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Presented By- Carlos Malaefono Taha Health Promotion Manukau Institute of Technology Health in the Context of Aotearoa

 Ethnicity: ‘ the ethnic group or groups that people identify with or feel they belong to. Ethnicity is a measure of cultural affiliation, as opposed to race, ancestry, nationality or citizenship’  African people in New Zealand

(SNZ) - Creole (US), Jamaican, Kenyan, Nigerian, African American, Ugandan, West Indian/Caribbean, Somali, Eritrean, Ethiopian, Ghanaian.

ď ˝ Africans Migrating to New Zealand - Refugees - Migrants - Asylum seekers

Challenges      

Emotional stress Cultural and language Bureaucratic impediments Employment and community respect Children identity and formal schooling Adapting to New Zealand’s education system

Anyone But you are at great risk if you: Have unprotected sex Have unprotected sex with someone who is HIV+ Share nedles during intravenous drug use

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The second largest MELAA group in Auckland. Refugees and Migrants Most Africans identify as Christians (65%). Young population compared with Europeans Live in the most deprived areas May live in crowded circumstances compared with all other ethnicities. Have the highest proportion of one parent households Have similar school qualifications to Europeans .

 a higher rates of PHO enrolment  a lower than expected proportion of people with a (CSC)  The lowest breast cancer screening coverage  a higher proportion of patients (DNA) specialist outpatient clinics  a higher cost of dispensed pharmaceuticals per person  a reduced utilisation rate of secondary mental health services  a lower prevalence of CVD but a higher prevalence of diabetes  a much higher rate of hospitalisations from respiratory diseases

 Better education and health promotion on sexual health, family planning and antenatal care  Improved access and earlier engagement with secondary mental health services  Better access to oral health services (children)  Improved access to breast cancer and cervical cancer screening (women)    Targeted diabetes education and prevention strategies



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“If you educate a man you educate an individual, but if you educate a woman you educate a family (nation). -

African proverb

African Communities  

A presentation on the challenges, demographic and socioeconomic stats about the AC in Aotearoa

African Communities  

A presentation on the challenges, demographic and socioeconomic stats about the AC in Aotearoa