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Tips To Repair Door Frame

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Removing The Door Strip & Molding You can use chisel and hammer to pry the door strip and molding the frame.Remove any finishing nails.

Shims Between Door Frame & Remove Wall Door Shims are used by garage door openers Fullerton to correct and level doors within the frame so that door is squared between both sides of the frame.

You Can Use A Mallet To Straighten The Frame Use hammer to straighten the frame.You can use small,thick piece of wood to cover the hammered area.

You Have To Measure The Door Gaps You have to measure the door gaps to check whether the door gaps is evenly flushed on both the sides of the frame.

Install The New Door Frame Place the frame in the proper place.You need to hammer two nails through the frame at each shim.

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Tips to repair door frame  

Door frames are essential components for hanging doors.You can get them in different shapes and sizes.When you look for door frames you have...

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