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Carlos Moya Moreno C/ San Clemente, 51 02600 Villarrobledo Albacete SPAIN

work experience

Dates Occupation Main activities Address of employer Dates Occupation Main activities Address of employer

education and training

February 2011 - now Projects coordinator Coordination of artistic, social and innovational projects to develope the relationships between city and citizens. Poessible (Art and Social Innovation) -

01 September 2004 - 26 January 2011 Architecture Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain)

Dates Title of qualification awarded

15 September 2007 - 15 August 2008 Architecture (Erasmus grant) Leibniz Universität Hannover (Germany)

Dates Type of Event Name of organisation Dates Type of Event Name of organisation

November 2007 International Workshop Hotelhochschule in Berlin Leibniz Universität Hannover (Germany)

Dates Type of Event Position

March 2009 Student Architecture Competition Reorganize and redesign the space that shelters the university party. 1st prize.

Dates Type of Event Position

April 2009 Dansa València 09 - Contemporary Dance Festival Photograpy Work included in the official leaflet.

personal skills and competences

Mother Tongue Other languages

Address of employer

March 2010 - April 2010 Internship Intensive work for a competition. 3dstudio Max, Illustrator, Photoshop and Autocad Used. Font Mestre Arquitectos

August 2008 - September 2008 Internship Making models, Drawing Autocad, Making presentations (Photoshop - Illustrator - Indesign) Ramón Gonzalez Arquitecto San Antón, 1 02600 Villarrobledo (Spain)

Dates Title of qualification awarded

competitions and works

Dates Occupation Main activities

May 2008 International Workshop Roma Cultural Center in Budapest (RCCB) Leibniz Universität Hannover (Germany) Prof. Friedrich Planung

Spanish English (TOEFL ibt - 87) Advanced English Language Diploma (C1) Official Language School - Spain) German (B1 - ten months living in Germany)

Social skills and competences

Good team player. Good ability to adapt to multicultural environments.

Computer skills and competences

Advanced knowledge of Autocad, Photoshop, SkecthUp, Illustrator, InDesign and Vectorworks. Modelling and renderizing with 3D Studio Max and VRay. Advanced command of Word, Power Point, Excel. Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects

Dates Type of Event Position Dates Type of Event Name of organisation

Artistic skills and competences Driving licence

March 2011 Student Architecture and Designers Competition A concrete piece VERNIPRENS 4th prize May 2011 International Poetry Festival in Granada - CIUDAD LIBRO project Poessible

Photograpy - Design of flyers, leaflets and posters Music - 5 years of study in a Music Academy and member of a band. B

10 3 culture

market in valencia diploma project

What deďŹ nes a market? People, the relations and the space where it takes place. By analyzing different markets around the world, the thin line between what is public and private appears. Does a desk delimitate a market? Working with this idea, we create something that is neither a building nor a public space, but maybe a park. We intend to generate ows of people visiting our market in a smooth way. What is the street? What is our market? Are the streets going into the market? Yes. And also a park? Too.

mark: 9/10


10 culture

market in valencia diploma project

mark: 9/10


Huge walls of different materials are used to publish the products, to control the light, to hold vertical circulations, etc

hotel in san luis square


barri carme valencia A hotel in Valencia city center. Close to one of the most important squares in Valencia, our hotel talks about the past with a reinterpretation of the adjacent faรงades. Same hole proportions and storeys. Same materials and heights. Also, the hotel is made to go through to give the public space to the city and link two squares in one.

splitting the space to make it public 2010

information point at porto pladur competition

creating a building folder for information


3 8

A circular observatory deďŹ nes the strategy. Several volumes with this shape will be adapted to the topography of the mountain in order to be a part of it. Like a constellation that lands on the earth.

and observatory to contemplate stars pladur competition

a constellation in the mountains



polispace competition 1st prize

reorganize and redesign the space that shelters the university party


3 6

By exploting a common container, and artefact, that creates different spaces, is generated. So the main purpouses, something cheap and exible, are reached.

pump it stadtplanung gรถderitz preis_ stuttgart

pumping life into stuttgart city center 2008


RCCB roma cultural center budapest leibniz universit채t hannover giving a new space to the city



america’s cup dwellings universidad politÊcnica valencia looking for the sea



Giant Poem in Granada Poessible 2011

other works graphic design

3 2

City Book - Granada 2011

Treebus - Ecoart Festival 2010

Erasmus Party 2009

other works photograpy www. photos/cepillodedientes dailysanatomy


Carlos Moya - Portfolio + CV  

My work. Architecture + Photography + Design

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