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Unexpected Surprise This is the story of Adam’s Christmas, a child who was 5 years old. Upon finishing school, peers and friends told to Adam they were going to ask Santa Claus an Xbox. When he came home with her mother, asked… -

You wrote your letter to Santa, my little one?


He can’t give me what I need, said Adam.


Of course, just believe. All children who were good during the year, will receive their gifts full of desires.


Can he bring dad back home?

The mother tearfully told him never surrender and keep the faith.

Adam’s father was in a military mission in Iraq and on Christmas Eve, while the child was waiting to Santa under the tree, he saw a man approaching in the darkness at night. The power of faith in the mind of Adam, did that man who was there to fulfill his wishes, was his father. He bought a gift, and said: -

My son, this is for you. Mr Claus was convinced that you deserve more and brought me to give it to you.

When Adam was going to open it, he realized that any gift is incomparable to any time to see his family together.

Esmeralda Ramos Padilla Ingles N.B.2 - C

A DREAM OF CHRISTMAS.... 24th of December in the afternoon...

-Here!! I'm here.... Juan and his friends were having an afternoon snack but they were fairly bored so they decided to go to play to the park. That day the weather was extremely cold but this wasn't a problem. His mom said: " boys, if you go to play outside, please take yours hats, gloves and scarves, and remember, you don't have to play far away from the park." -Ok, when I count one hundred, you'll must look some place where I can't see you. One, two, three... four...five... -Very good!! Now, you must move your

feet slowly as you're walking.

Look at me, step by step, come on Juan, follow me. - Yes dad, but I can't do it, I'm afraid of falling in the ice. - Don't worry Juan, take my hand and I'll be next to you all the time. Juan felt safe with his father and tried to do it. -¡¡YES!! ¡¡YES!! I can do it, dad. I can't believe it, dad. I'm doing ice skating. The afternoon was really freezing but Juan and his father were enjoying a lot. That boy was really surprised, it was the first time that he skated and with his hero, his dad. Juan was living a dream, but it was not any dream. It was an amazing dream that he's never had in his life. -Look at me, dad. I'm going to do a jump. -Be careful Juan, it's fairly difficult. -Doesn't matter, dad. I'm not afraid of falling, you'll always be with me. They were playing, father and son, they were absolutely delighted.

-Juan...Juan... ¿Where are you? -They're my friends, dad. I must come back with them. -Don't worry Juan, go...go... and remember, if you want to do anything, you must try it. Don't forget this afternoon, we've done ice skating together. Juan, my heart is here, inside you. I'll love you for ever. -Me too, dad. -Juan...Juan...¿Where are you? -Here!! ¡¡I'm here... After this afternoon, Juan and his friends always do ice skating in the park near his home...

Ana Laura Gobbi Queirolo. English, Intermediate 1 Group D.


There was time a man who lived the New York City. This man was very rich owner of a major telephone companies. But was very selfish, lying, stingy, a bad person. He spent all the day shouting to then employees. Many obeyed for fear of losing their job, but many others were going. It had everything except the most important thing. �love� He had never experienced this feeling, because his heart was full of rancour. Maybe because he was on orphan and had raised a family that despised. Since coming Christmas day. Next day after work ran headlong into a tall, thin, blonde girl with blue eyes. The look for a moment without saying anything he left. The girl told him anything but pretty. He stepped toward her and apologized. It was the first time apologized to someone. The next day again coincided with her and invited her for a coffee. Right in the coffee bar had some of the employees , they could not believe it. He was with a woman without shouting, without sending her and he was smiling. He felt something very special inside it was changing. She made him see different views of life. We should not treat people badly and we should share with others. A few days before Christmas really happy he get to work like a different man. He not Is yelling at employees. He motivated so they were happy. December 24th day gave a feast for all ,including his now girlfriend.

Which will be eternally grateful for all the support, love and understanding. By teaching respect, to praise and share with others.

He gave gifts to all

employees. Everyone was happy change your boss. Sometimes it’s not too late to change and the magic of Christmas can be achieved. MERRY CHRISTMAS Lilia María Cabrera Hernández Curso de inglés Nivel NBD2

The Robin’s Present

Once upon a time, in a Christmas forest, it was a little snowy place which was surrounded by nature and where animals were arranging the glorious day. In a tiny hole in a tree, Shinny, the squirrel, had made the christmas meal, but Shinny feels isolated, anybody was near she, there is nobody who with celebrate. It was too cold, so Shinny made up its mind up and lit the chimney, when suddenly, a robin crashed on the floor. Robin was very cold, it hardly breathed, so Shinny gathered it up and covered it with some leafs. The main plate was immediately served, robin looked famished and worn out.Those days were going to be a bit special, thought Shinny, while was feeding robin. The flashy bird jumped and started to ask Shinny how had it arrived there, then, the robin explained to Shinny all the unforeseen incident. Whix, had been put in charge to give all the presents to forest animals when a snowstorm took it down. It was the responsible one to give presents to Bear NGO, a place where war orphan animals were protected, but unfortunately, Whyx had broken a wing and he couldn’t arrive on time. Shinny wished Whix was well, but she had to help to save the Christmas soul. She decided to help Whyx, she had become the new Robin, She called Phoenix, the fawn, and swifly set off. They arrived soon at the NGO, and handed




everybody would have their Christmas wished, since If Whyx wouldn’t

have broken a wing, Shinny had celebrated the Christmas alone. Therefore, Shinny had found a new family thanks to the Robin’s accident, and certain a new friend.

By: Rocío Castro López (English Advanced I

CHRISTMAS TALE A child was playing in the meadow near his home; the temperature was not so cold, because in Tenerife winters are mild. His mother, looking out of the window, called the child: “ Fernando, it will be dark soon, come in ! “ “Yes, Mum” answered the kid”; but a step before entering into the house he heard a noise like a .......... what was that ? Yes, definitely a meow ! Fernando followed the meowing and between two stones he saw a kitten. He was black with a white belly and afterwards he realized that the tip of his paws were white too. Without any doubt it seemed that the cat was wearing a wedding suit with white gloves. Fernando took the kitten and ran home: “Mummy, Mummy look , a kitten !” “ Fernando take a plate and give him some milk, but after that you'll take him out the house” “...but Mummy.....he is a puppy, can I keep him ? “ No Fermando” answered the mother “ you know that your father wouldn't agree, he doesn't like any animals”. Fernando said nothing, took a plate and gave some milk to the cat. He waited a few minutes watching the cat eating and then said: “ O.K. Mum, I'm taking him outside” He actually carried the cat out , but then he threw the kitten back in through his room window, came back home and ran to his room. He took a blanket , put the kitten inside and hid everything under the bed. When the father came, the family had dinner as usual . Nobody spoke about the cat. Fernando, unseen, put some food into his pocket: “ It will be very useful later” he thought. After having fed his little friend, Fernando fell asleep. Unfortunatly when his father entered into the room to give him the goodnight kiss, he obviously saw the cat. He woke his son up and told Fernando to take out the kitten next morning. “ Daddy, why cannot I keep my cat ? I can take care of him, feed and clean anywhere.....” “Stop, please ! I don't want to hear another word. I told you tomorrow morning and tomorrow morning I will not see any pet in this house.” “ Daddy, do I have a chance.......” “ Yes, if tomorrow it snows the cat will be able to stay here” replied the father. “ But Dad, it is impossible that it snows in Tenerife” “ Fernando, no one word more !” Large tears rolled down Fernando's cheeks. Later he made a very important decision: he would run away with the cat. During the night he silently left the house and reached the beach hiding himself in a boathouse. In the morning his parents looked for him everywhere in the house and in the garden. After two hours they called the police and some friends in order to find the son. In the long run no trace of Fernando. His parents were desperate and his father thought that the only thing he wanted was to find his son; after that all the animals would be welcome in his home. At four o'clock a policeman arrived with Fernando and the kitten. His parents ran toward their son and fell to their knees embracing him they started to cry. At that moment a gust of wind carried dust of snow from the seemed like it was snowing. Fernando looking at the sky said: “Daddy, it is snowing, can I keep the kitten ?” The father with emotion said: “Yes, you can “ CLAUDIO LUPANO



3rd December 2015

Concurso Cuentos Navideños 2015 EOI Los Cristianos Nuclar Winter

Nuclear Winter

“It has started to snow, I´m going to look for him.” Jane thought. She went to the door and opened it. He was not far from home, sleeping under the tree with the open book on his chest. He had been reading the same book again; Jane couldn’t remember how many times he had read it. The sun began to fall and she started to see the green bright twilight again. But that afternoon had something special, but Jane couldn’t say what it was. The picture of Darius was darkening while green and white was increasing. Jane had not seen anything so beautiful for ages. “Every cloud has a silver lining.” Jane thought about nuclear winter. After some minutes, Jane realized that Darius was looking her. “I love this, don´t you love it?” He asked her. “No, I hate it. I just want everything to be like it was before” She said. Darius stood up and went to her; he kissed her on the cheek. “Don´t be sad, sis. Today is Christmas.” He told her. Everything went to hell 10 years ago but Jane and Darius continued celebrating Christmas. The protocol was activated and the artefact was released. “We have won.” Hegemon had said. But after that he fell only 6 days later. They sat down on the floor next to Christmas tree and they opened the presents. Jane gave him a black bracelet with golden rivets. She made it herself. She was sad when she saw that he did not give her anything. “Don’t be sad, sis.” He told her while he was putting the bracelet on. “Today is Christmas and today, we will begin to win the world back. That will be my present for you: the whole world.” Ángel M. Morales Darias Idioma Inglés Nivel Intermedio I

My friend Jane Last Christmas, Sam visited her grandmother and she stayed at home. Sam loved being there in winter because there was a park with snowy trees. Sam played every afternoon. One day, she was coming home and suddenly, she found a sad girl sitting in a tree. This girl was wearing a white dress with a red bow. Sam asked her: - What’s your name? - Jane - Hi Jane. My name is Sam. What happened? - Nobody wants to play with me. - Don’t worry! I’ll play with you tomorrow. – Sam said and went away. When she arrived home, her grandmother was cleaning and said: - Sam, come here and clean the table, please! While Sam was cleaning the table, she found an old newspaper. - Granny, this girl is my friend.- said Sam while pointed the newspaper’s picture. But her grandmother didn’t pay attention and Sam went to sleep. Later, her grandmother looked at the newspaper and she thought: “It’s impossible. Jane disappeared when she was ten years. If I had played with her, maybe Jane wouldn’t have disappeared”. The next day, when her grandmother left home to buy she went out to play, as she had promised her new friend. Unfortunately, she didn’t ask permission from her grandmother and escaped from her home. At eight o’clock at night, her grandmother went to her bedroom and discovered that Sam had escaped. She went out looking for her very angry. But her anger turned into worry when she didn’t find her. She decided to return home; maybe Sam had come back. In the way, she found a red bow. She figured out that it was the same bow of Jane’s dress. In that moment, she knew that wouldn’t see Sam again... Isabel Alonso Méndez Inglés NI-1 SP