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Architect Masters in Design Research on Architecture and Media Art



Architect Masters in Design Research on Architecture and Media Art (213)909 70 36

I am an architect with more than 8 years experience on planning, UX Design, performing and evaluation of various phases of architectural and masterplanning projects from concept design to construction. I have developed different proposals for public buildings, housing, urban planning projects and interactive installations, liaising with consultants and coordinating teams, managing the production of drawings, outline and detail design and producing documentation packages. I believe that the foundations of architecture are a constant learning, serious research and creative experimentation; consequently, I have focused my work on creating and building responsibility through architecture, leading groups and working on decision-making.

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Architect Masters in Design Research on Architecture and Media Art (213)909 70 36

109 House Calera10 House Leisure Pavillion ParquesDELA90 Social Housing Flex Garden Central Vizcaya





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CENTRAL LOCATION:Bogota,Colombia SIZE: 51 stories 494.000 sft SCOPE:Schematic,Design Development Phase 1. STATUS:Project TEAM:Prodesa/MGP architects

Central is an opportunity to generate new landmarks inside the city , new architectural icons which are refreshing the idea of Bogota as a new city. The project’s geometries , light and materials are the sculptors of the interior spaces and the facade exposes its arrangement. The vertical and horizontal combination of the units produces several types of apartments and commercial areas according to the following established rules: all apartments are competitively attractive to the buyer; all of the social areas have an extension, either to the terraces, the street, or even the building’s roof; avoid as much as possible the contact between the social spaces of one apartment with the rooms area of its neighbor’s. (213)909 70 36

ARCHITECTURE 2003-2006 This project is located in the western side of Bogota, high and with a privileged view over the city. Two strategies for an ideal relationship between the public space and the project are proposed: backing up the building from its property limits, in order to show the citizens a more friendly view of a tall building in a LOCATION:Bogota,Colombia two-story city, providing as well communal spaces on the perimeter of the lot; and developing two different SIZE:site :22.500 sft built area:34.200sft SCOPE:Schematic,supervision technical audit of height stages, in which, the building facing the street meets this urban condition with less height, and the work during Design and construction process. building facing the privileged view takes advantage of this situation by being higher.





PARQUES DELA90 LOCATION:Bogota,Colombia SIZE:73.000 sq.ft SCOPE:Schematic,supervision and technical audit of work during Design and construction process. STATUS:Completed TEAM:VIVIENDAS PRODESA

One of the major challenges in a city like Bogotå is how to intervene the urban landscape and the image it projects through a building. On the other side, in order for a housing building to be competitive in the market, the constructive materials must be of low cost and easy to maintain, and this is why brick and concrete have become this city’s construction material. With the given challenge and the chosen material, two types of apartments were proposed, the structure was solved in the perimeter with concrete screens, allowed much more flexibility. The flexibility is horizontal allowing free distribution of space, concentrating the service and technical areas on the periphery, making versatile spaces for the rooms and social areas. Also, flexibility is vertical creating variety of environments and storage options.

ARCHITECTURE 2008 VIZCAYA LOCATION:Puente Piedra,Colombia SIZE:1.067 sq.ft SCOPE:Schematic,supervision technical audit of work during Design and construction processSTATUS:Completed TEAM:Carlos Moncada,David Mora

Vizcaya is part of the new developments placed outside the city as new satellites housing complex. This project fits every family’s needs in a natural and well equipped environment. The project’s site is rural, but really close regarding the city; this had to be taken into advantage with a project that respects the terrain, and looks at itself. Both types of the proposed houses, has four distribution alternatives. The orientation of the houses is optimal because they all get morning and afternoon sunlight, and all of the spaces are naturally illuminated and ventilated.

Published by REVISTA DECORACION (NUM 11-march/08), EL TIEMPO -2008.


109HOUSE LOCATION:Bogota,Colombia SIZE:19.600 SCOPE:Schematic,Design Development, Construction Administration STATUS:Completed TEAM:Carlos Moncada,David Mora

109 House is a renovation project of a house built in 1930, located in an area of new development, mainly composed by multifamily buildings. The proposal is based on the re-definition of the house characteristics to reconstruct its history through a new architectural expression. The new house offers new green spaces as element of lighting, ventilation and point of convergence for every inhabitant who lives into the project. The 109 house is now a multifamily building composed by three new flats. In addition, it fits to new economical system of the city, being viable both for the client as for the city. Published by REVISTA DECORACION (NUM 11-march/08), EL TIEMPO -2008.


ARCHITECTURE 2008 CALERA10HOUSE LOCATION:Calera,Colombia SIZE:site:13.800sq.ft built area5.920sq.ft SCOPE:Schematic,Design Development, Construction Administration STATUS:Completed TEAM:Carlos Moncada,David Mora

Since 2004, Bogota-Colombia has increased the number of new developments outside of urban perimeter (rural areas). Calera 10 is an example of projects developed under rules defined by the Master Plan developed in 2001 . This project was focused on to explore new construction processes in Latin America, especially concrete in order to implement Technology for Architecture. Calera 10 house is based on a concrete ribbon as architectural element . The brick walls, the second structural element, determine proportion of transparency according to the view ,function of spaces and connection between architecture and landscape.


LEISURE PAVILLION LOCATION:Choachi,Colombia SIZE:1.614 sq.ft SCOPE:Schematic,Design Development, Construction Administration STATUS:Completed TEAM:Carlos Moncada,David Mora

Leisure Pavilion is a project inspired by the relationship between environment and architectural buildings. This building has as main characteristic the green natural context as part of it. The Pavilion was developed bearing in mind the terrain, views and future gardens encouraging interaction with nature. The surface was modified making almost invisible the building and new part of the hill.


ARCHITECTURE 2003-2006 As a member of a multidisciplinary group of architects, urban planners and engineers, with whom we conducted research on different communities aiming to develop local master plans and housing projects in the short term. The outcome of this work were two successful social housing projects that improved substantially the quality of life LOCATION:Funza,Saocha,Colombia of local residents, while simultaneously enhanced social values like education, and developed a better sense of SIZE:macroscale,Local master Plan,Research SCOPE:Schematic,supervision technical audit of community.The first project, Senderos de Funza, was based on a Local Urban Plan developing 900 units and three work during Design and construction process. different priority house models. Currently, Senderos de Funza is a lively community with about 3600 inhabitants STATUS:Completed with an average of 4.5 members per family. The second project, Bosque de Tibanica, was developed in Soacha, an TEAM:PRODESA economically and socially deprived suburb southwards of Bogotรก. This ambitious project, with over 3100 units, has had an amazing positive impact in the community by offering new green spaces, a library, and a nursery.



FLEX GARDEN LOCATION:Colombia SIZE:42.890 sq.ft SCOPE:First place.MULTISpace competition

This project was the winner of the first prize in the public competition of urban and architectural ideas for “MULTI-SPACE “; sponsored by Public Institutions and the Colombian Society of Architects. It was based on a modular building design for single mothers who have lived in hostile environments. This kind of buildings can be built in different contexts defined by climate and topography.This process of design in architecture was a product for the need of constant experimentation with a solid criteria in architecture .



680 acres


UPZ[flex]Sindamanoy,Porvenir,Bosque In 2000, The National Planning Department started to redefine the urban development parameters in BoLOCATION:Bogota,Colombia SIZE: new development Areas SCOPE:Schematic,Design Development

gota, Colombia. This new urban regulation was focused on new areas of expansion located in the north, the south and the west of the city. The El Bosque, Sindamanoy and El Porvenir were three of these areas with urban proposals.

STATUS:Completed TEAM:Vargas Williamson Arq

480 acres

350 acres

Published by SUCKER punch Daily (march/11)-2011.


Chroma[RED] LOCATION:Los Angeles,CA [SCI_ARC] SIZE:238 sq.ft SCOPE:Schematic,Design Development, Fabrication and setup STATUS:Completed TEAM:Carlos Moncada

Chroma[RED] was an installation focused on the perception of the object inside the space in order to stimulate people to experience a new recreation of it through interaction. Each individual experience made invisible tangible limits, developing a dialogue that induced the observer to create new limits and new interpretations of the space. The behavior of the system was defined by different ranges of brightness and proximity, which produced multiple motions and velocities. In the end, the observer and Chroma[RED] established a conversation in terms of movements, light and ranges of distance, that generated a new atmosphere and a new space. Chroma[RED] was composed by 74 components in translucent resin; each one of them was designed to allow the installation of four super-bright LED lights to create different levels of luminosity.experiences, memories and landscapes.


FRAGMENTAL[REPLICA] Cero.08 LOCATION:Bogota, Colombia SIZE:Public spaces, wall, skin STATUS:Completed TEAM:ARGOS CEMEX

Fragmental[REPLICA] , is an experiment about fabrication and parametric development. Also ,It is an exploration of material focused on producing new aesthetics in indoors and outdoors spaces , facades and skins as architectural element.


NAIVE LOCATION:Los Angeles,CA.[SCI_ARC] SIZE:146 sq.ft SCOPE:Research,Schematic,Design Development, Phyical computing, Digital Fabrication. STATUS:Completed TEAM:Carlos Moncada

NaiVe is an installation focused on experimenting with fabrication, physical computing and interaction. NaiVe is a synthetic ecology in constant interaction with the context. This project creates a reflection about the aesthetic in terms of space.


STARROOM-FLUMM-DoOoSk LOCATION:Los Angeles,CA SIZE: SCOPE:Schematic,Design Development, Processing,afterEffects,Data STATUS: In process TEAM:Carlos Moncada

This process of experimentation is focused on the fundamentals of computational media using Processing, a tool for creative coding with an emphasis on realtime visual production and how intelligent automated systems can expand the practice of drawing into entirely new realms of creativity and aesthetics.


FRAGMENTAL[REPLICA],FLOWNAMICOM, Cero.08 LOCATION:Los Angeles, CA SIZE:Public spaces.LACMA SCOPE:Schematic,Design Development, Coding, processing,videorealtime STATUS:Completed

Fragmental[REPLICA] , FLOWNAMICOM, Cero.08 are generative machines designed to tell stories about public space transformations from another point of view. This application involves processing and video in realtime perfect tools to become statics landscapes into new dynamics experiences. Furthermore, Each setup explores cinematographic techniques such as SLITScan, Capture frames, Blend framing, speed motion.

Architect Masters in Design Research on Architecture and Media Art (213)909 70 36

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