00 a.m. Uspantán / Quiché / Guatemala

I thought I was dying, for everything went WHITE; Somehow and upon regaining my basic physical abilities, I looked at myself in the mirror only to find HALF OF A PURPLE FACE, and intensely BRIGHT RED EYES. I of course, was not concerned so much with dying, but with dying and leaving behind a rather unglamorous CORPSE: the LOOKS, the LOOKS. It happened some time ago, upon my return to New York City from Costa Rica. Perhaps I touched some ECOLOGICAL SHIT, which I am sure I DID. For some time now, I have been obsessed with my RED EYES -I left behind a series of UNFINISHED pieces, all based on it-. But this morning, I and MY EYE came to TERMS; as we used it to symbolize violence against women. It was indeed moving to see it held above a crowd of proud and defiant MAYAN women; as they walked, celebrating the International Women’s Day in Uspantán*. * In 2002, I volunteered as part of a pilot project to ferment the right of the child trough art; Because of my firm believe that wemen’s rights is essential to the development of any child, we embarked in celebrating the international day of the women, in the most unlikely of places: an indigenous Mayan village high above the Guatemalan highlands. A YEARLY TRADITION WAS BORN THAT MORNING.

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