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VENEZUELA TO THE EDGE OF A NEW DEVALUATION "Steeped in a deep crisis, the Venezuelan economy is transiting paths so thorny that no one questions whether we need a new devaluation of the bolivar, but when it will occur "

the above statement is part of the headline is generating a deep trizteza. It is no secret that Venezuela is through one of the worst moments of its history, the economic indices are not good. The government of President would have to mature make a drastic decision.

Last year Venezuela achievement not expand its gross domestic product gross, plus the huge public spending caused an economic stagnation, the consequences are in sight. the population is suffering from hunger, shortage of some key foods as powdered milk are absent in 98%.

Malnutrition in children is becoming notorious, violence is increased, All in Venezuela this check chaos that could erupt into protests never before seen if the Venezuelan president ignores warnings sinking in Venezuela would be a total disgrace.

is finally noted that the popularity of the president is mature on the floor at the lowest point in all times of the revolution, analyzing the situation the president could not exert political or public office and that he would be exposed to a murder sure, Venezuelans would charge the economic declibe product Chavista many years of neglect in his life.

By: Carlosluna

Venezuela to the edge of a new devaluation  
Venezuela to the edge of a new devaluation