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GROUP 7. Questions from topic 1: 1.- What is the focus of the cognitivism theory? a) Thinking b) Psychomotor response c) Language 2.- The innate capacity of human language belong to... a) medium structure b) deep structure c) surface structure 3.- The repetition and memorization are techniques based on... a) congnitivism b) behaviourism c) generativism 4.- What is the author of TPR? a) Curran b) Lozanov c) Asher 5.- What is the theory based on the Audio-lingual method? a) constructivism b) generativism c) behaviourism 6.- What is the most important characteristic of the Direct method? a) writing b) translation c) correct pronunciation and grammar 7.- What is the role of the teacher in the cognitivism theory? a) authority b) facilitator c) passive 8.- What is the centre of the Grammar- translation method? a) reading and speaking b) writing and listening c) reading and writing

9.- What is the stage of Jean Piaget where the students introduce their knowledge? a) assimilation b) equilibrium c) accommodation 10.- What is the main author who developed the behaviourism? a) Chomsky b) Pavlov c) Bruner 11.- Who is the author of the Community Language – Learning? a) Widdowson b) Charles Curran c) George Lozanov 12.- What kind of music use the Suggestopedia method? a) Baroque music b) Renaissance music c) Modern music 13.- The methodology steps of Suggestopedia are: a) Introduction, concert session, development and communication b) Introduction, development session and production. c) Introduction, concert session, elaboration and production 14.- Who is the author of The Silent Way method? a) Caleb Gattegno b) George Lozanov c) James Asher 15.- What is the procedures for the Silent Way mehod? a) reading and writing b) Language use for communication c) Bruner's discovery-learning 16.- This method use the games or psychomotor associations as a mechanism to learn: a) CLT b) TPR c) CLL

17.- Which is the method that is difficult to use in the Childhood Education? a) The Silent Way b) TPR c) CLT 18.- Which is the method that the teacher shouldn't speak? a) Suggestopedia b) The Silent Way c) The Direct Method 19.- What language have to use the teacher in the Direct Method? a) L1 b) L2 c) Both 20.- What is the learner's goal to acquire in the CLT method? a) integration of the four language skills b) the bilingual education c) the communicative competence

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